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  1. Well done on last month's win, great idea for a challenge, here's my three for November. Empty cafe Empty deckchairs. And just for fun, no empty spaces... 😃
  2. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 8th Nov Charles Wollertz, young howler monkey family, H6PW97 Guy Bell/Live News, Moon at the Shard, 2A89W0T
  3. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 6th Nov Same photo used two days running ... Fabio Sasso/Zuma/Live News, Napoli - Armed Forces day, 2A7THG7
  4. Flo and Paul, think you'll find many here (myself included) have "digitised" vast numbers of slides, both 35mm and 6x6. It appears you've provided adequate resolution in your processes so far, the answer now is in mastering the software to create the result you require from the files you have. Photoshop is available on a monthly contract at a very reasonable rate, subscribe to that, and learn how to use it to your advantage - there are literally thousands of "how-to" videos on YouTube.
  5. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 27th Oct Ou Dongqu/Xinhua/Live News, Chixin Festival, 2A6EYAK Peter Lopeman/Live News, NEC Cat Show, 2A6F2AT
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