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  1. Maybe. I just have this scenario in my head where some newspaper has an article about the responsible youth of the day illustrated by an image of teenage girls demanding for more oral sex (and less global warming)...
  2. I was in Rome couple of weeks ago. Instead of old ruins I went to shoot Fridays for Future school strike climate protest. The protesters were mostly school kids and teenagers. About half of the signs and banners were in English and very often contained F-word and other strong language. And so did the signs in Italian - at least according to Google Translate. While most of the Alamy clients recognizes rude words in English, it's a different thing with Italian ones. What's your opinion? Should some kind of advisory be included in the caption or optional information?
  3. I had one image of old headstone against snow rejected for "noise". In my opinion there was no noise, but the weathered, couple of hundred years old tombstone looks very grainy - no matter what the lighting or ISO. Anyway, it is only one photo, no reason to argue about it. And I do think Alamy has every right to choose what ever they wish to sell.
  4. I shoot JPEGs. Haven't even tried shooting RAW. Had no problems with QC. I realize I may lose some opportunities in difficult conditions, but stockwise I've got some 10 000 reasonable images to upload, so I'm not too worried. Hard to say if this affects my sales. I've been active in Alamy from May, uploaded 1000+ images and had 3 sales. Good or bad? I don't know. What I do know is, that 2 out of those 3 sold images were no good at all. It seems to me that standards for editorial images have gone down. I'm an amateur and not even a good one.
  5. Posti Group headquarters in Helsinki, Finland - Image ID: WHENJW Royalty-free. Finland, Web, One month. Gross $ 5.26, net $ 1.58. I think I'll keep my day job. The image is under pseudonym because it's a sad, flat picture and I don't like at all.
  6. Six zooms. One sale which is not reported yet, so I don't know what kind of fortune I made.
  7. I'm 52 or so I'm told. Not a very talented photographer, I just shoot what interests me. The fact that images can be uploaded to stock agency gives some justification to my street photography. There may not be much demand for images of torn stickers on electrical cabinets, but not much competition either. I work well under pressure, but photography is a hobby. I once photographed a wedding (before the digital age) and I never want to do that again. Relatives expect me to shoot christenings, birthdays and such. That's what I would do anyway, so no pressure there. Having the camera on my face just saves me from the small talk.
  8. On the bright side; you've uploaded 261 images and already made the front cover!
  9. I've got one image of stick and poke tattoo in progress (W79M05), which I like a lot. There are tons of tattoo machine images, but not too many stick and poke pics, so I'll be rolling in money once the lifestyle magazines start to write about the latest craze in the world of tattoo.
  10. I think the guidelines (images of artwork should only be submitted if shot in a wider context) are somewhat understandable when it comes to museums, but public art is another issue. Statues on Charles Bridge in Prague; if I upload images of those without wider context (which I've done), am I violating someone's rights? Even if the statues themselves are replicas? Statue of Liberty; do you have to include Ellis Island on the image to get the wider context? Mural on electrical cabinet; is the cabinet itself a wider context? Or the slice of pavement in front and wall in background?
  11. Don't know how long it has been online, but I just found it today with reverse image search: https://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/content/soho-then-ep-5-sex-sexuality My first sale. Image ID: TAJN78
  12. I've come to understand that older uploads gets buried in to the pile of 170 million stock image. I've been uploading photos from last June lately, but I've been wondering is that the smartest thing to do. Summer is gone (at least here in Finland) and maybe the demand for summer images as well. Come next summer and my sunny images have already sunk down the pile. Would it make more sense to upload autumn (or even winter) images from past years now and July images next spring? Or try to keep uploads as fresh as possible? As I'm relatively new here in Alamy, I have some 14 years of images waiting to be uploaded. What's your opinion?
  13. A friend of mine posted a link to the news article on facebook. I immediately recognized that the image in the link was mine. I suppose that would be the case with everybody involved with photography. Funny thing; absolutely nobody I know has mention about seeing my name under the picture, although they've read the article. It just goes to show that normal people don't read photo credits.
  14. My image was published in a newspaper two days ago. Sale however is not shown on my dashboard. I understand that such delays can be even months. What causes the delays between image being published and sale being shown?
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