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  1. Wow, the choice was super obvious for me. But interesting that I gave it the first and only vote so far. Funny how that works.
  2. I don't believe in objectivity~ My photos are a form of personal expression and emotion drives impact. I feel so lucky to have these photos now to remind me of the thrill of that unforgetabble moment!
  3. Black Lives Matter murals in Oakland are indeed my hottest topic. I just counted ten zooms on different murals, two in the last couple of days. No sales.
  4. I downloaded it! Thank you!! It never occurred to me to edit the news photos after the fact (since I didn't edit them while uploading to Live News). So are you saying I should upload a better, edited version now? I agree, that's the standout shot of the bunch.
  5. According to my zooms and sales, it's looking like capturing current events, especially Black Lives Matter, is the best focus for me, aligning accessibility and interest. I do live in a major travel destination as well, so could probably focus on that, especially because I know the secret spots and niche locales. I've been meaning to photograph the parrots of San Francisco (there are is a flock of famous cherry headed wild parrots living in the city) and I just looked it up and there are only about three photos of that topic on Alamy.
  6. I will point out it's about surface. The textures of the surface echo the surface in the glass in the window. So many variations of color and texture on one wall.. And the shadow looks as if it could be painted on as well. So there's an uncanny tension between solidity and flight, and between permanence and the passing moment.
  7. Great advice on this thread. First: How can you see total zooms? I have over 40 zooms but the number has lowered because if they happened too long ago, they seem to fall off the count. Second: I recently sold (albeit for a tiny amount) the most clichéd travel photo imaginable of the Castro District in San Francisco that I put very little effort into taking. I threw it up on Alamy but I didn't have any expectation for it. It was so ordinary. My suspicion is that because of my high placement in the searches, it was the first one of that shot that they saw, or maybe they w
  8. I do appreciate the conversation, because quality vs quantity is always on my mind. I loved the discipline of shooting film. It cost $100 to shoot a 10 minute roll of 16mm film, so you did EVERYTHING you could to get the shot right the first time. The stakes were high. With low stakes digital, people tend to put the effort into editing, sitting at a computer, which takes far more time, rather than in taking flawless shots. At least that's my experience.
  9. I used to shoot motion picture film and take it to the lab and I was in love with everything about it, including a large image created by a beam of light passing through a tiny celluloid frame. It all changed mid-way through film school, and the process moved radically away from crafting shots and story, from coaching actors on character motivation, from designing lighting styles and art direction, from exploring meaning and emotion...to learning software. Learning lots and lots of software. ProTools, Avid, Audacity, HTML, Sonic Solutions, FInal Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, etc etc etc.
  10. I am sensing some contrariness in that you have told me three times that I am incorrect. But it was you who said, "The world of news magazine photojournalism use to be photographers working under difficult conditions, working with chrome film (25 to 400 ASA) in cameras that you had to focus and determine the best exposure in fractions of a second. Then the photographer had to figure out how to transport the unprocessed film and information about what was photographed to their agent or publication." but now you are saying it was a breeze... That's cool. Your
  11. I've had anxiety about missed opportunites, and then realized there will always be another momentous occasion, another protest, another rally with a star politician, coming down the pike. Especially now, with the world in turmoil. So I just let it go and follow the few stories I can and want to.
  12. I graduated in 2003. So my academic background is not so recent. It's just that I've had a lot of it and thoroughly brainwashed. But I skate around that by making handmade postcards, being obsessed with K-pop, and getting my photos published in a tabloid and on some news scraper sites.
  13. Thanks. Oh yes, while shooting, I'm just snapping and to be honest, I don't actually feel like I know how to control my camera very well. So I'm mostly just setting it on auto and concentrating on the frame, hoping I get something. I notice it helps a LOT to review the photos quickly after taking them, to get better ideas on how to frame things, what works, what to look for, and what I need to do differently. But it feels rather haphazard. During the election night parade and piñata whopping, I had to move FAST. The piñata had started before I walked upon the scene, and if I didn't grab my cam
  14. Love the conversation. It's so great to be able to come here and talk about this stuff while in the process of attempting to up my game as a photographer. I would LOVE to see that Diane Arbus curated show. I know very well that some photographers meld art and journalism, and I am always very impressed with those who do. However, I also notice that even the most famous newspapers publish what appears to me mediocre visual content, so there's plenty of room to not shoot National Geographic quality stuff. I am always aware of that line and continue to define it for myself on a very personal level
  15. This is precisely why I asked for feed back on my Live News submissions. I felt I was a bit sloppy in submitting so many, but also didn't feel I could take the time I needed to choose fewer. Two of the photos picked up by the Sun, I considered the best of the group. But the third one, I didn't, and very likely would not have submitted it. I am definitely examining published news photos and studying them. I can see in Chuck's portfolio, he is being extremely selective about what he uploads, and I like his choices a lot. I come from the art world, and value abstraction, beauty and su
  16. No I did not get that point at all from your previous post. That people don't understand the difference between stock and news and they need to edit their live news images more carefully and be more selective about what they submit. And that Live News could be stronger by being more selective. None of that came across. Thank you for clarifying. It seems that not only did the process of submitting in pre-digital days require more legwork, I would assume there were a lot fewer images to submit. Because 35mm film was expensive and part of the training and practice and affordability of
  17. Dear Chuck, I have been aware of your credentials and respect them and I changed the title of my thread to better reflect the reality. Since we're throwing our credentials around...I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Cinema Production (took me seven years, three years alone on a thesis film) in addition to a BA in Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols, which included filmmaking and photography classes at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, in addition to an in-depth theoretical study of the meaning and production of images. I have studied 35m
  18. I've seen hail but not snow here...but there were reports of snow a couple years ago. Very, very rare. I've gotten photos of some amazing events - the coronavirus cruise ship parking a half mile from my door in the first few days of the crisis, the surreal orange sky from wildfire smoke, Black Lives Matter art explosion after the looting, an Elizabeth Warren rally. There's no shortage of drama. The problem is, I feel neglectful if I don't drop everything and run out every day and get it all.
  19. Thanks so much!!! You all guide me. Each step of the way. It's so amazing. I will get more practice as well. It's almost impossible for me to turn photos around in an hour, which is what they ask. Case by case -- they seem to give you a bit more time to upload.
  20. Thanks, I did email contributors@alamy when I couldn't get in and got a form letter back. I should do that again, since the live news people didn't reply to my message about the problem.
  21. Yeah, I take it for granted, been here so long. I'm learning the value of my location, the more my photos get used, which is also now the new USA Vice President-Elect's hometown.
  22. For me though, the address that was blocked was the one registered with Alamy and one that I had actually used before for Live News. Then I contacted them with a totally unrelated address and offered just my name, and they replied and opened the portal. So it's totally inconsistent and I have no idea what will happen next time.
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