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  1. Images sold in January

    I had the same kind of sale today. Minuscule rate for multiple uses, in perpetuity...
  2. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Young Mexican woman carrying a baby.
  3. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Young Nepalese girl and puppy.
  4. January 2019 Challenge: Happy New!

    Young goats, Annapurna region, Nepal.
  5. very quiet

    My last sale was on November 22. I usually have 4-5 sales a month.
  6. Low price

    Reminds me of a Marx Brothers movie in which Groucho, addressing a group of workers, said something like "I don't want you to be wage slaves, I want you to be free!" Are we getting there?
  7. Mushroom identification

    Hi, I've been trying to identify those mushrooms, anybody has an idea? The picture was taken in the Adirondacks, New York State. Thanks.
  8. CA

    No, it was on yesterday's opening page.
  9. CA

    My goal is not to criticize the work of other photographers, but I can't help wondering how a picture with such obvious chromatic aberration can pass QC, let alone appear on today's opening page of Alamy. Or is it my eyes, or my screen?
  10. Artefacts in blue sky

  11. Artefacts in blue sky

    I want to submit a picture with a deep blue sky (polarized). When I look at this image in the Windows viewer, I see artefacts in the sky. I see no artefacts when I open the same JPEG image in Photoshop. I guess that it's safe to upload it to Alamy?
  12. Estonia

    It seems that this option will be available next April. Thanks for the information!