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  1. The Sun The Entertainer will open June 15 Credit: Alamy (too may) House of Fraser is owned by the Fraser Group Credit: Alamy Ian G Dagnall D75BNY Debenhams is set to open its 90 stores in England on June 15 Credit: Alamy JMF News T39EE1
  2. The Sun Pizza Express might keep some restaurants closed Credit: Alamy Andrew Paterson DM82J8 Universal Credit payments will be affected if you get a self-employed income scheme grant Credit: Alamy Russell Hart PXEK8K The firm behind Shearings bus company has gone into administration, with 2.500 jobs set to go Credit: Alamy MediaWorldImages 2B7TXWN
  3. Sold 5 pictures today for a gross of 15 USD. To make things worse they were all distributor sales!
  4. The Sun Zizzi restaurants are currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak Credit: Alamy David Humphreys 2AXHXBG Azzurri Group also owns Ask Italian Credit: Alamy Julian Eales CMP3MN
  5. Two distributor sales to Serbia for net 1 $ each! How do you copy a photo into the response? Tried URL and copy and paste, but nothing works for me!
  6. Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/apr/01/10-of-the-best-travel-podcasts The Bitter Southerner Photograph: Carmen K Sisson/Cloudybright/Alamy Armchair Explorer Photograph: Cultura Creative (RF)/Alamy The Food Chain A Thai street vendor in Krabi. Photograph: Perry van Munster/Alamy Field Recordings Sinharaja rainforest nature reserve, Sri Lanka. Photograph: Patrice Correia/Alamy National Trust Flatford Mill, Essex. Photograph: John Morrison/Alamy The Big Travel Podcast Málaga. Photograph: Sean Pavone/Alamy
  7. The Sun Carluccio’s restaurant Credit: Alamy mainpicture DGJ6BA Byron burger restaurant Credit: Alamy UrbanImages KXJK06
  8. The Sun Just Eat sign above takeaway Credit: Alamy Nick Maslen JXD16R Tesco Delivery Van Credit: Alamy Kathy deWitt R97ACY
  9. The Sun Three has shut down its call centres following the coronavirus outbreak Credit: Alamy graham whitby boot DHABMK The Scottish Sun Exterior view of Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, UK Credit: Alamy Ian Masterton RJJA57 Vodafone is upping mobile bills by 2.5 per cent from April Credit: Alamy M4OS Photos R2P2HY
  10. The Sun H&M Store Credit: Alamy Colin Underhill CC57YW Tesco Store Entrance Credit: Alamy (too many) Shopping trolley filled with goods (too many)
  11. The Sun TUI plane Credit: Alamy Charles Polidano K1WCR3 Ryanair could be forced to ground all flights Credit: Alamy Kumar Sriskandan K26CKA
  12. Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-8083995/Ten-best-majestic-Scottish-islands-Iona-Islay-South-Uist.html Picture of the Abbey Credit Alamy (too many) Picture of a Whisky barrel Credit Alamy David Pearson EAR6T7
  13. The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11100902/bus-toddler-manhunt/ Credit Alamy Colin Underhill ERPE3R https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11094129/coronavirus-uk-cases-87-medical-chief-warns-epidemic/ Credit Alamy Stuart Walker D36H8T The Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5352661/coronavirus-scotland-six-patients-glasgow-forth-valley-grampian/ People across Scotland have been taking precautions Credit: Alamy Live News Ian Masterton 2AR15XD Precautions are being taken all over the world Credit Alamy CTK 2B34WR9
  14. Guardian Lagoon beach, Mustique. Photograph: Colin Anthony Photography/Alamy No sick pay for millions. Deliveroo Rider Photograph: Keith Douglas/Alamy HAC8DH The Scottish Sun Ryanair have cancelled 25 per cent of flights to Italy due to a drop in demand Credit: Alamy Kumar Sriskandan E4JMY3 The grocery giant has 19million Clubcard members Credit: Alamy True Images JJX2FN
  15. The Sun 500 Virgin Money staff could lose their jobs thanks to 56 branch closures Credit: Alamy Radharc Images F0832P You could save thousands by challenging your council tax bill Credit: Alamy Gordon Marino M1CR20 Ipswich is an up-and-coming destination for 2020, according to TripAdvisor Credit: Alamy Everyday Images CRJD22
  16. The Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/money/5324712/bank-of-scotland-lloyd-job-loss/ Bank of Scotland branch jobs will be axed Credit: Alamy (too many) High end fashion chain Ted Baker is axing 180 jobs Credit: Alamy Live News Stephen Chung TD0YP0 Asda's owner Walmart is hoping to sell its majority share in the supermarket Credit: Alamy David Gee FFNAYX
  17. The Sun Some Universal Credit payments will be paid early this Easter Credit: Alamy Russell Hart PXEK8K The trams in Nottingham are voted some of the best things to do with some saying it was their favourite thing in the city Credit: Alamy Tracy Whitefoot P5F2H7
  18. The Sun Nationwide is making big changes to its overdraft rates from today Credit: Alamy incamerastock D87WY5 RBS Group is changing its name to NatWest Credit: Alamy Iconic Cornwall MW71WX
  19. The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/11008346/dvla-patrolling-20-towns-untaxed-list Those who don't tax their vehicles face penalties, fines, clamping or even losing their vehiclesCredit: Alamy Alex Hewitt ETYAED DVLA will be armed and ready with wheel clamps in the coming weeksCredit: Alamy ImageBROKER CRE860 Birmingham has been been named and shamed as a target area for authorities hunting down untaxed vehiclesCredit: Alamy (too many) Sheffield ranked fifth on the DVLA list, with 30,467 enforcement actions last yearCredit: Alamy Glasgow had 34,375 enforcement actions against keepers of motors without tax in 2019Credit: Alamy Live News Coca-Cola has confirmed that its iconic trucks will be touring the country once more in the run up to ChristmasCredit: Alamy Paul Felix Photography ECKW61
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