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March 2021 Challenge: People.


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Thanks to Michael for creating such a good challenge last month and for everyone who voted for all the final 8 images.


The subject this month is 'People'.  You can have people as the main subject or not - the choice is yours.  I've chosen people because it's a very accessible subject, everyone has people pics in their port, and you can get creative.  Same rules apply - choose 3 of your best people pics, they must be on Alamy and the competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 31st March.  Good luck!  Here's some of mine as examples.

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The top and bottom images from your five above are absolutely first class Andy. Three from me, as if I can get near those two.



People racing their sledges on the famous toboggan run on Terrasse Dufferin in Quebec City



The school run in India.



Photographing the jellyfish in the Toronto Aquarium









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Disabled basking in the sunshine on an outing.




See the bird, daddy?




A waiter in a tropical island restaurant giving an embarrassed senior lady tourist a thrill when he suddenly appeared and photo-bombed.



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Congrats on your win! This is a tough one--lots to sort through but most don't stand out. I'll try these three.


Trolley operator in Lowell, Massachusetts




Feeding the birds in St Patrick's Park, Dublin




Glass blower, Providence, Rhode Island



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"Girl with Conical Hat" -- Vietnamese girl in ethnic clothing during Chinese New Year in Hoi An Old Town (couple of weeks before global COVID eruption)




Old beggar with wrinkled face by Praying Wheel at Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Nepal




Young Nepal child living in poverty and training to be porter in Nepal Himalaya Mountains


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I never thought I could enter this competition but it turns out I have more people shots than I thought.


Old opal miner



Miss Millmerran 2018



Older man with big moustache


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Definitely _not_ my area of expertise but I'll give it a try anyway. 🙂


Tourists testing the strength of the observation platform by the pavilion in Ronda, Spain.




Tourists and climbers flocking at the summit of Zugspitze; Germany's highest mountain.




Tourists crowding Taj Mahal in India.



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Took a bit of narrowing down, but three from me...


Molly Badham, founder of Twycross Zoo.



Morris Dancers waiting to perform at Sidmouth Folk Week.




Remembrance Sunday

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5 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

Some people . . .







I would be interested to know what the green circle is?




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My three, starting with one reworked at Edo's suggestion.



Nicaraguan man with his daughters.



Gina and her daughter. 



Outside the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City, a tourist family and a street clown interact while Mexicans look on.

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Good challenge, open to most


1) Couples dancing the Lindy Hop on Alicante promenade, Spain, Europe




2) Crowds of people throng the beach at Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria




3) Three men abseiling down the curved roof of the Gateshead Sage concert hall, north east England, UK




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