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  1. Three from me, though I don't have many pictures of street performers to choose from Busking in London Hardcore busking in Gaspesie, Quebec Busking in Quebec City
  2. But many people would still be willing to supply their images to agencies that license images for cents.
  3. Those two pie-in-the-face eleven cents sales were RF 1600x1000 pixels to China. As they are RF that is all the data given.
  4. I posted thus in the Nostalgia thread, but I had two in today for eleven cents, with four cents to me. It makes the micro stock ten cents look lavish. As Ian says this is what microstock creates.
  5. I don't know yet, I will see when the Sales page is updated this evening. It's so low that I wonder if it costs Alamy more in their staff's wages to deal with these deals than they make at eleven cents per shot. With the $ fees I always used to console myself saying that at least it would buy a coffee, but the $0.04 to me wouldn't even pay for the little wooden stick that you stir your coffee with. Its all pretty lamentable. I just had a look, and its RF. I will put more details here this evening when I know.
  6. I can't say that I am thrilled at Alamy letting our images go at eleven cents. Even in the photo business I would have thought that there was a level at which you just say no, that you say you won't undervalue your own business and invite the buyer to go elsewhere. But quite clearly I am wrong.
  7. I just had two sales for 11c each, so 4c to me! That's 40% of Sh***Stock's miserable payout. So, yep, I am nostalgic for those early sales.
  8. I don't know how the prices are now, but when I got my iMac (also 2013) Apple were charging an enormous premium for the extra memory. You can check online for the price of buying the extra memory from a 3rd party supplier and fitting it yourself (or your son-in-law). Adding the extra memory to a iMac is very easy so there is no need at all to pay Apple to do it for you.
  9. Discoverability is a course tool and effectively useless. Just ignore and keyword properly, as stated above.
  10. Brilliant Simon, thanks. I hadn't thought of the IWM.
  11. Last light on the pack ice on the St Lawrence here in Quebec City. Its a shame that there were no clouds to fill in the sky, but its still a lovely scene. Especially as here the spring has arrived 3 weeks early and it was about 14C when we were there shooting.
  12. Hi all I have just submitted two posters from the first war - in Welsh. Does anyone here speak Welsh and can translate? I know Cymru is Wales, after that I am lost. Thanks Colin
  13. PixImperfect did a review of it on his (excellent) photoshop Youtube channel. He drew the same conclusions as Vincent, but he did use another web based program called imglarger.com that did a better job.
  14. I use PhotoLab. I am on PL3 and it has both horizontal and vertical correction tools. Viewpoint gives you more fancy correction tools, but the basics are there in PL.
  15. The top and bottom images from your five above are absolutely first class Andy. Three from me, as if I can get near those two. People racing their sledges on the famous toboggan run on Terrasse Dufferin in Quebec City The school run in India. Photographing the jellyfish in the Toronto Aquarium
  16. Thanks everyone. I will send Fabrice these replies and he can muse on them a while. He probably should sign up, he does that type of photo anyway and they are all there sat on his hard drive, so most of the work is already done. I'll have to guide him in the dark art of keywording and that,s about all.
  17. Greetings all I have a question for anyone who submits animal/wildlife images to Alamy. How do they do here? I ask because my photo friend Fabrice is a good wildlifer, he has some great images. He was wondering if it was worth the time and effort to get started here. He is French so the keywording would be a bit more laborious for him and, as we all know, properly preparing images does take time. Would he be better finding a more specialised agency? I have no idea at all as I have none of this type of photo. All input would be fully appreciated, I'd like to see his photos up for s
  18. I put two road bikes, a kid's bike and 2 BMX bikes up for sale last year and every one was snapped up within a week at a price not far from the original purchase price. One guy made a 5 hour round trip to pick up one of the BMX. I know the owner of a bike shop here and he had no stock left from mid-June until the manufacturers could catch up in the autumn. The Covid effect, so I am not surprised that used cameras are rocketing in price.
  19. Hi all Another superb portfolio of images to drool over. My favourite is the iceberg reflection in Greenland https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/25/from-polar-ice-to-lightning-strikes-the-2020-frank-hurley-awards-in-pictures
  20. If you don't need colour then a B&W laser printer is a great option. I have one here for document and general printing and its great. I have had it 5 years and have got through one cartridge and am using the second. The only downside is that it takes a minute or so to print which can seem long in our ADD instant-everything world.
  21. No, I still do not have a printer. When the world re-opens and I can sell direct to the public at markets I will get another printer, but until then I am living without one.
  22. I think I saw the sky and mountain tops on my fourth or fifth visit to Skye. The Scottish Highlands and Islands are atmospheric even when it is grey and cloudy, they are some of my favourite places anywhere, second only to Chamonix. Elgol is lovely and one of my favourite peaks in Scotland is Bla Bheinn (Blaven).
  23. Thanks everyone, another thumbs up for the Alamy knowledge base. And I will have a look at that youtube channel.
  24. Hi all Can anyone give me a name for these plants with pink flowers? They are under the cliffs at Elgol on the Isle of Skye.
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