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  1. Sorry guys but I did see it as a small positive. Maybe my later $125 sale of a pier in Auckland fits the bill better. That is, a pic of it - not the whole pier...
  2. Great triumph this morning - a monster distributor sale cleared. $1 to me... ...sold on 22nd June 2018. Only took 263 days!
  3. A couple in January; theatres in Windsor and Melbourne. Not been able to find the source. Had a better one of Weymouth Pavilion recently for much better fee but doubt any connection. And just checked my small ones didn't even pas the $5 threshold - $4.99 each
  4. Best month in terms of numbers - 9 for just over $200. Mainly decent fees ($40+).
  5. I had one earlier this week - 43.5% Alamy, 13% Affiliate, 43.5% me. Not come across it before but at least not as bad as 40/30/30 for distributors.
  6. I had trouble with the ISSN/ISBNs as well - I had to add a new one as I changed bands for magazines so I replaced my older ones and it kept saying the ISSNs were incorrect. I finally managed to get three in there, but then it started complaining about my book ISBNs. They have all three been in there since I started DACS a few years ago, one with the ISBN straight out of the book and the other two as "Alamy Sale". The only way I could get them in in the end was to take out the dashes and leave the 13 character number. It took a while, but I got there!
  7. My 2018 zooms were 10 below 2017 with many 1,000s more views and only one additional sale.
  8. Just under 400 - I hoped to get to 4k by the end of the year but bad weather put paid to it by 35
  9. No - that shows all images irrespective of exclusivity. (and the red arrow wasn't mine!)
  10. That was the point I was trying to make earlier. A lot of Attribute search options are binary, i.e. Model Released/Non-model released and the same for property. But there is no inverse for exclusives - it either shows all images or exclusives, but not non-exclusives. Makes it hard to find the 200 or so I have not flagged and also highlight the very few I need to leave as non-ex.
  11. There is an option in AIM under Attributes to only show 'Exclusive Alamy' but nothing I can see to show the inverse. I have about 90% set to Exclusive but in reality it is about 99.9% - I just need to find the ones I haven't flagged through forgetfulness! Anyone any ideas? Cheers Dave
  12. Define Alamy? In the light of recent developments, I'll try to refrain from profanity. One word answer... Charlatans.
  13. Equalled BME in numeric terms - 8 including one 'forgotten' one I had to chase from April. Mainly calendars and news at <$5 to a few $30+ 1 x B 1 x D 4 x F 1 x G 1 x K
  14. Seems to only happen when I switch between iPad and desktop. If I stay on one platform it stays away. Agree on the storefronts etc. They really are depressingly bad images 😢
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