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  1. Ah, I was trying to do it from the image listing, I guess. Whatever opens when you click on the images on the sales report. That definitely didn't work!
  2. For whatever reason I couldn't do it the usual way (right click to get the image URL). Some people use drag and drop but that didn't work either. I had to download the preview, upload it to Imgur, and use that link.
  3. Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Up to 1/4 page, inside.One time use only. $$ Boston Public Market
  4. How it goes for me--I select a batch of 50 or so to upload. Sometimes I remember to keep an eye on it, sometimes not. I often find it stalls out in the middle of the upload so only a portion of the photos get in. Then I have to figure out where I left off, select them again, and hope for a better result. The other thing that keeps happening is one or two say "upload error," but when I start a new batch to upload, usually I'm able to upload those just fine.
  5. It's been a slow summer but two $$ sales today from my New Orleans photos, including this one.
  6. I could have written this. This is the story of my life, especially this summer. We've been in Europe since late June. Some locations I was only able to shoot on a single day, so I had to take what I got. 😕
  7. Thanks, if it's still that way tomorrow I'll check with them.
  8. I did my first upload in a month last night. I got the email that I cleared QC, and the box saying "Congratulations" was at the top of AIM, but the images are not cleared. Not a big deal, but odd...
  9. I wonder if I've jumped on this bandwagon. Had a sale on Friday for $50, refunded today and sold again for $40. Nothing changed about the details of the sale so I wonder why it went down $10. I will be watching...
  10. My best sale yet - roller coaster at Six Flags in Maryland. I hope this one finally gets me over the pay threshold! Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicPrint run: up to 150,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 10 May 2019End: 10 May 2024Duration: 1 month. Bookazine. Repeat use included in a single bookazine project
  11. I don't know about trips out, but the old town is charming and there are many great fountains, memorials, etc. I also enjoyed just wandering the streets, like I do everywhere in Europe!
  12. I just tried again and it seems to be working now. Hopefully just a temporary glitch!
  13. Interesting. I never use FTP but maybe their server is down for everything.
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