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  1. exactly. i had a set of textured woods which were grabs i got on break as i was walking on the Camino.... also i find them easy to KW, have preset done just add colours and special features. as you said you never know.
  2. Had a quick look. in last year my distribution deals. Gross 58.49 7.28 4.84 3.41 3.41 3.13 2.80 Top one is French TV. The one thing to note, is at least one was sold again twice after, and all now appear in top 10% of images in searches for subject matter, a few first 2 lines, which i not always fact for my other images. so yes the fees are low, but if it helps my ranking, i'm ok with it for now
  3. Guardian Online https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/jan/17/welcome-to-nature-20-for-a-new-generation-of-ladybird-readers Osprey, Florida, USA, Contributor: Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH Image ID: C58HFX
  4. should have read all post before starting to reply, and i don't see how to had a quote in the edit function. as i stated above, i do think there is value in showing disagreement, but red arrows may be too aggressive a way. Sadly, or gladly, the "Sad face" icon is perceived more as an acknowledgement that reader agrees with the negative content of the original so it may not convey the proper message. I think use of icons to disagree sill is better than start another message, as we can see how that has lead to some tedious threads. i still
  5. it always surprise me when you when you limit positive acknowledgement, which would lead to force someone to do a separate post like "+1", or "thanks" (which i did just to highlight the whole thing) I still think an icon of disapprobation as value because if not all we do is promote the echo chambers that we are creating. I have learned a lot from the couple of red arrows i have gotten here. though i prefer the "angry" one to the "down arrow" which seems highly aggressive....
  6. it helps to have anchor references. to me the last 7 months since i parked myself in Ottawa are all clumped, even more since mid November where is started some anxiety issues- which has forced me on the sidelines more or less. see your accident i thought was months ago,,,, how is your arm doing?
  7. wow, my mental timeline is all clumped together for the last while, would have sworn this discussion was way more recent.
  8. i remember seeing it also, but can't find it either through his history.
  9. truthfully i have found zoom and views to be a leading indicator of future sales level, with about a 2 month lag.
  10. so what was the point of deleting a significant part of a portfolio, if we do not know what will be what will be desirable next week, month, year?
  11. hum, i just shovelled for 30 minutes- the heavy wet kind, and expecting 10-15cm more... yes snow is wonderful..... now off to try and capture some of it.... and the stuff Ottawa people do in this during a stay at home, maybe perhaps use your judgement but feel free to drive to your cottage to take care of maintenance state of emergency.
  12. neither did i, i guess i was overly generous yesterday.... 🙂
  13. @Harry Harrisonand @spacecadetthanks for the input and laugh. Not ignoring the comments, but it seems i have run out of "likes" and "laugh" for the day, which feels odd since i just woke up (i assume it uses a UK time clock, and i did like a few comments last night ) still never understood the need for limits...
  14. thanks i do it with certain models, problem is it then gets hard to maintain the level of my glasses which creates issues with the astigmatism angle of the prescription. actually disposable being thinner give better results I have found what work best, are masks with strong nose pinch part, slightly uncomfortable but best results when i'm doing photo. so i rotate masks and at -10C not much works to be honest, and they get soaked really fast, which reduces effectiveness according to reports....
  15. liked that the sign was getting fogged up, just like me glasses...
  16. if you want to save data, you can do you captioning and KW before upload, and image will go for sale automatically after QC, it would still miss some of the optional stuff, but that doesn't affect the sale-ability of the image, just do that at your convenience
  17. you guys are lucky. My regulations (Ontario) are not specific. I am essential (written), but supposed to use my judgement to decide if it's necessary (verbal), and to Stay home.
  18. curious, does your government written documentation match this interpretation. I am stuck in a catch 22 situation in a different regulation that my function is listed in writing as "essential", told verbally "only go out if necessary based on judgement", but on other level not doing your job based on own decision "disqualifies for assistance", made worse as some people have now been asked to refund prior assistance based on retroactive clarification of intent of rules. note: i do not need the assistance, but i put myself in shoes of others in my situation and
  19. You do understand that various part of the world are still grappling with the impacts of a deadly Pandemic, that employees are working under extremely difficult conditions, same trying to juggle other life responsibilities at same time - i look in awe at my neighbours working from home with 3 kids learning from home. But yes they didn't reply in 24 hours like usual. I don't think i have done anything like usual in over 11 months either.
  20. thanks. Two females that came to same trees and were sussing each out, the mirror look through the opening was my favourite...
  21. you and I know that. also weather impact is news. Just might be interesting if i had to justify to policeman that it was essential to do it today... but in honesty, i'm a middle aged white man, i am the least likely to be questioned....I do feel worried for already marginalised groups. . Snow storm coming saturday so that should be fine 🙂
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