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  1. A square island in danger of being flooded by the sea of fields. Bronze age burrial mound surrounded by fields.
  2. Straight-forward shot of Rye: Fields, fields and fields
  3. Doh! I just thought Manaus 1962 was part of the caption. Need more coffee. πŸ˜„
  4. And incidentally both Coundley in his Lotus 19 and Parkes in the Ferrari 250 GTO participated in the May 11th race at Silverstone in 1963. That would be my bet! πŸ™‚
  5. Hmm... nice list of cars. No less than 3 examples of what is now the most expensive car in the world. Anyway, unless it is printed somewhere on that list I doubt that it is from 1962 or Brazil. πŸ™‚ I would guess UK 1963 - but it is just a guess. πŸ™‚ ... although M. Parkes did drive his own 250 GTO in 1962 there is this mention of a 1963 race: May 11th 1963, International Trophy, Silverstone, Chassis number 3729GT. and same car again August 24th 1963 at Tourist Trophy, Goodwood. http://www.barchetta.cc/english/all.ferraris/Detail/3729GT.250GTO.htm That seems to che
  6. His Lotus 19 was chassis number 964 by the way πŸ™‚
  7. https://www.geographyphotos.com/portfolio/G0000f17So5U49dw/I0000eVHf0_vutKc Also, no mention of 1962 Lotus 19 races by John Coundley here: https://www.racingsportscars.com/driver/results/John-Coundley-GB.html But some from 1963 and 1964. In 1962 he seems to be driving Lister. I wonder what he was doing in Brazil though as all mentions of his races are European...
  8. The white car in this picture https://www.geographyphotos.com/portfolio/G0000f17So5U49dw/I0000enqxJu1jBNE is a Lotus Elan. The problem is that although 1962 is the first model year production actually didn't start until 1963 according to https://lotuselan.net/wiki/Lotus_Elan. That leads me to believe that the picture is from 1963 or even 1964 since they must still have been very scarce in 1963. By January 1964 they had reached chassis number 330 and some of those would still not have been shipped and would have been prototypes, show models etc. Of course, this being Lotus, these figures are on
  9. Definitely _not_ my area of expertise but I'll give it a try anyway. πŸ™‚ Tourists testing the strength of the observation platform by the pavilion in Ronda, Spain. Tourists and climbers flocking at the summit of Zugspitze; Germany's highest mountain. Tourists crowding Taj Mahal in India.
  10. Venice, Italy: Photo hide, Sweden: Very old danish house:
  11. My pic(k)s Taj Mahal detail: Fungi: Lunar eclipse:
  12. How about a European Bee-eater? That's a pretty bird. πŸ™‚
  13. So that's when only your images are returned from a search? Or when only one result is returned? I've had the former happen only twice in the last year (just checked) and both times it was for the same search. It didn't result in any sale either. Was for a specific insect species.
  14. Decided not to use my "tourist at Grand Canyon". Instead I have this photo boat on the Danube river in Romania.
  15. Found another one. Need to add some keywords. πŸ™‚ Easy bird photography...
  16. Hmm... that's a challenging subject for me but I do have a few. Photographer at sunset:
  17. Thank you very much for selecting my image. πŸ™‚
  18. The hide is located in northern Sweden where Conny LundstrΓΆm has been feeding the eagles for the last decade. The fox is not seen too often in winter (since there's not a lot of sunlight in northern Sweden in winter and the foxes prefer the cover of night) but this day it was active during the day. The eagle did not like to have the fox hanging around so it attacked the fox. I don't think the eagle tried to actually kill the fox, rather just to scare it off.
  19. I have hundreds of lucky shots and many more that were "unlucky shots" where the subject moved in just the wrong moment, the light vanished or similar. πŸ™‚ This was more lucky than most (but still a result of preparation, not just by me but especially by the guy who rented out the hide):
  20. My old classic car which I sold three weeks ago in order to finance a change to an electric car. Less worrying about what will fail, less wrenching, less oil on the garage floor but I do miss the idea of having a classic car and that V8 rumble. πŸ™‚
  21. I think you've gotten the answer already but just in case here's how I do it (also on a Mac and Safari): I find the images I want to use in the normal image browser, then go into the details to see the image and drag the image up into the browser tabs so that it opens a new tab with that image only. Then I right click/two finger click on the image and copy the URL. That URL I use in my post via "Insert image from URL". Might not be the smartest way but it works for me. πŸ™‚
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