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  1. The Sun Accessorize is in the same group as Monsoon and both may need a big loanCredit: Alamy Cristina Neascu H4F2KN A network outage has left Three mobile users unable to use their phonesCredit: Alamy too many https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/10155229/three-mobile-down-how-claim-compensation/ Over-50s fashion chain Bonmarché is the latest high street name to have called in administratorsCredit: Alamy https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/10168259/nearly-3000-jobs-at-risk-after-retailer-bonmarche-calls-in-administrators/ Lidl, The discounter hasn't yet revealed its Black Friday deals for 2019Credit: Alamy Kevin Britland C8ADHN
  2. The Sun Coca Cola Can on white background Credit: Alamy simon denson F12BAY John Lynes, 91, was arrested during yesterday's protestsCredit: Alamy Live News Mark Kerrison 2A3MRGA The night sky over Russky Island during the Draconid meteor shower. Yuri Smityuk/TASS Credit: ITAR-TASS News Agency/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PTMJW9
  3. Southern China Morning Post Passengers board an Air China plane in Beijing. Photo: Alamy Stock Photo Edwin Remsberg H8M75K A sick passenger is airlifted from the cruise ship Costa Magica. Photo: Alamy frans lemmens RFEDCH A bit of room service and privacy can work wonders for a relationship. Photo: Alamy dmitrii simakov R3BJKY https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/travel/article/3031357/six-unesco-world-heritage-sites-danger-being (several photos) Mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park. Photo: Alamy imageBROKER BF59BM Environmental issues threaten the Everglades’ famous alligator population, and put it in Unesco’s bad books. Photo: Alamy A lake in Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve. Photo: Alamy EmmePi Travel BNPPC4 Timbuktu, in Mali, on the edge of the Sahara desert. Photo: Alamy frans lemmens M53GT6
  4. Do not know whether this is the right place, but I just read the sad news about Keith Morris. My thoughts are with his family. RIP
  5. The Sun B1-B Bomber Credit: Alamy NG Images C8G3YP And 508 Collection C8G61T Pharmacies have warned they are suffering shortages in every major medicine Credit: Alamy Panther Media GmbH H6T347 Picture of a plane’s toilet. Credit Alamy IMAGE_ C9779Y Air Canada plane on runway Credit Alamy avadaRM EYNHDP
  6. The Sun Gang of pirates hijacked ship in Thames Credit: Alamy GV Images CN0F6J https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10015133/children-accidentally-accessing-online-adult-content/ Young boy at a laptop Credit: Alamy (too many) DIRTY STREETS Air pollution warning as living near a busy road raises babies’ risk of death by half, study suggests Credit: Alamy StellaPhotography J1C017 JAB ALERT Parents face fines for refusing to vaccinate kids as uptake of key jabs falls for first time on record Credit: Alamy (too many)
  7. The Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4763064/blistering-boils-electric-shock-bites-and-groin-agony-the-venomous-spiders-blighting-brits/ Cellar spiders have a very painful bite which can leave the victim in agony for hours Credit: Alamy (too many) Walnut orb-weaver spiders hide themselves during the day and then creep out in the dark Credit: Alamy Larry Doherty TB4ANT Black lace-weaver spiders can be found crawling around in dark places - including cellarsCredit: Alamy Nick Upton WMTF1C Giant house spiders have a nasty bite and are commonly found in houses around Britain (cropped) Credit: Alamy Live News Colin Fisher W9WN4K False widow spiders are the most terrifying spiders in Britain and should be avoided with extreme caution Credit: Alamy Lee Dalton CN2M6G
  8. The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/9991936/cheap-october-half-term-family-holidays-including-7-nights-in-costa-brava-from-126pp/ Credit: Alamy Stegano Politi Markovina E6R9P2 Cala Figuera fishing boat Credit: Alamy Pawel Kazmierczak MH290Y BA tried to charge Thomas Cook crew £10k to return back to the UK Credit: Alamy Uwe Deffner HCXBH5 Enjoy flight of fancy at J.M. Barrie’s home in Dumfries Moat Brae Jim Allan H36N60
