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  1. Taken in my local harbour a few days ago. The local seals have learned to break into the fishermens lobster pots on the sea bed, as well as stealing fish from bottom nets.
  2. Our prevailing wind is mainly from the West straight off the Atlantic. All that evaporated water comes down on us here in Ireland. Hence good grass so good race horses and good cows, sun tan not so good.😂
  3. Only started with Alamy last year and managed 6 published between August and end of December (mainly Irish Sun I think). Hopefully your math will help with my re application then Keith.😯
  4. Brilliant absolutely nailed it. Last one out turn the lights off. 😃
  5. Anybody had any feedback having re applied to join live news. Just curious how long the "sifting" process is going to take. Andy
  6. Within an hour is fine "Live News" its in the title. My guess and just a guess might be weeding out the "weather watchers". Could be wrong of course. Andy
  7. Out as well. Sounds like a trade union dispute.😃
  8. My local craft shop that rents out space. £62.00 for an A4 mounted and framed black and white print. Just a thought make sure you sign them, people like to see a signature so I've been told. Andy
  9. Looks very similar to bed forming for a potato crop used in Norfolk if its any help. Andy
  10. T shirts and flip flops over here in Ireland. 😃
  11. Now that's a happy clown on a Saint Patricks day parade.
  12. I had a credit on my account from Alamy today "adjustment in your favour" $0.01. Very decent of them.😃
  13. + everything Andy (Colblimp) said plus proper scientific names are important as this is often the tag that is searched for. I know it can be a pain but well worth the search effort to get the correct names.
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