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  1. That was a good suggestion! Unfortunately they only have 16 of their butterflies identified on their website, and none of them are these.
  2. Yes, sorry! It was at a butterfly garden in Westford, MA. I believe they have a lot of tropical butterflies. I couldn't find these on their ID materials.
  3. I have tried to ID these numerous ways and I'm still coming up short. Any suggestions would be very helpful!
  4. Geraniums in a window box of a cottage in Lavertezzo, Switzerland Yellow tomatoes in a garden Cabbage in a garden
  5. Yes, just amazing. I love photographing birds.
  6. Ha, that's crazy! Maybe not as crazy as the German grocery store my son found on Google Streetview one time though. We had fun browsing the aisles and remembering our visits to similar stores on our travels!
  7. Thanks so much! I never thought to check a zoo's FB page and didn't know about Online Zoo--I will have to explore that site more.
  8. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it and I hope you get flowers to photograph again this year.
  9. Spotted at the New Orleans zoo. I couldn't locate any sign that identified it. It was fairly large if I remember correctly.
  10. A shot from 2017 still unidentifed. Some kind of orchid? Google wants it to be a honeysuckle, but no...
  11. Second sale for this image. The Musee des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts) next to the Tuileries and the Louvre in Paris, France. $ - maybe the same buyer as John's. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: General business servicesImage Size: Any sizeStart: 01 July 2020End: 01 July 2025Sweden, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
  12. One more full-price PU came in at the last minute. My son asked if this one was of him and I said no, because I could tell it was a building from the thumbnail. But then I said it kind of is since his name is Benjamin. (This is the Benjamin Hotel in NYC.)
  13. Sale #2 for the month. Full price PU. My son in his element playing video games in a gaming bar (open to anyone before nighttime) in Boston.
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