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How was your February 2017?

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I had a good month with 24 sales for $503 gross and a reasonable number of zooms.


My small port seems less affected by the recent changes than other people with large portfolios have reported.




That's an excellent return on a portfolio of that size. Your minimalist approach to keywording seems to be a rewarding one. Are there lessons for us all there?


I myself have scored a big fat zero.

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The predictions of gloom and doom haven't come true for me.  Bar any last minute sales I've had 13 for $407.92; all direct, no distributor.  I've also had my highest number of zooms for any month to date, 33 so far with a day to go.  That's my best month since I started with Alamy just over three years ago.  I've got the new AIM but I haven't been tempted to revise old keywording.  One thing I've always done is write fairly comprehensive captions which include a lot of my keywords and it looks as though that may be playing in my favour.  Time will tell.

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Hi All



Zero but as my measures didn't update until 1am this morning I still have 11 hours of the month left things are sure screwed up.


Will we be getting daily or weekly updates now????????????


There is a small DM one but probably won't show up.


EDIT one for $89 turned up on dashboard not on in measures yet so its either yesterday or today I don't know which confused ???????????



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22 for 825

Around 575 under par. Second worst for the rolling year.

Net the worst.

Very disturbing: most sales were from distributors:

Alamy -10; distributors - 11

Alamy 7.61 - 120

distributors 4.17 - 111.


It looks like I have been able to force the clients to buy my mediocre images for far too long.

As a pitiful isolated individual, who's not yet totally bankrupt, but knows his role has played out, I know where I belong from now on.




edit: broken link

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