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  1. The income requirements are pretty good to qualify under 70 income less than 184 Euro a week or over 70 500 Euro a week gross . Look at the HAP scheme for rental assistance, its very generous also.
  2. On the plus side once your over 66 the bus service is free provided your pension is paid into here.😐
  3. I was referring to County Galway as a whole, my error. The city does look to have good coverage. Same down here in West Cork, where I am is ok 7Km from Skibbereen but just a few Km further out its very patchy.
  4. I to would not change living in Ireland, friendly people if you make the effort but living in rural Ireland really demands a car and another thing you might need to look into Ed is the Broadband coverage. I just looked at Galway and large parts of it still do not have coverage and not expected to within a year, that's the same for most of rural Ireland. Just something to bear in mind. Cheers Andy. (English interloper)
  5. Country: Brazil ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Book, print and/or e-book ; Print run: up to 5,000 ; Placement: Inside ; Start: 01-April-2019 ; End: 01-April-2024 For small $ Gross was a reasonable $$ RM and should be 50% its way below that, still waiting for the full report to see how their math works out.
  6. You come across a wedding and ask the bride and groom if they would mind standing to one side so you can get a clear shot of the vintage car they are leaving in.
  7. Its no bother I was just nosing through your port and recognised the same clematis I was chasing down this week. Take your camera in the bin you never know what goodies may come your way😮
  8. On the subject of Key Words your T8JKB8 and T8JKAN is Clematis Montana. Cheers Andy
  9. 3 ladies spinning wool, in about an hour they will have enough for a jumper 😊 A lot harder than it looks so i'm told.
  10. Thanks I must admit I had all but given up hope.
  11. Just had an email from Alamy informing me my Live News Re Application was successful so not all bad news.
  12. The fat lady has lifted her skirt packed her bags and gone home. Shocking April.
  13. +1 with Ed in AIM, the caption is just exactly what I see in the image, the usual what, where, when etc, and if I have to think about tags to much that's enough for me, 15-20 seems the norm often less.
  14. Seems to be sorted now apart for math being wrong for the views figure between yesterday and today but hey ho at least its not sending me of to facebook.
  15. Anybody else having trouble with measures "your images" not working AOA also very hit and miss with working. Andy
  16. "Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website ; Start: 21-March-2019 ; End: 21-March-2024 ; Additional Details: One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article." For less than a cup of coffee. Even more galling its a recent live news pic which I have been removed from until my re application is approved or not.😡
  17. Your so far out in the boonies the postman needs a compass. 😊
  18. My local paper does not pay a lot per image but it can mount up. Just checked my spreadsheet for that paper and since June last year stands at mid $1500 so no small beans for the effort. Andy.
  19. Taken in my local harbour a few days ago. The local seals have learned to break into the fishermens lobster pots on the sea bed, as well as stealing fish from bottom nets.
  20. Our prevailing wind is mainly from the West straight off the Atlantic. All that evaporated water comes down on us here in Ireland. Hence good grass so good race horses and good cows, sun tan not so good.😂
  21. Only started with Alamy last year and managed 6 published between August and end of December (mainly Irish Sun I think). Hopefully your math will help with my re application then Keith.😯
  22. Brilliant absolutely nailed it. Last one out turn the lights off. 😃
  23. Anybody had any feedback having re applied to join live news. Just curious how long the "sifting" process is going to take. Andy
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