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How did your August views compare with your views for June this year?

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Views slightly better in August, compared to July.  The zooms in August are double what they were in July.


My views are still much lower than they were before May of this year.  There was a big drop off in May, very big drop in July, and slowly recovering.

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                   June         July       August

Views          2,786       5,573     3,664

Zooms             10            15          14


Bit of a roller coaster but since the rehash all views, zooms, and CTR have dropped significantly but strangely sales have remained fairly constant.

Jim 😏

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If I go back to March a dramatic change has happened.

                  March       April         May       June       July       August

Views       3551         3613        2508      1366       1248     1628 

Zooms      7               8               9            8              6           7


This is despite adding more content.

Views were consistently above 150 a day but have now dropped to about 60 a day.

Seems some of us have been more affected by the changes than others.

Edited by Tony ALS
Added content
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                January       February       March      April       May       June       July      August

Views       2674           2862             3066        2924       4421      5225      4225     5400

Zooms     17               26                  14           21           24          19          23         31



Looks like views shot up in May, not seeing a trend in zooms.

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Apr views  402  zooms =2

May    -     521      -     =2

June    -     637       -     =2 Zoo Z

July     -     574      -      =1

Aug    -     745       -     =3

steady increase but my port went over 1k images total in last few months


Edited by dunstun365
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