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December 2019 Challenge "Holiday Spirit"

Michael Ventura

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Hi All, I am very open to seeing anything that depicts the spirit of the upcoming holidays and it is not just Christmas, could be the New Year, Hanukkah, Kawanza etc....  My examples are mostly Christmas related but don't let that limit you!  Please submit up to three photos and they must be from your Alamy collection (still time to shoot new ones!).


Can't wait to see what you have!  Submissions close at the last second of 2019 (GMT) December 31st!


Santa Claus with a young girl  6 7 8 9 on his lap in a chair talking to him about what she wants for Christmas Stock Photo


USA Virginia VA Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Tree in the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg Mother and daughter Stock Photo


USA Virginia VA Williamsburg Christmas holiday at Busch Gardens theme park Stock Photo


USA Virginia VA Colonial Willaimsburg Father Christmas on Marchants Square on Duke of Gloucester Street Christmastime Stock Photo

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Three from me


A couple taking a selfie in Quebec City
Forgotten the words. By the second verse of the song all the kids were at wildly different places in the song, making a cacophony that only a parent can a) imagine and b) enjoy. Here my son (on the right) is looking vague but is gamely still going. The same can't be said of his fellow singer who knows its a facepalm moment.
A little girl silhouetted against a father christmas.
I don't know why but the middle photo looks all squashed here. Its not of course, click on it to see what it really looks like.
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50 minutes ago, Colin Woods said:



I don't know why but the middle photo looks all squashed here. Its not of course, click on it to see what it really looks like.



Not sure what causes that but no worries, clicking on it does allow you to see as it should be.


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Congratulations on a well-deserved win, Michael.

Here are my three holiday offerings.


Christmas ice-skaters in downtown Vancouver





Last-minute Christmas shopper





Festive snowmen (or "snowpersons") family





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Window dresser preparing shop window for Christmas display



Robin Redbreast singing in tree


Waterbeach band playing in Tesco store for charity donations at Christmas

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The top one was a pine near a lake in Oklahoma. I decorated part of it for a photo shoot.

The second one was my outdoor tree during a bad ice storm in Oklahoma. We got freezing rain a lot in the winter. In the top right is lights called “icicle lights” hanging from the roof eave. They truly were icicle lights that year.


The third were trees a corporate oil & gas company in Oklahoma City decorated on their campus each year. They were beautiful.



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Good topic! Here are my three:


1. Bored looking cat in Santa costume, Europe





2. Family santa selfie in a santa race, UK





3. Women getting in the Christmas spirit, Strasbourg christmas market, France






Merry Christmas everybody!



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