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  1. Thanks for your kind words. My CTR has gone down big time, it's way below average. Four zooms in June, one in July, nothing in August so far. Keywords and captions seems to be the hardest part of stock photography. I'm still in the learning phase and slowly correcting mistakes made earlier. I understand my images are not the most sellable, as I've only shot what pleases my personal eye, so I'm not too worried. I want to keep photography a nice hobby rather than a sideline career. Yet I hope to get my CTR up. A bit controversial, I know. Some 800 shots uploaded.
  2. No sales, one zoom, CTR below Alamy average. Other than that, my July was great!
  3. Here is the other topic about the issue, in proper English: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11555-aim-suddenly-doubling-my-keywords-anyone-else-notice-this/?ct=1565035996
  4. And now I found the subject about doubling the keywords... but apparently no answers to the problem.
  5. I use Lightroom Classic to tag my images. For some reason, after uploading, tags are doubled on Alamy Image Manager. That makes it impossible to add any new tags before deleting the doubles (at least until there's less than 50 tags left). What I find especially frustrating is that AIM divides my longest multi word tag into individual one word tags - the double, that is, there is always the original multi word tag aswell. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong? I tried to search if this subject has been already answered, but didn't find anything.
  6. My first (and only) Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website 51 MB 3456 x 5184 pixels 1 MB compressed Image Size: Any size Start: 07 June 2019 End: 07 June 2024 Low-$$
  7. I'm a beginner on Alamy, so please be gentle. I was just checking my Alamy measures and I noticed that my pictures that were tagged 'Charles Bridge', 'Prague' and 'no people' were viewed by someone who was searching for 'charles bridge prague people'. Is this how tags work on Alamy? If I tag my pictures 'no people', they will come up when someone is searching for opposite? Also, I noticed someone looking for 'social worker' got to view my image tagged 'sex worker' and 'social issues'. That would be actually quite funny if only my CTR wasn't going down...
  8. Hello there, new on forum and beginner on Alamy. Registered in February, but been active only for couple of months - 382 images on sale at the moment. I had pretty good start with one sale when I had 100 something images uploaded. My CTR was about 2.5 , but it's coming down as I'm uploading more. That is probably inevitable, but still annoying. My images are mostly editorial as I'm really not interested in taking pictures of $-signs on paper or question marks on blackboard. I shoot what I would shoot anyway - mainly street photography - and I'll be happy if anything is sold. I like to take pictures especially on my trips abroad, but I guess Helsinki will be my niche. Anyway, nice to be here. I believe I will need some help, like all newbies. Some guidelines and instructions are hard to understand, especially when English is not your mother language.
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