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  1. I am trying to be positive even I was a little angry about the contract change mostly because in Feb. 2019 on the last change in the commission structure I worked on making almost all images exclusive to Alamy. The god thing with Alamy was a constant pushing to go outside and shoot in different places or even take a trip to another country; some kind of motivation to go outdoor more. Shooting what I like and making a little money from that was really great. I work as a photographer but shooting for stock is more like a hobby and I think it is a really hard work to make a living only
  2. I had only 8 pictures and 4 years later (2014) I made my first sale :)) After that I start to upload more images and the next sale came after a few months.
  3. Zero for me. Maybe is time to setup at least the supertags for all my images.
  4. There is a nice app for mobile "Pl@ntnet" who can identify the plants.
  5. 2016: 1115 images 2015: 22 2014: 220 2010-2013: only 8 Already 308 images uploaded in 2017 and hope to keep this rhythm.
  6. For me August was so good I have double my portfolio and make 2 sales for $44.34 gross.
  7. One sale for $27 gross. Hope to see some regular sales at least 1 sale/month as I will upload more pictures. Until now I have a total of 6 sales.
  8. Thank you, I will send them an email. Cristian
  9. What is the criteria to have access to news web upload? I'm not having any rejection for stock, but only 12 submissions until now.
  10. Good shots, congrats. on your sale Cristim. er...not too sure about the caption "old Italian man with suspenders", I would change that for "braces" in case people get the wrong idea, could be wrong though ;-) Well, I'll let him in first picture with suspenders and in the second one with braces Thank you.
  11. You've done very well to achieve a sale with only 58 images. Congrats, first of many I trust. I agree. This is a great start Cristim. I was surprised to see the caption spelling in Mont Blank though. Should it be Mont Blanc or both even? Thank you! Should be Mount Blanc, thanks for observation!
  12. Hello, I am new here and happy that I have my first sale on September. I joined Alamy in 2010 but only one month ago or so I started to upload photos. All the best for all !
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