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  1. "The images were sourced from the pool of images opted into Chinese distribution and Novel Use." -- I have NEVER been in Novel Use, but still got 15 of those sales!
  2. I believe Ed meant he worked for the American Airlines. Its HQ is at Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, ...or is it Alcoholics Anonymous? 😵
  3. This has nothing to do with like the Chinese or not. They are doing business just like everyone else, lower the cost as much as they can. It's up to Alamy not to give your product away for pennies. Those penny licenses just accelerate the race to the bottom.
  4. First activity of the new year, a $80.69 net "Other income" dropped in my account. That's equivalent of a $200+ sale. No idea what it's for, but I'll take it.😊
  5. I kinda of doubt they only downloaded the low res photos as the licenses claimed.
  6. For the year, total 140 sales (NOT including those pathetic $0.15/0.04), my second best ever. Gross total $6715, better than 2020, but far short of my best year (2017). Average of ~ $48 per sale. 18 $$$ licenses. Highest $299.
  7. 12 sales for $805, including 3 $$$. Sorry, those 11 penny sales do NOT count. For the year, sales and gross total are both slight uptick from a lousy 2020.
  8. I had 4 of those yesterday, 7 more this morning. All but 3 are China subject. All RF images. What a nice happy new year present from Alamy. 😎
  9. Lousy. 9 sales for $242, a reality check from last month's yearly high. But, $300+ DACS payment made up some.
  10. Here is my per sale average over the years. Not what used to be, but still holding well compared to others. Total average of my entire alamy "career" = $66.67, exactly 2/3 of a Benjamin. 😎 Year Average 2008 $200.33 2009 $166.25 2010 $175.75 2011 $115.07 2012 $93.41 2013 $104.41 2014 $97.04 2015 $93.38 2016 $66.63 2017 $69.00 2018
  11. A nice bounce back from September 12 month low to October's 12 month high. 23 sales for total gross of $1375, including five $$$. Best month for a long while.
  12. Another $$$ sale this morning, four $$$ for the month, five if I include a resale from a refund. I haven't seen a month like this for a long while.
  13. A $265 direct sale for a travel brochure this morning. Alamy face lift worked! 😜
  14. Pathetic! Worst of the last twelve months. Seven sales for $211, one $$$ and bunch of minis, and one refund.
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