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  1. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 29th Jan Both pix, David Forster / Live News, snow in Teesdale, County Durham 2ARG65T 2ARG33Y
  2. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 28th Jan MediaWorldImages/Live News, Starlings at Blackpool, 2AR7NPB Kay Roxby/Live News, Tourists at Glen Coe, 2ARB2PE Chris Strickland/Live News, Ewes at Jedburgh, 2AYARHD Gerard Ferry/Live News, Dawn over Glasgow, 2ARAEN4
  3. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 27th Jan Marcus Scholz/DPA/Live News, the Panoptikum, Hamburg, 2AR6AG5
  4. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 24th Jan Ian Jones/Live News, Ewe in the fog, Aberystwyth, 2APG9TM Wang Ying/Xinhua/Live News, Hudsons Yard, New York, 2APFAG8
  5. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 23rd Jan Ian Jones/Live News, Sunset on the Cambrian mountains, 2APC6PG Shaukat Ahmed/Pacific Press/Live News, Voters in Rajasthan, 2APAHKN
  6. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 14th Jan Independent Photo Agency/Alamy Live News, Rome, Italy. 12th Jan, 2020. Rome, Italy - 12 January, 2020:Curva Sud As Roma fans flags during the Italian Serie A soccer match AS Roma vs FC Juventus, at Olympic Stadium in Rome 2AMCP26
  7. Interesting point Bryan, not thought of this before now, and think you're right, there's little value in posting images of stock sales, and potentially some harm. That said, most of my findings here are Live News, which by their nature are unlikely to be copied, so doubt they present any problem - plus maybe it makes things easier for contributors to spot their stuff? Conclusion... Live News yes. Stock no? ??? ??? 🙄
  8. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 13th Jan Iain Masterson/Live News, Fife wild swimmers, 2AMAK42
  9. Tricky topic indeed! Here are my three ... Workman taking down an HMV sign gives photographer the V sign... Extremely tattered and torn billboard for X factor winner Steve Brookstein. Not so glittery Glitter Bay.
  10. 30th Sept 2003, first sale for $78, Selfridges store, Birmingham, UK Same image sold again a few weeks later for a further $65
  11. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 5th Jan Imageplotter/Live News, Seagulls at Westminster, 2AJK1KW Paul Heyes/Live News, Rossendale, 2AJHGB1 (or similar)
  12. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 3rd Jan Cernan Elias/Live News, Southport UK, 2AHXTB9
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