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  1. 🎶Fame! I want to live forever, i want to learn how to fly🎶 (from movie of same name). As for buyers, i still think there is a possibility of this being used as a way forward: space between books, shelving, on presentation to future organiser. I have been surprised a few time how random images have been used as example of way forward- or more of what to avoid.
  2. Capture One can apply it automatically, i always do. The only issue is that it labels it "auto" and sometime I forget which one I used. I remember starting my foray in Fuji X-T world with Velvia, because i used to like the film version, but now rarely use it.
  3. nope, for example Capture One will reproduce the selected film simulation on the RAW files. You can then change the C1 interpretation of the simulation, or remove it altogether. But it i shoot in Acros, my image will be loaded with that simulation and be B&W (which is not the same as the B&W module from C1). It will not however respect the in camera crop, that is only applied to JPEGs.
  4. actually these are the forum rules This is an Alamy forum so it’s not the place to be attempting to damage the Alamy brand through defamatory comments or promoting competitors. You also should not post anything defamatory against our competitors or customers. Impact of changes at other stock agency on the business, even Alamy has used it to explain pricing changes and approach, are hardly defamatory.
  5. it was more of a joke, that this is what would likely lock this thread, not the political statements. 😉
  6. but own vaccination is not enough. You can likely still be a carrier even vaccinated. Coming from a place that did not elect a CovidZero strategy and Going to a country that is struggling with the Pandemic, with a bare bone health system, forcing locals to have more interactions, is in itself selfish, and likely will ensure the pandemic will drag on even further. As a (former) nomad this is something I have a feeling i will struggle for a long time, can't see myself doing what i was doing at anytime soon (to be reassessed in 2023) .
  7. i am confused about claims it is forbidden, there was a few comments of political nature that were too confrontational in my view, and flags to Alamy did not result in removal, so i assume they are fine to a certain limits, whereas single mention of st*ck*mo will bet a thread locked out immediately. issue i think with the forum, is that so many of our subjects are, or get used, in political ways. Even Paulette's wonderful polar bear images often get a political subtext when then are in the image sold thread, not sure we want to stop these.
  8. i personally would upload it, for two reasons, first all Guy Bell's image have people in it, yours not (KW Nobody and Optional Info 0 person), also image doesn't scream exhibit, so may actually usable in a more presentation of design open library, book shop concept, flow, space - this may be an issue in our new world of distancing. in addition, you would be uploading as stock, so no "may contain imperfections" note, if that is ever important to buyer.
  9. Yeah, at one of the antimask protest last July, crowd leader yelled at journalist: "You guys are paid not to report on us!", to which he replied "Yes, i came here on a Sunday with a crew to not report on you".
  10. Affiliate sale. $ Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter. Start: 23 February 2021 End: 23 February 2026
  11. it's not exclusive, but quite often i noticed it on searches that included French and German terms, proper local spelling (eg. using of accents for France). I also get it often on small peculiar searches of places in Japan, and other search that involved non-english countries Countries in search term. so again this may be circumstantial, but I found it curious.
  12. not disagreeing, more curious as to Alamy's effort into trying to see why clients did not find what they were looking for. Thought yes it is better here than elsewhere, KW and image spamming is still a major issue.
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