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  1. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 18th Sept Proshots/Live News, Prinsjesdag horses, Netherlands, WX649T
  2. Thanks for jumping in Colin! Three from me ... Famous face. Smiley face Furry face
  3. If you've got your car handy, you can run/charge a laptop by using an inverter, lots around from £20.00 upward. 😀
  4. Oldest (so far) and now officially retired ... I'm 65.
  5. Congrats Suzanne - cracking photo and a worthy winner! 😀
  6. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 9th Sept Imageplotter/Live News, Hackney Carnival, WPB19H Keith Morris/Live News, Aberystwyth, WPB0FG Sina Shuldt/DPA/Live News, Lehrte, Germany, WPA3GW DPA/Live News, Palucca Dance School, WP9W30
  7. Why sharpen anything? If it's perfectly in focus when you press the shutter, it'll be plenty sharp enough for Alamy. Here's what's expected... "All images should be checked at 100% (actual pixels) for correct exposure, colour cast, noise, camera shake and that no sharpening has been applied etc. using professional imaging software." Link here... https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/guidelines-for-submitting-images/
  8. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 7th Sept Vladimir Smirnov/Tass/Live News, Bathing in Ajax Bay, WNBM8J
  9. Hi Liverpix, I get the sense you feel there's some kind of vendetta against you, as you post yet again about QC rejection. There isn't. It's in no-ones interest to victimise you, Alamy wants to increase it's stock of quality images, and hence wants you to be successful. At a quick glance, you do a LOT of post processing, most other contributors here (certainly myself) do almost none. If you want a fast route to success, shoot raw and minimise any post processing (other than checking for dust specs). It really is that easy. Tony
  10. Welcome to Alamy Al! If the images in question have passed QC, you've added captions and sufficient tags, your images will show after the system updates overnight (so today, Monday, most likely). Tony
  11. Telegraph, Pictures of the day, 25th Aug Paul Quezada-Neiman/Live News, Vauxhall, London, WB4DE4
  12. Telegraph, Pictures of the day, 22nd Aug Robin Loznak/Zuma/Live News, Taos, Mexico WAHRM8 Also: Robin Loznak/Zuma/Live News, Taos, Mexico WAHR2K
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