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  1. 5 for $443 With the new contract going to hard enough to achieve that average again. Must try harder. 🤪
  2. I know spent ages briefing them on which bits to chew on turned me back and they ran over of to the sugar bowl left open....
  3. I had a shrews skull. (it took nearly 3 days for the ants to clean it). 😃
  4. Image of Ian Bailey used in British National full page spread promoting a "world exclusive". To me after the new rates v small $. I did check with Alamy that the correct rate had been applied. "Thats the going rate for stock image in newspaper" was the reply. 😥
  5. Had a last gasp invoice clear today which takes me over the threshold by a reasonable amount, Phew.🙂
  6. Just had this reply, it would appear my memory was out by a month. "We’ve checked and you opted into some countries in May, however you would have only been able to opt out of Brazil in April. Because the image was downloaded before you made the change, we have to honour the sale. I can confirm that you are opted out of that territory, so no new customer can download your images in Brazil." Andy.
  7. I think your right its growing in a wild flower patch on the edge of a pond. Thanks for the help. Andy.
  8. I have it as a Geranium but not sure of the variety, may be one of the Cranesbill ones, in flower this week Ireland. Thanks in advance. Andy
  9. Both UK National newspapers, both same licence very high $$$ each. Nice surprise.
  10. Its probhably going to be blamed on Covid, The Heat, Drought warnings, Passing herd of Buffalo in the office, Ransom ware attack. I'm down to 19 from 26 cleared yesterday, not as worrying as some folks.🙄
  11. Received today. "Following on from your previous email, the licence for P6BRWT was made through our distribution scheme, and the image was originally downloaded in February this year. I will check with our IT team what date you opted out of Brazil for distribution." The sage continues. Andy.
  12. I have a sneaking suspicion that this deselect thing is going to be something Alamy just pay lip service to. If a licence is contested by a contributor they just let the emails gather dust untill the annoying person goes away.🤬
  13. Thanks for that all I know is those countries are unselected so that would fit. I have just tried unselecting another country and you can remove the tick, also the "update" box changes to be used as well.
  14. I have asked Alamy to confirm when I last updated my distribution deselect list as I can't find the dates anywhere on my own settings etc.
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