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  1. Ugh, so tired of it. So many of my friends have left or making plans to leave. The effect on artist communities has been devastating. Just seems odd, after a 27 year investment in the place, that my existence here feels so precarious by no choice of my own.
  2. Yeah, as a renter with no rent control, I'm about to get priced out of the area any day now. We'll see how it goes.
  3. No, but weird you say that, because I used to work in the old North Face building. Now owned by the Berkeley Repertoy Theatre. (That was the North Face admin office not a store, so maybe you're thinking of something else) And yes, it's changed and still changing dramatically in this area. You're lucky to live in Europe.
  4. Hi Doug! Do you remember the old "Emeryville Warehouse?" It was visible from the highway, I think, before IKEA was built. That's where I live now. Just across the tracks from IKEA, a block from Target, and two blocks down from Pixar.
  5. Awesome! Thanks so much, John. Yes, I will be getting the 55-210 lens. It had good reviews. Learning so much! This board is a goldmine of info.
  6. Thank you!! You guys are so great. My camera should arrive in a few days. I got a bundle that included a bigger zoom lens. I work well with technical limitations. I like the challenge of getting good shots with very limited options, sort of a DIY approach. It gives me space to be creative without getting hung up on technicalities. It will be interesting to see how that feels with a camera that offers so much more. Pretty excited to take it further. Maybe I'll have no reason to utter the "s word" again. haha
  7. Cool! I did an 18 day UK tour last year but don't have plans to come back soon. I had a blast though. I'm excited to get started shooting on something other than a cell phone. What a concept!!! Your encouragement helps a lot.
  8. Ah, I didn't know! Interesting that they approved my post anyway. Gag rules in a photography forum? 😀 Thanks for the hello and the glance at my photos. I just bought a Sony Alpha a6000 as was recommended on another thread on here. It should arrive in a few days. I hope it works out. I liked the small size since that's what I love about cell phone photography. But I'm really a celluloid aficiando. I have more experience as a filmmaker than a photographer, and still work with 16mm film and projectors.
  9. Howdy and hello I live in Emeryville, which is a mile by mile sized town nestled between Oakland and Berkeley, California, positioned at the end of the Bay Bridge, just across the water from San Francisco. With almost 18,000 photos on my cell phone, I started uploading with Stockimo and it's been a relief to find some kind of outlet for my photography habit, however humble. All my uploads so far are cell phone photos, with plenty of faves even captured with an ancient iPhone 3! Stockimo seems to accept about 2/3rds of the photos I upload. So this process has been giving me practice. I enjoy it and I like seeing my work from many years together in an online portfolio. Nothing has sold so far so I'm wondering how much effort goes into this in the long run and what to expect. And it's time to up my game. I'm shopping for a DSLR camera now and hope to have it in time for a trip to Mexico City at the New Year. Nice to meet you all and read your comments. Let me know if you have any feedback. Here's my Stockimo portfolio: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={29443024-CA70-4333-A908-65F9DAB0505B}&name=The+Blinking+Eye+%2f+Stockimo&st=11&mode=0&comp=1 Kristin
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