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  1. Pathetic! Worst of the last twelve months. Seven sales for $211, one $$$ and bunch of minis, and one refund.
  2. 13 sales for $814, including my highest of the year, a $299 direct sale on the last day of August. Actually, I had to go back to 2016 to find a higher single sale.
  3. A $299 direct sale this morning, highest of the year, so far.
  4. 16 sales for $614, including two $$$. Sort of a milestone, just surpassed 1000 sales.
  5. I made another $$$150 calendar sale for Alamy, and was generously rewarded $60. Thank you.🙃
  6. A $100 direct sale dropped in on July 23. Worth $125 on July 24.😉
  7. Odd month indeed. First half went strong, second half only one sale. Ended up 8 sales for $507, including 2 $$$. Half way through the year, both sales number and gross total are below 50% of a lousy 2020.
  8. Sad to see this positive thread fell so far down. So I'll keep it floating. A $136 direct sale this morning, for a photo taken in 2009. ðŸĪ‘
  9. That's the excuse Alamy used to cut Exclusive commission. Out of 17 million exclusive pictures, I don't know how many belong to the "abused" category. But I believe overwhelming majority of contributors are honest and abide to the rules. For those who don't, find a way to fix the problem instead of scraping the whole system. Just my 8 cents, that's the net of my last sale. 🙄
  10. Alamy Exclusive should be better promoted and marketed. Those are the photos attract would-be buyers to Alamy. Without them, Alamy is just another stock agency, has to compete against micros with the same collection, which I doubt you'll ever win in price. Cutting the Exclusive commission, stopping the flow of Exclusive makes absolutely no sense.
  11. Alamy promotion: Buy one at full blown market price ($15), get two at ~70% discount.ðŸĪŠ
  12. Lousy month. Five sales for $313. I refuse to accept that $0.27 distributor thingy as a "sale".
  13. Two $95 direct sales dropped in this morning, make this month less pathetic.
  14. Why does it matter? None of us will live to see it happen anyway. 🙄
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