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  1. The 'Infringement Team'

    I reported a farm b&b using one of my local (to their location) shots and many others with Alamy watermarks and other obvious infringments. I was quite chuffed to find that the infringement team followed it up and told me of their success. Then I found they had asked him to buy the image and imposed no penalty. I recieved pennies for it. Even now he has not substituted the bought image for the watermarked one. I can only assume Alamy are not really interested. If it happens again, I will try myself though I find the whole process shabby and unedifying.
  2. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    Called a Dupuytrens Contracture where the stuff that makes your palm grip overgrows, often as a result of some trauma. Mine was from a cricket injury where I dropped a catch and cracked the lower joint of my little finger. It was right at the end of the season and I didn't get it seen to and years later the Dupuytrens grew around the floating bone that was left in there. It impinges on the tendon which pulls the affected fingers inwards. Quite a common problem with cricket players and apparently Thatcher and Reagan were well placed to compare notes on theirs, though I doubt cricket was responsible for them! Oh, and it's not easy taking a picture of your own hand, and I have also sold another of the same thing. Edit - sorry meant to say it is not perfect even after 2 ops over the years, but a lot better than it was in that pic!
  3. Percentage PU sales

    2% in volume, < 1% in value.
  4. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    Probably this one of my own fair hand before an operation... My poor paw...
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Thanks for the spot Iain. Nice to see the oldies still sell. I had three zooms on the same subject this week, the other two in in "F" range, four years later than the one that sold.
  6. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    A few Alamy shots here... DFHNPR Terence Coventry Sculpture Park - AlanWrigley BAYRP2 Forest of Dean Sculpture Park - Kevin Atherton AM7N50 Hannah Peschar gallery - Andrew Holt DA8A23 Barbara Hepworth Garden - Kevin Britland ER39NT Henry Moore Foundation - CAR Hertsimages ANJ9BR Tilberthwaite Glen - Ward B4BPYC Yorkshire Sculpture Park - David Speight CEMYJR Imagine an Island - David Hunter BT34G0 - Another Place - Dave McAleavy Images CTR8EP - Giant Hand Of Vyrnwy. J Hayward
  7. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Saracens v Wasps Exeter Chiefs v Newcastle Falcons FA Cup Final Anything else happening on Saturday? Come on you Sarries!
  8. The Sun - image sales

    My last two invoiced. Cleared 22/12/17. 5/2/18 30/11/17. 14/1/18
  9. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Had five of mine flagged as Editorial, none of them deleted. Fine by me, and as John and Matt say, will continue to use them either as examples of street art for editorial use (in future I'll mark them as such myself) or in a wider context.
  10. February over already?

    5 in the month despite views and zooms still being down. Mix of low to middling amounts.
  11. January

    Decent start to the year though zooms and views seem down. 5 for $250, best in $ terms for 2 years and 6th best month ever. Ranged from the sublime ($197) to the ridiculous in a distributor sale that didn't take my then total past $200.
  12. How was your November?

    Six for next to nothing. Started with a $12 sale and they just got smaller and smaller
  13. Steep drop in zooms this month?
  14. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    My zooms are around normal but since the apparent re-rank, my views are down by 40% or so. One day, I'll understand it all!
  15. Has there been a re-rank?

    Very confusing - I had nothing lower than p8. Now my best has gone from 4 to 21 and a middling one is the only one left above p10.