  9. The Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4744658/glasgow-taxi-license-attack-suspended/ Glasgow taxi driver wins license back Credit: Alamy (too many) Married man blackmailed for £2k Credit: Alamy dennizn KTAG43 Brighton fire Credit: Alamy Live News Simon Dack 2A0N54Y How Brits are losing out on saving £500 on their car insurance Credit: Alamy Chris Batson CBP0DF Smart Motorways Credit: Alamy Percival-ITSB24 H2M9FF https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tech/4746808/clever-ai-alexa-style-gadget-will-let-you-talk-to-the-dead/ Creators claim AI Alexa-style gadget will let you talk to the DEAD Credit: Alamy (too many)
  10. The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/9972612/cruise-luxury-mystery-docks-great-yarmouth-dunkirk/ Ijmuiden port Credit: Alamy AGAMI Photo Agency P88J7B MV Balmoral Credit: Alamy, Mint Photography F0KGA9 And one more of Yarmouth (too many) https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9973576/thomas-cook-couple-wedding-fears-lanzarote/ Lanzarote Credit Alamy (too many) Neanderthal man Credit: Alamy Marcin Rogozinski F9T8HH Blackpool tower beach Credit:Alamy, eye35.pix CT6TPF Sainsbury’s store Credit: Alamy Robert Convery DD26C0
  11. The Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/money/4741021/three-mobile-ripping-off-210000-loyal-customers-by-overcharging-them-by-156-a-year-citizens-advice-says/ Three Mobile is set to overcharge hundreds of thousands loyal customers, Citizens Advice saysCredit: Alamy (too many) https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/4740003/feyenoord-rangers-chant/ FEYENOORD fans marched to Ibrox chanting "f*** you Rangers" ahead of tonight's Europa League crunch match. 6 pictures from Alamy Live News https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/travel/4648256/british-airways-strikes-when-are-they-why-are-pilots-striking-and-will-my-flight-be-cancelled/ BA pilots took industrial action on September 9 and 10Credit: Alamy Live News (too many) https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/travel/4734458/british-airways-pilots-call-off-september-strike-action/ BA pilots have called off the strikeCredit: Alamy (too many)
  12. The Sun Two US F15 fighter jets nearly hit skydivers at 350mph when they flew UNDER free-falling pair over Cambridge Credit: Alamy VDWI Aviation HDBDJ4 Drivers who park on the pavement in London face a £70 fine Credit :Alamy Alec Scaresbrook DYMM7H and Simon Dack HR55PY Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Norwegian – the best deals in airline sales right now Credit: Alamy https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/9851460/virgin-atlantic-norwegian-emirates-flights-sales-holiday/ EasyHotel have a massive sale on with rooms in the UK and Europe from just £14.99 Credit: Alamy Roy Conchie HDXGGW Best all-inclusive holidays to Turkey for winter 2019 – with deals for Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Credit: Alamy https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/6009925/best-holidays-turkey-winter-all-inclusive/ Visit the old town of Marmaris on a great value break in Dalaman, TurkeyCredit: Alamy Richard Cummins E1CCJ0 Thousands of Brits will be heading to Turkey for some winter sunshine Credit: Alamy (too many)
  13. The Scottish Sun GLASGOW is bracing itself for a series of Republican and Loyalist processions after ugly scenes marred two marches at the weekend. Credit: Alamy Findley G1ECRB https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4699027/republican-march-glasgow-band-member-punch/ The Sean McIlvenna Republican Flute Band were part of the A Cairde Na Heireann (Calton Republicans) march which ended on Clyde StreetCredit: Alamy Live News They wear yellow shirts and green trousers with a gold stripe Credit: Alamy Live News The Beast from the East caused widespread havoc across the UK in 2018Credit: Alamy Ian Rutherford R1X5AW https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/fabulous/4698135/from-bubbly-to-avo-etiquette-expert-reveals-the-10-words-that-make-you-middle-class/Smashed avo on toast is a popular brunch item Credit: Alamy( too man)
