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  1. Another Posti image sold for the same price as the other one. Actually 4 of my 5 sold images are about Finnish Post. Quess I've found my niche. Finland, Editorial website
  2. Sold for the second time. First time for $ 5.26, this time for $ 5.29. Somehow deduction was also 3 cents more, so my share was $ 1.58 both times. I may buy a stamp once Alamy pays me. It could take some time. My cleared balance is $ 15 after 5 sales. Finland, Editorial website
  3. Helsingin Sanomat newspaper: "Police arrested three people at the gathering, who are suspected of interfering with the procession. One suspect for harassment was already captured at the Kansalaistori square, where the procession gathered." (Translation by yours truly) Was that you, Pekka? At least your image is from Kansalaistori. I was around too, didn't get arrested though. I was focusing merely on the anti-fascist demonstrators. There were some hundred polices with riot gear separating the neo-nazis from anti-fascists. Once I tried to make it to the other side, I was stopped by police. Annoying, but I get the police action in general though, otherwise it would have been pretty violent. Getting arrested for no reason at all is of course a different matter and it must have felt very frustrating, especially when you lost lot of potential images. I was thinking about getting a yellow safety vest and printing New York Times (or Guardian) on the back... I can still remember times when independence day was just an extra day off with nothing going on.
  4. One can upload anything on Eyeem, they have no limitations. They don't however accept everything to be sold on Eyeem Market and out of those accepted only small fraction will get selected to the Partner Collection (Getty, Alamy, etc.). So generally most of the images are very bad, but they will stay in Eyeem. In that sense it's more like a social media to share pictures - that's how it started anyway.
  5. Not very scary, since they all looked very calm and maybe tired. But they looked so realistic that it made me alert in case one or two were actually human beings ready to jump up or do something else unexpected.
  6. Wonder if the five minute QC has something to with improved AI? With supervised machine learning it should be a doable thing. Then why not offer it to everyone? As no system is 100 % certain, it might make sense to offer this possibility only to contributors with the best quality history. Plus it is a loyalty program in itself; offering some privileges to your best partners and showing others that there might be something to gain if you keep your quality standards for long enough.
  7. 13 zooms, very good CTR and absolutely no sales at all. Next question, please.
  8. I really like this one. It's very soft - shot through dirty aeroplane window - and it looks like a miniature model of an airport. And naturally all pure luck as plane was taxiing and I was focusing on the engine exhaust which looked burned and did not make me feel very safe. Wing sort of framed the control tower beautifully which I didn't even realize until at home. And yes, it would have been better had I focused on the airport, but happy to have even this.
  9. Three black stars - like it has been since I joined.
  10. Ferry called Föri crossing River Aura in Turku, Finland. Föri as a word is an onomatopoeic translation of the English word Ferry.
  11. "Today the spotlight is on photographer Marko Visacki." http://bit.ly/342E3q0 I like his images alright, but look at the keywording. First image is a woman carrying shopping bags on pedestrian zone, but tags are (along with the suitable ones): architecture boat bridge chain cloud crossing culture famous holiday landmark river road ship sky traffic transport vacation water Some pictures are better tagged, some worse.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. However, now that I get to compare my image with others on this topic, it's easy to see that the natural light coming through window is way too cold. This is one thing I struggle with LR every time; when the image looks much better than the "as shot"-version, I tend to believe I've done enough already. Sometimes I haven't. I've changed the background of LR from black to white in order to help me judge whether the images are too dark or not, but obviously that has not solved all issues. Well, you live and hopefully learn something on the way. I think I'll just delete this one, try to add some warmer tones and upload again, if succeed.
  13. Probably my first food image, still in QC. Take-away chicken pasta from cafe restaurant downstairs. Disposable plate on a white board next to window, natural light. I'm a bit shy to shoot my food in restaurants, especially if it means I have stand up to get the picture from above.
  14. Piles of paper, no laptops, no mobiles, smoking inside... they must have realized it's not straight from the memory card.
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