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  1. 19 sales + 1 other item, probably my best month ever in term of number of sales. Total gross $775, one $$$ and a bunch of $ distributor sales. Total CTR =1.10.
  2. Below average month, 9 sales for $416, with one $$$. Total CTR at 1.26, second highest over the last 12 months.
  3. 13 sales for $791, one $$$. Slightly above average comparing to a "normal" month. Nice bounce back from April-May trough. Half way through the year, both sales number and $ are below 1/2 of 2019.
  4. A photo used by National Geographic a few years ago was licensed again yesterday, for $250. 🙂
  5. Five sales for $339, with one $$$. Total gross doubled over April, but still far from normal. Views and zooms were about half of normal month.
  6. 4 for $158, lowest of many moons. Just glad we are all healthy enough to care about stock sales. 😷😷😷
  7. 10 for $453, with one $$$. Views and zooms are way down.
  8. Just when I am about to give up on this month, four sales dropped in total ~$240, with one $$$. Cheers!
  9. Woke up this morning, all news were the COVID19 running out of control, then Dow went down 2,000 points, almost 8%. Just when I thought this could be the end of the world, news came a meteor of 4 km wide, capable of wiping out the entire earth, is heading our way. Strangely, nothing seemed matter anymore.
  10. 14 for $876, including 3 $$$ sales. Feb started slow, only $126 at half way point. But last week was gang buster strong.
  11. Glad I am not hallucinating. Yes, the same photo was sold on Feb 9 for $15.
  12. I have a surge of some really weird sales. Two came in this morning, same photo, one at $0, one at -$11. I have seen -$ price, indicating a refund. This particular photo has been sold before multiple times, but never at the price of $11. Besides, that $0 sale, what the heck?
  13. A $149 direct sale for a photo taken 10 years ago, Ref Code BB****. With the way things are going, we are going to see 2BB soon.
  14. 12 sales for $693, boosted by a $200 direct sale. One photo sold three times, exactly same license. Fingers crossed no refund.
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