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  1. that's only OP's posting account (i guess it is allowed by Alamy), real portfolio is probably bigger
  2. i think one other thing matters, Is your representative/agent charging them what they are prepared to pay?
  3. and all be labelled as birds, europe , nature, background, landscape, pretty, lion
  4. actually why are all the default pretty much irrelevant and not editable. Why is the "Net revenue Sales" default based on paid, and for last month when this report is the best and first source for New Licences? When are we going to get a Sales during "Contract Year" pull down in the Sales history, to see how close we are from Platinum 😏? signed grumpy canuck.
  5. thanks for the info.. It is interesting after Alamy literally told us they see No Value in us contributing some images exclusively to Alamy.
  6. So do you end up with image package in all the stock agency? Based on my understanding to get these prices OP mentions, don't you need to buy packages of 100s of images?
  7. James, thank you for the open discussion. And i know Alamy feels that events like the Photoshow are where we are supposed to go and have these, but for many of us this is not really an option. so thanks for using the discussion board for this.
  8. though this may be correct to some extent, the issue with measures has been going on for much longer, and it seems Alamy has never been able to find what the source is, and all they do every time is a quick patch to make people believe it is under control, and not address the issue, nor communicate with the contributors.
  9. Bing wallpaper Sept 25, 2021- Autumn comes to the Porcupines . Escarpment Trail, Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon, Michigan, USA Contributor: Pat & Chuck Blackley Image ID: 2ATRXGK
  10. considering these 90,000 contributors (so 99.6%) seem to be much less affected by issues, for example only 50-60% of the cases of these refunds, it probably leads to less complaining. but who am i to know, i get red arrows for pointing out Alamy left areas of contract vague so they can use it against contributors, probably one of these 90000 happy campers...
  11. my images from 20th finally made it today so it seems 4 days. for some subject may warrant again uploading it through stock immediately to not have gaps.
  12. i love the irony of someone upset about a commission drop of 20% running to a distributor that just did a 30%+ one a year before, and probably is one of the leading indicator Alamy used in doing their changes. this reminds me of plenty of voting decisions in the recent past around the world, i'm upset about one thing currently, so i'll vote for someone worse just to show them (this is general not specific to one in particular)
  13. and you are fine with what some maSSive MS did last year cutting commission by more than 30% for your average contributor?
  14. no. this has been going on for about a year with patches applied just to get but to issues later.
  15. maybe they all moved to Vancouver BC,where it is only 4:23AM... Good morning @John Mitchell
  16. "We are aware of the Problem, and have passed it own to our IT team which is looking into the issue" (should also add ..."at some point they will do a patch that will resolve it temporarily but fail to address the fact this has been going on for over a year" )
  17. That was July 1 last year. i guess I should have produced vaccine since licence is only mid-$$ Country: US ; Usage: Website ; Media: Website, app and social media ; 33.2 MB;4071 x 2851 pixels;1.1 MB compressed ; Start: 16-September-2021 ; End: 16-September-2026 ;
  18. Maybe we should change the thread title to Alamy Measures Not acting yet again.
  19. and yet plenty still do, so Alamy must still offer something, special. You also get what you pay for, there are stuff i wouldn't buy from Walmart even if way cheaper than the small speciality boutique.
  20. what i don't get is what this has anything to do with the change in Contract. Even before the change if the thrill is all about number of time you see someone downloading your image maSSive MS were still your best offer. In fact you were penalising your thrill by coming exclusive here.
  21. So the $250 is cumulative, and would use the $200 from the prior period? I will have to reread the contract. Again thanks for taking the time.
  22. So the persons Level will Not be affected? I hate to repeat myself, but the lack of definition of "Sale date" in the Contract always leaves to interpretation.
  23. yes, and I counted 8 reports in this thread from forum contributors so hence the 40%. I agree it is not materially significant, just seemed odd. But maybe i misunderstand what the English term "this particular set" refers to, remember many of us English is a second language
  24. With numbers, and easy numbers July 2021-June 2022 Sale 1 $200 on Jan 1, 2022 Sale 2 $100 on June 15th 2022 So as of July 1, 2022 the person would qualify as Gold, with $300 of sales in the Period On July 7, 2022, the June 15 Sale, is refunded, and relabelled July 7, 2022 So now the contributors total sales for July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 is only $200 What happens to their Level for the 2022-23 Year?
  25. i am always surprised how a significant portion of these affect forum contributors. Based on report in this thread it would seem about 40% of these cases were regulars. Considering the volume of Alamy i doubt that we represent even 1% of the base, so this is always curious
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