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  1. 10 for $453, with one $$$. Views and zooms are way down.
  2. Just when I am about to give up on this month, four sales dropped in total ~$240, with one $$$. Cheers!
  3. Woke up this morning, all news were the COVID19 running out of control, then Dow went down 2,000 points, almost 8%. Just when I thought this could be the end of the world, news came a meteor of 4 km wide, capable of wiping out the entire earth, is heading our way. Strangely, nothing seemed matter anymore.
  4. 14 for $876, including 3 $$$ sales. Feb started slow, only $126 at half way point. But last week was gang buster strong.
  5. Glad I am not hallucinating. Yes, the same photo was sold on Feb 9 for $15.
  6. I have a surge of some really weird sales. Two came in this morning, same photo, one at $0, one at -$11. I have seen -$ price, indicating a refund. This particular photo has been sold before multiple times, but never at the price of $11. Besides, that $0 sale, what the heck?
  7. A $149 direct sale for a photo taken 10 years ago, Ref Code BB****. With the way things are going, we are going to see 2BB soon.
  8. 12 sales for $693, boosted by a $200 direct sale. One photo sold three times, exactly same license. Fingers crossed no refund.
  9. Does it bother you to see a dark, grainy photo on Alamy's front page, several days in a row? Is that the best we can do, with 190 MILLION photos to pick? Com'n Alamy, this is your store front, pay a little attention please.
  10. It has been dry since new year rolled over. But yesterday, the sky opened, five sales rained in, totalling $270.
  11. Sounds good to me, particularly the suggestion to restrict file size for Personal and Presentation uses. For the low price, you get low res download, fair and square. The Presentation and Newsletter license should also be included in the Personal category. Otherwise, someone can just pick Presentation and newsletter instead Personal for the same low price.
  12. 18 for $844, including 2 $$$. Surpassed 2018 in number of sales, but still short of $.
  13. 11 sales for $312, lowest of the year, none over $100. No surge, no wave, just trickle...
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