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  1. Just to save your digits I found a speed peeler does the business on butternut squash. Over here in Ireland Swedes and Turnips are the opposite to in UK, which being a stupid Englishman always causes massive arguments at the checkout.🙄
  2. I had the same problem until I got a really!!! sharp knife. Top and tail the offending veg, then run knife down the sides to peel, cut in half, then each half in half, carry on untill desired thickness is reached, then cut across into squares. (Probhably sum chef raising his eyes to the heavens) works for me though. Butternut squash and a pinch of Chilli flake lovely warming soup. Andy.
  3. Anybody else had this today. Measures showing more zooms than yesterday, click into "your images" which normally shows yesterdays images plus any zooms in the appropriate column. Nothing. Just a bit odd not particularly bothered as most of my sales are never zoomed. Andy
  4. Amazing what 1 glass of sherry can do to Gran when she visits.🙄
  5. Well I got the West Coast bit right. 🙄 Well done!!
  6. I was thinking thats the back of a small hotel or pub with car park, the beach appears to be on the left which my bizzare logic puts it West Coast and the television aerials are pointing inland so to speak.
  7. I have absolutely no proof but it has that "West Coast of Scotland" look. Probhably miles out 😜
  8. Thanks for that due to being in total lockdown here in Ireland I can "snap" my car parked outside.🙂
  9. I suppose this should be in the "Good thing today thread" but it started here so it ends here. This conversation must be familiar to allot of car owners. VW Main Dealer Parts Dept "The Catalytic converter has to come from Germany, due to Brexit, Donald Trump, and Wilderbeest blocking the Autobahn it will take till next week and cost 1600 Euro to fit. My local garage (just across the road from main dealer and next door to a Motor Factor. " No problem Andy leave the keys and pick it up tomorrow 450 Euro fitted." Got my car back today god bless local good garages.
  10. I don't think the family they just rescued gave a damn about correct wearing of face masks. Safely back after a call out. The Ghosts need masks as well.
  11. My local newspaper asks if I send in images with only children in it I give a telephone number they can double check its ok. Never had a problem myself.
  12. Most thieves are not interested in the problems and chaos their actions cause. Most of the time if there caught its a fine or slap on the wrist, not long ago near me fishermen were finding their outboard engines had been cut out of the back of the boat with a chainsaw. Not only is the boat wrecked they can't get out to their trawlers to fish. The 2 pieces of slime were caught one night by a fisherman coming in late on the tide. The crew held them while more skippers gathered, their van failed its flying test (pushed off a cliff). Lets just say they are now physically incapable of ste
  13. I don't think Catalytic converter theft is a huge problem here in Rural Ireland, heating oil theft is another matter, they just smash the padlocks of the tank where people are away and pump out the heating oil. That and outboard engine theft from boats overnight.
  14. Xmas decorations all taken down, put back in their proper boxes and consigned neatly to the attic. Whoever invented grappling irons was wasting his time, Xmas lights with a plug hang up on everything and anything.🙄
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