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  1. POD = Print On Demand? Been thinking about it. OK, I am seeing how there can be a switch between shooting arty stuff and stock, but I want to feel good about my stock stuff too.
  2. I get that and I have learned a lot about what people buy and what editorial even means. But I think I'm okay not thinking about that because I naturally want to document protests, rallies, political and news events. I just don't want to shoot shopping malls. 😋
  3. YES. This is the approach I want to take and was taking, until I started reading the threads in this forum. There's a lot of talk about revenue, what sells etc, and I think I just need to avoid those threads. I felt a lot better before I started obsessing about sales. I actually think this is kind of fun, and I do like the research aspect. But I don't want to change my eye or take photos I find boring. No. No. No. Thank you, Bill!
  4. And those are all things I need to work on. It's a good way to basic skills for sure.
  5. And I might be in a better mood about all this if more photos sold or sold for higher amounts. But if I'm going to work for free, then I'd rather choose. I can understand how it's a great feeling to have your photos used and wanted and purchased, for then I might not care about my "eye" so much. The rewards would come from something other than the image itself.
  6. The commercial or saleable value of a photo is not very linked to the quality of a photo in my mind. Of course, it's a beautiful thing when they go together.
  7. Yeah, we're looking at things differently. Which is fascinating. I appreciate hearing your perspective. And yes...some of it strikes me as junky.
  8. Thank you so much. This whole discussion (and my recent feelings about my photos) is clarifying my thoughts that I need to decide what I want to get out of my photography, and what my goals are. I used to just wander around and take photos whenever I noticed something was particularly photo-worthy. I have upped my game a bit, and now need to decide what aspect I want to build on and what my goals are. Not quite sure stock is where I want to be, or how I want to use it, since money doesn't seem like a realistic or satisfying goal. It has been great for extending myself toward a professional level and I am grateful for the rigor.
  9. This makes a lot of sense! Yes, I would rather have my name attached to the photos I'm proud of, but it might be helpful to have another profile to throw the junkier stuff in. 🙃
  10. I like your comments. The part about looking for VERY good pictures hits home. And the sacrifice that comes with that. I think I have been bothered by a recent tendency of mine to upload pictures that are not that great because they might sell. That's what bothers me, that I might be lowering the bar.
  11. I write and take pictures too. I have never had a switch between the two disciplines however. But I do have to turn a switch on to do either. Like, am I going for a walk or am I going to take pictures? **switch** Or am I going to write this article now or pay my bills? **switch** Maybe I can develop a switch between stock photography and personal work, but since this is my only public outlet so far, besides social media, I feel more self-conscious about what I put out there.
  12. That's a great story. I do like pretending to be an actual photojournalist. 😁 One of my interests is politics, protests and rallies, so I don't have to stretch to photograph that stuff. I guess I just want to be intentional, have a clear voice, and have quality.
  13. This thread depressed me too and got me thinking differently about it all. But I'll keep going because I take photos all the time anyway.
  14. Good summary. I have only sold three photos, but they're all from before my eye started to change. So I'm going to try to hold onto what I was doing before. It may not make much difference financially. I mean, sure, if I was going to get a huge sum. But look anywhere on this forum and prices for even the best of photos seem shockingly grim. I don't think it's worth changing my artistic sensibilities at this point.
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