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  1. How many did you upload in 2018?

    86 submissions for 1545 images
  2. Cheap slide scanner

    Good point ref camera "type". I use mine with effectively mirrorless cameras i.e. Fuji APS-C as in my photograph, Sony A7r and Leica M240. A large DSLR may prove too heavy but I seem to recollect reading that the biggest problem is any DSLR with a mirror presents problems as the register distance is too large on a Beoon I'm a bit vague on these points but it might be prudent to check.
  3. Cheap slide scanner

    The camera attaches to the TOP of the stand via an adapter and the lens attaches underneath. Enlarger lenses are screw thread as per the unit.
  4. Cheap slide scanner

    The Nikon FF would be ideal but a conventional lens, even a Micro, will not produce the best results. As for kit zoom lenses you can forget that. What you need is a quality enlarged lens with its flat field attribute. I use a Schneider Componon S 50mm for 35mm stuff and a Rodenstock 40mm for medium format. I've compared scans with the above lenses against my Leica and Zeiss prime lenses and they significantly out perform same. An enlarger lens is the way to go for the best results. The Beoon is most definitely not a mere copy stand. It's built in alignment correction, slide holders that keep the film flat, adjustable height for frame filling enlargement and precision tubes to ensure correct maginification take it to another level. I also possess a dedicated Minolta MultiPro 35mm > medium format scanner and the Beoon scans match it in performance which few film scanners do. That in itself is an endorsement and when you marry in the speed difference (minutes against hours) it's a clear winner. And it all packs away in a neat little box afterwards. You would not be dissapointed p.s. Forget to say, no moving parts, bulbs to blow, etc. They last forever.
  5. Cheap slide scanner

    Not archive 6x6 negative Further Example 35mm Fuji Velvia tranny
  6. Images sold in January

    Personal use - really !
  7. Cheap slide scanner

    @Betty LaRue - Yes it will work on slides. I have a number of slide images on Alamy using this method
  8. Sony RX100

    I can see it!
  9. Cheap slide scanner

    Accepted on Alamy from a Beoon scan
  10. Cheap slide scanner

    @Spacecadet pipped me to it - same idea though Here's what I use - Leica Beoon and digital camera. Rip through a 36 roll in minutes There's one on the auction site right now -
  11. Cheap slide scanner

    Why not use your digital camera as a scanner? A lot faster, cleaner, etc
  12. NON-exclusive search option in AIM

    >Filters>attributes - scroll to bottom
  13. Single company - multiple educational editorial use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
  14. Use Of Image Manager to older images

    Yea, missed that one LOL
  15. Use Of Image Manager to older images

    I did it and it was truly worthwhile. Sure, it took a while but if you allow a few hours each day you can wade through them comfortably. Also you'll be surprised how many errors and corrections you'll coma across Go for it.