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  1. Excellent point, I’ll do that now. BTW we do recycle responsibly 🙂
  2. Hi Michael, thanks for that. I’ve added the keywords and I’ve amended the description. Your suggestion got me looking so, amongst others, I found the American term ‘Private Brand’ for ‘Own Brand’ which is the equivalent term we use in the Uk 👍
  3. I took a recently purchased Samyang 8mm fisheye to relieve trolly pushing duties shopping boredom 🙂
  4. This was my first sale back in 2011. It sold for $54. It went on to sell again, another six times, to the same travel brochure over the following nine months.
  5. We seemed to have a great sunrise every morning in the South West last week. This was one of them. All change now though, it's very grey and miserable across the same view..
  6. HA great theme this month, here's my three: The Hotel Goričina, one of five derelict hotels at Kupari Bay, Croatia, commonly known as The Bay of Abandoned Hotels. Just 10km from Dubrovnik the difference between the two resorts couldn't be starker. The bay was formerly an upmarket hotel and villa complex for the Yugoslavian military elite and their families. The same people destroyed and looted the hotels during the Yugoslav Wars which took place between March 1991 and November 1995. It seems strange but It's a great place to visit, away from the maddening crowds in Dubrovnik. A Police Officer holding a handful of used Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas whippets which is regularly used as a recreational drug. I heard the term 'doing balloons' in work, a few months back, and had no idea what the that meant, until one of the youngsters, I work with, put me straight. Apparently the gas is normally emptied, from the whippet, into a balloon before being inhaled. Just an old, outgrown lizard skin
  7. Low $$ but taken using the ‘Miniature’ Mode on my X-pro 2. I’ve sold a few pics taken using this and the ‘Toy’ mode over the past two years..
  8. We’ve just got back from a break in Dubrovnik, Croatia where I took this shot of the cable car above the Old Town. It took a few prep shots and a bit of careful positioning with the camera to get the cable car in free space above the slope of the hill and tress behind it as it approached the upper station. It was worth the effort though...
  9. Reported today in my sales report. It leaves me needing one more sale this year to equal the whole of my 2018 sales total. I haven't added that many to my portfolio in that time.
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