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  1. interesting. I was doing searches and found most animal pictures were available as commercial, so wasn't sure i would assume even wild animal would generally be on owned land, so they would have similar restrictions,
  2. again, those are the obvious ones. So i guess everything is property, but leave to buyer the decision
  3. would you do the property part for the Barn itself, or because of the horse or both? more curious if you would say property Yes, for a sheep in a field.
  4. if this was a famous horse i would identify it and this would become editorial. it would be ridiculous not to do so. where do you get that picture was taken from private property? This was road side in country side.
  5. I'm curious how literal to be to the "is there property" question.. For example the image below, Obviously someone owns this horse, the bridle and the doorway, but animals is not it the "?" list, and the other items are pretty nondescript. Would you say this has property, but leave the Editorial not checked and let the buyers decide?
  6. more or less what i was going to propose (using 0s and 1s) , but using filter in point 5, instead on re sort
  7. so it's a trend..... Great capture... probably dominate the Alamy market.
  8. yeah, probably worth monitoring, as many people use keyword tools without checking the actual words, so this could get worse, even without malice
  9. thanks, i was able to reduce, as any picture with "good discovery" would have a category, so filtered "poor discovery" only
  10. any way to filter photo with no category, or is it a one by one click?
  11. they do kill a fair bit, but it's a myth they are the highest killer. Mosquitoes are the deadliest. As for mammals, human beings are the biggest killers in Africa
  12. After reading one of the sold post the rights owner mentioning having done some alterations on the background of his shot, i decided to post the question since i've been wondering for a while now. What are the general guidelines on edits for pictures submitted to Alamy, that are more or less only for editorial needs. For example i did a recent search on a Church which is bordered by a wall with a green painted quote, and was surprised to find one of the first picture available had clearly removed the writing in PS. This seemed a bit extreme for me and there was no mention. So i wondered, can I remove an ugly pigeon in the sky? Can i alter a license plate to retain privacy? remove phone number from a For Sale sign? If yes to any of those, do you add a mention in the description?
  13. yes, i find it is getting worse. I remember in tibet the Yak owners asking money for the pictures i took of their beast. i've actually gone to review screen and pressed delete to the photo in front of them, saying, oh well, no photo now, no money many times.
  14. interesting, i have found the Koreans to be much worse than the Japanese in most case. They were horrible with the Monks in Luang Prabang getting straight to their face to get the shot
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