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    Mine pretty much always on the 6th, paid in yesterday.
  2. Times online 6th August 18 The Royal Hospital Chelsea hosted the return to Britain of the three-day Longines Global Champions Tour showjumping event, which ended yesterday LEO MASON/ALAMY
  3. Front page of Today's Times (print) Andrew Walmsley, Live News, Wilderness Festival, Oxon
  4. Lichen ID

    Perhaps reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) - had the same query myself a year or so ago ...?
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Telegraph online, Pictures of the Day, 27th July 18 Celia McMahon, Lyme Regis, Live News Peter Kovalev, St Petersburg,TASS/Live News John Angelillo, New York, UPI/Live News
  6. Ahead of the news

    Another must have read is Pictures on a Page, by Harold Evans. Not only about what makes a good news picture, but how that fits into the entire newspaper process.
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Daily Telegraph online, pics of the day, 25th July 18 Palmerston, Chief Mouser, of Downing Street with unfortunate duckling - Mark Kerrison, Live News Royal Welsh Show - Keith Morris, Live News
  8. Ahead of the news

    Agree entirely! Try buying local/regional/national papers Pietrach, they'll give you a heads up on whats coming to your area. Or call all the emergency services/hospital/council press offices in your area every day, which is what they do. Sorry to say, but there's no magic solution to what you're asking for.
  9. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Telegraph Pictures of the Day, 22nd July 18 Karl-Josef Hildenbrand - Live News Memmingen Fishers Day, Germany David Whinham, Live News Northern Pride, Newcastle
  10. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Daily Telegraph, pix of the day, 21st July Sunset over St Pauls, Guy Corbishley, Live News
  11. Panoramic image sales

    This sold a couple of times years ago, but doubt it ever will again. City skyline of Birmingham, which has since changed...
  12. Can it get any worse? Maybe it can?

    Either way round, no-one is buying local papers anymore. No circulation means no ad revenue. No ad revenue ultimately means no local paper. Every paper I worked on tried umpteen times to gear up/regroup in an effort to provide whatever the public said they wanted - and to zero effect. The generation that was interested and bought local news has pretty much gone. The millennial generation thinks news is whatever comes in on a Twitter feed. As a direct result, there are no reporters in Magistrates Court every day, nor colleagues covering every council meeting. There are no photographers covering local soccer, or being called out at 3.00am to a domestic fire. Local news is pretty much dead, and certainly not profitable enough for anyone to invest in - those remaining are being bled to death, rather than revived.
  13. Can it get any worse? Maybe it can?

    Indeed they are... I worked on 'em most of my life, and things are very dire indeed, two examples. 1) In the mid late 80's I worked on the Express and Star, then Britain's largest regional newspaper, and we sold close on a quarter of a million copies a night. We had a photographic staff of 20 odd, including people based around the patch, and picture desk staff. In 2007 that circulation had dropped to 174,989. but by June 2014 this had fallen to 73,473 and in 2016 dropped down to 55,373 around a fifth of the late 80's total. 2) Now pretty much retired, I read for the Talking Newspapers for the Blind - (we produce a weekly bulletin of local news that goes out on a USB stick to the visually impaired) - but we're in crisis as an entire chain of local weeklies collapsed, leaving us with no news to read out from several areas. We scrounge up what we can, but there is no longer a central source at all. Put simply, people are just not buying local papers, and no circulation equals no photographers whatsoever on vast numbers of the surviving weekly rags. Pictures used are those sent in by members of the public who photograph their own event. No budgets at all, I'm afraid, and no likelihood of a turnaround.
  14. July Challenge FUN

    Three from me.... Guitars and banjos #1 Guitars and banjos #2 Fun circa 1982
  15. Don't discount flash - it can be brutal, subtle, defining or overpowering - often utterly essential. You'll rarely see a fashion magazine cover that wasn't shot with flash - it's how and why you use it that counts. The literal translation of photography is painting with light - on occasion you have to supply that light. Nine times out of ten that'll be flash.