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  1. Thanks. I just got the email today. I got one from Alamy yesterday but didn't realise it was from them
  2. Hello. I only wanted to delete one photo but deleted some others as well by mistake. It wouldn't usually matter but two had just gone live. I emailed alamy to try to get them un-deleted but just got a standard email response which didn't help
  3. Did you do an image search on google?
  4. Trouble is, they even cut the rates at a certain large MS agency last year and I think Alamy are loosing too many sales to them. & had to respond. Alamy are cutting the rate for lower earners (Me) soon but it won't be as bad if they increased sales somehow. If not it just won't be worth contributing here anymore which is a shame as it's much less stressfull than microstock.
  5. My aunt arrived in the UK (Boston) yesterday from California and doesn't even have to self isolate as the gov lifted restrictions for US & EU travelers if they're fully vaccinated. She still has to take the covid test thou.
  6. Oh just my luck, hours too late to submit.
  7. The biggest problem with microstock sites now ar the large number of images buyers get on subs which is the main way that they get images cheaply. and if they don't use all their images in the plan (certain sites like one beginning with 'S and Adobe I think) keeps the money so contributors often only get a few cents per DL many times in a row. Contributors have been complaining on the forums and leaving in droves.. Sadly even if everyone left 'S' there's many other similar sites to take their place.
  8. But buyers on microstock sites pay quite a lot for subscriptions. (and can be hard to get out of see trustpilot but they get many images for the price that's why people often only get a few cents per DL. If they want a single image they still have to pay a few £s on microstock - not much cheaper than Alamy.
  9. Yes it looks like a lot of your total amount is not yet cleared / been paid to Alamy yet. By the way $764. is an amazing amount for a port of only 184 images.
  10. thank you. The photo that sold was covid related and is in the green bar. I've only recently figured out how to get the green bar showing fror submissions.
  11. I'm only traveling localy on my bicycle so they definately can not stop me doing that & you have to cycle quite a few miles to get the benifit if it's for excercise. They complained about boris johnson biking 7 miles but there was nothing wrong with that
  12. Yippee! I just had my 1st. sale this month on alamy, I was beginning to think it would never happen although I have quite a few DLs on other sites so photgraphy can no longer be classed as a hobby but can you still go out just to take photos?
  13. Are you given the reason for refunds? Not sold anything on here yet but how do refunds work if the customer has already downloaded the image?
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