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  1. I had an incident in Helsinki about week ago. I was taking couple of pics of an ice cream truck or van, when the vendor (the ice cream man himself) started to shout at me. Actually he told me to f**k off. I went over to ask what was his problem was and he started ranting and raving about how I follow him with my camera. Some paranoid stuff. I told him, quite politely, that he was wrong and mentioned that taking pictures in a public place is my constitutional right. That had little or no effect on him. So I told him to stop scaring the kids (standing in the line) and left. For some reason, this
  2. Image use: Commercial electronic Details of use: Website, app and social media Image Size: Any size Duration: up to 5 years Country: Worldwide Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure Additional Details: Any size; Single placement and design, duration in perpetuity. Direct and yet very little money. Old Suvilahti gasworks boiler hall in Helsinki, Finland
  3. Interesting topic. I for one have developed very smooth modus operandi to sneak in my equipment to my favorite venue. I would definitely license those images, but they would not pass QC. Too much noise (pun intended). Most of my gig images on Alamy were taken at open-air concerts. People have been smuggling cameras in to venues as long as it has been restricted. To my knowledge even photobooks have been published including such images, so I'd say the risk of getting any kind of consequences is quite minimal. Especially when it's been decades since the actual concert.
  4. That may be the case with Mona Lisa, but it really doesn't apply to (most of the) street art which is very temporary art form by nature. Also, stocks are full of nearly identical images of famous buildings, street views and sculptures. So, that may be the reasoning behind this rule, but it is not very logical or coherent. Anyways, my image was bought and I'm pretty sure it was the only one available.
  5. Yeah, I've noticed that. It makes one feel like a fool to obey rules that other's aren't. Hence the "good boy" part in my original message.
  6. I agree. I get it in the sense that it really isn't my piece of art, but what I don't get is why Alamy should get 60 % instead of 50 %.
  7. "If your collection contains images of artworks these can never be marked as Exclusive to Alamy, unless you're the artist." -The importance of being accurate with marking images as "Exclusive to Alamy" Edit: Just to make sure; I did not give the red arrow to Colblimp. Not my way of communicating.
  8. Editorial royalty-free. Finland, Book, print and/or e-book. $18.96 net. Mural graffiti on Suvilahti graffiti wall in Helsinki, Finland. Contemporary and very temporary art form, as they get painted over in days. One of my favorite shooting locations, especially when I lived closer. Alamy doesn't seem to mind selling these unlike images of Mission murals (SF) that have been mostly deleted. Just like a good boy should, I left the Exclusive to Alamy -box unticked as this is someone else's work of art.
  9. Three distributor sales. Finland, Editorial website. Net $1.72 each. Finnish National Theatre on a cloudy day in Helsinki, Finland. Rival cruise ship companies Viking Line and Silja Line cruise ships M/S Gabriella and M/S Silja Serenade in Helsinki, Finland. Second sale. Helsinki Airport framed by airplane wing. The last one I really like, taken through dirty airplane window and focus on wing. Second sale for this one.
  10. Royalty-free. Usage: Magazine, Any editorial digital use. Any size. Any Placement. One time use only. Direct and exclusive. $20.17 - insult to some, way above average to me. 😀 Trattoria da Enzo al 29, authentic Trastevere restaurant with traditional cuisine in Rome, Italy. This image has been zoomed three times, last time February 10th. I've been quite confident it would sell, sooner or later. I'm such an optimistic person that I've already booked flights for October to re-shoot the location, maybe with people this time.
  11. One sale for $4.63. CTR 1.19 which is all time high for me.
  12. Editorial royalty-free. Country: Worldwide.Usage: Editorial, Editorial website, any size, single use, but includes unlimited sharing across web and social media platforms, worldwide, in perpetuity.Media: Editorial website. Start: 24 February 2021. Duration: In perpetuity. $2.32 net. Exclusive and direct.
  13. Not zoomed, but viewed with the same search term. Apparently yours was the only that got zoomed.
  14. I think Alamy really need to think what's their competitive advantage.
  15. Nine sales, which is alright. Net sales $ 42. CTR 0.57 which is better than average for me.
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