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  1. May I apply for membership to the One Small Sale in January club?
  2. Two behind last year and one behind 2017 but still just a fraction over one per week. Last year average was $12.69, this year $11.33 so not bad given the 50/50 split. Still way behind $38 average in 2011 and 2013 though.
  3. Assuming all existing ratings went from 3 to 5 possible stars, I would imagine they have been regraded as follows: old 1 = new 1 old 2 = new 3 old 3 = new 5 So possibly the 2's and 4's will begin to appear as things change going forwards?
  4. Noticed I'd gone from 3 to 5 stars recently (assuming coloured in ones are good, not bad!). Hadn't read this thread before this morning so did a quick upload of 8 and it went in instantly. From upload to keyworded to on-sale - just under half an hour - cheers Alamy, I'll settle for that!
  5. Got my statement this morning but still no payment. Rang DACS and Dan sorted me out - old, closed bank account as I thought. Just need to return the form he sent me and bingo. What a numpty, but at least it's sorted!
  6. Cheers, thanks Geogphotos - I'll leave it a couple of days and if nothing comes in, I'll give them a tinkle. Even more nervous as I went up a band for mags!
  7. Still nothing here and it has been pretty quick previously. Getting a bit worried as we switched bank accounts in the year and may have forgotten to make the change on DACS.
  8. Also got both, so hopefully a few unexpected pennies in September. I have had a sale to Germany for a travel book but cannot find it using any of the usual Google/Tineye searches etc.I tried Alamy but they said they cannot check back as there would be too much work involved. Fair enough I suppose. Anyone any ideas on how I could chase it up?
  9. Sorry guys but I did see it as a small positive. Maybe my later $125 sale of a pier in Auckland fits the bill better. That is, a pic of it - not the whole pier...
  10. Great triumph this morning - a monster distributor sale cleared. $1 to me... ...sold on 22nd June 2018. Only took 263 days!
  11. A couple in January; theatres in Windsor and Melbourne. Not been able to find the source. Had a better one of Weymouth Pavilion recently for much better fee but doubt any connection. And just checked my small ones didn't even pas the $5 threshold - $4.99 each
  12. Best month in terms of numbers - 9 for just over $200. Mainly decent fees ($40+).
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