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  1. Ed Roberts Campus was in the list of Alamy Needs. They had almost no photos of this educational center for people with disabilities. It's near my home and I go by there a few times a month, so took some photos.
  2. This man was rollerblading with headphones on for at least an hour in the empty IKEA parking lot, making the most of social distancing in Emeryville, California.
  3. Please get well. I enjoy your contributions in the forum.
  4. I'm getting itchy to travel! I can sense the magnificence from your description.
  5. I know your swan photo made the cut, but I just wanted to give a shout out to this one which I think is exquisite.
  6. Speaking of which, my last zoom on a picture of a church came from search words: "cuauhtemoc mexico city" My photo only showed up in this search because I spent a while sleuthing out the name of this obscure church. I could only find one much older photo of it online and that was after a lengthy search process. I then zoomed in tight on the sign on the one photo I found and had to google the particulars from that sign to figure it out. I then figured out what neighborhood (delegación) it was in and put that in the caption and as a tag. Only 810 photos show up with that search term and mine is the second one.
  7. I love you, MizBrown. Can I quote you? (not sure where, but it's really nice to hear) I'm approaching my one year anniversary of uploading. I'm averaging less than one upload a day. I have 322 photos up, plus 328 stockimos. Sold four. Eleven zooms. It's a climb.
  8. This ship is a 20 minute walk from my front door, one of the two now-famous contaminated cruise ships -The Diamond Princess in Japan and the Grand Princess in Oakland. Would I not be remiss as a photographer to ignore it? Information is a public service.
  9. I did notice later they say there is a delay in seeing sales so I will be curious if any sell. And thank you. I feel like I reached a new level with these and proud of that. But quickly realized how hardcore those photographers are who get there on the scene immediately. Or the ones who got there the next day to capture photos of nurses ushering people away in wheelchairs, or people boarding a private quarantined airplane at the airport. Takes energy and stamina. And no, I'm not simply exploiting the scene for a sale. I live within walking distance of that ship and am currently in lockdown. This is real.
  10. My first experiment with Live News. The Grand Princess cruise ship contaminated with coronavirus where one person died of the virus, is parked a 20 minute walk from my home. So I went out there and took some photos. No sales though. I guess by the time I got there, it was yesterday's news. Most stories feature a picture of the ship passing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.
  11. Very beautiful photos, everyone. This is a hidden labyrinth at Lands End, San Francisco, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. Artist Eduardo Aguilera created in 2004 as a shrine to peace, love, and enlightenment.
  12. Because she's such a cutie...she ALWAYS finds the warmest spot in the house.
  13. I had a good time taking these photos on a very windy day.
  14. I am noticing time gives me a better perspective. I can look back at photos I took a few months ago and say, "Whoa! That's a great photo!" and realize it's one I chose not to upload at the time. Sometimes my own agenda and biases get in the way of seeing the best photos in my collection.
  15. But you must have some way of explaining how this is learned. From sales? Intuition? Observation (of what?)? Working with editors? I sometimes feel like I flounder deciding which pictures to upload. It's a different skill than deciding what to photograph or composing the photo itself.
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