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  1. still there. it is actually interesting that they in fact leave most comments about them not caring up.
  2. provided they didn't run the monthly payout while amounts were negative, and delay it until the September run.
  3. if recent experience holds, a few days after next contract change. 🙄
  4. if it's the same i saw, it is still there. someone gave it an "right answer arrow" on the left side, which bumps it to top of thread
  5. could the other income possibly be the commission Alamy is "waving" on your distribution sales that should not have been?
  6. someone with a 2017 start date also posted a negative balance, so it looks like it may be deeper.
  7. if the last 18 months have thought me something, is there is no "false alarms". we might not see flames now, but this is still an alarm. considering the would be the second "glitch" in about a week, many of us some cleared balanced suddenly "un-cleared", Alamy is obviously doing something in the back office.
  8. interesting. Where do you find out what these people were looking for? Why does Alamy not make this available to all contributors?
  9. everyone over $250 gross, is now qualified for Gold in 2022-23 and the "privilege" of Alamy only taking 60% commission from them for an extra year. 🙄. (seems like a weird thing to call gold) as for me, far from it, with an extremely marginal month with 3 sales, made worse by 2 $$ being distribution sales.
  10. yes and no. this is the way, since Alamy refuses to address the issue. to me this is the proper way to answer the question, as all we are doing is putting bandaids on a problem created by Alamy :
  11. and this was not helped by Alamy issuing a "Blog Post" from an employee telling people to do so, with example. (and locking the discussion afterwards)
  12. All of Alamy, you can access for your Dashboard under "Alamy measure" is a list of all searches by registered buyers for a time period, so you can see what people where look for and what they used in search. So if you want to really increase your discoverality, ie. Buyers discovering your images, this is a good source, much more that a quantitative indicator based on how many random marginal Keywords you added. For example, you would discover that Mallard has been searched in total 16 times in last month, a third of said search having nothing to do with the ducks. Consider
  13. do photos buyers want to discover, All of Alamy is always a good source of what was searched, including those with low number of hits.
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