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  1. I really enjoyed spying on people with my telephoto lens at the state fair. 🙂
  2. My last three sales have been mid-$$. Twenty-nine "sales" on Alamy total, three never paid. Not bad for my small portfolio. They continue to like the political photos. Country: World English Language Usage: Editorial digital use. Up to DPS.inside.Repeat use permitted Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 30 July 2021 Duration: In perpetuity
  3. Sold for almost nothing. Country: Lithuania Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: General business services Image Size: Any size Start: 01 June 2021 End: 01 June 2026 Lithuania, Editorial website
  4. $ Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic Media: Website, app and social media Industry sector: Travel & tourism Image Size: Any size Start: 10 June 2021 End: 10 June 2026 Multiple use in branded content/sponsored articles and bookable content on owned website, app and social media. Excludes use on paid-for media.
  5. Two sales in one day, on the anniversary of George Floyd's death. Low $
  6. Thank you, friends. Yes, it's been a tough time. And did I mention I broke both my arms on March 12 rollerskating? Yep. I was without WiFi for about three weeks and couldn't type anyway. I did upload a bunch of photos a few days ago and it felt good to get back to the practice.
  7. I am soooo sorry to have missed all this excitement and gone silent for so long. Please forgive my absence. My mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer in April and my whole life turned upside down. In the midst of intense difficulty, it brought me joy to see my photo tied for first place amongst the photographers here whom I admire and learn from so much! I am not worthy!!! It's best that Gen won ultimately because there's not a chance in hell I could manage conducting the May challenge, but I am thrilled to get so much attention amongst colleagues!!! Thank you for voting and rooting us on. I
  8. Yes, this poor child radiated loneliness and discomfort. His guitar was taped with masking tape. He was out there every day.
  9. It seems as if the online digital services mentioned here are all based in the UK. There is a printer near me that I used to make business cards once, so I can try them, but I think they only do bulk runs. But isn't going through a lab a hassle, when you can just print at home? I'm not looking for professional quality, per se, I just want to print and play with photos for my own enjoyment. I'm currently looking at a Canon TS9520 all-in-one that allows for occasional 11x17 prints that I can use as a home office printer too. But reviews are mixed.
  10. I used to be on film festival committees, lots of them. I felt like the best works almost always rose to the top and the weak ones fell to the bottom. There was general consensus. I think it's different with photos. They are more subjective and there are far fewer clear markers around what makes them objectively good and bad. The Alamy forum is full of people with good eyes, skills, and tastes. So it does surprise me often what gets chosen. And yet, you can detect when someone has really put some work into it from their selection. So I would argue that judging/selecting
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