  14. The Sun THE UK is braced for a weekend washout after the Met Office issued heavy rainstorm warnings in parts of the country.he weather forecaster warned the huge deluge could trigger flooding - bringing the record-breaking August Bank Holiday heatwave to a miserable end. 9 Washout anticipated as heavy rain deluges the Southport Flower ShowCredit: Alamy Live News WA02T4 MediaWorldImages 9 A woman tries to stay dry during rainy conditions in PrestonCredit: Alamy Live News 9 A woman cycles to work in the rain in LancsCredit: Alamy Live News 9 These women in Preston cover their heads with their coats while going to work this morning Playa de las Americas in Tenerife is a popular spot for holidaymakers (stock image)Credit: Alamy Aleksandrs Tihonovs F5CJBY
  15. The Sun 21/08/2019 Sainsbury's is giving shoppers who buy groceries for at least £60 a 10p discount per litre of fuelCredit: Alamy Chris Pancewicz B6DMFN Morrisons are trialling a new 30p price tag for their plastic bagsCredit: Alamy Ian Georgeson J2N66Y Asda recently increased the cost of their plastic bags from 9p to 15pCredit: Alamy PURPLE MARBLES D03YTT (cropped) A 13-year-old boy fell off the sixth floor of this apartment block in Costa Del SolCredit: Alamy Ian Gibson E72NNJ Holidaymakers walking along the seafront this week at the seaside resort of Lyme RegisCredit: Alamy Live News Celia McMahon WAAJDA
  16. The Sottish Sun Tourists on the Greek island of Crete were woken up by the quakeCredit: Alamy BXW02P Stephen French Edinburgh Airport Credit: Alamy BP85BF Elizabeth Leyden Stansted Airport Credit: Alamy PJ1AMD Bildagentur-online/Joko Heavy rain pouring down on Glasgow on Saturday, August 10Credit: Alamy Live News W8NW0B Gerard Ferry Holidaymakers playing chicken with the large breaking waves at the seaside resort of West Bay in Dorset Credit: Alamy Live News W8T58B Graham Hunt
  17. The Guardian Feet first … tourists on a boat in Tam Cốc, Vietnam. Photograph: Marc Fernandes/Alamy JR7J53 York Minster John Potter ED4RH0
  18. Daily Mail Marlene Dietrich : Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Huntington Beach, near Los Angeles, Orange County, California, USA - Image ID: A5EYDA Ian Dagnall Aerial view, Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica Pier, Rollercoaster, Ferris Wheel, Marina del Rey, Los Angeles County, California, USA, - Image ID: FXRT3M Hans Blossey
  19. The Guardian Tobermory whisky has a rich character and culture. Photograph: age fotostock/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo BF4XD1 David Burton Dating: Psychologists found that couples who shared food on a date were more likely to want to meet again. Photograph: Alamy Priego de Córdoba. Photograph: Alamy (too many) La Iruela castle. Photograph: Saturnino Perez Garrido/Alamy Santuario de Tiscar, near Quesada. Photograph: Alamy FCG3WP age fotostockBarrio de las Cuevas, Guadix. Photograph: Martin Thomas Photography/Alamy Monasterio de Yuste, Jarandilla de la Vera. Photograph: Alamy age footstock FCGME3 Roman theatre, Mérida. Photograph: Alamy (too many)
  20. The Scottish Sun, Aug 2nd Neighbours talking over fence, the neighbors have a serious but friendly conversation in the back garden in autumn - Image ID: BHP31H Catchlight Visual Services Bed bug feeding on human skin - Image ID: CYHAEH Edwin Remsberg Paint pot and brush - Image ID: AD5PE0 Patrick Blake The entrance and wall motif of the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland, UK - Image ID: CTTK16 Douglas Carr Pile of £50 and £20 UK pound notes with a £50 note prominent. - Image ID: F5DDEJ Craig McAteer
  21. Pictures in an article in the German magazine GEO about Lisbon https://www.geo.de/reisen/reise-inspiration/21668-bstr-fuenf-fehler-von-lissabon-touristen-und-was-man-lieber-tun mauritius images / Niels van Kampenhout / Alamy, Pic 1 mauritius images / Mauricio Abreu / Alamy, Pic 3 mauritius images / Dmitriy Moroz / Alamy, Pic 4 mauritius images / Digital-Fotofusion Gallery / Alamy, Pic 5 mauritius images / Andre Vicente Goncalves / Alamy, Pic 6 mauritius images / Paulo Amorim / VWPics / Alamy, Pic 8 mauritius images / FORGET-GAUTIER/SAGAPHOTO.COM / Alamy, Pic 9
  22. I am wondering what is happening. I had 3 pics of Henley in the location guide!
  23. June started slow with just one for $$$ and then yesterday I sold 5. I guess it just fluctuates and may be your portfolio is seasonal!
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