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  1. Good to know. I don't understand all the subtleties of tagging but I do research every image I post and try to tag thoroughly. I also notice my images are remarkably visible in searches, not sure why that is. They often show up on the first page of a search, even when the topic has many thousands of images.
  2. I grew up in Minnesota and my parents took me on a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area when I was 13 years old. We spent a whole week canoeing around one island. We pulled up to shore and camped at night, but paddled all day. I perfected my loon call. Unforgettable!
  3. Thank you. I'm intuiting all that. I work on this every day, so it helps to get encouragement. It's interesting that this one photo was bought twice and zoomed once, which makes me think it's more about what photos you offer rather than the odds (i.e. quantity).
  4. This one sold a second time. First time to Germany, this time to Brazil. And it's only my third sale ever. Brazil pays half as much as Germany, do we know why? And will the image really be a full page size? Is that what that means? Country: Brazil Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 October 2019 End: 01 October 2024 Brazil, Book, print and/or e-book,Bulk discount flat rate Edit: Looks like it was through a distributor too and I only get 30%, so very small sale. I didn't realize I signed up for that when I joined. Oh well.
  5. One thing I am enjoying from this process is researching photos in order to tag them. Here, I learned the difference between chemtrails and contrails. Chemtrails is a conspiracy theory that the government showers the earth with chemicals, among other things, when these lines in the sky appear, which is impossible and disproven by science and fact. Contrails is short for "condensation trails" which is what these are: Ice crystals created by water and sediment released as exhaust. They can however modify weather and cloud patterns and are scientifically named "homomutatus", meaning human-made clouds.
  6. There are freak events in all walks of life and it’s easy to list them. On the other hand, I have travelled solo up, down and around the USA by car, sleeping alone in tents in primitive campsites. All over California. On an extended road trip from Las Vegas to Denver. Several different trips through Utah. No wayard events ever. Just bliss. People constantly ask me if it’s safe. It’s far safer than walking down the street in Oakland where I live, I tell them. And I do that too, late at night.
  7. How do you opt out of Novel Use? I'm not seeing that option anywhere.
  8. No! There's no way to opt out of these rock bottom pricing schemes? I'm not ok with this.
  9. I work with archival footage all the time. I use a Moviscop viewer, rewinders and 16mm projectors. I don't edit them though. Renting out the last remaining Steenbeck sounds like a great gig.
  10. I make experimental films as part of "live cinema" performances. Images come from found footage vintage industrial and educational films. My friend Cindy and I accompany visuals with soundscapes using voice, violin and the musical saw. Also, I would eventually like to submit some of my more arty photography to print and exhibit - am interested in the fine art/gallery world.
  11. People still use a Steenbeck? That's awesome. I know people who give those away for free.
  12. Train conductor taking tickets on a historic Sierra Railway steam engine train at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown, California, USA
  13. I absolutely LOVE your photo!!! Thank YOU for the beauty zap.
  14. You're welcome! I'm glad we got to the bottom of this. I was so appreciative of everyone's else input.
  15. Radio tower in Mexico City. I don't know if this shot entirely succeeds. What do you think? I post it here, because it's the kind of thing I'm going for. Maybe you can appreciate the idea in it, even if the execution of it isn't as good as it could be? It gives me a certain feeling.
  16. I actually crowdsourced film rolls for an arty project a few years ago and borrowed a friend's 35mm camera, which he never wanted back. People gladly handed over all their old film rolls they had sitting around. I think I got over a hundred rolls of free 35mm film within a few days, all of it was expired, some of it decades ago. I used a lot of it and got to know how the various films age and discolor. All of the images came out well, some grainier than usual with a green tinge.
  17. Your pictures are so good, I'm wondering if you could sell them other places as well. Just a thought. (as others have suggested)
  18. These are AMAZING and changing how I look at things. It's a good reminder that stock photos do not have to be literal and boring, but can be creative, surreal and beautiful!!! Thanks, everyone, for sharing. (don't think I have any to share yet)
  19. It's nice to hear that perspective. I do like being able to manipulate the images with a click of a mouse, but I feel like I can always see the difference, and I love and miss that grainy look. Especially with projected film on the big screen.
  20. Mine were shot with a Sony a6000. And I absolutely LOVE how invested you guys are in this topic. 😄 But this is why I will always prefer the fine beauty of analog emulsion and grain.
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