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  1. Thrown on the footpath in the woods where i walk, some people don't deserve the freedoms they have 😡
  2. Thanks for that Betty, i think the Jury is out at the minute if they are going to be a problem invasive species.
  3. There are also large flocks of Green Parrots in London now Alan, very noisy and gregarious birds. My friends Budgies love the hose put on mist sprayed over the Aviary, they roll around on the wet leaves.
  4. With nobody to pick the flowers for the shops these fields of daffs are in full flower with no buyers.
  5. I'm expecting death threats any day from the Goldfish Lovers KKK.🙂
  6. Fair enough i would just like to add before i go that i am not Anti American in any sense, it was just an observation of obvious truths, The man lies like he breaths, has the attention span of the average goldfish (his own aids admit that he can't be briefed for more than 10 minutes without big pictures). Everybody stay safe in this uncertain age.
  7. As an Englishman living in Ireland i find CNN a better source of facts going on over the pond. Your right Chuck DT is no Billionaire and not much of a business man " hotel and casino businesses of his have declared bankruptcy six times between 1991 and 2009 due to its inability to meet required payments and to re-negotiate debt with banks, owners of stock and bonds and various small businesses (unsecured creditors)." I do find it incredulous how a man can lie through his teeth in front of camera and then deny making the same statement the next day. Onwards.
  8. Seems a big lump to make a pencil🙂 Working in wood is very satisfying.
  9. The kits been sat on a pallet in my garden for weeks before the lock down. Polycarbonate covering instead of glass, 4hrs to put up.
  10. Joined Alamy 2 years ago, according to AIM just passed 3000 images and 39 sales today. I live in a very small Irish village, 1 pub, 1 shop and about 60 people. Nearest town (a small one 7k away) Nearest city 90k away, so happy with that effort so far.
  11. Bit of a cliche but first light or dawn over a creek near me.
  12. On a sign outside a Paediatric ward part of a hand cleanliness warning " The first few minutes of life can be the most dangerous" some one had added "The last few minutes can be pretty dodgy as well"
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