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  1. I told you so, Laura! Colin's comments are the first tiny step in a very long journey.
  2. Allan, I'd never heard of either and I haven't the slightest interest in Musical Theater. When I first saw the names in this forum, I assumed they were British MP's, perhaps from the nineteenth century. As is usual, I was wrong.
  3. You've found the perfect answer to your question! The captioning, tagging, and pseudonym creation that a successful Alamy experience requires will keep you busy for decades. Keyword for a decade or two and your vocabulary will become spectacular too.
  4. I once had an alleged captioning mistake reported to me by member services. That caption turned out to be correct in the first place and left me with a strange feeling. While they admitted that another contributor reported it, they wouldn't say who it was or report back to that individual when things were checked out. On one hand, I felt like I had been denounced and on the other, I understood that all large collections must have an error or two. I urge you to think carefully and be absolutely sure.
  5. Thank you, but the real thanks should go to Bill and his very interesting photos.
  6. That's "New photos from old archive photos on a cold cloudy winter day" for those of you who flunked Russian back in grade school and/or don't have inline translation.
  7. Regis, the fine art and coffee table book businesses (which are somewhat related) are both doing really well at this moment. However, it's worth noting that they have little - if anything - to do with stock photography. Entering those niches requires a completely different sort of vision and very different methods to go with it. If you had told me forty years ago that stock photography would be dead and fine art thriving forty years from now, I would have laughed at you. I chose a career in stock photography for its stability. I was really wrong.
  8. I have used Capture 1 since version 6 and haven't seen a crash in years. I find it to be absolutely the best raw processing software for studio images. That being said, when I'm doing the sort of work that many of you do - places or events for example - it becomes less appealing. Do you really need this sort of power?
  9. No, between the macro business and the very poor tech support, I finally sold all my Sony gear. Now, if I have to do macro in the field, I use a Canon sl1 and the Canon 50mm compact macro. If I have any sort of question at all, Canon will answer me without a trace of snark or superiority.
  10. I tried it and found the Sony macro lens disappointing. I'm at the point now where macro lens quality is the most important point in choosing a camera system.
  11. Very poor - too poor to spell out here. After months of improvement, a sharp slide backward to the bad old days.
  12. Michael, this is good detective work. I am always very suspicious of Bing. It can be itself, or it can be part of a mess of malware that can keep you awake for months. Leaving a default blank in Firefox can make it more difficult to see malware-induced changes when they occur. Adding a default setting puts you in control of one more of the many thousands of variables that you are up against. It appears that I've never seen this malware because I don't use Firefox. Chrome and Vivaldi seem to be able to block it. Or maybe it's how I have my defaults set. Or maybe it's something else. Just be careful out there! Thank you for the kind words. I've been exploring Pennsylvania for decades and now live in the heart of Lancaster Amish Country.
  13. Your link is very interesting, but not very surprising, reading. I would suggest that in the future, you never leave your default home page blank. For that matter, always select your search engine too. The only thing that puzzles me about it is why I've never seen such a menu. I've been using Filezilla for at least five years and forced an upgrade this morning in order to see if I could find the offending check boxes. Are you using Filezilla as a stand-alone or extension? As for what it is - if it buries itself in your registry and keeps making changes, it's a virus, no matter what its defenders want you to think. If not, I can live with the name "adware" and suggest that you do the same. Whatever you call it though, make sure its gone.
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