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  1. well you want some time. The person doing the photo search might not be the one making the final decision, so you might get 3-4 pictures that would fit, but only one will end up being used. Downloaded doesn't equal licensed. Also institutional clients probably don't want to report every time, so periodic reporting makes sense. if you were a book author, would you expect your publisher to let you know every time a book store sells your book? (or in fact picks it up and read the first page )
  2. i don't get your point. The EU is an entity. In fact the UK is imposing it's way on 4 countries the same way. You are now forcing Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave an entity they did not vote to Leave. How do you think this is fairer?
  3. how is that different than any entity? If i come to the UK i get clearly an US protectionism, and am considered a Them with clear restrictions. In fact last time in Entered your custom officer tried to restrict My future movement out of the UK. and if you think the EU is protectionist, come and talk to Mexicans about their neighbour. or to the people YOU just deported
  4. EU or Euro Zone? Can you send money to Bulgaria with the charge, no conversion load?
  5. like your images. One thing i would do is edit back your captions now that it moved from Live News to stock to only mention what is in the specific image. For example on your 2019 Carnival images, your now will get a hit for Trump and Frido Kahlo even on images that don't feature them. also be careful on your KW. describe what is in the image... example Image ID: W2DHE8 has no "audience" , "actor", "confetti" , "film" . (i probably would add things like "microphone" "profile", "upper body", "sitting" and "side view" but that's just me)
  6. only Thursday's approval for me. still missing Friday and after
  7. contributor support confirmed they are aware of the issue, and IT is looking into it.
  8. one thing that surprise me is there was two posts telling people to stop talking about a subject because it bothered the reader, and this is the one you were offended by.
  9. Monday morning and still nothing..... also weird that on the Forum list of "Who's online" there is no Alamy logged in.....
  10. not only here. i innocently asked a travel forum if anyone had heard from EU mobile providers last year (pre the Oct 31 original deadline) as i was heading into UK and get blasted right away,... added: back to my concert in the park....
  11. well 0.20 is below 20 😉. i still remember a useless University teacher who wouldn't test his answers and had multiple choice like (adjusted for magnitude ) a) 0 to 1 b) 1 to 2 c) 2 to 3 d) 3 to 4 e) above 4 and the answer would be 7234, and he would just justify it by saying, if you understood you would have been fine....
  12. i'm imagining the worse at this point (all the IT people being let go.....) 🙂 ...... i'm going to go for a walk see what i can find my last week-end in Oaxaca , get back my sanity....
  13. but then they would be also in limbo now, as your last Live News images I can see on Stock are from Feb 10th... i something else is odd. Just did search on "Clara UK 2020" and there is no results, even though i see some images in your Portfolio
  14. and now the number is down by 5, which is not connected to any daily uploads.... i wondered if i deleted images 6 months ago, but doesn't look like it.... still no change to portfolio number though now the difference (2397-2386=11) doesn't match images that passed QC and are not visible. Totally confused
  15. probably me actually.... i had images of introduction of the queen and princess for a smaller Mexican Carnival which starts in 10 days, not much point in live news, so rushed them through stock on thursday after making sure them I had direct QC. oh well, probably little chance of sales, but it would be nice to have had a chance...
  16. i did wonder why you had 3 dimensional images, until i remembered the comma is not decimal in English
  17. what's interesting is that the number of images listed here has now increased twice since Thursday, but no new image appear in the portfolio
  18. same here. I have pictures from Thursday, that passed immediately and are still not searchable for clients edit: and now for the 4th week in a row, i hit the 5Star QC on saturday
  19. be careful, the acquisition thread has mentions of people wanting to get rid of contributors, based on their own criterias.....
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