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  1. 4 sales reported for $ 73 gross, at least two of them being actually used in May. Only 3 zooms, CTR 0.38 - very low for the fourth month in a row. 80 cents shy from my first Alamy pay out.
  2. Problem solved. My PC was simultaneously synchronizing my images to Creative Cloud. Apparently that was too much for the broadband of my apartment. Shutting the Creative Cloud synch helped.
  3. Now it hit me. Started yesterday and still can't get anything uploaded.
  4. Editorial royalty-free. Finland, Magazine - print, digital and electronic. $ 52.36 / $ 15.71. One of those full frame artwork images without context that Alamy loves. Uponnut Atlantis by Jarmo Mäkilä (1982). This one couldn't be ticked exclusive and it was a distributor sale, so I'll get 30 % out of my highest sale so far. Two other images were sold as well, both for $ 5.24 / $ 1,57, both through distributor to Finnish editorial website. One can be found here (cropped): https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/1fc83ac9-e586-43cb-a84f-abb06080090a So a bit mixed feelings, never had three sales a day before and never had a sale over $ 50 before, but $ 18.85 out of $ 62,84 feels a little disappointing.
  5. Country: Worldwide. Usage: Presentation or newsletters.79 MB. 6436 x 4291 pixels. 2 MB compressed. Start: 02 June 2020. End: 02 June 2025. RF Editorial. $ 10.46. This one I actually like myself, sort of authentic street photography that I enjoy doing. Quite dark, rough, far from perfect, but moment captured. Third sale from my Feb 2019 trip to Hong Kong.
  6. I'm a proud and upstanding Alamy contributor with ***. Usually my images pass QC next evening from uploading, but every now and then they get stuck for unpredictable time. Like my latest submission, which I uploaded on saturday... still in process. I've noticed, however, that if I upload another batch, both will pass in a very short time. This has happened too often to be coincidence. It's almost as if the first submission was somehow stuck in the process and the new one pushed it onward or something. (And no, I don't think that physically happens. Just a metaphor.) Anybody else noticed such phenomenon?
  7. I had this one incident few years ago where I shot couple of images of neo-nazis handing flyers to passer-bys. I was going to elsewhere, but took few shots before moving on. One of those nazis followed me running, came to my side, took picture of me and ran back. They were obviously taking snap shots of everybody photographing them. I followed the young skinhead and told him to take a proper picture, which you can't do running, and also to make sure the sun wasn't behind the object - in this case me. He took couple of photos and I left. Just wanted to make understood that I wasn't intimidated by their actions. I realize that was not a smart thing to do and as a photographer it's wiser to be invisible than part of the action. This young neo-nazi in case was later in news for killing someone who didn't share his political views.
  8. Two sales for $ 23.17 gross, $ 10.54 net. Revenue wise the second-best month of my 12 months Alamy career, sadly enough. Two zooms with CTR 0.31, very low for the third month in a row.
  9. As an amateur I've only had couple of incidents. I find it very hard to be polite when someone is trying to to restrict my constitutional rights. And that is exactly what they are doing, no matter how good their cause of demonstrating is.
  10. If I'll use all my net revenues from Alamy, I'll be able to get a Sony RX100 VII in 19 years.
  11. I try to walk 10 000 steps each day. Before covid I did it mostly by walking to my workplace and back. Nowadays I work remotely and gain my steps after working hours and I usually take my camera with me. So I've been shooting more during couple of last months. I usually regret if I leave the camera home, there is always something interesting and worth photographing going on - even in Helsinki. However my working positions at home are really unergonomic and my upper back has been aching for weeks now, so I'm trying live with the fact that I can't bring the camera with me all the time.
  12. I don't. It was just my mind playing tricks on me. I can understand how I've used a bit more familiar word instead of the right one. That sort of thing happens easily when your using some other than your mother language. Once in Italy I ordered a bottle of Pirelli instead of Peroni, poor waitress, trying to be polite and hold her laugh...
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