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  1. Seen on Alamy's Twitter page: "A key thing you should be doing as an #Alamy contributor is photographing as much as you can come rain or shine, and uploading all year round. Find out why: http://bit.ly/3v6PyJ BoquetBill answered: @AlamyContent With the commission going down soon, let's say that the motivation to do what is suggested in this tweet goes down at least 20% for exclusive contributors.
  2. I just got this in my latest sale statement: "22/6/2021","22/6/2021","","","","","Other fees","Rev/Manual credit - C95GTB",0.0000,-20.0000,-20.0000,"" (stated as "other fees" in the Net revenue sales report). Did any of you had $20 deducted from your account the same way and do you have the precise explanation for that fee? Edit: I just noticed the pic number. It looks like an "adjustment" for a $40 sale from the month of April.
  3. I've been averaging 3 sales a month for a few years and my last sale was May 16. Maybe just a coincidence...
  4. Hi, This just appeared on my Net revenue sales report: ","28/5/2021","","","","","Other fees","Affiliate ommission charge for IY01834456 Image R",0.0000,-0.9100,-0.9100,"" It's the first time I get one of those, does anybody know what it is exactly?
  5. Members of the Mysterious Rainbow People (Les gens de couleur) walking amongst the crowd in downtown Montreal. Winged street artist walking in downtown Montreal during the Just for Laughs festival. Frozen busker performing in downtown Montreal during the Just for Laughs festival.
  6. I'm trying to post a picture and it shows at a much smaller size than the other images posted on this thread. I can't remember how I did it last time...
  7. Thank you Andy for selecting my picture. Good luck to everybody.
  8. Lo Mantang, Upper Mustang region, Nepal Ermoupoli, Syros island, Greece Corral del Risco, Mexico
  9. Thanks! The result of luck and a little bit of patience.
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