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  1. interesting, for me it's getting more confused. here is the policy it's like they added photo only after the fact. for example 7. FILMING & PHOTOGRAPHY FEES • Fees should be set out per day, or part thereof, of filming. so if you are not filming, it would be nil.
  2. Verboten or Tricky Subject Matter

    so got same message about 3 murals, that they had to be marked as Editorial only. Fine, however i'm curious, one of these i already noted as Having people with No release, having property with No release, so it should only have been sold as Editorial in the first place, would Alamy have sold them as commercial, just because i didn't click the box (never thought that was clear i had to do when i joined, since the info of the release, clearly stated that I need the release to sell commercially and i said i didn't have it. )
  3. Poor Discoverablity

    ok . off to work i go. thanks.
  4. Poor Discoverablity

    thanks. makes sense. yeah didn't use "unemployment" in the end , but had considered it since it was in Croatia which has rate about 50% about it's neighbour EU countries , but realised i was editorializing which i am starting to clean up , that's the job of the buyers
  5. Saying Hi

    actually ended up moving to Capture one, and really learn to appreciate it for photo editing.
  6. Poor Discoverablity

    (jumping in) this is great, Thanks. what i am never sure, is keywords that are not necessarily visible but might be relevant to an image. Is it appropriate for example on an image of someone going through garbage to find empty bottles to include keywords like "poverty", "unemployment"?
  7. Saying Hi

    i actually did at their own Stock agency, thankfully on files before i uploaded them here (when i was scared of this place QC). default LR can make a mess on some Fuji X-trans file.
  8. ok thanks. i guess i assumed that since my entry level Fuji had it, that it was standard.
  9. Can't you just produce jpg in Camera from RAW file then? this is what i do if i want a quick copy of a RAW file to send to someone and i don't have my laptop
  10. Images sold in January

    thanks that's really helpful, i assumed Guardian would be fine, so as stated it was more curiosity, but i'll send a quick note to Alamy.... and thank you for the comment. it was fun capture.
  11. Images sold in January

    my first sale. small $, but still it's a start (plus i loved to capture) quick question, how literal is the term of use. this in what i have on my report "One use in a single editorial article used within web versions of titles from the same group. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Country: United Kingdom" Picture was featured on x-mas eve Urban Eye online guardian, as the Banner top picture, and in the feature (so appears twice).. Again more curious
  12. Image Rejection on Upload

    thanks. it might have been a bit lower on the long edge, i just remember the 1997. it was just reduced due to some keystone correction, so i just reduced it a bit to be over 2000 and file was accepted.
  13. Image Rejection on Upload

    i got a similar error, and it was because my file ended up being 3900x 1997 after i realigned my verticals. So even if file size was fine (and error message was confusing) I didn't meet the required minimal 2000 pixel.
  14. thanks, good point on reprocessing. This was a fun attempt to do for a first, but i guess i might not have done the optimal work on all the shots, trying to get them in in a few hours.
  15. Hi, slowly learning the ropes, so thanks for all the great information around. One thing i am not sure at this point. If i loaded something on the Live News wire, now that it is part of the general photo bank, should I go and edit the caption? My first attempt, was actually on annual event, so the photo could probably have value still next year, so should I now generalize it?