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  1. I don't mind grainy images. I just wish I could get some of those through QC.
  2. I've been around for a short time so I know nothing about the golden years. I'm not depending on Alamy money in any way, this is just a hobby to me. I have only 8 reported sales so far, but seven of them were sold for $5 or less. My average net earning out of those is $1.58. Almost all of my ~2 000 images are exclusive. That decision was based on assumption of getting $$ sales every now and then. Now it seems being exclusive only gets me some cents more, but fewer sales. I'd probably make more being also on microstock agencies. At least I'd get more of my work published in one form or another, which is a big motivator for me. I've got still a lot of images in my archive to upload and I don't have time to do it on many agencies at once, but at some point I have to make up my mind. Not thinking about leaving Alamy, but I guess I could get those $0.96s from other agencies as well...
  3. Found the image: https://www.kurir.rs/region/hrvatska/3395757/mali-luka-je-postao-heroj-posle-smrti-decak-11-pogniuo-na-putu-do-prodavnice-ipak-je-spasao-sest-zivota It's hardly an editorial website. According to wikipedia "Kurir is daily tabloid published in Belgrade. Its tone is abrasive, direct and irreverent, running sensationalist stories that other newspapers won't touch." Circulation ~60 000 copies. Is this something I should report to Alamy? (Story seems to be about killed Croatian boy, but the kid in image is quite Finnish.)
  4. Serbia, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Sale $3.20 Deduction $-2.24 My share $0.96 I'm on a roll!
  5. I love the work of Vivian Maier. She was not a professional, yet she had a habit of shoving her camera in people's face. Then again she never published a single image and was operating in times when people were more positive about having their picture taken. I take a lot of candid images, but unlike famous street photographers who use 50 mm lens or less, I shoot from distance with 70-300 mm. Even that makes me feel a bit awkward, especially when I'm noticed. It can make a great picture though, someone staring straight at camera. I've felt truly disliked only few times, oddly enough sometimes demonstrators and street reclaimers don't want to be photographed.
  6. I have imagined that "Business" would be men in suits, Wall St. sign or financial district buildings. I'm not a native speaker so some nuances may get lost in translation.
  7. Germany, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate Sale 3.84 Deduction -2.69 Due 1.15 I'm thrilled.
  8. Yeah, I get it. Definitely makes sense for Alamy to show what has proven to sell. Medium ranking - which I had forgotten about - naturally helps to get on board. However, downward spiral can get impossible to break.
  9. If the number of sales is a factor, that's not very encouraging for newbies like me. No sales without views and no views without sales. Not a very good business model.
  10. I struggle with image categories every time. As most of my work is street photography, my solution is usually "travel" - they're always abroad for someone. One category I haven't really used at all is "concepts". I really don't have a clue what sort of images would go under that category. Any opinions?
  11. Agree. Also trying different kind of captions and tags may be useful.
  12. I do revisit subjects. I don't know how Alamy algorithm works, but according to my short experience the images of same subject can be scattered on different pages. So they don't necessarily all get viewed and harm your CTR. I believe re-shooting without deleting increases the possibilities that at least some images get viewed. A view without a zoom is harmful, but image without views is useless. That's just me. My BHZ-ranking is page 11. I think it's a different thing if you tend to land on page one with your images.
  13. Can't get yesterday's data. Anybody else having problem?
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