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  1. Maybe the neck strap came with the Sony case that I bought at the time. Not sure .
  2. Regards slipping from the hand - the camera comes with a wrist strap and neck strap. I've been using my V5 for years like this and never any fear of it slipping away and far more secure than a hand grip IMHO.
  3. That matches my stats also. Just hoping the zooms come good. CTR is the best ever
  4. Thanks Phil - I'm on 5* here also. I uploaded a few to "them: today, the first for months, and was just curious of the Covid possible delays. Appreciate the response Ray
  5. Sorry to barge in here but anybody uploading to the alter ego ST****MO and, if so, what QC times are over there.
  6. Sure is and also vertical and horizontal. But not too many variations as this will damage your CTR
  7. Above me now, hopefully someone else will chip in.
  8. Did as you ask, and a lot worse in sRGB saved for Alamy. Lots of clipping in both the red and magenta channels. Tested against a AdobeRGB jpeg which looks good and no loss.
  9. Imac 2013 27" fully calibrated using Spyder Pro 4 I can see all the 9 concentric rings clearly with the sRGB chart. The AdobeRGB chart shows clipping in the extreme of the red channel on the last 2 of the rings only.
  10. Shooting less now. Bored taking pics of people in masks, empty beaches, closed shop etc. Sad state of affairs this virus has created.
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