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  1. Many congrats on your win Sally! three from me... Shedding blood for my art ... (I was negative for antibodies, but it did get me a few shots) Empty Esplanade in Sidmouth Empty playground in Sidmouth
  2. Agreed, in my time on newspapers we only used standard IPTC captions - however you're comparing news agencies with a stock library. Whilst Alamy does operate a news service (perhaps moreso now under PA ownership) it's core business is stock. As with Mark above, in my experience the tags (keywords) are crucial to getting higher up the search result.
  3. Captions and keywords are far and away the most important route to sales success. You need to highlight all your "super keywords", and have as many relevant others too - but just to repeat, no irrelevant ones. There is no need to "optimise" the image - very few contributors manage even 20% of their ports "optimised". (Mine under 5%...) In the end it's preferable to have fewer keywords than just keep bunging them in until you max out. Images appear at the top of searches based on the contributor's ranking, which you'll gain by working at it - back to the captions and keywords etc. If you can
  4. You asked how you can improve sales from your images – little point then in ignoring the advice you’ve been given. Using blanket captions will reduce your saleability, furthermore, if you’re not prepared to put in the time to properly caption and keyword, how can you possibly expect to increase your sales? No, unrelated keywording doesn’t offer “a little extra to clients”, however it will lower your ranking here on Alamy. The lower your rank, the further down the search results you will be. How often when you were on picture desks did you scan much beyond th
  5. Also worth checking your spelling BTW. Your first image you've listed "Gardiners Cottage" - it's Gardeners Cottage on the Wynyard Hall website. Anyone searching for Gardeners Cottage will never find your image with the current caption - plus, remember to add Gardeners Cottage into your keywording too. If there is one lesson worth learning as you start out, it's that captions and keywords are (at least) as important as your image - they are the only means by which any buyer will find your pictures. Ensure they are 100% accurate and do not contain any irrelevant words or phrases, and you'll do
  6. Well done on your win last month Bella, lovely picture! Three repetitious entries from me. Steel tubing sculpture, Seaton, Devon. Steel stockholders, so more steel tubing .... 😄 Absolutely no steel tubing whatsoever. Victorian brickwork, Birmingham, UK.
  7. Congrats on your cracking photo Wim! Three from me... Thermal imaging camera checking a domestic consumer unit. Woman taking pictures in lavender fields.
  8. OK, three orangey's from me... Fading tulips in a vase. Vase. Winter sunset down here in Sidmouth.
  9. And remember, across most of the UK, none of this after 10pm. 🕙
  10. Thanks for including the modified entrance to my next door neighbour's cottage Colin. Not the first (or the last) time this happened, it's situated on a T junction, and the local boy racers seem oblivious to understanding a 30mph speed sign. We've now moved to comparative safety ...175 miles away. 😄
  11. So far, not even figured out the question ... 😬
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