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  1. Images sold in January

    First sale of the year, one very wet, soggy horse..
  2. December Challenge

    Great subject, here’s my three.... Selfridges, Birmingham Burnham Lighthouse, Somerset Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
  3. Low price

    How odd, I was reading through this and thought ‘ wait a minute, I sold a cat pic the other day’ I’ve just checked back and it’s a calendar sale for $4.96. Here it is, This ones for you Andy...
  4. Share your contributor portfolios

    This is really good. I've had a few problems setting the header image. I had no joy using my ipad or Explorer but Firefox seemed to sort the problem.
  5. Adobe Sale

    Hi all, Amazon have a ‘deal of the day’ running today offering Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on a yearly subscription plan for £74.99. I’m currently paying £10 a month for the same thing. If you did want to cancel your existing membership and take up this offer Adobe charge 50% of the remaining contract to opt out.

    Photo comps aren’t all bad. Ive won a couple of nice cameras over the years and, even better, got to meet Jodie Kidd who was the judge for one of the comps. 🤓
  7. November doldrums?

    One sale and 16 zooms. I’m one sale off my 2017 total now 🙂
  8. This was reported yesterday but was published last month. I was never sure about uploading B&W images and never did, until I saw one of the guys featured in the $100,000 blogs had quite a few B&W images in his portfolio. It’s my first B&W sale...
  9. What sale are you most surprised by?

    This was used in a national newspaper article about rude vegetables. There were others ruder than this cheeky carrot ! !
  10. Have you found any Alamy images in August 2018?
  11. August Challenge - NEWS

    This was actually used on the day it was taken as a weather news image by the BBC Bristol Halloween Zombie flash mob Another weather pic. Taken in 2014 in Poole, Dorset as Storm Eleanor hit the south coast of England
  12. Favourite Photos in August

    On the seafront at Weston-s-Mare Upfest graffiti festival, Bristol
  13. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    A newspaper sale that dropped in yesterday
  14. Images Sold in July (one per day per contributor)

    This is Terry Hutt, a well known Royalist character who lives in Weston-s-Mare. I’ve seen him on the TV numerous times this year at all the big Royal events. This was taken a couple of years ago outside Banksy’s Dismaland where Terry was entertaining the crowds waiting for an ‘on the day’ ticket. Someone told me I’d wasted my time taking shots here as the big boys from the press would have been all over it. This is the second image from that batch I’ve sold, just goes to show....
  15. Hi Wim, thanks for for choosing the monkeys 🙂
  16. Printing photos at home or in the office

    Hi Allan, I’ve had several Epson and Canon specific ink jet photo printers. All were good enough for client pics and CD photo disks. I currently use a Epson 1500 W A3+ photo printer. I’ve been using it for just over a year now and I’m really pleased with what it produces. It’s an ink jet and uses five colour cartridges and two black cartridges. It’s as economical as any other I’ve owned and currently retails for £429 on amazon. I’d happily replace it with another if a better alternative hasn’t arrived on the market since I purchased this one. I normally print at 6x4 or A3+ and tend to use the five star Epson papers. I print occasionally these days. Using Photoshop to set the printer settings and an Eizo ColorEdge calibrated monitor it produces excellent prints. Steve
  17. Here’s three from me... I shot this originally for the back of a business card. The two Munkeh’s are sitting on our back fence... One of our sons Ragdoll cats, who was having a sleepover... Sunflowers on the kitchen table...
  18. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Waiting for the first ‘Green’ collection of the year in our area this week...
  19. January Challenge: Music

    Here’s my three: Good times on the South Bank in London You’re never too young to appreciate genius
  20. Tags Brit style vs American

    Hey Betty, my my brother lives over in New Jersey and a couple of common differences I pick up when he talks to me theses days are cell phone as opposed to mobile countertop as opposed to kitchen worktop round trip as opposed to a return and asking for waatter instead of water. It’s the one word we say that we find the Americans really struggle with when we visit. BTW, my mother law has a walking frame and she refers to it as her walker or trolly.
  21. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Well, it made me laugh...
  22. I think you're right, he's looking like he's in pain, lol
  23. 2017

    Take a look here. My original post isn’t that clear but Keith posts as RedSnapper on the forum. I’d certainly recommend it. I really enjoyed my day and learnt a lot. Keith’s quite an entertaining character as well.