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  1. i was photographing the Turkish embassy in Zagreb , and was clearly told no by the armed guards. not knowing Croatia's street rule i complied . didn't have problems with other, though most had boring angles.
  2. thank you. I'll add them in descriptions.
  3. IS has a country field, and requires location in caption of editorial images
  4. is there a reason why veterans recommend Both in caption and tags? I've been using tags with star for it. so i should also put in in caption?
  5. thanks i guess i was worried by these results that made my ratio lower just because of really wide searches. it really hurt my Measures since the denominator was boosted 15% by these generic search. so then i started doubting the approach. but i have to presume someone outside looking for architecture in Karoo shot, would possible use "South Africa" in search, so better have it. on the example of "former yugoslavia" i ended up removing it an picture that had nothing to do with the communist period. i don't think anyone looking for the Dragon bridge in Ljubljana is going to use it in a search. the War memorial in Skopje, possibly.... on descriptions i am generally specific about the story of the picture, but i probably have to get better to include additional detail like what is the " local woman making savoury turkish pancake (Gozleme ) at food fair in Antalya" wearing 🙂 thanks for the input. i was afraid i was going too wide with the general keywords.
  6. I have started following my stats, and looking at what hits on "Your Views" i received. I tend to include city and country in most of my pictures, but noticed that my biggest hits were searches just on a city name and a country name, and since i have tendency more for details capture, i doubt that the sample Karoo architecture picture is what someone doing a search "South Africa" is looking for. so should i avoid generality keywords which seem to hit my ratio? i also had tangential keywords that i am starting to remove (way too many "Former Yugoslavia" in anything built pre 1990, pretty sure that's not what a Yugoslavia search is looking for, kept it on brutalist architecture for now)
  7. i tried the FTP, and ended up with 12 errors out of 16 :-(
  8. Peter you had nice image, so time will tell. I've had 2 sales so far in 3 months (half your portfolio size), the nice thing commission on those 2 sales, equals the 100 download at another MS where you are also board member :-)
  9. I'm new, but i have a feeling it depends on the buyer's arrangement with Alamy. My first sale was with The Guardian, so as regular customer they probably have some kind of arrangement. I only know about the time line of this one because someone noticed my capture in the online paper day before xMas
  10. well 0 reported download. my first sale was for an online feature on December 24, but it only got reported January 29th....
  11. interesting, for me it's getting more confused. here is the policy https://www.sanparks.org/docs/general/filiming_policy.pdf it's like they added photo only after the fact. for example 7. FILMING & PHOTOGRAPHY FEES • Fees should be set out per day, or part thereof, of filming. so if you are not filming, it would be nil.
  12. so got same message about 3 murals, that they had to be marked as Editorial only. Fine, however i'm curious, one of these i already noted as Having people with No release, having property with No release, so it should only have been sold as Editorial in the first place, would Alamy have sold them as commercial, just because i didn't click the box (never thought that was clear i had to do when i joined, since the info of the release, clearly stated that I need the release to sell commercially and i said i didn't have it. )
  13. thanks. makes sense. yeah didn't use "unemployment" in the end , but had considered it since it was in Croatia which has rate about 50% about it's neighbour EU countries , but realised i was editorializing which i am starting to clean up , that's the job of the buyers
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