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  1. https://youtu.be/OyjF28B0ouY (Won't embed, dunno why...)
  2. My daily exercise, I live a few minutes walk from the seafront. Kept my distance too, didn't need to go onto the beach. Again, this entire thread is purely an exercise in creating a pointless argument.
  3. It became a farce at the outset. This started, and remains, a pointless argument against a simple instruction. Just do as you're told, stay home and stop wasting everyone's time with endless point scoring.
  4. Questioning may have been a better choice of phrase then, but the point remains the same. Our local Chief Constable was on TV last night, talking on this very point of people endlessly justifying their defiance when faced with this ruling. He said, "It's simply against the spirit of the thing - the purpose is to get people to stay at home".
  5. Of course, you're absolutely right, there are many non sequiturs in the lockdown rules, and your presence in a church yard won't present any risk to anyone - providing you touch nothing. However, emergency legislation will always be of a broad and sweeping nature and so, to put it bluntly, this is a time to simply do what you're told rather than question the detail. Surely the objective is of primary importance - flattening the curve to give the NHS a chance - and not bickering about the ways and whens and wherefores?
  6. Many thanks Betty, the burst of bright sunshine really makes the image I think. And not being the driver really helped too... 😁
  7. Thanks for taking this on Jill! Just two from me... Road spray creating a mist on the M5 in Somerset. Misty morning in the Memorial Park, Coventry.
  8. Interesting topic! 😀 Old GPO phonebox, now a community library. Equipment for constructing a rudimentary tent. Mountain bikers on Cannock Chase, sustaining their leg muscles ...
  9. Times, News in Pictures, 7th Feb Armin Weigel/dpa/Live News, Berchinger horse market, 2ATWXGN
  10. Many thanks Kristin! HMV were closing lots of stores, I just walked passed, realised they were taking down the sign etc. The guy in the pix was NOT happy, and in about frame 6, he shot me the eeeerrrm, "HM V" sign. Put out for Live News, but not picked up. Thanks again, I voted for Wim, love the umbrella on a riverboat!
  11. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 6th Feb Simon Dack/Live News, Brighton pier, 2ATXYCP
  12. Andreas, you can't delete it prior to QC, but you can delete it prior to it going "live", i.e, in the time between it shows as "passed", and before the system resets overnight. Tony
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