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  1. Thats interesting. Unfortunately our mutt didn’t inherit the show standard traits. 🙂
  2. Hi John, I’ve just checked the pedigree doc and couldn’t see Whitgift. I know the stud dog came from Somerset so there’s a South West of England link if your parents were in Devon. The word Keyline appears a lot on the pedigree doc
  3. Thanks Paulette, we used it for our family Xmas cards this year 🙂 Hi John, you don’t see to many around but it’s surprising how often she gets recognised as a Manchester when we’re out. My sisters dog, the one with his eye partially open, qualified for Crufts when he was younger but he doesn’t have the temperament for showing. He’s also now missing two vital requirements, for a show dog, from his undercarriage !!
  4. Here's a couple of my dog. One festive shot and the other, her being utterly lazy, with her brother 🙂
  5. About average for me this year. 5 sales for $121.25 gross. I’m now one sale short of my total sales total for 2019 but currently about $800 short of my revenue total for last year. Still, it’s been a tough year and I’m just pleased to be getting regular sales.
  6. Hi Nick, I made a more radical move a few years back. After buying a cheap Fuji X Pro 1 and really enjoying that I sold my Canon 5D Mark 3 and L-series lenses. I replaced them with a Fuji XT2 and Fuji X Pro 2 and some equivalent lenses in the Fuji system to my L-series lenses. I kept a 5D Mark 2 and my Canon 24 to 105 L Series lens but I never use it. I really liked the Canon equipment but I’ve no regrets over selling it or going to the mirrorless system. Like Phil I love the EVF and less weight hanging off my shoulder was another welcome bonus.
  7. This was a lucky/make your own luck shot for me. This Barn Owl would appear randomly, to hunt in the day, across some local fields. I made the fields part of my morning dog walk for a while and took the camera along with me just in case the owl appeared. On this morning the owl had just caught a vole and was making off with its catch. My only other Barn Owl encounter was back in my wedding photography days when one couple had hired a local bird of prey centre to have a Barn Owl fly down through the Wedding ceremony room and deliver the wedding rings to the Best Man. That was a pres
  8. Hi Cal, thanks for that. No, I didn’t have special permission. It was taken quite a few years ago and I wouldn’t have taken it with it being a stock shot in mind back then. I had no idea that special permission was necessary, just naive I guess. I think it’s best I remove it. With regard to to the other buildings in the shot I always put those type of images for sale as RM and mark it to say there is property in the shot I do not have releases for. I understood that put the onus on the buyer as to how they used the shot but I’d welcome any advice on that i
  9. As I'm currently home recovering from hip replacement surgery (all going well there), plus the Covid lockdown, I thought I'd try my hand at some still life images, with the help of my wife, and in particular, food photography. Having followed a few online tutorials and blogs I must say I had no idea how specialised this area is. It's been fun though. There should have been some Blueberry Muffins to to join the Scones and Rock Cakes but they didn't quite work out. We're going to try those again with the grandchildren on the weekend. Even with cakes it's amazing what you turn up whilst researchi
  10. Congratulations Wim, here's my three: A Zombie press photographer from the Undead Chronicle! London tourists having a good time A bored photographers dog !
  11. An average month with 6 sales for $101.80 plus $36, via Alamy, DACS payment
  12. You need one of these Bryan. It's even got a 'Tiger in its Tank':
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