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  1. Low $$$, net mid $$. And yet my ATH. Image use: Editorial. Details of use: Television (editorial). Print run: Unlimited transmissions. Placement: Use within body of show. Duration: up to 10 years. Country: Worldwide. Additional Details: License covers all media, worldwide, for 10 years. Reuse included.
  2. 12 sales. $ 98.8 gross, $ 25.3 net. CTR 0.13 with 2 zooms (I don't buy that). I haven't been bothered to carry a camera or upload images much lately.
  3. PU. Net $. Amos Rex subterranean art museum skylights at Lasipalatsi Square in Helsinki, Finland.
  4. In related news: https://newsthump.com/2021/08/26/banana-to-sue-the-velvet-underground-over-exploitative-album-cover/?fbclid=IwAR30Cqhb0wLUH4EkteZ9dyjDDhZkPU4BAOCDO7eai535y7wQnIl226sJwNA
  5. I use mostly my own name although it contains letter Ä (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ä). It's unique, so not much false results when googled. I use pseudonym when I'm not particularly proud of the image or to avoid the angry mob (candid images, especially with children) or when there is a logo of my employee in the image. Problem with my pseudo is that it's way too common in Finland - didn't think that through when I started to use it.
  6. Distributor sale to German TV. They paid lowish $$ for TV use and low $ for website use. My 24 % is just $. It was used to illustrate an article about using drones to find sunk e-scooters from River Rhine. https://www1.wdr.de/nachrichten/rheinland/verleiher-wollen-e-scooter-aus-rhein-bergen-koeln-100.html The image was taken in Helsinki and the e-scooter in image is definitely not in Rhine.
  7. I wonder how they are going to chase those infringements when they can't even invoice distributors without me reminding them.
  8. 14 sales for $ 114 gross, $ 39 net. CTR 0.53 with 7 zooms.
  9. Spain, Book, print and/or e-book. Low $$ and 24 % net. Second sale to Spain with these ceramic artworks.
  10. Another one with same terms and amount. https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20210519-a-finnish-drink-with-a-heroic-past Also zoomed before used. People having a picnic and enjoying evening sun on Siltasaari pier on Labor Day Eve during coronavirus outbreak in Helsinki, Finland
  11. Royalty free. Rights cover a single article published on websites, social media and syndication of articles to third party platforms on all media and platforms worldwide in perpetuity. Just about $$. Found it here: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210507-asexuality-the-ascent-of-the-invisible-sexual-orientation. Zoomed few days before used. Shot at Helsinki Pride Parade 2015.
  12. Ten distributor sales to Finnish media reported today. Some of these babies sold twice. Not much money.
  13. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Personal use. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use. Start: 03 July 2021. End: 03 July 2026. Middle-aged man wearing pink clothes and tiara in Pride in London Parade 2014 in London, England. Plausable personal use. It would be Helsinki Pride parade today should there not be pandemic... my favorite shooting event cancelled twice in a row. Anyways, I got 44 % of the gross. I haven't really read through the contract change topics, so I can't tell whether it is right or wrong.
  14. Weird month in the sense that I had more sales than zooms (7/4). $100 gross, but only $38 net. CTR very low 0.31.
  15. Editorial royalty-free. Used in editorial online newsletter Saturday. Reasonable $$. Day trip cruise ship M/S J.L. Runeberg passing Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki, Finland. Found it here: https://monocle.com/minute/2021/05/08/. My second Monocle sale. Reasonable prices, invoiced next month and cleared the other. What's not to like?
  16. Five editorial distro sales to Finland and Sweden. Net just about $$.
  17. Editorial royalty-free. Spain, Magazine - print, digital and electronic. Distributor sale $$ / $. Marathon Mug 1-47, contemporary ceramic art by Aura Latva-Somppi at Generation 2020 exhibition in Amos Rex modern art museum in Helsinki, Finland.
  18. I shoot outside, that's one thing. I go out, gain my 10 000 steps and shoot what I wish. My last 9 sales were a pad stone, gay bar in Amsterdam, a castle in Finland, general amusement park image, Helsinki Olympic Stadium, House of Estates, Fridays for Future in Rome, kids playing, gay theatre sign in SF. I like to shoot street art and candid images, but seem to sell images of buildings. I also have some flowers on my portfolio, mostly from botanical garden where they have Latin names next to the plant. None has sold. Nor my bird images, which are mostly of mallards and mute swans,
  19. Taking images in public places is always allowed. A public place is one that everyone has access to. This covers places like train and bus stations, streets, parks, public areas of shopping malls, libraries, public service facilities, hospital lobbies and areas open to the public. Taking pictures of individual people is also allowed. The right to take images is based on the Finnish Constitution law. It is considered a part of free speech. Images may also be published if they do not contain anything offensive and are not published in an offensive context. Publishing an i
  20. Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only. Sold, refunded and sold again for the same price. High $$ - actually my ATH. One of those rare sales that I actually like myself. Shot in Rome in autumn 2019. Usage: Presentation or newsletters. Not very good image, but in my defense, I shot it from passing cable car. San Francisco 2016. Usual presentation $$. One use in a single editorial article used within web versions of titles from the same group. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Country: United Kingd
  21. I had an incident in Helsinki about week ago. I was taking couple of pics of an ice cream truck or van, when the vendor (the ice cream man himself) started to shout at me. Actually he told me to f**k off. I went over to ask what was his problem was and he started ranting and raving about how I follow him with my camera. Some paranoid stuff. I told him, quite politely, that he was wrong and mentioned that taking pictures in a public place is my constitutional right. That had little or no effect on him. So I told him to stop scaring the kids (standing in the line) and left. For some reason, this
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