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  1. looks way closer than 2m, call the police
  2. as a bilingual Canadian, i always said the English part in polite, the French part is sarcastic. so when in say "i'm sorry" you never know what i intended... 🙂
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/28/funerals-coronavirus-relatives-coffins-families Detail of flowers in window of undertakers hearse Kingston Upon Thames surrey england uk britain europe eu - Image ID: A4JW6D. Contributor: andrew parker
  4. as part of my StayatHome at my sister's place (well as close to a home i've had in 6 years), i've enrolled myself as my 10 year old nephew's ESL teacher. Yesterday we were practicing basic questions Me: What is your favourite animal? Nephew: My favourite animal is the pangolin Me: (roll eyes) teachers are going to have fun in September.....
  5. wow., Coronavirus: Man arrested for coughing on police officers https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-foyle-west-52065328
  6. probably hard also for home robbers with every house having permanent residents all the time
  7. really was upset today as this guy decides to wash his car parked on the street, forcing all of us to have to cross the street into traffic to keep our 2m... seriously, you really think washing your car is a necessity.....
  8. sorry, might have reacted a bit much, but these people are the reasons we are probably going to lose even more freedom, and drag this thing out for months.... How hard is it to stay away for 14 days, i did it. in Quebec chest freezer are for disposing of the body. http://coolopolis.blogspot.com/2018/09/nobody-will-forget-face-of-claire.html
  9. yeah but one of them has been doing a great job where i am, and another next door seems to be improving....
  10. nice. i love Angkor, i always called it as my favourite over touristic place in the world.....
  11. noticed this yesterday, went back today..... Ça va bien aller movement in Montreal
  12. it's not that they are not welcomed, they are BREAKING THE LAW. Anyone coming back from another country must stay in Quarantine, 14 days. Being in a grocery store is breaking the law. They are liable of fines up to $750,000 and 3 years in prison.
  13. i did wonder if i should add a note. People who "migrate" to warmer climes during winter (many to Florida from eastern Canada)
  14. it gets scary when people have to take the law into their own hands, but good for them Quebec grocery stores kick out returning snowbird not self-isolating despite mandatory COVID-19 quarantine https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/quebec-grocery-stores-kick-out-returning-snowbird-not-self-isolating-despite-mandatory-covid-19-quarantine-1.4869167 ADD since it seems to be a local term: Snowbird, people who go to warmer places for the winter, and return when snow has melted (but a bit earlier this year)
  15. i feel sorry for him, but i still don't understand why he didn't follow his own guidelines last night. in Canada we have a prime minister who right away self isolated because his wife caught it, and who at least shows the reality for many by being late for Press conference because he has to take care of 3 kids- regardless of where i stand on his politics, i do expect them to lead by example.
  16. why was he outside clapping yesterday? there is no way the symptoms appeared since then, took test and got results....
  17. to me the heaviest burden remains imagining that i was or will be carrying the virus asymptomatic and ended up causing irreparable harm to someone's loved one, because of my actions to go take some images.
  18. i was wondering if i should take a picture of it, and upload it.
  19. what you should do has not changed in the last 4-6 weeks. Please confirm that you were socially isolating then.
  20. but he won't get the Virus from Geog since he didn't touch anything, and coughed in his sleve.
  21. no i hadn't, trying to limit my intake of news the 15 minutes headlines, and this forum, as for me the whole following CV has been a major anxiety source for 6-8 weeks
  22. i understand, but then you hear of line ups in park, and people getting lost on hikes requiring SAR resources. I just don't know why it's so hard for people to use common sense. and sadly you a reasonable person end up paying because of them we have a required quarantine for people coming back into country, and you had people stopping to shop on way home. If they think you are a danger, why did you think it's OK to go into a shop? Now they had to clarify, it's mandatory, and police will check on you, and some massive fines for non compliance.....
  23. sadly i think we all get penalized for fact people seem to be unable to make distinctions. in Montreal up to 3 days ago they had left park areas open, so my sister could go play ball with my Nephew, allowed as per guidelines (exercise and live at same address, with lots of space from anyone else) , but then you have impromptu games with young people, so now field has been locked off.
  24. Distribution sale. not even a dollar left in the end.... but hey, activity is activity, hope it means the image appears higher in searches...
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