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  1. Ignore all that I have just checked my Account balance. It is DACS very pleasant surprise.
  2. Does a DACS payment show up in my sales report as just "other income". No name or other information. If it is from my small port that's a very nice sizeable payment thank you very much.
  3. To good to be true pays to read the small print. 😃
  4. This landowner has absolved himself of all responsibility for everything including his spelling.🙂
  5. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 16 October 2020End: 16 October 2025 First of the month $$ so can't complain.
  6. I do remember one winter when getting up at 5am to go to work and forgot to set the heating timer in my little cottage and found the tooth paste gone solid in the tube.
  7. Yep coffee soon, I'm in Skibb early tomorrow between 10-11 ish I think.
  8. Probhably I was wedged with a full Irish Breakfast and several cups of coffee as well.
  9. Never mind Andy most havn't been to Innishannon ( think it was you in the layby next to the river on the windy road coming out on Tuesday) would have stopped but a lorry was inside me just as we drew level.
  10. Must have been tough choosing between sunny Capri and Rochdale with the winter winter wind screaming down off the Pennines and cobbled streets covered in ice. Where I lived Littleborough was higher than Rochdale and the winters were brutal.
  11. I used to visit Hebden Bridge when living in Littleborough (Just outside Rochdale). There was a great little shop selling all sorts of china ware factory seconds that was destined for high end high street shops. I could never find any flaws in it, got many a bargain with table services and huge centre plates.
  12. My 3 Coal Fire burning in a domestic grate Dawn Castlehaven Harbour, West Cork, Ireland at low tide Irish Coast Guard going out on a shout.
  13. + 1 from me, if I get asked about why I'm taking a pic where there are other "interests" my normal stock answer is "I don't take sides just images".
  14. You may well be correct Allan my only experience is with the Galaxy and mine come from the Flintstone age. 😃
  15. You could try Amazon I needed batteries for my old Galaxy's, in store shopping around the local outlets, cheapest I could get was about 30-40 Euro. Amazon 12Euro delivered. Just a thought.
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