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  1. Hello Everyone, I am from India

    welocme to alamy and the forum, Mangesh. Don't worry about the fail, ensure to cover all QC fail reasons in your workflow prior to submission and you should be fine in future.
  2. Images with Property

    hmm.... have not had this mail yet, but got lazy recently on the optional tab in AIM. Maybe I should review and set property and model releases not available as well as number of persons?
  3. What about offering clients RAW files?

    I always think of raw images being like the original slide or negative, but this may be my conservative view. So do prefer sending in the JPG, but would also be happy to carve a deep-color image in, say, PNG with 16bit per color (48bit/3 colors). PNG uses lossless compression and when using the 16bpc mode, there should be hardly any degration - apart from 'destructive' postprocessing - compared to the 14bit (Canon) raw format. This should allow the client to re-edit the picture as they see fit. Appears that the lossy JPG format with 8bit per color is still a standard, despite better formats already exist.
  4. Scrolling on 4K Monitor

    thanks Mark I tested your solution and it also works for me. Still a bit off from ideal that we either have shrink the window or increase the zoom factor, just to be able to scroll. Would be nice if Alamy can correct it at some point in time. While I write this, reminds me that in IT these things don't really count as an error, as a workaround is available. So in IT seen as a (small) nuissance, because the functionality generally works for more than x% of the users. Being in IT myself, and when affected myself, I hate it, but if I have to argue this in front of a user, I am 100% with the IT view; "not an error, there is a work around" Pretty pathetic, but I understand both sides, as in IT we have to balance nuisances versus desperately necessary new functionality, to be achieved with limited resources.
  5. Hello from Cardiff, South Wales!

    Welcome to Alamy and the forum Sajad. Nice pictures that you uploaded already. There is a lot of info in the forum and if a question is not answered yet, also a bunch of friendly people who may be able to step in.
  6. Absolutely correct I also believe you may be misunderstanding. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/guidelines-for-submitting-images/?section=3 File size of over 17MB (when uncompressed/open) Your JPEG file is likely to have a compressed size of 3-5MB. Opening a JPEG in an image program such as Adobe Photoshop will show you the uncompressed/open file size. You can also say that 6 MPix is the smallest imagesize accepted.
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Contributor: Brian Jackson Image ID: DY5AK6 the guardian https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/apr/13/australian-bill-to-create-back-door-into-encrypted-apps-in-advanced-stages
  8. this is a photo of last years contributor meeting- alamy was spelt out on the beach with all the empty plastic beer cups - have you not been there?
  9. Plainclothes police stop

    Very nice encounter, and reminds me that I always prefer human police, over any amount of cameras. The latter(cameras) I regard more as an intrusion of privacy - and London is now plastered with them. The only thing they are good for is analysis after something has happened. Plain clothes and uniformed officers, can react much faster and bear more of a chance to stop something from happening. Your experience shows that all involved do profit from an informal chat besides achieving much higher security for the entire community as would be possible with cameras.
  10. Scrolling on 4K Monitor

    When I use AIM on my 4K monitor and open the window in full screen mode, 50 thumbnails are opened and shown. Because the screen is not entirely filled with thumbnails, the automatic loading of more images does not seem to work. I currently work around this by making the browser window smaller, such that some thumbnails are not shown anymore. As soon as I do this, the automatic loading of more images works again and I can go back to full screen after a couple more thumbnails are loaded. Can AIM be changed to load 100 or 150 thumbnails initially? I believe that this may allow scrolling from start and does not need the workaround. A second issue is that the "Preview images" appear that small that I'd rather call them large thumbnails. Could the preview images on 4K monitors made larger please? (I believe this was already mentioned in another thread, that I fail to find)
  11. I like that picture too, You also turned it 180° (upside down), which makes it more mysterious, correct?
  12. I also want what Alan has ... uploaded 51 pics this morning, now still in QC ..... so 3 star rating not enough. just joking - I am more than happy with the usual 24hrs.
  13. Images not on sale now on sale!

    Only the future might tell
  14. Images not on sale now on sale!

    maybe only historicals are affected by this and another member is able to confirm?