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  1. Thanks for including one of mine.
  2. I'm not sure that that's true. They do all have the same operating system kernel, the same core and that is 'Android' (hence the name associated with these phones). Different companies do add the own bells and whistles on top but they all fundamentally run Android. That is why you can buy/download Apps from the Google Play Store regardless of whether the phone is a Samsung or a Huwaei.
  3. Point is, he was an existing Alamy contributor in 2015 when Stockimo started hence he gets 50% rather than 20%. Anyone who has signed up since only gets 20%.
  4. But what is your % rate for Stockimo sales? Judging by the fact that you registered on the forum in 2006, you probably are on 40 or 50% so you are one of the exceptions to the point. But for (I would suspect the majority of people) me, I would have earned half as much as you did as I only get 20% .. yet the same image uploaded to Alamy 'normally' earns me 40-50%.
  5. I discovered Alamy and Stockimo at the same time and registered for both... about 2 or 3 weeks after the cut-off date to qualify for the 40/50% on Stockimo sales which is really annoying! Every time I get a Stockimo sale, I keep thinking what I might have got! But I guess they had to draw a line in the sand somewhere.
  6. Or they browsed the Apple App Store, found Stockimo, downloaded Stockimo, registered (via the app), didn't read the wesbite, didn't realise that they could register as an Alamy contributor and don't realise that they are missing out on a further 20 or 30%.
  7. There are a few images of the stockimo app/icon on a phone screen like this one which would have stockimo as a keyword for obvious reasons. But then I guess there's also the case where people have "borrowed" someone else's keywords wholesale and have unfortunately borrowed them from a Stockimo image.
  8. The fact that I get 40/50% for images uploaded via Alamy but just 20% for images uploaded via Stockimo. And also the fact that the Stockimo website says: What share will I get? We'll pay you 20% of every sale you make.
  9. Stockimo is meant to be for uploading images taken on your phone. But in reality any image on the phone can be uploaded via Stockimo, even if it was originally taken on a DSLR and then subsequently transferred to the phone. Maybe people are doing this to avoid Alamy QC. Maybe these are people that have found Stockimo but don't appreciate that Alamy exists. But they certainly don't earn as much for the image sale via Stockimo compared to if they just uploaded directly to Alamy via the normal route.
  10. I don't know why Alamy still trundle the line about suitable cameras but.... on... https://www.stockimo.com/ It says.... What is Stockimo? Stockimo's an app for iPhone users who love to take photos and want to make some money. Where will Stockimo photos be sold? We'll sell your photos on Alamy and through its distribution network. And here you will find nearly 1 million Stockimo images, in theory, all taken with some kind of an iPhone for sale on Alamy: https://www.alamy.com/search/Imageresults.aspx?CreativeOn=1&adv=1&ag=0&all=1&creative=&et=0x000000000000000000000&vp=0&loc=0&qt=stockimo&qn=&lic=6&lic=1&imgt=0&archive=1&dtfr=&dtto=&hc=&selectdate=&size=0xFF&aqt=&epqt=&oqt=&nqt=&gtype=0&qt_raw=stockimo&edrf=0&resultview=sortbyPopular&tbar=1&simid=&customgeoip=GB&pl=&ispremium=1&edoptin=#BHM=foo%3Dbar%26st%3D0%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D100%26sortby%3D2%26qt%3Dstockimo%26qt_raw%3Dstockimo%26qn%3D%26lic%3D3%26edrf%3D0%26mr%3D0%26pr%3D0%26aoa%3D1%26creative%3D%26videos%3D%26nu%3D%26ccc%3D%26bespoke%3D%26apalib%3D%26ag%3D0%26hc%3D0%26et%3D0x000000000000000000000%26vp%3D0%26loc%3D0%26ot%3D0%26imgt%3D0%26dtfr%3D%26dtto%3D%26size%3D0xFF%26blackwhite%3D%26cutout%3D%26archive%3D1%26name%3D%26groupid%3D%26pseudoid%3D%26userid%3D%26id%3D%26a%3D%26xstx%3D0%26cbstore%3D1%26resultview%3DsortbyPopular%26lightbox%3D%26gname%3D%26gtype%3D%26apalic%3D%26tbar%3D1%26pc%3D%26simid%3D%26cap%3D1%26customgeoip%3DGB%26vd%3D0%26cid%3D%26pe%3D%26so%3D%26lb%3D%26pl%3D%26plno%3D%26fi%3D0%26langcode%3Den%26upl%3D0%26cufr%3D%26cuto%3D%26howler%3D%26cvrem%3D0%26cvtype%3D0%26cvloc%3D0%26cl%3D0%26upfr%3D%26upto%3D%26primcat%3D%26seccat%3D%26cvcategory%3D*%26restriction%3D%26random%3D%26ispremium%3D1%26flip%3D0%26contributorqt%3D%26plgalleryno%3D%26plpublic%3D0%26viewaspublic%3D0%26isplcurate%3D0%26imageurl%3D%26saveQry%3D%26editorial%3D%26t%3D0%26edoptin%3D%26filters%3D0
  11. That horse bolted when they created Stockimo... mobile phone images have been on Alamy for years now.
  12. This is going to be a really difficult one to judge... it was certainly difficult to choose just 3 entries! 1. Child doing a 'peace sign' 2. Large sign on Haeundae Beach at Busan in South Korea (and more peace signs). 3. Roadwork signs
  13. To be honest I don't really understand why Alamy don't just accept mobile phone images via normal upload. I don't really understand how uploading them via Stockimo makes any difference (apart from maybe being able to pay the contributors less). At the end of the day, images end up in the same marketplace whether they are uploaded via the Alamy website, via FTP or via Stockimo. The reverse is also occurring though... I often see images with an ID beginning in 'S' which look too good to have been taken with a phone.
  14. Thanks for picking one of mine.
  15. But I do still like it all the same!
  16. I've had it about 2 years Wim... 🙂
  17. Yesterday, I went out for my first walk with the family since lockdown started in The UK. And the camera I had with me was my Sony RX100 M3. And as a consequence, I am currently keywording a bunch of pictures in AIM. And this is one the beautiful things about this camera.. I was able to slip it into my pocket and take a few pictures as we went. Taking my DSLR would not have been practical and might have raised some unwanted attention.
  18. On a walk with the family (first since the lockdown started), I passed this. I thought it nice that they were saying thank you to locksmiths and people who work in places like Timpsons who have the grinding machines to cut you a spare key from an existing key! .. oh and probably NHS workers, supermarket workers, etc too 🙂
  19. Exactly the kind of image that I seem to make a lot of... and it could be anywhere which is good as it makes it more universally useable!
  20. Yes.. so some of it is and some of it isn't. I learnt something by reading that article hence why I posted it in case it is useful for other people. Either way.. it 's the same panel(s) in Lightroom to fix it!
  21. I'd always believed purple fringing and chromatic aberration are the same thing! 🙂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromatic_aberration
  22. Interestingly, I have the same model of RX100 but find that I do have to check for CA... it is definitely worse than my DSLR with my normal lens fitted. Nothing that can't normally be fixed in Lightroom but definitely there in some images.
  23. All socially distanced and compliant with not driving hours for your exercise of course!? 🙂 Yes, in good light, I find my Mk 3 excellent! Interestingly, as had been discussed before on these forums, it's night mode also works surprisingly well for when it's actually dark.
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