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  1. still haven't tried them, don't remember them being that big in Toronto plus i was a mini powdered donuts guy. and since i am currently dealing with digestive issues brought on by Anxiety, won't be allowed for the time being Churros are great.
  2. my 2 zooms Thursday are for searches "Images with people", assumed it was from pull down
  3. OK thanks, so no Competitive advantage, potential impact if some of the info from optional gets used in searched, have to assume info as to Image with People, without people is taken from somewhere, for something that adds seconds to process, (highlight all images, Property=Yes, Waiver=No, than change the 15% than have no property when i add info as to no people)
  4. Ottawa is now going through a warming up (3 degrees) after some really nice snow twice this week, 15cm in total, so now it's the ugly dirty melting stuff, puddle jumping and car splashes....
  5. Some wonderful images. Great idea Ed. This is probably my favourite for what i like. I appreciate the details of difference part of the quotidien . Not my best technical image, and not even the one that was licensed of the Zagreb Santa tram, but as soon as i saw this the first time i would plan to be at that corner around calculated schedule time until i got one i liked.
  6. Images that are uploaded through LN are tagged "Editorial Only" . Some of the soft news ones, mainly weather ones i guess, would be fine as commercial images. Is there any issue removing the tag once they are in Stock?
  7. I understand that, i am more trying to see what the whole not filling the information discussion is about, and what is the advantage vs inconvenience.. I usually do a sweep once in a while and mass update, at same time as i do my supertags check my spelling so it doesn't affect the uploading process at all. as you have said, the onus on the buyer, i just don't get where the advantage would be in not giving information that there is potential property, physical or intellectual, in the image.
  8. so, what is the issue with saying there is Property and I don't have a release when their is property and i don't have a release. I guess i am missing something. What does leaving it blank achieve?
  9. I am curious what News and editorial based stock agency site would exclude Covid related images. That seems a disservice to their clients who then have to go elsewhere.
  10. but saying you don't have property release doesn't mean it can not be sold commercially, that's only if you click "Editorial Only". i give the buyer all the info, then they can decide. Even if they can't prove it in court, you still have the time and expense of defending yourself. I don't need that hassle- i give the buyer all the information i have, yes this house is property, now it's up to you to make your decision
  11. you never know. I didn't really think it would generate interest, but i found it interesting, and like Edo if i can write a story with the caption it's worth it for me. It got licensed within a week of upload, and some totally random article on "Family business succession planning" .
  12. you have me curious, is there agencies that will restrict the content of images, beyond for copyrights and potential access issues? This is pretty bad from a freedom of the press standard.
  13. i know your travel, so knew you had chance of signs in español, français, Português, Gaeilge.... and wondered if any of those sold, as i have yet to have one, whereas the English ones yes.
  14. i understand, i struggle sometimes with how to make something in context when the work is newsworthy. here is one that i uploaded, get accepted and licensed as for Racist, i have images that contain RW extremists, Swearing, Inappropriate Conspiracy theory, people paying tribute to a war criminal..... if they are appropriate for the usage of the image. I would hate if Alamy restricted News.
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