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  1. Ed, one thing to consider, you aren't the only one with such issues. Over 30 searches for "dinning" in last year, 5 with enough results for people to actually Zoom, maybe as well throw it in the KW to give yourself a competitive advantage
  2. i find your sign compositions quite interesting, i might have to reassess my views on the subject... who knew there was so much photography in sign picture taking.
  3. Digital Out Of Home advertising. even worse, Why is a licence that started September 2021 only reported now acceptable to Alamy. Date of reporting is now massively important to probably over half of contributor's future income, why are they penalised for Alamy's administrative practices.
  4. ah yes the six months harshness of the Canadian winter. 5C yesterday, riding my bike... 😉 (sorry the "6 months winter" has been a major anti bike-infrastructure rallying call from the car culture crowd....) . upcoming week is a wild ride. Morning temp forecast of next 3 days: -16, 4, -10.... as for winter subject, Alamy claims that "Weather is always in the news" (of course if you are in place where your News doesn't really use Alamy that doesn't help much, but i still have fun shooting, and it does have stock side appeal) )....
  5. NOTE: the "like" was for the image, not the reality comment (that one is "nods in commiseration")
  6. i looks like Alamy decided to do a full write off of outstanding sales, still weird to have so many Personal Use that didn't use immediate pay, You would think Alamy would have communicated ahead if this is what was happening.
  7. one thing James has highlighted is the average licence for all of Alamy of $30. A great exciting information to assist contributors make decision, would be more drilled down data. For example what is the average licence for Distributors per market. If anything showing which one are the hard dragging the average down would help Alamy's result which seems focused on Average Licences, since I would gladly remove my images for sales in the sluggish markets.
  8. i am also curious what proportion of licences (dollar weighted) came out of the 7%. The non exclusive would include many repeats of Public Domain images from "hoover contributors", and plenty of the non editorial typical background MS images which may or may not be a major seller in Alamy's market place- we do see frequently MS experts reporting low sales on here.
  9. We also are pleased to have used the increased commission to introduced a more dedicated infringement team which may have increased the perceived contractual risk for exclusive material, and for which we have been pleased to not share any results after one year, nor confirm that it goes beyond charging normal licencing fees.
  10. i had avoided winter for 6 years, but now not really an option. I actually was surprised last year that it wasn't that bad, for someone raised with it. What gets to me more is the daylight issue, but days are slowly getting longer, 7:30am and it's already decent light out there, and the sun will set after 5pm tonight...
  11. opposite end of the spectrum. I actually can stand the -26C real feel, with a bunch of layers. But the Wind Warning that creates it is what gets to me. Yesterday which was similar was viable until you had to go against the wind and then got it would go straight through in the face,
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