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  1. .....Bataclan survivor finds NFT of her X-ray for sale online - BBC News
  2. and the merry-go-round just keeps spinning Meta is working on letting users create, sell NFTs on Facebook and Instagram: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)
  3. .....and there's more..... https://www.dpreview.com/news/6596696247/associated-press-to-launch-nft-photography-marketplace
  4. Thanks for the link Alan - this is perplexing. I see your picture 2HD4MDM on the live news feed ok for 03 Jan (Monday) and of course the journal.ie had it on-line that same day Immediate reaction is; this is a news image so in theory a decent return but 1) the live news website rates are very poor now for editorial websites - single digits 2) the journal.ie would, being in Ireland, not be in the UK newspaper scheme (it is not as far as I know a subsidiary of a UK outfit and has an IE company number) I have not had a "live news" licence outside the UK
  5. It's hard to know Joe - some of us have become aware of this in the last few weeks so it either stems from a system change allowing immediate dropping into the "New" tab or a specific organisation getting deal access either through Live News or alerted to pictures, that then drop into "New" or a combination of both. Whilst I think it's wrong that "live news pictures" can be snapped up within hours as a stock image, there is a safeguard that Alamy might proffer that the "deal" excludes news use inside a certain period though that of course is not visible from the licence description
  6. Thank you Christine & Kay. Yes Christine, I was thinking along the same lines and thought that undermining - devaluing approach could be the case. But Kay is spot-on, I checked one of Simon Dack's pictures from today on the Live News feed and lo and behold it is up under the "New" tab for "Brighton" - that could explain it but I also think there is some form of selectivity going on. Either way it's amazing that "live news" images appear to be able to be bought for pennies by "some"- maybe Alamy could clarify.
  7. Brilliant achievement Richard – well done. Disappointing that PA/Alamy – yet? - haven't acknowledged in a simple way like a congratulatory email.
  8. fair pricing for fair usage end of “honesty box” approach to sales – all sales charged at point of download max credit period – 2 months late payment penalties higher PU pricing or fair range of pricing for low res images next commission cut to be in respect of agencies only (not contributors) higher presentation etc pricing because of 5) I reported an authorised use yesterday – 5 months and 4 days after it was published for a media organisation that at end of Dec 2020 had 302m Euros in cash and
  9. Sadly the market is what it is – I might think a picture is worth “x” but if the buyer will only pay “y”. One of my favourite films is the wonderful “Trading places” - set at this time of the year. Here's an extract from the pawn-broker scene that I think sums it up; Pawn broker (PB) - I'll give you fifty bucks for it Louis Winthorpe (LW) "No no this is the thinnest water-resistant watch in the world, singularly unique, sculptured in design, hand-crafted in Switzerland and water-resistant to three atmospheres. This is the sports watch of the eighties.
  10. Christine – thank you for posting. I can only agree with your views and it is very demotivating indeed. I would love to know what organisation this is; “Usage: Editorial, For editorial use on the customers Ireland based websites and social media Media: Website, app and social media Start: 08 December 2021 Duration: Unlimited” From the figures you included the net on these images is roughly 40 odd pence. If someone came along and said I will give you forty pence for every image in your portfolio I would take it. That is not the case of course
  11. Looking at the November figures posted by my fellow-contributors I am in deep relegation trouble. Since October, fees are at the worst single figure levels I have seen. One reasonable TV figure was all besides the tiddlers that month. Three presentations outweighed the tiddlers in November. Given the real world in 2020 I take no great pleasure in reporting numbers up and revenue up this year – that was always going to happen but the big worry now is the RPI (rate per image) – wow how bad is it and outside of those particular “deals” agreed by Alamy and the relevant cust
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