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  1. Have you tried the Seek app to identify the moth? I also recently learned about Google lens (on the Google app). Google lens ID'd some things that Seek couldn't. It can also do buildings and probably other things. I recommend going from the original photo without the Alamy watermark as that makes ID harder.
  2. Finally ended the dry spell since November. Rafe's Chasm, Gloucester, MA. Personal use low $$
  3. Also working through old files--not as old as 1979 though. 😉 This is Breithorn in Switzerland--taken from the passenger seat of the car.
  4. I actually don't have many, but here are three from me. Turtle fountain at Tower Hill garden, Boylston, MA African shop in Lowell, MA Holiday dance performance in Newburyport, MA
  5. Only my third year on Alamy but I improved over last year on both sales and revenue, so I'm happy. I've been way behind on keywording for a long time but I am down to (only!) 905 still needing keywords. I didn't get to shoot enough in 2020--hope that changes this year.
  6. I started the year at 1.15, stayed around .7 and then plummeted to .12 in May... since then hovering around .5 as an average, although November was up to .91. It's been falling in December and currently at .62. No sales this month either.
  7. Plum Island, Newbury, MA - salt marsh at sunset
  8. I'm up to 9 out of 40 now... glad I don't have additional submissions to put through and hopefully they will figure this out.
  9. I uploaded 40 images yesterday... they disappeared and only two came back. So should I resubmit?
  10. Congrats on your win Bella and I love this challenge theme! A row of antique jugs on a staircase Sailboats in Yvoire, France Parade of torchbearers at WaterFire in Providence, RI
  11. Thanks! My day is made 😍 My son and I went years ago before I even knew about Alamy, but I've always loved architecture photography. This is a building by I. M. Pei.
  12. A good day for me--two images sold from the JFK Library in Boston for internal display. Low $$$ for each!
  13. First sale for November and for this image... taken over the summer but timely I guess. $ website in perpetuity 😑
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