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  1. 3 for $40 gross. Around 50% of the last two years at the half way stage. One of my images sold for the fifth time for less than $4. The previous four sales combined were over $240.
  2. One for $12. No wonder I haven't uploaded anything this year yet. Totally demotivated. They imposed a one-way system to help social distancing in my town last week, but I just couldn't be bothered to document it - all that effort for the slim chance of making less than $10 does not appeal. What I hoped would be a pension supplement is looking more and more like an occasional free pint when the pubs finally re-open.
  3. One decent ($60) sale. Currently where I was after February for the past 2 years and views/zooms down drastically.
  4. After a bad Jan/Feb quite pleased with six fairly decent-sized sales for a gross of just under $200. Two distributors will drag the net down a little, but still looking better than it did.
  5. Views are down considerably but I did manage a rare weekend sale!
  6. After a dispiriting start to the year with 5 sales for $25 total, three popped up yesterday for $125 gross. One for $75 my best for a year. Maybe I was right further up this thread to start the year again on March 1st!
  7. Happy to report my 300th sale. Not so happy to report it is a distributor and I get $1.50 but hey ho - it's a landmark!
  8. Mine was mentioned in the "found images" thread. I have used Google images in the past but it seems very unreliable these days and rarely seems to produce any meaningful results.
  9. My year so far with Alamy seems to reflect the weather and general grim news. Sales currently at 35% of 2018 and 2019 and revenue at about 20%. My four sales will not net me $10. My wife and I decided to start the year again this morning and wished each other Happy New Year, so HNY to all on here!
  10. I had a Guardian sale yesterday (website only) and it is the second lowest I have ever had from them.
  11. I asked Alamy about two TV sales for my DACS claim last week, but all they could tell me was that they were licensed by Sony. No program/channel details available.
  12. Thanks John. Wonder if it will net me more than the £14 a week I was earning in my first job in that very building in 1973?
  13. May I apply for membership to the One Small Sale in January club?
  14. Two behind last year and one behind 2017 but still just a fraction over one per week. Last year average was $12.69, this year $11.33 so not bad given the 50/50 split. Still way behind $38 average in 2011 and 2013 though.
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