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  1. New personal low record, a $0.27 RF license distributor sale. Why bother, Alamy?🙄
  2. 10 sales for $627, including 3 $$$ sales. Can't complain.
  3. I got two of those $125 direct sales today. Good to see others getting those too.
  4. Thanks for the information. Still don't know what it is. But I'll take it.🙂
  5. 13 salles for $516, with two $$$ sales. One item of $10.51 listed as "Other income", no idea what it is.
  6. Over half way into January, I am surprised no "Positive result 2021" thread yet. So I'll get it going. Two sales from the same subject at $135 each for post card. Happy New Year!
  7. Distributor sales are a mixed bag. I had two of the best sales in 2020 from distributors in Japan ($289 and $226). Then there were a bunch of them in single digit. To be clear, we the contributors get 30% of gross sales, Alamy gets 30%, distributors get 40%.
  8. Compare to 2019, sales numbers are down 12%, total gross down 15%.
  9. 14 sales for $783, including two large distributor sales to Japan for $515, and bunch of smallies.
  10. Just when I am about to give up on 2020, one photo is sold, in two separate licenses, to Japan (distributor) for a book cover, for total gross of $515.55. Fingers crossed no refund.
  11. I have one picture licensed 49 times, including 9 times this year.
  12. 7 for $248, all in $$ range. Beat the low point of the year (April).
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