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  1. 11 for $514, boosted by a $230 book sale. Total ctr rose to 1.27. Hope that translates to sales.
  2. A $230 book sale yesterday. It has a letter "A" ref code, was taken in 2007 with a 6 mp Nikon D70. Alamy still delivers.
  3. 14 sales for $756, 2 $$$. Good news, no single digit license. At half way point of the year, number of sales up 15%, total gross up 8%.
  4. Before you do, go grab your camera. See, that is a picture that will probably sell, you stare at mirror crying. 😂
  5. I had one of those from a prominent magazine. I counted at least four of sale/refund cycles. To the end, I still don't know they eventually paid me or not.
  6. 11 for $348, unless the stout lady decides for an encore. One $$$ + a bunch of *&^%.
  7. I had one just like that a few weeks ago, and it was a full res download. As much as I am glad knowing a student PAID for a picture instead of lifting it off the internet, but $0.99 for a full res file still fixed for abuse by someone in somewhere. Can Alamy please at least restrict the hi-res download for such low-fee licenses?
  8. I got yo all beat by a full digit. Yes, a full res RF perpetual license below a whole silver dollar. Over 10 years with Alamy, this is my first ever below single digit license. BTW, I am not in any newspaper or Novel scheme. I understand it's for student project. I am glad students are paying for photos instead of lifting them off the web. But com'n, this is fixed to be abused by someone. Can Alamy at least restrict the hi-res files? Country: WorldwideUsage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays.Industry sector: Education50 MB5192 x 3392 pixels 4 MB compressedImage Size: Any sizeStart: 10 April 2019Duration: In perpetuity
  9. 16 sales for $1139, including 4 $$$ licenses. Good month.
  10. Two sales at $250 each. Museum display. Don't see those very often. Fingers crossed no refund.
  11. 11 for total gross $642, including 2 $$$ licenses. One refund and resale from last month.
  12. A $95 sale from January was refunded, and re-licensed for $125. Don't remember that ever happened to me before. Can't argue it's a positive.
  13. 15 for $531. No $$$ sale. But, I had my first ever "Affiliate" license which I received 43.5% of gross.
  14. LOW AS WE CAN GO? -- Not really. I got three distributor RF sales on the last day of January, at lower than yours $, to China. Good to see they are PAYING for photos.
  15. At the beginning of Dec, I thought there was no chance to match last year's total. But Dec has been surging, with 16 sales (best month of the year, four $$$, two $250+). That got me within spitting distance of last year's total (less than $200 shy). Total number of sales are 20% over last year. Per sale price went from $69 in 2017 to $54 in 2018, roughly 20% drop. Happy New Year to all!
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