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  1. Well done Gen. My three. Trawler net in for repair Window through Lobster Pot Rusting Steel Girders
  2. Well thanks It's what you call a heavy duty over the top box, far to many screwsπŸ™‚
  3. Thanks for that I will get on it. Must have had a stutter...rrrπŸ™„
  4. True,true and true that shot took lots of attempts, the wretched bird would constantly land directly in my line of fire so to speak, so just a shot of the back of it. Finally it landed further across allowing me to see the chicks and get a decent side shot on of the birds plummage.
  5. Thanks Bryan that what was the first day they were big enough to crowd the entrance, prior to that it was just loads of racket inside every time the parents turned up. Just as a footnote it did show me how hard parent birds work to keep them fed. Non stop trips every 15 minutes or so dawn till dusk rain or shine they keep going.
  6. After getting a bit bored during the lockdown retired to the shed made up this bird box, no measurements just made it up out of bits. Stuck it up on the garden wall and had "lodgers" within 2 days. Finally got to see the brood, must say it gave me a great deal of satisfaction seeing the wild life making use of my effort.
  7. First time since god knows when finally got my hair cut, (at my age that is hair cut as in singular). No longer look like a mad scientist.
  8. I know their a bit of a cliche but they are fairly high on the cute scale.
  9. I did try to explain the idea of Test Cricket to a young man from across the pond once. Basically went along the lines of 2 teams of eleven, the first team is in till there all out, the second team is in till their all out, the first team comes back in again till their all out, the second team comes back in again until their all out and after five days it could end in a draw. I think he got the idea.😜😜
  10. It probhably came out of the same factory in China that Phillips kettles come out of plus loads of other famous "home brand names" Bryan.
  11. Zooms well down, CTR well down 3 for $57 but got my first Covid jab. Far more important thing to be concerned about than image sales. Well done those who had a great month.
  12. I used to get some nice strong chilli powder and mix enough to coat everything. Basically all my bird food was in a plastic box just tipped it in and gave it a good old mix up. (Watch the dust!!! in your eyes). Saved me a fortune in seeds and peanuts etc and the birds were not pestered by the grey horrors. Let me know if it works for you. Andy.
  13. Chilli powder in the feed Betty, the birds can't taste it and Squirrels hate it. I used to be plagued with the grey furry horrors in England, found the Chilli trick, no squirrels.
  14. Thank you as far as Seals go that's about the height of contentment I would say.
  15. Normally see these guys swimming round my local harbour, due to Covid apart from trawlers its fairly quiet which is why sleepy head here was bobbing about dead to the world, sound asleep.
  16. Hope you have a really still day then get some nice reflection shots of the Church in the lake.
  17. I dream of a 'high' $ lol they must have been doing a cheap deal for 2. We got power outages all day tomoz so of to Cork for a mooch nd shoot.
  18. Is that supposed to be The Guardian Andy, just had 2 from them drop in less than $ for the pair.
  19. I found the same fix, open any image, Open the Sky Replacement delete all the folders and groups, close the Sky Replacement, Re Open it and its all back to normal.
  20. Today for some stupid reason PS Sky Replacement tool is acting up, selecting a sky from the available presets just gets "unable to find file" error message. Anybody else had this?🀬
  21. Great Subject, My three. I had to admire this ladies determination dragging that Harp around, the last I looked they are V heavy.!! Latin American Guitar duet Young lady busking in a market.
  22. Educational Book mid $$ (Bit of a theme here Andy)😏
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