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  1. I think everyone would have a different answer, but Ed gets to choose for this one.
  2. I don't have many for this topic so this was an easy choice. New Orleans: Salzburg: Annecy, France. I hope this counts--he was definitely working for tips!
  3. This was a tough vote! Wonderful choices. I'm sure it was nearly impossible to narrow down!
  4. Shaping up to be a good month for me. Low $$$ - Berlin Wall museum (East Side Gallery) Country: JapanUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 01 February 2021End: 01 February 2026Japan, Book, print and/or e-book
  5. Cruise ship in Hamburg. $ Country: GermanyUsage: Commercial electronicMedia: Website, app and social mediaIndustry sector: General business servicesImage Size: Any sizeStart: 01 February 2021End: 01 February 2026Germany, Website, app and social media
  6. Yes, the heritage is unmistakable! Ipswich is one of my favorite Massachusetts towns on the coast (not near me). I live in Littleton, and Groton and Acton are just two of the neighboring towns. Sudbury is not far away from here. Boxford is farther but I have been there. The combination of British and Native American names makes for our pronunciation challenges.
  7. I have taken photos in a number of towns near me in Massachusetts and wondered if it was worth it... I guess this is my answer. This is Acton. Low $$$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, up to DPS, inside, repeat use within a single issueIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 22 March 2021End: 22 March 2023
  8. False sunflower looks right to me--I'm not a botany expert though. Orchids are so hard! I only have one with epidendrum in the name--I hope it's right.
  9. Congrats on your win! This is a tough one--lots to sort through but most don't stand out. I'll try these three. Trolley operator in Lowell, Massachusetts Feeding the birds in St Patrick's Park, Dublin Glass blower, Providence, Rhode Island
  10. A Sunday sale, first sale for March, a day after my birthday, mid $$ - I'm happy! Popp Fountain in City Park, New Orleans Country: WorldwideUsage: Marketing package - Small business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This license is for small companies - up to 10 people.57 MB5478 x 3652 pixels 2 MB compressedStart: 07 March 2021End: 07 March 2026
  11. These are beautiful. Well done to the photographers. Hope no unauthorized uses pop up though. I miss traveling so much it hurts.
  12. Ponce City Market, Atlanta Low $$, second of the month for me as well. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 10 February 2021End: 10 February 2026
  13. I zoom the photo in my AIM, right click to copy the image address, click Insert image from URL in my post, then when I paste the link, change zooms in the URL to comp.
  14. Joining the club of lovers of all windows and doors... very hard to narrow down! Round Tower, Copenhagen Pompidou in Paris (a walkway made of windows) Florist shop in Arnstadt, Germany
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