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  1. if different images sell at different places, isn't optimal to actually put the images where they have the best chance of selling for the highest Amount, and periodically revise?
  2. a grainy image like this should go easily through the reportage option
  3. for once they show an image in line to what they sell, not some geometric corner of a building, i think it's intriguing plus it's a great story.
  4. i see what you mean. to be honest, i just remembered the image from Alamy News twitter feature, and was surprised that it was used as the cover image, since they usually go for more artsy images... for those interested, from the image caption, this is the story or the lady: "Nor "Phoenix" Diana, 20, Malaysian female wrestling champion and the world's first hijab-wearing professional wrestler makes her debut UK match at ‘Wrestle Queendom 3’ event in West London, taking on British professional wrestler Zoe Lucas. Nor "Phoenix" Diana wins her match after forcing Lucas into submission."
  5. manipulation? the image was from live news. Explains the grain, but there should not be any manipulations.
  6. news, converts as is to stock with the caption. actually one of the issue is you get much more chance of false positive search from the extra info. so it's probably better to adjust, and have the full original in "other info"
  7. oh for any of these meeting attended by Alamy to be not in the UK.😉
  8. the issue is that Toronto Blue Jays probably has many entries coming from Live News, and not sure if they are indexed as equal, plus i presume agencies don't spend much time on supertaging and KW for Stock purpose. I actually notice last year how some of my images of subject i did as Stock ranked higher than much more accomplished News photographers entries.
  9. How are you getting that. All I've seen is an average of $20-30 per download, so not sure how you are expecting more and justify expense to get to these "rarities". this is made worse by fact that "what should you shoot" is not even only based on customers actual requests
  10. if you look at the first page of results for Gatwick Airport, most of the images have older ID, many starting with A and B. So i would guess there has been enough great images added and sold that these will always dominate the subject. If customers over and over purchase these, why would Alamy alter the offering. Doesn't even seem that longer submitters get to break this first page (looked through the New submission (also please don't as some of the results will make many furious)). I know taking images of Gatwick airport is easy, but as Ian mention, i think having my generic images appear at top in a search just for the Airport would actually be negative, as at this point i would be focusing on search for items not well covered of the airport. Actually making the first page is not always that great. As i focus on more specifics of a subject, I generally get hits and no zoom from the general vague search, and i'm actually now experiencing with reducing the chance, by removing the generality from Title and Supertags, so it will be found when someone searches the specifics. For example if i had image of an "Empty Carousel at Gatwick Airport", which get getting hits for Gatwick Airport search, and never getting zoomed, I am moving the Gatwick to Tag only.
  11. i actually love the idea of someone on Twitter, that for historical purpose, Both images should be kept, with note about the modified one. https://twitter.com/jmwhit47/status/1218617557541720064
  12. or like a certain MS does Signature - Best Quality Essential - Lowest Price (and if you are not exclusive with them all your images are not best quality)
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