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  1. Plus, I could have uploaded about several more from the shoot. Oh well.
  2. Indeed. Even in the short time I tried it, they started accepting fewer and fewer photos and only payout 20%.
  3. Trying. This doesn't exactly pay a full time wage. LOL I also have 306 glorious photos uploaded through Stockimo, but nary a sale. I feel like my Stockimo portfolio is actually better. https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={29443024-CA70-4333-A908-65F9DAB0505B}&name=The+Blinking+Eye+%2f+Stockimo&st=11&mode=0&comp=1 But I've given up on that.
  4. The idea of access is really driving me, because I DO have access to a lot of dynamic and special worlds. Your portfolio is masterful and enlightening, thank you.
  5. I have looked into that. There are a few on Alamy already, but it's not totally saturated. I live in an amazing visually dynamic area, right near a marina and the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.
  6. Thanks for looking! I got lazy on that one, but I entered your description. πŸ™‚ I did research details for some Mexico photos and that took quite a while, so I should go back and finish. Would rather be out taking pictures!
  7. Thank you! Captured in the subways of Mexico City. I haven't sold diddly squat yet. πŸ˜‹
  8. Such amazing shots everyone! Glad to see the discussion about ISO. I shot about 500 photos at the Lights For Liberty protest in Berkeley on Friday, which took place on a pedestrian bridge over an eight lane highway. A few pictures are really beautiful but I got home and realized none of them would pass QC because the best photos were taken at magic hour or later, and I do not yet have control over the manual controls on my camera, including setting the ISO manually. SO IN OVER MY HEAD. 😁 I was moving quickly because the event was only an hour so I just grabbed what I could. I submitted two and they passed QC!!! Thrilled, and maybe I'll upload a couple more. Editing this to add specs. both photos: ISO 3200 F4.5 1/125 shot with Sony a6000 zoom lens woohoo!
  9. I'm still thinking about this as I struggle to get any kind of footing here in this biz. πŸ˜‚ I am thinking political rallies and protest footage will be one focus. It feels good to bring my interests in photography and activism together. The imagery can be dramatic. People let you take photos of them up close because there is a performative aspect, the events are timely, and I can amplify the message. I live in a hotbed of protest territory, so there's never a dull day. And it's where my heart is. ❀️
  10. Nice song. But I'm starting to feel this approach requires a lot more legwork! Stock photography is definitely not an "easy in".
  11. Excellent, thank you. I'm amazed how much I can learn from just this forum alone. Ready to up my game! πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
  12. Thank you so much, everyone! I'm getting the hang of it. One problem is I wasn't paying attention to the ISO (yes, I'm a neophyte). I went out and took a bunch of night photos and was careful about the ISO and they all look smooth as silk. Sad, though, because I got some great close up photos of US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, but they all seem slightly soft or with noise. They were shot at night under bright lights but the blacks are a bit noisy. Onward.
  13. Yeah, those plane wings shots. Blah! I will delete. I was thinking that I was supposed to strive for quanitity but I see my error now. I can’t stand seeing those mediocre shots on my page now. All your words are very helpful. Thank you, Betty! Lack of sharpness seems to be the biggest culprit when I zoom in. I’m still learning the camera and these inspections are making me a better photographer. I like hearing about those who upload one winner shot per topic. Actually, that would cut down on the workload.
  14. 😁 My good friend Dan. I've known him since 1980.
  15. Thanks! I was just thinking I could maybe find this information elsewhere on this site. I have heard about including context when photographing street art, that makes sense. But I see all kinds of shots and details (without context) of artworks and artifacts on here, so a bit confused.
  16. Claire's has been in the news lately, something about using asbestos in their makeup.
  17. Hi All, I have done a search here in the forum and cannot find any answers though it has probably been discussed before. Can we sell photos of objects/artworks in museums? Sculptures in museums and in public squares? Diego Rivera or Orozco mural details? Ancient temple artifacts and details? How does that work? I see a lot of people selling this kind of stuff but reluctant to upload myself until I understand the rules. I have tons of it. Kristin
  18. Cool. I finally got out of the QC deep freeze and my "QC rank" even went up to 3 stars if can you believe that. Still avoiding any night shots to be safe, while spending a lot more time discriminating and proofing. I feel much better about my portfolio as something that is beginning to represent the photographer that I strive to be. Takes work!
  19. Envious of the quality and quantity, congratulations.
  20. If you never gave it a name when you set it up, you can still do it. I just checked mine, which is set up, and it will let me name it ONCE.
  21. Wow, thirty days would be discouraging! I don't know that photographer but looking at his work now. 😎
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