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  1. I'll throw my hat into the Chutney ring, a glut of Beetroot this year made me try making Beetroot Chutney and it's turned out very very nice with cheese.
  2. My car is not massive, just VW Golf Plus with a 55 litre tank, today in Ireland petrol is about 1.65-1.69 Euro a Litre depending on which garage you find, so basically I shoot for local newspapers on a part time basis and passing opportunities.
  3. To fill my tank now Betty in Dollars would about $105, so I only put less than half a tank at a time.
  4. The price of Fuel now makes travelling just for Alamy images a complete non starter. I understand some ppl have no choice if its your living but for me, putting myself out of pocket by allot just to maybe get a tiny licence from A afraid not.
  5. So the first frame 4ft from the edge, thats the second frame, and the third??.🙄
  6. Never trust an Ivory poacher Andy count them all before you leave.😄
  7. Its been resolved this morning after email to A.
  8. Anybody else having this my Dashboard Cleared Balance showing $0.00 my actual account balance $74.49 cleared. ?? Cheers in advance.
  9. On a less musical Alamy payment cleared today, and gave up learning the Guitar when I realised I wasn't as talented as Mark Knopfler.😃
  10. Just checked Andy last year was 26th Oct through A so might be later in month.
  11. She is what you would call a typical loud cheerful market trader, a great character. I did buy her hat. 🙂
  12. Cheerful lady in my local market promoting her Pumpkins.
  13. That stuffed Walrus is back in the shed now he's got a stuffed Dolphin and a host of extra's. 🤣
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