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  1. and of course, when actually ON the 14th September, wrote 9th September. 😉
  2. lovely pictures from both of you. hope you don't mind @Mr Standfast but i notice your captions read 9th September
  3. Aaron, there are other editorial based provider, however Alamy is probably the main one that doesn't solely focus on current News editorial component. as for what to focus, one of the best source of information is All of Alamy, in Alamy Measure, which allows you to research how often specific subjects actually get searched.
  4. there has to be some irony that an e-car sharing requires a fuel driven crane truck to lower it into it's parking spot
  5. did they remove any? i know they changed a couple of mine to editorial, but I've yet to have content issues other than one i wasn't aware was NT.
  6. from a content basis they expect contributors to respect the law, or more the take responsibility for their work. From what i have seen they only intervene based on specific requests from right owners. it's actually one thing i highly respect from Alamy, because it removes the game of just trying to get things pass a reviewer.
  7. interesting. note that i don't think Alamy will ever "yell at you" for content. You are responsible for what you upload and how you present it.
  8. thanks for the long write up. not to be defensive, but i did not quote any language. I simply stated the fact this forum has specific guidelines, which may be different from other forums. had i wanted to be specific, i would say the following statement: "SS and AS and only give people .25 or .33 cents for one sale??? Honestly that Subscription crap is BS." is pretty negative on the model of the competitors. I also wanted to leave that comment noiseless, hence answering his question for which i could provide info in another post.
  9. just checked... nothing much different than that angle. sorry... you're not by coincidence the nice person, who came to the back after and posed for all of us waiting for Sir Paul to come out are you?
  10. Alamy charges you less, so you keep more of the fee.
  11. exclusive is Image per image. Generally if an image is not offered up for sale at other distributor you can mark it as Exclusive to Alamy. only impact. Alamy charges you less to distribute exclusive images
  12. one thing that is different i guess, is forum rules https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11220-welcome-to-the-alamy-forum-please-read-these-guidelines-for-use/ This is an Alamy forum so it’s not the place to be attempting to damage the Alamy brand through defamatory comments or promoting competitors. You also should not post anything defamatory against our competitors or customers.
  13. cool. not many, as i said didn't notice the artist until later but I'll check when i get back to lodging.
  14. good post. the issue is that they are not solely abstract in the case above as that still illustrates an urban downtown area so that needs to be also covered i think. i would be more tempted to focus on "generic" feel of it. in your skyscraper i would also kw geometric, sloping lines.
  15. empirical testing would work also. any volunteer?
  16. the issue is getting artist release for each work of art.
  17. if you get it again, post the server number and I'll try on my account
  18. I'm on NordVPN and i've never had problem, though had not used UK as country until now. I just selected 2 random UK and again can access all reports no problem
  19. worth checking. I can however say from my first sale that the text we get don't always match what the license states. Mine was more minor, what i received was "One use in a single editorial article ", when i noticed i was the also the banner image of a pictoral editorial, therefor having two use, i sent a note to contributor service, who said that the 2 uses were specifically part of the license.
  20. pretty sure "editorial use only" is an Alamy requirement. They actually changed a few of my image they felt focussed on "art work" to such a few month back.
  21. agree about the difficulty even on public place. The following has been one of my most mentally debated set: The art itself is the wider context.. This is in Mostar, Bosnia, and the artist used bullet holes from war as the insects' body
  22. yeah, and as i Fuji user the move to 40 as default was horrible, and creates a mess, of something that was already problematic. it actually made me lose trust that Adobe cared about me. i have since moved to C1, and default sharpening seems to match in camera. (
  23. sorry note was not directed at your issue, but mainly in case someone else uses it as a reference later. i would have done what you did, so i think the fact Alamy support came in prior thread to highlight the practice is frowned upon was worth adding, nothing personal.
  24. in the end, maybe i am presumptuous in my assumption that you are only a contributor, this is not important. What is crucial is how it looks to the buyers, they are the one paying, and for that i rely on Alamy QC team, as they have much more data.
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