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  1. Which means that instead of criticism taking place here where they can reply, join in the discussion and give their point of view they will have their business criticised elsewhere where rumour can become fact in a few clicks of a mouse.
  2. My three Ladies critically inspecting the wares in a market in India A butcher's stall in a market in Nepal A Bolivian lady having a bad day, La Paz market. Probably because I was the 500th tourist to take photos of her stall that day (or maybe she knew I was going to post her picture underexposed by half a stop).
  3. No, I have a link on it that directs to my portfolio here
  4. www.colinwoods.photodeck.com I like it, although I haven't tried the others (Zenfolio, Smugmug, etc) so I can't offer a comparison
  5. Maybe this one, for the exuberance on my daughter's face. For the simple joy of throwing leaves in the air.
  6. What a selection - the guy cycling through the chili fields is my winner, followed very closely by the dog on the beach.
  7. THree from me Sheep in the Lakes Harvest time in North Yorks A sheep farmer with his sheep in New Zealand
  8. I'm pretty sure that it breaks the phrase for me. I will go and do a test on that.
  9. And to the OP, I would think about putting a real sentence in the caption. Your caption should describe Who is doing what, where, when, why and how.
  10. I keyword and caption in Adobe Bridge. If your last keyword is a phrase then when you import the keywords into AIM that last phrase will come across as separate words. So if my last keyword is Chateau Frontenac it will come over to AIM as Chateau, Frontenac. To avoid this i put a comma then a single letter. I would keyword Chateau Frontenac, z. Then my Chateau Frontenac will be preserved as a phrase and when I am choosing the supertags in AIM its easy to just delete the lone z. Did that make sense?
  11. They do take up space as they are quite bulky, but I wouldn't be without mine. It make vertical shooting so much easier and I use the remote control pretty often as well.
  12. Yep, I got a cheapie and it works perfectly. It makes the camera so much more comfortable to hold. Mine even has a remote control for triggering the camera which is superb for shots on B setting.
  13. Three from me Alone at last - Filey beach in Yorkshire Paddling with shoes in hands - Woolacombe beach in Devon Sunset surfing - Woolacombe beach in Devon
  14. Me too, exactly that. I almost never need two slots so I haven't got it repaired yet.
  15. You won't regret it - the D750 is a fantastic camera. There is so much detail and info captured in its RAW files.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2021/aug/05/much-ado-about-nothing-2021s-best-minimalist-photography-in-pictures Some superb images here. The tree in the field is my #1.
  17. He's not far from me by the look of it. I live in Ste Foy and cycle through Domaine Maizerets from time to time. Donc Martin, si tu veux me contacter je pourrais t'éxpliquer comment Alamy fonctionne, et pourquoi ce n'est pas comme microstock. As others have said your photos are very nice.
  18. They like their Disco bar, as evidenced by the very badly written blog post referred to above. Maybe if they a. Had to use it and b. Had to field these questions weekly instead of us They might rethink it. But for now its not going anywhere, and, given that we have just had a 20% pay cut, I am not going to spend much time doing Alamy's job and explaining how to use this poor resource.
  19. I got rid of my f2,8 and got that lens - its great. As Chuck says, light, quick to focus and wickedly sharp.
  20. Dusty Hill died! Joey Jordison yesterday and Dusty today. I loved his bass tone, with Billy's superb guitar over the top. I'll be having a ZZ Top session this evening.
  21. And don't forget Birger that my dream destination is your local area. Same for me here - people dream of seeing Quebec City, for me its just 8km down the road. Events in the daily life in your area will be invisible to you yet exotic and different to me, so get out and document life in Bavaria, the streets, villages, people, etc. And look with a new eye at all the images you see everywhere, as well as following the advice given above. On this forum you have unlimited and free access to a group of very talented and helpful photographers who will happily share their knowledge with you. Its a pr
  22. Hmmm. If keyword stuffing with irrelevant keywords to get us to the green has an effect, then presumably we can stuff with a bunch of random three letter groups (ABC, XYZ, PQR, etc) and that way keep tightly keyworded and be green and hence have a higher search placement.
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