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  1. viewing forum as guest in different browser and this has a delay, it wasn't even there at first. Now counter is lower ADDED: (like this reply doesn't appear yet)
  2. doing some test, and i am not sure i would trust the counter views, except for an idea of magnitude . The numbers are quite erratic in movement. I remember years ago a forum where curiously Number of views were always a multiple of 9, and we did manage to assess counter counted 9 for every visit, just to make it look busier. Not seeing patterns here so far,,,
  3. no idea, how the Number of visit in calculated, i am accessing (other browser, incognito) and doesn't move, then sudden move of 3,
  4. we are having same problems in Ontario. Testing is a mess, people lining up at 4:30am today in 1 degree weather to be told at 7:30, here is a time slot, come back at 11am (when they will have to wait for 3-4 hours based on last few days). Kids not allowed back in class if they had sniffles until they get negative testing. We now have 2 Federal party leaders testing positive this week (while thankfully parliament was prorogued ), including the new Conservative leader of the opposition, who said he was going to use Boris Johnson as model, I guess he is going literal on this.
  5. agree with the above, though one caveat, i have used a longer lens much more frequently in last 3-4 months.
  6. i don't think anything has gone to Live in last couple of days. Mine that cleared QC didn't (i saw another mention of it somewhere)
  7. not location block, i tried 4 continents on VPN and all "does not exist"
  8. yeah, it identified what i believe to be a juvenile male wood duck as "bird". So i'll add that to the KWs
  9. just to clarify, Alamy does not reject all photos as being not technically fine. If QC process finds one that fails all images in queue will be rejected, even those that are fine. (same happens the other way, I've seen elsewhere many claims that an image was accepted at Alamy when rejected elsewhere 🤔)
  10. it seems to take an hour or so. it eventually goes through. Database has been having some hiccups recently. i wonder if they have started some of their PA migration.
  11. update that it took about 30-45 minutes for images to finally get through. happens. Major thanks to the news desk for the constant updates, there wasn't much they could do, but it was nice to get some form of validation and final confirmation . note the stock images also finally were "processed ", and through (5 star no QC)
  12. standard practice for regular customers. and it standard practice to extend deadline to meet your cash flow would you want your house builder to charge you daily for what he has provided?
  13. in "Processing" or in "QC"? Mine when i go to to AIM all image show grey and "Processing..." UPDATE: actually got an email from Live News that i am not the only one, and Tech support looking into it
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