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  1. Is it possible to put it on a wall (attached at the back with tape) and aim straight at it? This would ensure parallel alignment. I would use a prime lens too as mentioned above.
  2. I would guess this site's search algorithm isn't the most advanced. It's also possible that among keywords, captions, and optional fields it has difficulty ranking the relevance of search terms and often returns a mishmash of results. 😁
  3. My son in euphoria as fake snow falls at this very elaborately decorated house. And home window lights with our tree reflecting for lovely bokeh. Happy holidays all!
  4. