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  1. There are some really beautiful and fun images on this thread! They also give me a sense of traveling to distant lands. Some of these remind me what winter looks like as well. 😉 I was super excited to have created this lampshade from a $20 paper IKEA lampshade that I cut into strips. I just pointed the camera at it. It's actually a bright diffuse light, but the camera shutter closed way down so it makes for a fancy photo as well.
  2. Okay I won't upload any more photos from the Museo de Antropologica. SIgh.
  3. I paid an extra fee to take pictures at the Frida Kahlo museum. I will look for the conditions.
  4. I haven't been able to find info on their websites but I will look again. I have MANY photos of the Frida Kahlo house. Have not uploaded them except for some photos of her paints and paintbrushes.
  5. I find this so confusing! I thought items of antiquity were out of copyright? I haven't been able to find the info on their websites. I have zillions of photos from Museo de Antropologia, Frida Kahlo house, Institute of Popular Culture, murals, and Teotihuacan. I have hardly uploaded any of it because I don't understand the issue or the boundaries.
  6. 1) The first days of the pandemic in the USA, submitted to Live News, about a week before the initial lockdown. Oakland, USA. 9th Mar, 2020. Grand Princess cruise ship disembarks at the Port of Oakland after 19 crew members and 2 passengers tested positive for Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus. One person on the cruise died from the virus. 2) Billboards in downtown Oakland, CA, USA. Billboard for black community to raise covid public health awareness. Black Lives Matter. Virus is real.
  7. Thanks, it's been nine weeks. I'll wait another month before checking in with Alamy.
  8. Actually, I have twelve sales if you count the three picked up by The Sun that I still haven't been paid for and that still have not appeared on my sales report.
  9. Got one! I was noticing my Mexico City pictures were getting regular zooms, and other people were selling photos from there (same places I visited), so I just recently started going back and uploading more. I have a lot but have been confused about which I can upload without copyright and releases as a lot of them are from museums and historical sites. This is the first one I've sold and my ninth sale over all. I will get my portfolio over 500 this week. Been a bit preoccupied but this inspires me to get to work. $50 direct sale so I get $25 Country: World English Language U
  10. I'm actually thankful for the scraper sites. Otherwise I wouldn't have known which photos got published.
  11. No, it hasn't registered. I'm used to the very slow Alamy payments clearing, but there's no evidence of these sales. I have screenshots of the Google search where they appear and from the scraper sites, but could never get to the bottom of the Sun blog to actually see them there.
  12. These are some of the first pictures I took with my digital camera. I'm looking at some earlier photos more closely and uploading a few. Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The Cliff House in the back just announced its closure after 157 years.
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