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  1. I found it! Edit-double click on image - a new window with a checkbox appears. What's weird though, is my second poppy photo won't let me check the mark because it says the height is too tall for that photo. 🤷‍♀️ I fixed the other two, however.
  2. Aha, I get it. I even tried the zooms to comp thing and now your post makes sense to me. 🙂👍
  3. THANK YOU. That worked. Other methods did not work. I will do this from now on. That was a real brain strain. 🤪
  4. I understand almost none of this. It's like you are speaking a foreign language. (except for Safari and Mac, I use Firefox on a Mac). What is the "image manager"? You mean the Alamy Image Manager?
  5. Yes, I was dragging and dropping. Why is this not easy? The "simple way" in your note doesn't work for me. I see no check box. I did the shift/right click method and then I dragged it from there (to post on the October favorites uploads thread) which brought over a huge image and they all look squashed and ghastly on my cell phone. I tried clicking on the magnifying glass and the desktop version looks fine, the tablet and the phone versions look ghastly. I see no boxes anywhere that say "Keep original aspect" So everything you say is flying over my head.
  6. It looks like Alamy squashed and reshaped my photos when I dragged them over. How do I avoid this.
  7. Orange poppy field at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve during 2019 Superbloom, California. Orange poppy field at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve during 2019 Superbloom, California. September 9, 2020. San Francisco Bay Area orange sky due to wildfire smoke.
  8. Amazing photos. I so very much want a drone camera. Thank you!
  9. I recently sold two different photos I took of a Banksy on Alamy for a few dollars each. I think they showed context because his painting was partly on a street sign.
  10. I'm still at six, which is what I had last time we chatted, I think. Though I've sold two cell photos since then. I have an uptick in zooms since May but they don't translate into sales. Maybe I will get out and take some photos this weekend now that the air has cleared. Also: your Neowise comet photos over the vineyard are stunning.
  11. Congratulations! Great image. It looks like the sun in smoldering. I took a few orange sky photos last week too, but no sales. I have been sheltering in place so long, I haven't been uploading many photos. Didn't you and I have the same number in our portfolios at some point? I need to catch up!
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