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  1. I would like to see some actual examples of this "Editorial use in owned DOOH" This link might enlighten some, as it did me; Out-of-home advertising - Wikipedia
  2. Bad news indeed. Firstly, I hope that he is all right though I assume that his leaving is to do with the effect of forum administrative/background issues. We have lost a host of good people who contributed and helped on the forum over the years as Joseph has pointed out. Clearly there have to be rules but equally I think things have swung too much the other way and "dissent", even in a constructive way, appears to be frowned upon. I still can't understand how geogphotos got "suspended" over his "Are you Contributing?" thread. All the best to Andy.
  3. Photographers not taking the lens cap off but seriously, aperture, speed, exposure, DOF, etc are relatively simple to understand and I don't think it's too hard to take some good, well-composed, and well-exposed photographs. However today we live in a world where every Tom, Dick or Harry produces a phone and thinks they know everything about photography and can then put you right. In the professional arena, the egos can't miss with 20fps+, anti-ballistic missile auto-tracking, company gear and think others shouldn't be there. Never has it been so easier in many respects.
  4. This does not come as a surprise but what lies further down the track is of more concern. There are many things that old Alamy that could have been done better imho and I think for an organisation selling news images its Twitter (news) account was very poor and that probably down to not being able to devote sufficient resources to it. Too many gaps in terms of delays and news pics – whereas PA is one of the leaders in the field. Moving forward it will be interesting and worrying to see if or how Alamy Live News (ALN) becomes integrated into the equivalent ou
  5. James, your comments noted but there is yet more trust lost because of this issue. I accept that you will do your best to fix what has been uncovered. Another place to start with is cases that were submitted to customer relations but knocked back (like Sally Anderson's on this thread which was clearly, clearly wrong) – one would hope that you have a CR database which in turn has data that can been drawn down in terms of type of contributor queries but I doubt that and accept that it could take too long even if for example you could unearth every “commission”
  6. At the Beacon and Sherkin in the background - great place. Hope you didn't use the "Looe" Andy. Well done.
  7. How hard is it - for a company linked to media - to put out a simple message here to inform and manage expectations?
  8. Quite right - I clean forgot that - thanks for pointing out. One less for James to answer then.
  9. James, I have split part of your response into two paras; First para above – noted but that doesn't take away in any shape or form from the fact that Mark stated; “ And yet, when Emily (from PA) produced her video update, she assured us that there were no plans to change commission rates.” So from your comment above, that decision, to cut commission (which is a harsh reality for most here on the forum), “appears” to have been made sometime between Jan and the May announcement. I am not privy to your decision-making time-line (nor should I be) but it seems
  10. Even at that Mark; I had one picture in print (Spanish paper – one month use - thankfully flagged in "Images found" by a fellow contributor) that appeared in the paper in February 2019. It was eventually invoiced (after a chase) in September 2019 and had a licence start date of 01 August 2019, End date 01 August 2024 but the licence I repeat also said “One month” So it was physically used seven months before invoicing. The saga continued – the paper then used the image in two further articles long after a month was up. I challenged Alamy again and eventually a fiv
  11. At a guess - a purchaser in the current climate - which in fairness applies to us contributors too - may have financial reasons for requesting PA/Alamy to re-bill (example - temporary cash-flow and this is a generic example only, not applicable to any case highlighted by fellow-contributors). Gives them breathing space - PA/Alamy agree but somehow no-one appears (or have they) to recognise the adverse impact of the commission change down the line. PA/Alamy - if you can help a buyer, you can help a contributor too (if you really want to that is).
  12. You understand our frustration? Forget about excuses and do the decent and proper thing for those whose pictures generate business and money for you and keep people employed. It should be a simple thing to program but wait, PA/Alamy are getting shockingly bad in terms of software/data updates. Come on Emily Shelley show some professionalism and leadership and get these kind of cases resolved fairly - there shouldn't be that many and they will be short in terms of time-span.
  13. It may well have for PA/Alamy, but for most of the contributors you took 20% commission off, it hasn't.....
  14. NFTs: What they are and how they will impact photography: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)
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