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  1. Yes of course. Without a solid list, I wouldn't know where to start.
  2. Hi, if I am remembering this correctly, Alamy no longer has this feature.
  3. Ian, while there are at least a few who do, it's been my experience that they aren't shooting editorial or travel content. In my experience, both do very poorly at the big micros, but still life and concepts are another matter entirely.
  4. Ian, when I said "Thank goodness you're not my editor!" I meant it.
  5. Ian, we're talking about the usage of a word, not the experience of all too many of us. That's a whole different story and probably shouldn't be discussed on a board moderated by an agency.
  6. Jose, this difference exists only for a small group of old-timers. Most of the world just sees "microstock" or "microstocks" as the English word for the stock photo business collectively. Of course, the next big and obvious question is "am I one of those old-timers?"
  7. Jose, these sorts of photos are a sort of Alamy specialty. They are here because Alamy was the first stock photo agency to accept them in large numbers. Should you be shooting them in Brazil? Yes! They form a bit of historical record of who you are and where you come from. And they could make some sales too. (although they rarely do for me) This brings up a second point; you need to be shooting much more than this to be successful! Keep shooting new subjects and keep looking at what gets published.
  8. I knew that if I answered, somebody far more knowledgeable would join in!
  9. Denise, nobody seems to be answering your questions so I thought I'd take a moment to tell you why. 1) The people who hide their names completely are exactly the very sort that don't join online discussions. You'll have to ask member services or somehow find somebody that doesn't want to be found. 2) Same story, this group seems to concentrate on photographers that shoot news and/or travel. (My own Alamy collection is about 1/3 travel) To put it simply, this doesn't reflect what Alamy sells. Therefore, we've got the same problem as your first question - the people who
  10. I've been supporting Alamy for fifteen years!
  11. You don't say what country you're in, but many don't consider stock photography to be "passive income." And judging by the amount of work we have to do in terms of keywording, captioning and keeping our files current, not many stock photographers would consider it passive either.
  12. Gary, these are questions that every stock photography beginner asks. What you'll soon learn is that you're not describing the sorts of images that will sell in circumstances that call for a release. And John, even though I have more than a thousand releases on file (mostly from the nineties), I have never asked for one either. Mine all come from shoots that involved either professional models or skilled experts - the sorts of shoots that once earned solid revenues but have now fallen by the wayside.
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