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  1. Two sales at $250 each. Museum display. Don't see those very often. Fingers crossed no refund.
  2. 11 for total gross $642, including 2 $$$ licenses. One refund and resale from last month.
  3. A $95 sale from January was refunded, and re-licensed for $125. Don't remember that ever happened to me before. Can't argue it's a positive.
  4. 15 for $531. No $$$ sale. But, I had my first ever "Affiliate" license which I received 43.5% of gross.
  5. LOW AS WE CAN GO? -- Not really. I got three distributor RF sales on the last day of January, at lower than yours $, to China. Good to see they are PAYING for photos.
  6. At the beginning of Dec, I thought there was no chance to match last year's total. But Dec has been surging, with 16 sales (best month of the year, four $$$, two $250+). That got me within spitting distance of last year's total (less than $200 shy). Total number of sales are 20% over last year. Per sale price went from $69 in 2017 to $54 in 2018, roughly 20% drop. Happy New Year to all!
  7. I commend James and Alamy for listening to the contributors. That's how a partnership should be. In an ocean of competing stock photos, differentiate yourself is the key to survive and shrive. Photos exclusive to Alamy will be the differentiator. Don't forget this is not a reward, just a lesser sacrifice.
  8. 14 for $1063, including 3 $$$, 2 of the highest for the year, a $250 (distributor) and a $200 (direct). Total number of sales surpassed last year, but total gross is about 20% down.
  9. Just checked my record. The highest single sale was a $571 distributor sale, $450 was the highest direct sale. No 4-digit sale over 10 years with Alamy. On the other hand, my single best seller was sold again this morning. In all, it was sold 27 times for a total gross of $3640.
  10. I had another one of PU this morning, with a subject not exactly a "wall hanger". So someone paid $19.99 for a full res download. I have suggested Alamy to restrict the download resolution for PU, but I'm not sure it will ever happen.
  11. 11 for $617, including 2 $$$. As many others, ctr shot up to 0.92. Hope more sales to come.
  12. 6 for $531. Other than one sad distributor sale to Italy, all others are reasonably priced, including two $$$ licences.
  13. Being a professional geologist for almost 30 years, I can only guess what those are, or as we say, educated guess. The most prominent feature is the fold, or folded rocks. They bend upward. So call it an anticline. By the look of it, they appear to be interbedded sandstone (thick layers) and shale (thin layers). No idea what the age of the rocks. I have been to West coast of Ireland (Kilkee, County Clare?). If those are from anywhere near there, they are probably Carboniferous in age (360 - 300 million years ago). See if I can post a picture from there. Bridge of Ross, a natural bridge made of Carboniferous sandstone. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WT8uAoi9VHoF9LJW6
  14. 14 for $818, including 4 $$$ and a bunch of $ distributor sales. Half way through 2018, number of sales up, total $ short of 2017, and 2016. $/sale way down.
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