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  1. Oh, I wish I had a photo of the sign I saw along the highway in 2002... "USED COWS FOR SALE"
  2. The $119 is the whole sale--Alamy takes its cut and the $57 is your part. I've seen 50-year licenses mentioned before here.
  3. TJs in the last year has been posting signs in stores (all over the country) saying no photo or video allowed inside the store. YMMV obviously but you could get a store or employees that are enforcing it... but if you were "caught" I don't know what they will do--take away your two buck chuck?
  4. That was interesting reading. So what do you think about the photo that emu posted? To my eye those people aren't really recognizable and I wouldn't have thought there was any issue uploading it.
  5. No, print on demand sites like Fine Art America don't affect the exclusivity policy.
  6. Usage: Single company - multiple educational editorial use only $$$ Walden Pond, Concord MA
  7. I have thin gloves lined with Thinsulate that have the touch-screen-friendly fingers--they keep my hands warm enough and I can still manipulate the controls. I don't shoot in the cold a whole lot, but I've never had any equipment issues.
  8. I always try to include colors in my keywords if it's an important color in the image. I guess I have put monochrome on the few B&W images I've uploaded, but I didn't have anything about a dominant color on the one recent image I could think of that is mostly blue. Just added it
  9. The first thing I thought of reading your post was those mostly solid-color images they have been using on their Twitter feed... what about these? monochrome solid color one color
  10. I enjoy shooting food. I don't think I'm an expert by any means--and I don't usually make food that's pretty enough to photograph! I'm always looking for opportunities when I'm out and about. Public markets are some of my favorite places. This is my only food shot that has sold (so far).
  11. First November sale, and my highest $$ to date! Larz Anderson park, Brookline MA. Country: WorldwideUsage: Marketing package - Small business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This package is for marketing campaigns promoting businesses which have up to 10 employees.Start: 12 November 2019End: 12 November 2024
  12. Oh, thanks for this. I have always left apostrophes out based on this assumption, so I'm glad for confirmation I did that right--and also glad I don't have to fix my US/USA!
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm a big zero for November so far too.
  14. It was my understanding that if you have "man driving tractor" then you don't need to put "tractor" again by itself. Same with "grilled pork chop"/"pork chop". If I am wrong, then I have a lot of keywording to fix.
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