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  1. Hi Wim, thanks for for choosing the monkeys 🙂
  2. Printing photos at home or in the office

    Hi Allan, I’ve had several Epson and Canon specific ink jet photo printers. All were good enough for client pics and CD photo disks. I currently use a Epson 1500 W A3+ photo printer. I’ve been using it for just over a year now and I’m really pleased with what it produces. It’s an ink jet and uses five colour cartridges and two black cartridges. It’s as economical as any other I’ve owned and currently retails for £429 on amazon. I’d happily replace it with another if a better alternative hasn’t arrived on the market since I purchased this one. I normally print at 6x4 or A3+ and tend to use the five star Epson papers. I print occasionally these days. Using Photoshop to set the printer settings and an Eizo ColorEdge calibrated monitor it produces excellent prints. Steve
  3. Here’s three from me... I shot this originally for the back of a business card. The two Munkeh’s are sitting on our back fence... One of our sons Ragdoll cats, who was having a sleepover... Sunflowers on the kitchen table...
  4. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Waiting for the first ‘Green’ collection of the year in our area this week...
  5. January Challenge: Music

    Here’s my three: Good times on the South Bank in London You’re never too young to appreciate genius
  6. Tags Brit style vs American

    Hey Betty, my my brother lives over in New Jersey and a couple of common differences I pick up when he talks to me theses days are cell phone as opposed to mobile countertop as opposed to kitchen worktop round trip as opposed to a return and asking for waatter instead of water. It’s the one word we say that we find the Americans really struggle with when we visit. BTW, my mother law has a walking frame and she refers to it as her walker or trolly.
  7. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Well, it made me laugh...
  8. I think you're right, he's looking like he's in pain, lol
  9. 2017

    Take a look here. My original post isn’t that clear but Keith posts as RedSnapper on the forum. I’d certainly recommend it. I really enjoyed my day and learnt a lot. Keith’s quite an entertaining character as well.
  10. 2017

    Ha ha, ok then, I’ll go for that, although I do have 250 uploaded and not on sale yet! Ive been concentrating on sorting my older stuff out.
  11. 2017

    A good year for me. I only really got serious with stock two years ago and during that time I’ve uploaded about 1000 images. Having attended one of Keith’s excellent seminars (Red Snapper, I actually touched his Stock Photography bible!), putting into practice what I picked up there, and then joining and scouring this forum (which is full of brilliant advice) I’ve seen a big increase in sales this year. I’m still updating my back catalogue with stronger captioning, better keywording and thinning out similars but the target is to get 2000 images online by this time next year. A big thank you and prosperous new year to everyone at Alamy and to all the regular contributors in these forums. So... 2017 - 33 sales for $1522 which works at out $46 per sale compared to: 2016 - 12 sales for $338 which works out at $28 per sale
  12. I thought I'd lower the tone of the thread! funnily enough I think it popped out of a bag of Aldi carrots, lol. This actually sold to an English tabloid back in October, as per here An old Greek woman sorting Fry that's just been landed... Sharing some cake...
  13. People and Property releases

    I know this has been discussed a lot on here (I’ve been going through past posts on the subject and there’s loads) and ultimately it will make no difference to how I license my images, but just to satisfy my own curiosity.... I was was given a book for my birthday today, it’s George Steinmetzs brilliant ‘New York Air, The View from Above’. Whilst leafing through some superb images I thought, how can all these images, full of people and buildings, be used in a book without the appropriate releases? Yes I’ve become that sad! There’s no way the author could have obtained releases for everything in the book. However, there was a clue on the books jacket sleeve which explains that the original project was launched following an assignment from the New Yorker. So, that being the case, does that make the book an editorial work and as such exempt from releases or, could a similar book about any other city, be compiled from images bought from a stock site without the relevant releases? BTW l’d definitely recommend the book, it’s a superb take on a fantastic city 😊
  14. People and Property releases

    Thanks for the responses guys. I guess it must be an editorial work..
  15. The November Challenge winner is Michael Ventura with this superb image. I think it’s fair to say, despite some really good competition, Michael smashed it with 50% of all the votes. Second place went to Kukkudrill with his Iconic Spitfire shot. Congratulation Michael, over to you for the December challenge Steve
  16. November Challenge :: Iconic ::Vote Here!

    Well done Michael. The runaway winner for the November Challenge. That is a superb picture. over to you for the December challenge Steve
  17. Thanks to everyone who entered, choosing my eight has taken me all morning! Here are my choices:
  18. Well this latest sell means I hit my start of year target which was to sell at least one picture every month. It was nice to get this though because, as you’d expect, there’s lots of similar competition:
  19. November Challenge :: Iconic ::Vote Here!

    No problem at all. I think your image fits the theme just fine (as well as being great in its own right). I'm sure she's iconic to all the aspiring youngsters trying to emulate an idol and gymnast fans around the world. I showed the picture to a girl I work with and she recognised and named her straight away. I really enjoyed the write ups you've provided as well. That car, so iconic and a great pic of it as well
  20. November Challenge :: Iconic ::Vote Here!

    That was an easy one, I really liked the thought that had gone into the composition. Just about squeezing the end of the pier in. I’m from Bristol but I knew that tower straight away. That’s a stunning shot Michael. I wish I’d taken it. I’ll leave it at that! No probs Bryan. Again superb composition and it’s really hard to get something a bit different of something that’s photographed so much.
  21. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Well what a challenge. Brilliant! I think Ive made a rod for my own back with my topic choice. Choosing eight from the high quality of what’s been submitted looks almost impossible. The time for entry’s has passed and l’ll get the poll sorted ASAP but probably after the weekend now as we have family visiting until late Sunday. Steve
  22. Well here we are. Novembers challenge is 'Iconic' Having looked up the full definition you can post anything that's famous, popular or anything that represents a particular opinion or particular time I did search through the Topic and couldn't see that this had been used before. Apologies if it has and I've missed it. Please post up to three of your images. Closing date is midnight UK time on the 30th November. Here's a few images to start the whole thing off: An 'Iconic' British 'Bobby' in traditional uniform.... One 'Iconic' building.... An 'Iconic' British Telephone Box....
  23. DAC’s Claim

    Ok, thanks for that Steve
  24. DAC’s Claim

    Having made a nice calendar sale a few months ago I’ve now found the image, on Amazon, with a reverse image search. Can I make a DAC’s claim for this later on? If I can, do I need the ISDN numbers shown on the Amazon page or anything else? My only previous DACs claim was made by Alamy, on my behalf, as I no idea where the image had been used, other than a book. Steve