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  1. Last sale was reported August 25th, but there is nine unreported sales I know of. Oldest is from early May, newest from the day before yesterday. Eight of those are distributor sales for Finnish media, so I'm looking for some hefty $ 15 Christmas money once they are reported and actually paid. Before taxes, that is. One was sold for Monocle Minute, never had any of those before. Do they pay more than $ 5? Any experiences?
  2. This is the answer I got from Alamy when I was asking about image use not reported after 3 months: "Distributors report their uses over a period of time and can take up to 4 months. If you therefore don’t see this in your sales history 4 months after the use date then pop us another email and we can chase it." It'll be 4 months tomorrow, still not reported. 🙂
  3. Four reported sales. $ 78 gross, $ 35 net. Better than average for me. 983 views with only three zooms. CTR very low 0.31.
  4. People enjoying craft beer outside Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà, a small birreria in Trastevere district of Rome, Italy Image use: Editorial Details of use: Book, print and/or e-book Image Size: 1 page Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Duration: 25 years Country: Worldwide Additional Details: Single context inside use across all hardback, paperback, audio and digital editions of a title; Unlimited print run, unlimited duration. Royalty-free, $ 33.11. Image was zoomed in May. This sale could be related, as it is for a book.
  5. And now Measures is working also. No zooms, but that's normal 😃.
  6. My dashboard is working fine apart from Customer search activity. No information from monday, tuesday or wednesday.
  7. I tried to upload a batch of images. It seemed to go through, I even got to name the batch, but the images are not shown in AIM. So not all good yet.
  8. One of my rare Rights Managed images Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 July 2020 End: 01 July 2025 $ 11, but distributor, so $ 3.30 Used 27.7. in the same tabloid as the one before: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/e77fb547-ecc5-4df3-9789-cb09bd0afb81
  9. Royalty-free Finland, web $ 11, but through distributor, so only $ 3.30 for me Used 19.7. to illustrate news about a man found dead at the location of the image. https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/6960470b-7dc1-4d1a-b826-1b2aa452d6c2
  10. Country: Worldwide Usage: Website, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Start: 13 August 2020, End: 13 August 2025 $ 23.05 Maybe a blog header? I'm quite happy with this sale. Snapped the image two years ago on my way to a restaurant, had not really thought about selling my photos at that point. First reported sale in five weeks.
  11. Had my first Alamy pay out yesterday. At least my current cleared balance went to zero, haven't seen anything on my bank account so far.
  12. One sale for $ 1.62 net. Obviously I'm not in it for the money... CTR 0.46 which is - sadly enough - best since February.
  13. Royalty-free. Finland, Editorial website. $ 5.40 gross, $ 1.08 for distributor and $ 1.62 for me. Little red hut or cottage in Vallila allotment garden in Helsinki, Finland. 2019.
  14. 4 sales reported for $ 73 gross, at least two of them being actually used in May. Only 3 zooms, CTR 0.38 - very low for the fourth month in a row. 80 cents shy from my first Alamy pay out.
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