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  1. It's quite telling that we are now half way through the month but this thread is only 3 pages long....
  2. From Alamy's perspective, I guess it's an extra revenue stream. They don't have to provide the storage for the videos and they don't have to employee a whole load new QC people for reviewing videos. From Pond5's perspective, it's another distribution channel for potential for sales. I wonder how this works though in terms of the Pond5 contributors getting their share... given as Pond5 contributors can set their own price but the pricing on Alamy seems fairly fixed.
  3. I don't have shots of anumal families so will just have to submit a few shots of my own family 🙂 Grandfather and grandson: Mother and son at Christmas: Family waiting for a train together:
  4. Flowers can sell (I have sold them).. but I really think that you need to know the name/species of the flower. You need to know it's latin name and 'common' name(s). Generic 'pretty pink flower' probably isn't going to hack it in terms of selling the image!
  5. Because some people will check while other people are lazy, particularly if they have a tight deadline or work for a company that has a 'special dal' with Alamy or some sort of a company policy. And a lot if time, it's not ;their' money they are spending.. it's the companies money.. so they might not care quite as much as if it was their money. I think the real issue is, that these are the kind of images that Alamy tend to sell. You are far more likely to sell a picture of a close down shop on Slough Hiugh Street than a pretty picture of flowers or pumpkins.
  6. Some pictures from my garden where Iw as playing with my extension tubes.
  7. I did go through the doldrums a bit at the start of the year but am enjoying taking quite a few photos at the moment. I am fortunate to have a garden so have been enjoying photographing some of the spring flowers. This does mean that I tend to end up taking the same photos every year, a bit like Ed's Eleanor Rigby.. but this year I have a set of cheap extension tubes that I didn't have last year which allows me to play and take photos that are slightly different to what I have done before.
  8. I take similar pictures every year.. but the apple blossom is just too pretty not to photograph.
  9. It's sometimes surprising what sells. I sold a picture a a Katsu curry today which is the last image in my collection that I thought would sell.. lighting and editing not great and I would question nowadays whether I would even have bothered to upload it. So you never know..
  10. Oh dear...have I been getting it wrong all this time? Keeps your nose warm when the central heating isn't working though! 🙂
  11. In addition to what other people have said about exposure, editing and keywording, you might also like to think about making sure that horizons are level... Unless a horizon is slanted for obvious artistic intent, it just looks wrong. This one slopes from left to right.
  12. My three.. 1. Brick Lane - London 2. Potobello Road - London 3. La Rambla - Barcelona
  13. A few days ago, I had reason to go into London for the first time in over a year.. even though I didn't get to wander around with a camera all day like I might in the past, I still got a few pictures on the underground which I liked. This is about 4pm in the middle of the week... ... not quite as busy as I'm used to!
  14. A walk a couple of days ago took me past WIlder's Folly in Reading, UK.
  15. I did indeed! My initial aim was to use my extension tubes to take some close up shots of the flowers but when I finally noticed the yellow against the blue sky, it was a no-brainer to remove the extension tube and take some of the yellow forsythia against the blue sky.
  16. This will be a very difficult competition to judge and I almost didn't enter because the standard of entries is so high and I'm fairly sure I don't have anything as special as what other people have already posted.. but for the fun of it... 1. Carnival people... 2. Happy young boy wearing a bicycle helmet. 3. Father and Child cyclists
  17. I love the contrast between the yellow and blue!
  18. That, actually, is probably why they differentiate... it's probably not about the image quality anymore so much as how much of the sale price Alamy can keep for themselves. I guess they might also distribute Stockimo images through different channels. And maybe there is some sort of tax ramification if you run Stockimo as a separate company.
  19. If you want to put off casual photographers who are using their phones, then you don't develop an iPhone app which is aimed at casual photographers using their phones! 🙂 Just about every other agency that I submit to accepts smartphone images. They either have an app themselves (branded with the actual agency's name rather than for some reason rebranding their app) or they have a smartphone friendly contributor site. And I agree with you.. I suspect that sooner or later, Alamy might well change the policy because particularly new smartphones produce images that are so good that it'
  20. No.. I was essentially agreeing with you that the OP shouldn't worry about deleting the images and musing that I don't really understand why Alamy care about making the distinction between mobile phone(Stockimo) images and 'normal' images via a very subtle naming convention for image IDs Yes, this is the bit that surprises me. I guess it's possible that a person doing the QC could manually pull up the exif data and decide to reject an image as a result. But if they have to manually do this and cannot tell just by looking at the image itself, what would be the point? I've
  21. I doubt most buyers have a clue about this anyway.. and even if they do know that an image with a code starting with an 'S' came from a mobile phone via Stockimo, do they even care? The image is either suitable for their needs or it isn't regardless of whether the image ID starts wih an 'S'.
  22. Does a train not count as 'public transport'?
  23. It will be interesting to see as lockdown restrictions in the UK lift, how full this train would be at the beginning of August ... or will people have abandoned the idea of commuting even though they will be allowed to once more, preferring to work from home and video conference instead?
  24. A fairly mundane scene really. I initially took a picture of the BP petrol station in a previous shot thinking that it might be worthy of illustrating stories about oil prices, BP financial results or a switch from petrol to electric cars in the future... but then I took this wider shot almost as an afterthought and for some reason, I really quite like it. And this is another fairly mundane scene that I rather like but am not really sure why.. I guess it has leading lines with the ridges in the ceiling, ducting, edges of the road and boardings all drawing the eye to the
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