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  1. I posted on another thread recently that I was just about done with Alamy. I most certainly am now.
  2. Not so much a rut as a Marianas Trench. I have only put one batch up since all this fun began and my sales have dropped through the floor. I cannot even recall a single view on any in that batch. I am averaging one sale a month when before it was one a week. Not great by some standards, but I was happy with that. Given the diminishing returns, I think I'm done here. We are on holiday soon but the motivation to seek out "Alamy shots" is just not there anymore. If any future sales pop up, all well and good but I feel my keywording days are done.
  3. Just a single click to get into Lightboxes from the Dashboard link and another click to create a new one (+ box top right of screen). It would help if there was an easier way of adding images though. I use mine to keep track of potential DACS-eligible images (on the rare occasions these days I make such as sale!) and to see if zooms have resulted in sales. It would be nice to have an 'add to lightbox' option on the Sales History and Zoom screens.
  4. A stellar month for me - 2 for $25. But only given that the previous 3 months combined were 1 for $11 ;o( I know it has been mooted on here over the years that if you do not upload any images, your rating will fall and there will be less exposure. I only uploaded one set last year given the circumstances, so not sure if that has any bearing on it. Zooms are looking better, but 3 in four months is pretty depressing when I averaged one a week between 2017 and March last year.
  5. Nothing for me since Mid November. Longest dead period since late 2012.
  6. I managed one batch of 21 after a holiday in September. I largely rely on London for the majority of my images and have not been in for almost a year now. I know there are opportunities galore in there at the moment but I don't feel an hour each way on a train is either essential or justified, especially when my favourite watering holes are boarded up. Luckily I am at the stage of my life where I can let the images come to me, so am not overly bothered. Even keywording 21 seemed like a chore in the end!
  7. Pretty grim - worst year for 5 years. Running at 65% of the last three years in sales but at roughly the same average price. Nothing for six weeks - longest period I can recall since sales became regular. When the payment comes in for Jan, I will only have one sale uncleared. It is so bad that even the latest one has cleared! Oh well, onwards and upwards. Maybe this year I can get more than one batch uploaded which may help. Good luck to all for the coming year - stay safe and sell well!
  8. Four for $190 gross, so best month for a while, but still only at 65% of the last few years.
  9. I've had 2 in Sept (following 4 in August), but only for $13 combined.
  10. Just had a few PU that don't seem to sit right. My fault for continuing in it, I suppose. And yes, not a great deal more, but more it is!
  11. Possibly Geogphotos, but in these cases I am always a little suspicious of the real usage!
  12. This is my latest sale this morning... Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 09 September 2020 End: 09 September 2025 It is a picture of my own hand in a splint after an operation in 2012. Someone is going to get a nice greeting card
  13. Had a eight dollar sale today, which the way this year is going is definitely a surge...
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