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  1. I have an Epson 1500W A3+ printer. I've been really pleased with it. It's mostly used these days for replacing pics around he house of our quickly growing grandchildren. Stock wise I do use it for the odd A3 print as payment for a model or property release.
  2. I’ve had a slow month but this came in today. It was used in The Guardian for the usual newspaper fee..
  3. Well, here’s the Chocolate Guinness Cake I made yesterday. You can’t taste the Guinness in it, I think it’s more there to give it the dark colour. It tastes fantastic though, with or without the soft cheese topping.
  4. We have a Chocolate Guinness Cake in the oven at the moment. It’s another Nigella recipe. It meant I had to buy a four pack of Guinness tins yesterday (the recipe needs half a tin but one small bottle was half the price of the four pack). So, in the interests cake research, I enjoyed a couple of tins of Guinness last night 🙂 I’ll post some pics as soon as they’re processed. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/mar/30/the-20-best-nigella-lawson-recipes-part-4-puddings-cakes-trifle-pavlova
  5. Hi Betty, my sister in law has just returned to the UK after 20yrs in the States. I asked her what the UK equivalents would be for your recipe and it comes out as this: Koolade, there’s nothing really similar in the UK but you can get Koolade on Amazon.co.uk Eagle Brand Condensed milk is probably the same as Carnation condensed milk. Cool whip is like Birds Dream Topping and a Graham Cracker Crust is very similar to crushed up digestive biscuits mixed with butter (just like you would use for a cheesecake crust). Happy baking 🙂
  6. Here’s the Frittata I mentioned in my last post. It’s a Goats Cheese and Tomato recipe from a Louise Parker book, Lean for Life. I pad it out with chopped up low fat sausages, a bit of chorizo and eat it cold. Of all the recipe books we’ve had over the years, more meals from this book have made it into our regular meal plans than any other.
  7. I made a Frittata this week but forgot to upload it with a batch of pics yesterday. I’ll upload it today and post it when it clears. I’ve also made myself a light tent this week out of painted board and a small softbox and used that to take some food product shots. I found this useful tutorial for cleaning up the white backgrounds in Adobe Raw using the color range mask.. https://photoshoptrainingchannel.com/camera-raw-color-range-mask/
  8. Nothing at all to do with the post but someone living near me has a good number plate for you 🙂
  9. Interestingly, today, Alamy put up a food based post on their Instagram Alamycontent page asking for food content. The post points you towards the Alamy ‘what should I shoot tool’ which currently has 77 food related requests. https://www.alamy.com/contentresearchtool/whatshouldishoot.aspx
  10. That extreme rustic table top is four bits of 4x2 wood I picked up as driftwood on a nearby beach. I cut it down to 80cm’s and push the lengths together. They’re sat on two builders plastic trestles. There’s a tray half way down on each trestle so I lie the wood across those for the overhead shots. I have a washed up scaffold board if I need to extend my table. I plan to paint the reverse side white and then sand it back as another table top option 🙂
  11. Ok, as per Space Cadets request, three images taken over the past few weeks, during lockdown, with a few studio details. As I mentioned in the previous post, I've been trying to get to grips with this subject, with the help of a couple of excellent food photography books and these are a few of my early efforts. All the shots were taken using a Godox 200 pro flash gun shot through a mid size Bowens softbox. In front of that I hung a cheap Asda, white translucent shower curtain to act as a further light diffuser. The light was placed as close to the table as I could get it. The biscuits have a w
  12. Sorry, I think I confused you. I was using a softbox, a large square Bowens one with an inside diffusion panel and outer diffusion panel. The opaque curtain (instead of a separate diffusion panel to the softbox) was hung in front of that. I'm using a Godox 200 pro to illuminate it, its a lot less faff than dragging the studio lights out 🙂
  13. Well that’s better than any pizza shots I’ve attempted. They made we want a pizza, which is the main thing with any food photography. My setup was much the same as yours. In the books I’ve been following they use diffusers in front of their lights or windows. I don’t have a standard diffuser so I hung a cheap, £1.99, opaque Asda shower curtain in front of the softbox, just to soften the light a bit more. They’re rubbish as shower curtains but are a good make shift diffuser. Betty they look fantastic, I want to eat one of those as well. Just after a slice of Space
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