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  1. Usage: Presentation or newsletters ; Start: 13-August-2020 ; End: 13-August-2025 . Low $ net.
  2. Absolutely next time your down near Skibbereen give me a shout. (Castletownshend is my village) But Skib is the nearest town. This area was devastated by the famine, there is a very good museum dedicated to it.
  3. On a last footnote next year I qualify for my Irish passport, already got the forms partially filled ready to go on the day.
  4. Those exploding ants are pretty fanatical, instead of biting you they rush up grab hold and self destruct, can do allot of damage to your toe.🙂
  5. We still have one of those English Families (there are several others near here with the same attitude) living in my village. The land they have was given by Cromwell for "suppressing" the local population. The house is surrounded with a large stone wall (even got an electric gate fitted), they have no interaction with the village as such, sent their children away to private school (the local primary is renowned for being excellent). They come in my local pub about once a year when the daughter is home on school holiday and pretend to be "local", basically ignored by everybody, that them and us attitude still goes in here.
  6. I still maintain that to weed out the "suspicious" user there should be a "pay on download" for PU and after a sensible cooling off period ( like 1 minute after download 🙂) No refunds.
  7. Thanks John/Jansos the blooms do seem allot more "blousy" than the ones I normally grow (unmarked bag of corms from a friend). They hold themselves very upright as well without staking.
  8. I have this as gladiolus "priscilla" unless anybody knows another, the flower edges are a very deep pink. In full bloom now. Thanks in advance Andy.
  9. This was used in the Telegraph back in May. Just showed up today for tiny $. So if things go as normal for the Telegraph be about another 3 months before it clears so 6 months from the time of use for about 3 bucks. Good thing I can make peanuts stretch out.😕
  10. Got picked up by the local papers, fat lazy seal.
  11. I'm going to give the deep fried courgettes a go with my fish, make a healthy change from fish n chips.😉
  12. You can never have to much fishing gear, its the law 🙂. Always loved fishing my dad took me when I was about three with a little rod. Living on the coast in Ireland fresh fish of all sorts is not a problem, and being friendly with the local commercial skippers ensures a well stocked freezer.
  13. My tomatoes are keeping me very well fed! as well, also picking 6/7 cucumbers a day, thankfully the local village shop takes them and they all sell every day. Love asparagus when its young, yesterday had whiting (caught on my own rod) wrapped in courgette ribbons (my own courgettes, use a speed peeler to get thin ribbons ) also baked with olive oil and sea salt. Andy.
  14. Thank Betty they are very tasty. I have 4 other plant pots doing the same so you can grow over 140+ carrots in a couple of pots on the patio, take up no room in the veg plot and no thinning out.
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