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  1. Same here i don't mind the cold but shoot from a car, getting wrecked gear is not worth the shot. I got a home made bean bag which makes a great camera rest against the car window opening, very cheap and very affective.
  2. Volume double last year doubled my port (still not huge) but revenue the same almost to the $. Onwards.😐
  3. Just dropped in Book print and digital one time use. High $$ very pleasant change.
  4. Chuck you obviously have some rare images (much more than mine). My particular gripe was about scarce images on Alamy anyway, I had a licence for an image which if you use the search string to find it only yield 6 or 17 images depending how you word the search (6 of them are mine), so the client did not have allot to choose from. Surely Alamy could negotiate more than small $ Net for it. Just seems lazy to me.
  5. Only been on here a couple of years, used to go out of my way (lots of miles) for images. Not any more, don't get me wrong love taking images but now just carry the camera everywhere and see what comes along. Even live news has to be close with todays dwindling returns.
  6. I can understand that but recently I have had lots of licences that are not even close to the advertised price. They can't all be regular or bulk buys. ( Magazine 5000 or less).
  7. This has probhably been raised before but can someone explain why web site usages keep getting licenced for tiny $ (which I and many others keep getting) when the price shown for a download for this usage is clearly shown as £29.99. (At least it is on my download page). Thanks in advance. Andy
  8. Not enough for 2 pints of beer for both. "Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 5,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 18-December-2019 ; Additional Details: Duration of license is 7 years from start date" Web Site Use Both together don't reach $ 😪
  9. 3 for very little $$ but highest zooms and ctr so hopefully lots more tiny licences 😉
  10. The rest of the class room and school had some pretty disgusting graffiti all over the walls, i chose not to endorse it.😐
  11. Many thanks for including mine, some very fine images. Good luck to everyone.
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