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  1. Congratulations on the win Duncan, stunning picture! Three home growners from me... Home grown onions at Shrewsbury Flower Show Tabby cat growing in a pot in my greenhouse πŸ˜€ Unfinished cutting of my privet hedge.
  2. Thanks for including my pirate John. (Odd place is Sidmouth ... 😁)
  3. My three, smoke on the water… Ever wondered what happens if you use a plastic play-pen to recreate a Cornish tin mine, complete with smoking chimney? Well, this happens... πŸ˜ƒ Sidmouth lifeboat crew set out to sea. Real "Smoke on the Water" as Ian Gillan performs at Guitars on the Beach, Lyme Regis.
  4. Plenty of distance here John, we can tempt you with a half an acre garden c/w a woodland area - a hundred hydrangeas under a 90ft Monterey Cyprus - my favourite place for a coffee. Take care, welcome any time, Tony
  5. John, many congrats on your win! Now I know this is simply a typo on your part, (the caption on your photo is correct), however your picture of Seaton is in fact here in Sidmouth. πŸ˜€ Next time you're down this way, pop in for a socially distanced cup of coffee in the garden! Cheers Tony
  6. Nutmeg (our NF cat) was stunningly beautiful, but oh boy did she know it! An absolute princess in looks and attitude, she'd take a lump out of you in a millisecond if she didn't get her way... but she was very loved all the same. Cat Cafe in Liverpool? I can already hear my wife planning a visit! πŸ˜€
  7. Ed, my guess would be a Norwegian Forest cat too - looks very similar to ours (a tortoiseshell), now sadly gone.
  8. So many cracking entries this month which must have made your task even more difficult - so thank you Colin, for including my bottles. Tony
  9. Three greenies: Broken Fence Reflections in a rill Ten (or more) green bottles
  10. Telegraph online Ricci Fothergill/Live News, Drone shot of cliff fall at Eastchurch, Kent 2BWC9K9 (or 2BWC9HK)
  11. Tough narrowing this one down, but hey, three from me! πŸ˜€ No to new inhabitants... For sale ...anybody want to buy a shed? Polling station this way.
  12. Thanks for the input Ian, haven't done any hard news since leaving my staff job in 1998. With the exception of a few shifts here and there in the early years, I've since concentrated on PR and commercial shoots up until last year's medical "event", so unlikely to get assaulted these days! As far as the public indemnity goes, this is now little more than a hobby to me (by far the largest part of my income coming from pensions) and so unlikely I'd be categorised as professional by any measure. Hence (hopefully) I should have no greater need for public indemnity than any other member of the public carrying an offensive implement - umbrella, handbag etc. I think.... πŸ˜€
  13. Spent 20 minutes on the phone to our house insurance brokers this afternoon, and am covered under that policy. Well worth the phone call, annual saving of over Β£160.00 compared to my previous Photoshield one. Thanks to all for the input! Tony
  14. I've always taken the view that as far as sensors go, the bigger the better, but perhaps it's time for a rethink. With my 5DII or 6D I can crop quite severely into files and achieve a totally acceptable result. Not sure I'd be as comfortable doing so with the 1" sensor on my G5X, though I'm sure there must be a happy medium somewhere in between, and as you say, the weight saving will be a bonus.
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