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  1. I quoted both facts on several previous posts. Bit like stock photography - some research can prove useful.
  2. Of course not - it was a sarcastic comment following on from the 2020 Christmas message (for want of a term) which as you rightly pointed out was incorrect. I think you have hit the nail on the head in terms of the company having lost its core values - PA didn't buy Alamy for £46 m to simply carry on as before. They want, demand and will get a return on their investment at our expense. You only have to look at the share holders (and one director in particular on the board of PA Media Group Ltd ) to know suppliers like us are on a hiding to nothing over the next few years. James We
  3. Yes Spacecadet that would be my worry - though having said that it would be a pr disaster for Ms Shelley and her team to even contemplate/announce any such scheme within days of the new contract. I would guess some form of testing/measurement may have got out of the bag - just how much more can we squeeze out of loyal contributors? Let's run a programme in the background - or some data system rehash in the background has gone wrong, Alamy has a bad track record I feel in introducing features and software changes. Perhaps Ms Shelley could state that we (PA/Alamy) have no plans to char
  4. Well done Marb - I think I should frame this post - good news.
  5. Well done Sally - an old saying "You only get out what you put in" and you have put a few shifts and a half in since 2017!
  6. It's a calculated punt by Alamy to generate income which is understandable. Gives them a ready made source of video content for the cost of hosting and then in the background the money changes hands as commission, affiliate or referral etc. It's certainly a swift "U-turn" from Alamy's outlook on video content in recent years but good luck to those who do videos. I would doubt if Alamy bought Pond5, remember PA's purchase of Alamy meant that deferred consideration of £9.2m was to be paid to the former shareholders of the old Alamy in February 2021. (The pur
  7. Brutal - worst month since Oct 2020 (and it was bad) in terms of revenue June was dyer (sic) - the first refund (s) in my thirteen years on Alamy. Two presentation licences, both of Danny Dyer at a celebrity football match - purchased 11 June, refunded 24 June. I explained how this happens to my wife who said it sounded like someone taking a dress home, then wearing it at an event before taking it back to the shop again and getting a refund. Not quite the "rag trade" but getting worse.
  8. Seriously? - Really? - surely not Let's wait and see what they come up with in their re-draft - that will reveal all.
  9. Out of the three you contacted - Hiscox would probably be the recognised PI (Professional Indemnity) insurance provider. I have no idea what "their cover is good for clause 5.1" actually means and I won't ask you to copy the Hiscox reply but I would be very surprised, when they contacted you, if they didn't put a caveat in that the cover they provide is "subject otherwise to the terms exceptions and conditions" (I will use the acronym SOTEC) of the policy. Here are the "risks" contributors are exposed to under this clause (5.1) of the new PA/Alamy contract. "...arising
  10. Best to look at clause 25.1 "This Contract will continue for the benefit of and be binding upon Alamy and you and your respective successors in title and assignees. You may only assign the Contract with the prior written consent of Alamy." and 25.4 "This Contract supersedes any previous contract between the parties relating to the Content and constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and is binding upon them, your executors, successors or assigns. Each party acknowledges that, in entering into this Contract, it has not relied on any representation made by the oth
  11. It would be hard for people to make their mind up at this stage pending some form of clarification that Alamy promised and are still presumably working on. Back on page 64 you wrote; " .....I'm off." Twenty pages later you are still here - not made your own mind up yet? Let's all settle down and wait and see what develops, hopefully sooner rather than later - and then once we know what lies ahead, each of us can make our own mind up about what we are doing.
  12. Agree losdemas This all seems nonsensical. "The deductions you are seeing are related to a previous affiliate sale where the affiliate commission was not paid correctly and therefore, we are having to make an adjustment now. You should not have been paid for this sale yet so you won’t be out of pocket." Why was the affiliate commission not paid correctly? Has this sale been already reported on the relevant contributors report and was the relevant commission entry not right (see request for reason above)? Is that the reason? "You should not have b
  13. I understand your thinking in relation to the images you describe but clause 5.1 could still cause issues. For those remaining with PA/Alamy and thinking off removing images to leave only “flowers and bugs” or similar, don't forget about another new clause – clause 3.3 (it is self-explanatory). 3.3. Where an item of Content is deleted whether by you or by Alamy, you will continue to indemnify Alamy as outlined in clause 5 after the date of deletion for any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, costs or related to the Content. Once you stay on beyond 30/06/21
  14. Many thanks for your kind words Bill. All the best going forward.
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