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  1. i always wonder if people ever get confused between the two booking flights. Always hated that, being in Canada I would distractedly price flights Toronto-Sydney, see low price and notice oh, wrong Sydney. (still expensive being internal flights to a small airport)
  2. congrats for the win.... Interesting challenge (might want to specify which Sydney 😉. 13 hours time difference between the 2 Sydney airports, might make a difference.... )
  3. not for live news submissions. not sure for reportage. but there are plenty or images for sale without KW
  4. i wonder how that works since the Contributor Defend option has to be initiated by Alamy not reverse. So Alamy could decide to just settle and OP's friend would be on the hook, if i am reading the clause properly.
  5. isn't it possible that if it was a paid event it may have been on private grounds for the event?
  6. sorry for using acronyms, it was a mistake to assume long time contributor would be familiar with Alamy, but i should have looked at number of posts. As @wiskerkehighlighted All of Alamy is one of useful tool that Contributor have for them to see what and how clients search for our images, and highlight potential gaps in our keywording and captioning.
  7. you have obviously not seen the white elephant projects added over the last few years at the municipal level.
  8. agree with Steve (yet again). Have a look at search for your specific subjects in AoA and see what people used as other KW in searches related to location. When i looked at some of mine in Canada, i found the use of the Country, but also wider and derivatives ie. Canadian, North America and North American, things i hadn't thought of. Never saw city specific.
  9. i must say, the intricacies of Test Crickets still elude me. I understand 20/20. I think i am good with Day Cricket, and as a maths major love the concept of the Duckworth/Lewis Method 🙂 Maybe one day i'll figure it out
  10. as per the contract you agreed to, images are still for sale for 6 months from day you delete them.
  11. based on title i didn't think it was a typo when i started reading "I have been suing alamy for a year or so and my experience has not been great." OK, but not sure a forum of contributor is the right place to vent...... 🤔 but then reading on it became obvious it was.
  12. I would think subject matters more than location. Yes people in UK might have subject that have more search, but they also have more competition. I have now been in Canada for over a year, and i still get similar ratio of views to image for editorial content as i did with my UK images. Where my numbers of views/image drops is for wildlife and nature regardless of where they were taken.
  13. Remember that having an image uploaded to Alamy is not an approval by Alamy. Alamy expects contributor to abide by rules of the Contributor Agreement, with review After the fact in case of problem. Alamy does not licence all images the are potentially legally licensable, just the ones that fit the ones they want to be involved, as prescribed by the agreement you agree to when joining. This is not a copyright issue, as much as a respect of the contributor agreement. If your claim is that the original file is part of "Public Domain" that is a different story.
  14. I actually think the views are still extremely low. 2555 views in one year for 2400 images? I'm curious what are the general numbers people get. I have 5-6 times that rate, while still maintaining a CTR 3 times higher. So i am not sure the spamming is hurting OP as much as not getting images in front of people, which could be subject related, repetitiveness, or not even having relevant KW in first place.
  15. thanks. that was such a fun hour at that waterhole. advantage of going to a park (Addo, South Africa) that is mainly about elephants, when you find some you just hang around and wait for some entertainment.
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