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  1. Thanks Jill My local fishmongers market stall, there not looking very happy.😁 Andy
  2. Great Choice My 3 Fish Face Happy Face Watch Face
  3. The family had only bought this boat the week before, were on a cruising holiday around Ireland. The West Coast is a dangerous place if you ignore the charts. Thankfully all were rescued by the RNLI.
  4. Thanks Ian I can see your point, i did not mean all of the images just reduce them to a couple of each subject. If the subject is a car crash for instance its very easy to get carried away with different angles etc.
  5. Looks like a male house sparrow to me. They are a type of Finch after all.
  6. Does anybody delete some of their live news images once they are used as inevitably you get allot of similars chasing one subject.
  7. Thanks a bunch not sure how an image of the bottom legs of a tailors dummy relates, just goes to show you never know what sells.
  8. Its a side lane in Ballincollig Andy. Out shopping and came across it. Had to take a pic of that being English.😀
  9. Had this drop in today. iQ sale: Newspaper Editorial print and digital use. Anybody know what an iQ sale is. Cheers Andy
  10. Very popular English comedy series in its day.
  11. Whats an iQ sale anybody ?? Usage: iQ sale: NewspaperEditorial print and digital use. Up to 1/8 page.Any Placement.Repeat use within a single issue.. small$.
  12. Well done on that Andy. You did very well out of that court verdict.
  13. Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Newspaper - nationalPrint run: up to 2 millionPlacement: Inside and onlineImage Size: 1/4 pageStart: 24 June 2019End: 25 June 2019One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Any placement in paper and online. $5 Net for live news in print. Thats the lowest i have managed yet. Not good if its a taste of things to come.
  14. Have you looked here Edo www.l1lettings.co.uk/liverpool/apartments‎ They look ok. Andy
  15. Thanks, thats my normal port of call but this time i kept getting references to some weird drug licence number.
  16. Kids Crab Fishing Life Jacket Training Boy and his dog
  17. That village is Ballinascarthy, it gets plenty of attention from tourists. Keep telling myself to take a pic every time i pass it. Thanks to you all.
  18. Fantastic piece of work. Thanks again.
  19. Thanks a bunch Harry, i do wish these people would put an information board in their cars.😁
  20. Its a Ford of some sort, the bonnet emblem is some sort of flying bird (grouse may be). Apart from that I am open to any help. Cheers in advance. Andy
  21. Shocking started of ok with a licence first day of the month then fell into a black hole. 16$ gross. Onward!
  22. Burial site of over 9000 victims collected who were buried without a coffin on this site during the great famine in Ireland. Its a very powerful poem.
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