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  1. I am not stressing about sales, but they are nice when they come, and the money can be used for more photography-related costs. 😃
  2. Thanks Kristin. My more recent uploads have been seasonal nature and outdoors. Little less human activity. I do need to do more of that. It's a genre that's more difficult and less comfortable for me. Enjoy the spring weather. We have some amazing blooming yellow mustard in the vineyards here in Sonoma County. Make your way to Napa or Sonoma this month or next.
  3. Congrats on another sale of it! How have you been Alamy-wise in 2021? I've had maybe 1 zoom so far and fairly low views. It's like things hit a sharp wall since December for me and plummeted since then.
  4. Happy new year, everyone! Congratulations to the ones with sales. And good luck to all rest of us who are yet to make one this month. 😃
  5. I am sure your fortunes will upturn again. I had my first sale of year in April, then nothing until a few quick sales in Sept and Oct. Take care, and good luck.
  6. Hello! Hope you'll make good sales. It does take some time as mentioned above. It seems sales start coming slowly after half a year or more. Your urban images are interesting, and a couple I checked out have good amount of keywords. This one here is pretty cool - 2D9CX27. I think you can add tower as keyword, perhaps famous landmark, and the tower's name. I've found that the captions are super important, so putting the tower's name alongside the skyline would be helpful to come up web searches. Good luck! Alex g.
  7. Fantastic archival image. You should've been paid a little more for it. But still congratulations on the sale.
  8. First usage of this kind for me, and for the high price of $0.99! Usage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays. Industry sector: Education Image Size: Any size Start: 12 November 2020 Duration: In perpetuity
  9. Awesome! They even gave you the acknowledgement. That's great honor.
  10. Definitely zooms help, that's what I am seeing out of this too. I am paying more attention to relevant things, everyday things. But you're definitely catching important stuff like marches and protests.
  11. Awesome! I've seen an uptick in zooms too last couple of months, not quite the rate you have. I am total of 6, 2 in Sep and 2 in Oct! 😃
  12. This is appalling really, the photo is indeed very powerful and informative. It should definitely be several tens of dollars. Still though, congratulations on the sale, and great new additions of marches and the ballot. Let's hope the crazy times end, and civility returns to the office of the president.
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