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  1. True all I needed was a small hill to shout from and been well away.
  2. Wilco used to be a fav of mine where I used to live near Nottingham, remember buying a loaf of bread and a fishing reel at the same time. Andy
  3. Only 2 licences for the month but huge difference in fee for each so over $200 for the month not a bad average.🙂
  4. The solution is to bake a massive one, or just do 2. They still don't last, shopping bill down electricity bill up from the oven, swings and roundabouts etc .🙂
  5. Thank you quality control has seen most of it gone already with icecream....
  6. My first attempt at Banana Cake and probhably my last at food photography.🙄
  7. Thanks for the Congrats Edo, I tend to shoot a bit of everything with a bit of News/Weather thrown in where I think it will be relevant. The other Andy really puts in the miles and hard work with more "targeted" images. I live in the rural part of rural Ireland, basically out in the boonies so chasing after "hot news" licences is just not financially worthwhile. Andy.
  8. Absolutely mate got to keep positive. The other way is madness.
  9. I'm ok, always seems to be the good ones that go. Did ok in the local rag this week, well pleased 3 pics taking 1/2 page and the rubbish dumped image keeps paying. You did ok as well.
  10. Could be Armeria maritima (Sea Thrift) Colin. Andy
  11. So sorry to here Andy, the last couple days been sad all round 2 funerals for me 1 Union Hall 1 in the village, knocks the stuffing out a bit.
  12. Thanks Andy makes a change from the usual small newspaper licences, every now and then makes it worthwhile.
  13. "Country: United Kingdom ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Newspaper - national ; Print run: up to 2 million ; Placement: Inside and online ; Start: 28-November-2020 ; End: 29-November-2020. Very High $$$ For a newspaper well happy with that.🤑
  14. Lots to choose but which 3!!. Bike on a window ledge. Fire Escape up to roof window Leaning Bottles on window ledge
  15. As a kid I suppose "idyllic" as I would see it now was just normal when you grow up in it. All gone now I'm afraid taken over by the scourge of the Palm Oil tree nothing but hundreds of miles of the things grown in huge blocks.
  16. I did wonder why the adults sat further up the beach nearer the treeline, one morning I was watching from my usual spot when about 300 yards up the beach none of the monkeys saw a Leopard accelerating out of the bushes, to late for one youngster. Back then Leopards and Tiger were not as rare as now, our house was about half a mile from the beach through scrub and a bit of forest and often got a glimpse of both cats.
  17. Well they are all fantastic images, took me back to when I was a kid living in Malaya down on the beach at low tide watching thousands of them (Brown not blue) running around. It looked like the whole sand was moving as young monkeys were running around trying to catch them. The adults never seemed to bother, just sat and waited for one to pop out of its burrow.
  18. I'm mildly curious as to what particular method works best for coaxing crabs.🙄 Andy
  19. These are on a window sill right next to my local pub. Before the lockdown it was fun to watch those who had a few to many looking at the window trying to straighten themselves, or leaning the other way.🙂
  20. Tooth brush with a bit of Vim on seems to move the stubborn spots.🙂
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