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  1. 14 sales for $756, 2 $$$. Good news, no single digit license. At half way point of the year, number of sales up 15%, total gross up 8%.
  2. Before you do, go grab your camera. See, that is a picture that will probably sell, you stare at mirror crying. 😂
  3. I had one of those from a prominent magazine. I counted at least four of sale/refund cycles. To the end, I still don't know they eventually paid me or not.
  4. 11 for $348, unless the stout lady decides for an encore. One $$$ + a bunch of *&^%.
  5. I had one just like that a few weeks ago, and it was a full res download. As much as I am glad knowing a student PAID for a picture instead of lifting it off the internet, but $0.99 for a full res file still fixed for abuse by someone in somewhere. Can Alamy please at least restrict the hi-res download for such low-fee licenses?
  6. I got yo all beat by a full digit. Yes, a full res RF perpetual license below a whole silver dollar. Over 10 years with Alamy, this is my first ever below single digit license. BTW, I am not in any newspaper or Novel scheme. I understand it's for student project. I am glad students are paying for photos instead of lifting them off the web. But com'n, this is fixed to be abused by someone. Can Alamy at least restrict the hi-res files? Country: WorldwideUsage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays.Industry sector: Education50 MB5192 x 3392 pixels 4 MB compressedImage Size: Any sizeStart: 10 April 2019Duration: In perpetuity
  7. 16 sales for $1139, including 4 $$$ licenses. Good month.
  8. Two sales at $250 each. Museum display. Don't see those very often. Fingers crossed no refund.
  9. 11 for total gross $642, including 2 $$$ licenses. One refund and resale from last month.
  10. A $95 sale from January was refunded, and re-licensed for $125. Don't remember that ever happened to me before. Can't argue it's a positive.
  11. 15 for $531. No $$$ sale. But, I had my first ever "Affiliate" license which I received 43.5% of gross.
  12. LOW AS WE CAN GO? -- Not really. I got three distributor RF sales on the last day of January, at lower than yours $, to China. Good to see they are PAYING for photos.
  13. At the beginning of Dec, I thought there was no chance to match last year's total. But Dec has been surging, with 16 sales (best month of the year, four $$$, two $250+). That got me within spitting distance of last year's total (less than $200 shy). Total number of sales are 20% over last year. Per sale price went from $69 in 2017 to $54 in 2018, roughly 20% drop. Happy New Year to all!
  14. I commend James and Alamy for listening to the contributors. That's how a partnership should be. In an ocean of competing stock photos, differentiate yourself is the key to survive and shrive. Photos exclusive to Alamy will be the differentiator. Don't forget this is not a reward, just a lesser sacrifice.
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