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  1. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Telegraph online, pictures of the day 21st June Semaphone Ballet Company, Greenwich Park Credit: Guy Corbishley/Alamy Live News
  2. Who Are We?

    Semi retired pro, ex news photographer turned freelance in 1998. Still doing commercial and PR shoots, I'm just more picky about what I do these days. Get my state pension early next year when I'll get even pickier and pricier to temp me out of my garden.
  3. Live News IPTC workflow recommendations?

    Well, I can't find it either, so looks like it's no longer available. (Glad I've got my copy ...) Guess you'd better try FastPhotoTagger ... !
  4. Live News IPTC workflow recommendations?

    Like you, I never got on with Press IPTC, though I know many others here use it. On my phone, I use the paid for (about £4.00 from memory) version of MoPhotos. Again, not the easiest to configure ( it asks for an EyeFi card, which you just divert to a directory instead), but it can be figured out. I then keep a couple of blank images in that folder with basic captions already embedded, copy the data to the news pic, change it as suits, and like you, upload using AndFtp. Quick and easy once you get the hang of it. (N.B. the free version of MoPhotos will not allow you to select a directory, don't even bother trying ...) For larger assignments, I usually bung a little laptop in the boot, and tether the phone for internet access. I shoot both RAW and JPEGS, keep the former for later use, bin the JPEGS once I get home.
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Daily Telegraph, pictures of the day online 12thJune P0Y 320 Cernan Elias, base jumpers at Blackpool Alamy Live News
  6. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Daily Telegraph online, pictures of the day. Singleton, West Sussex - Knockhundred Shuttles Morris Group Scott Ramsey/Alamy Live News
  7. May Challenge - Voting time

    Gosh! Thanks for including one of mine Colin! :-)
  8. Website importance

    It's not difficult to do your own if you're reasonably savvy, mine (http://www.tonycharnock.co.uk/) is adapted from a template bought online for £18.00. The main cost is the hosting, I'm with Fasthosts, costs £5.29 p/month plus vat for storage, email services, etc. IMHO, websites don't have a lot of value if you only concentrate on stock. Mine is a selling tool - it pulls in several commercial assignments a year, provides contact details if a regular client has lost them - but doesn't even mention stock. Buyers looking for stock photos are fairly unlikely to search my site before they search Alamy.
  9. Have you found any Alamy images in June 2018?

    Telegraph online, Pictures of the day 4th June Solsbury Hill, Bath Richard Wayman/Alamy Live News
  10. What's the strangest photo you have sold?

    Dunno if this is weird enough to qualify... Rob is clearly an outright winner in this thread, but if we swap this to the most boring photo you've ever sold, I'd submit the following as a strong contender...
  11. Live news workflow - Android, Press IPTC

    Hi Katie - never understood the EyeFi thing either, but no, it doesn't need that, you just choose a directory on your phone where the photos are located. I transfer from camera to phone via WiFi, locate the pictures where MoPhotos is set to look. I have some preset IPTC templates, apply those, and ftp out. Free version never worked out for me - paid for version is cheap (about £4.00 if I remember rightly) but highly effective. Neither this or Press IPTC was simple to configure for me, as I said, bit of a luddite with apps, but in the end I preferred MoPhotos, and I use it on a regular basis. Worth pointing out that as Paul says above, if I've got anything truly worth the effort, I bung the laptop in the boot and use regular ftp ... Mobile phone screens may be a lot better than they were, but they're still tiny tiny! Tony
  12. As well as my DSLR's, I regulary submit images from a Canon G5X, 1" sensor, cracking files, no quality issues.
  13. Live news workflow - Android, Press IPTC

    I know several people here use Press IPTC, personally I use the paid for version of MoPhotos - works fine and (IMHO) was easier to set up for a luddite like me. For LiveNews I shoot RAW plus a medium JPEG, which I can submit quickly and easily.
  14. Royal Wedding - worth the hassle?

    Local newspapers will often to tip you off as and when something happens in exchange for a few free shots these days - they often have no staff photographers and zero buying-in budget, so a tit-for-tat deal works to their advantage. You can always say you're too busy if the story doesn't sound it's worth the effort, and on the odd occasion it might pay dividends.
  15. Have you found any Alamy images in May 2018

    Telegraph online ... Pictures of the day MNHF3E Aberystwyth - Students dive off the wooden pier. Keith Morris