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  1. Not using luminar 4, but am generally operating with open source software. Concur with you, as my sales does also not warrant paying a huge sum for software. Using darktable for RAW conversion and Gimp for editing that cannot be done in darktable. I am not doing any leading edge photo editing and both tools offer all I need.
  2. just 'ealized my keyboa'd 'efused to type the lowe' case R .... just trying an excuse ...
  3. .... adding lovely, inimitable and enchanting stench ...
  4. No, not really require ironing, but some people would even iron socks. Personally I am an unacquainted ironeer - could also call me dysironic - hence no picture of that in my portfolio
  5. I had a search show up for the German word "bügeln" and was baffled as I did not remember any of my pictures that would fit. It comes that the word "bügeln" translates into the English verb "(to) iron" and iron itself is slightly ambiguous in English. Hence the picture that showed up to the client was this: which obviously is iron and quite rusted, but has little to do with ironing shirts - that is unless one needs some rusty stains. Anyone else experience with weird translations
  6. oh, nearly missed this post, these are really great images that you have there and good work digitizing them.
  7. I still see only 500 in width for all your pics, maybe is only me or is photoshelter reducing to 500px?
  8. looks perfect to me as is. Looking at the original, which you said is 4686 x 3494, the crop is kinda half width of the picture. The crop comes at 500x347, so would suggest the original is kind of 1000 or 1200 in width. Are you sure this is a 100% crop?
  9. Opening of the 2020 Carnival season in Cologne, one month ago
  10. I would assume a link to that post would be shared with someone contacting support in such a matter. Given the OP has not waited for Alamy's answer on his initial request he may have got this by now.
  11. I always leave the power cables connected to the hard drives, when I store them away. The cable I roll around the power plug in the hope they do not cuddle and muddle up over time. Unfortunately cables are a bit like snakes and I am sure they are alive; There is just no other way to explain the chaos with all the knots they get into after a year of plain storage. Thats even true for the neatly rolled up cables around the power plugs, doh. In German we have a word describing that state of entropic cable chaos (not that German has a specific word for everything .... ) - we call it Kabelsalat, literally "cable salad"- Bon Appetit 🤓.
  12. me? Yes, it will be getting getting dark soon : Back to topic. fully agree, this is a very nice shot! +1 It appears the OP has been absent from the thread since the original post, so he may not yet know the development of this thread.
  13. I believe he is, The statue is in front of the excel Excel exhibition centre in London. I doubt that was part of the exhibition ground. Was there and happen to have one of the statue
  14. Here are my three, with a little preference for gnomes
  15. Congrats for the win Michael and thanks a lot for doing this Meanderingemu, the topic was well chosen and gave me inspiration!
  16. Today mine went also through within the hour, despite I had 2 fails just recently - these were my first QC fails since I started 2015. One was for a borderline high ISO image which failed for noise. The second fail was for CA around small white flowers. Both I wasn't able to spot the flaws on my 4K monitor, on the 2K Monitor both noise and CA were visible. Now reverted back to checking on my images on 2K monitor before I submit.
  17. Never happened to me but am prepared to delete without actually deleting .... My Canon has got two card slots, one CF and one SD respectively. I set it up to record RAW on CF and JPG on the SD card. The SD card is also set up as the card to view pictures from, When I delete a picture, the camera only deletes the JPG file, not the RAW file on the other card. Mine is a 5DSR, not sure if this is the case for other cameras with two card slots or just a handy bug on this model. NB: It does delete both files if both are recorded on the same card.
  18. How do you come to this conclusion? I just logged in - no captcha though - and only see Alamy cookies.
  19. But is not the camera that the OP uses. I have successfully submitted pictures made with that cam. The OP has been a bit absent, since the initial post.
  20. wow, very nice. As I like wi(l)de angle shots, my favorite is the bird of prey - Inquisitive by Audun Rikardsen. That bird must be sitting right in front of the lens and I still have difficulty getting them with my tele..... but all others are also stunning.
  21. Yep, looks like it although I fail to find obvious similarities, which according to https://www.first-nature.com/fungi/fomitopsis-pinicola.php is the orange or red band between the brown and white bit. It can only be confused with the grey Hoof Fungus, Fomes fomentarius, which is grey and mine are not :). Thank you very much! I hope they were palatable and hopefully not space fungii The red banded polypores above are known to be too tough to eat.
  22. I have taken these pictures in Luxembourg Müllerthal a few weeks ago. Closest I found on Alamy were ganoderma lucidum and inonotus hispidus, but they look still different The mushrooms grew on a fallen tree, these are all the pictures uploaded: (I know the keywords do not match yet
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