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  1. Spanning the years on these three.... Young boy tries out his soccer skills Playground group photo, about 40 years ago Teenagers at the Boxing Day swim
  2. Sun online, weather.... Lapsed Live News, on of Gerard Ferry's I think, but can't track this one down accurately
  3. Weather - the Sun online Paul Lawrenson/Live News, Camber Sands, W3JACB
  4. Telegraph, Pictures of the day, 10th July Terry Matthews/Live News, Appledore, Devon, W2GHRY Telegraph, pictures of the day 11th July Gerard Ferry/Live News, Braehead, Glasgow, W2MFMG
  5. If you intend to make a living at this, then I'm afraid you've answered your own question - take the "pay well, worthwhile" jobs every time, no matter how boring. I can't remember how many times I've almost fallen asleep at some dreadfully boring conference or other, but I'm never, ever bored banking the cheque.
  6. My neck of the woods - it's called a scouse kiss up there.... Take care Ed, not something you'd welcome.
  7. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 30th June Simon Dack/Live News, Brighton, W11EA1 Celia McMahon/Live News, Lyme Regis, W11C75 (poss another similar image...)
  8. Telegraph, pictures of the day, 24th June Celia McMahon/Live News, Lyme Regis cob, one of TWRRJJ , TWRRPJ, TWRRXP Chris Strickland/Live News, Hound trailing, Cumbria, TWPB84
  9. Telegraph pictures of the day, 18th June James Bell/Live News, Eastchurch, TTDEMJ Peter Lopeman/Live News, Kidderminster,TDKHHB (not captioned fully, poss not via Alamy?)
  10. Send a note to contributors, and they'll contact the photographer concerned to get it changed.
  11. Telegraph, Pictures of the day, 14th June Enrique Shore/Live News, New York Philharmonic fireworks, TRX9NR
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