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  1. Some papers report sales faster than others - you may see these show up at the end of the month. If not, you need to wait four months from the time they were used, and then let contributor services know.
  2. Telegraph pictures of the day, 11th Mar Paul Heyes/Live News, East Lancashire Railway, RXH51B Sergei Karpukhin/Tass/Live News, Moscow, RXH0HG
  3. Telegraph pictures of the day, 10th Mar Edgar Santiago/Live News,Tultepec, Mexico, RXDG8P
  4. Pixel numbers are never the issue, it's the quality of each pixel that counts, tiny sensors equal poor quality. You're right, there can be exceptions, but Alamy trades on high quality and achieves this by removing likely sources of unacceptable imagery. Mobile phones and any camera with a tiny sensor have always been excluded, and I wouldn't think that'll change in the near future. In the end, you've got an iPhone, so just send them in via Stockimo, which I believe has all you need to caption, tag and upload directly from your phone - no need for a desktop. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/stockimo.asp
  5. An all consuming topic this month Paulette.... 😀 Disappointed seagull Jackdaw with beakful of lunch Topsy's 40th birthday
  6. Telegraph pictures of the day, 9th Mar Yonhap/Newscom/Live News, Air cadets, S Korea, RWY7PR
  7. Congratulations Paulette, delightful photo!!! 🙂 Tony
  8. Telegraph, Pictures of the day, 4th March Gary Clarke/Live News, Ashover, Derbys., RTWC18 Tao Ming/Xinhua/Live News, Chaiping, RTWMPG
  9. Thanks for choosing one of mine Michael - some great photos this month, I'm honoured to be included!
  10. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 1st March Simon Maycock/Live News, Mousehole, RT75X1 (or RT&5X0) Xinhua/Live News, Dhaka, RT79GG Marcel Kusch/DPA/Live News, Dusseldorf, RT777T
  11. Reckon we need John Richmond to nail the variety down - there are lots - just a small selection here ...
  12. Most grandiflora species are evergreen, the one in your pic looks to have lots of fresh leaf buds, so more likely a deciduous variety. Also worth saying that both of our grandifloras flower mid summer onward, whilst our decidous ones are just coming into bloom, is this a recent photo?
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