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  1. i remember when I signed up to both Alamy and Stockimo, I missed the cut-off by a few weeks and so only get 20% of the sale price.
  2. Take it with your Sony 90% of the time unless you're in a situation where being discrete is important and the Sony would be too conspicuous in which case go with the phone. Otherwise, I'd go with the best camera that you have with you at the time.. which is going to be the Sony. I take stock photos with my phone all the time.. but it's nearly always when I don't have one of my cameras with me. Photos taken on a phone and uploaded via the "something" only earn the contributor 20% unless you were lucky enough to sign up at the very start compared with 40/50% (depending on exclusivity) via main Alamy. So yes, shots taken on a phone earn less than those taken on a camera through the Alamy marketplace. With other agencies, this discrepancy in price doesn't exist.. but there again, they probably don't pay as much in the first place...
  3. Just watched a quick first impression YouTube video on the new Nikon Z50.. I'm liking the looks of that!
  4. But it's nice to see that it's in the print edition as well as just on-line! I'll hope for a few pennies more! Thanks for the spot!
  5. The 'Optional' tab in AIM contains an 'Additional Information' field which allows you to enter free text. If it gives you peace of mind, you could add the translations from the signs into there with a bit of a description about what is going on.
  6. I would think that any newspaper picture editor of any worth would lookup the translations of those words. With today's technology, it takes just 5 minutes... https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=auto&tl=en&text=sesso orale
  7. I would just upload and caption and keyword correctly. I don't think you need to treat Alamy customers as delicate flowers. Anyone looking for images of that protest won't be surprised at the rude words.
  8. Congratulations on the win! Here are three from me: Reflection in a bus stop on Slough High Street Reflections in a puddle in Windsor: Looking up at the Willis Building and Lloyds of London Building in the Financial District of The City of London
  9. Wow! That is a seriously impressive and comprehensive list. Your powers of research and analytics never cease to amaze my Wim!
  10. It's always nice to find one of my images used in the press. It's twice as nice when you find the same image in two publications within the space of 5 minutes! Image: M6JNFH https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/breaking-links-london-wont-able-14971882 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/oct/09/links-of-london-jewellery-chain-goes-into-administration The downside to this is that it's my wife's favourite jewellers so I might need to find somewhere else to buy Christmas presents! 🤣
  11. The argument is made in this thread.. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11696-alamy-stockimo-merged-measure/ .. that the iPhone app and Alamy should be merged. What would be the advantage of separating stock and live news into different 'agencies'?
  12. You will get so many different answers to this question as nearly everyone will have their own preferences. You don't mention a budget but if budget is no issue then the latest and greatest Nikon, Canon or Sony models are probably what people might suggest. To be honest, almost any DSLR from the last decade would be good enough for stock photography. And do you truly mean DSLR or does your consideration include mirrorless cameras which would bring the likes of the Nikon Z6 and Z7 into the frame (so-to-speak) as well as more Sony cameras. Personally I use a Nikon D7000 (can be purchased secondhand for £200) with a kit lens and a Sony RX100M3 (not a DSLR) .. but I am a hobbyist rather than a professional..
  13. I don't know if it is maybe worth considering making your watermarks bigger? It would take me all of 30 seconds using either the healing tool or the crop tool in photoshop to get rid of the little copyright notice in the bottom left corner of each image.
  14. I was already having a bad day and I’m afraid this news just makes it even worse. I always found Keith very helpful and supportive of people starting out in stock and very much enjoyed chatting to him. My deepest sympathies now go to his family and loved ones.
  15. How does this work given as images could be in any aspect ratio? .. 4x3, 3x2, 16x1 ?
  16. I think this is the most healthy attitude that you can take. As suggested by Phil, another option is to opt out of the newspaper scheme but then the next complaint is that you're not making as many sales. For me personally I'll take the $2 over no sale at all. Absolutely! I think you have to look at your own individual situation as to why you contribute to Alamy. If it is as a main income then maybe you need to find another option. If it is as a side income whereby you take the photos anyway and uploading to Alamy is down to a bit of time to upload, write captions and add keywords then I guess it depends on how valuable that 'bit of time' is to you and what you might choose to do otherwise. If it is as a hobby then maybe the enjoyment factor still motivates?
  17. Before I lost the ability to upload Live News, my RX100 was permanently in Raw + JPEG in case I shot something newsworthy which I would quickly transfer to my phone and then upload. But since losing access to Live News, I have reverted to RAW only. With my RX100, 40% of the time I find something that I need to do to an image be it removing CA, removing noise (particularly if I raise ISO above 200) or simply correcting verticals.
  18. I don't agree with that.. I think you have ability (I particularly like your live news images).. it's just a learning process to get better and learn what to tweak here and there in terms of image choice, post-processing, etc. When I started, my CTR bounced around 0.2 whereas nowadays my 'total CTR' is 0.57 (which as it happens was last month's average CTR across all of Alamy).. I have learnt an awful lot since I started. The good news is that CTR can improve.. note that in Alamy measures it reads, "Period : 01 Oct 2018 to 01 Oct 2019" which means that CTR only really covers your last 12 months. I think you might want to ask yourself why you are submitting images to Alamy. If it is to make money quickly then I think that ship sailed 7 or 8 years ago (at least for someone only just starting out today). You mention in another thread about being able to earn more money looking after children which makes me think that the financial side of stock photography is important to you. Personally photography is a hobby and stock photography gives me an end goal, a reason to take photos. Before discovering Alamy, I would take photos but all-to-often, the photos wouldn't even make it off my SD card. And it they did make it onto my computer, it would be a case of great... now what do I do with them? They would end up buried on my hard disk somewhere and forgotten about forever more. But since discovering Alamy, I have motivation and a reason for my photography... but for me, the financial aspect wasn't my initial driver although I do make some pocket money nowadays which is nice. It's also worth noting that Alamy is a numbers game (as well as quality). People used to say as a rough guide to anticipate one sale a month for every 1500 images. Last month I got 6 sales which does seem to still fit with this way of thinking given as I am now starting to close in on having 8000 images. You have 600 images so not having too many sales is not necessarily so much a reflection on how good your images are as to how many you have. And you don't have to travel far and wide and spend hours on excursions to take photos either... one of my sales last month was my family's shoes piled up in the hall... .. I saw the scene, thought it looked interesting and so to quicky took the shot. It didn't cost me any money to take and it took me about 5 minutes. (As an aside: Lo and behold it was used by The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/aug/24/tim-dowling-when-you-die-want-that-picture#comments. I particularly like the first comment on the article, "Terrible photo of shoes. Just imagine what an unfairly 'let go' Belgian cartoonist might have made of this opportunity." .. made me smile 😆) My thinking would be that if you enjoy your photography to just carry on as much as time allows... over time the size of your portfolio will grow organically and you will get some sales.
  19. But isn't Doc's point that it will also generate false positives?... i.e it will match equally if someone searches for "people" and "no people"
  20. Yes.. agreed. 2A0N05C in-particular is very dark.
  21. Yes, I'm convinced that I suffered from one of these a couple of months ago when I had a photo of some ceramic garden ornaments refunded.
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