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  1. Folks, don't forget about this topic. 😃
  2. AN apple a day keeps the doctor away - perhaps no doctor necessary, eh? 😃
  3. Lots of great entries, lots of irony and sarcasm. You folks won't make my final choices easy. Good problem to have. 😆
  4. Hi Sally, Your gallery is amazing, wonderful bird, wildlife and flower photos, among others. All have great exposure and colors. How is your success so far? Any sales? Regards
  5. Wow awesome! Can you share the link of the image you sold, out of curiousity?
  6. Agree with Betty! CrowningHen, I am in a similar boat as you in terms of number of images on here and time on Alamy (for me since Apr 2019). I've made one sale of a photo of kids' bare and muddy feet T97HXT . I don't have much new to add than what has already been mentioned before me. Perhaps broadening the subject matter, and that's something I am working on as well. I need to maybe increase my upload rate and frequency, as my portfolio is growing very slowly. Good luck! We will journey together.
  7. Ironic and sad the enormous difference in social/economic state that exists throughout.
  8. Hello and happy new year, everyone! For this month's challenge, submit up to 3 images on the topic of IRONY. It could be any sort of scenario - a sign saying one thing while the scene around it contradicts it, an unusual animal gathering, an unlikely street protest or happening, etc. Use your imagination. It can be an abstract concept too. I find this a bit ironic... Assignment closes at the end of the last day of the month. I will try to post the poll for voting within the first couple of days of February. Have fun with this, or not (wink)!
  9. I really don't know where to look. Help. Where is the list of covered topics?
  10. If I pick a word/theme, can someone else setup and lead the challenge? I don't think I'd be good for this. As you see, I am not a daily forum visitor, don't have the time to stay on top of it.
  11. Thank you! I really had no idea I was nominated for the final voting.
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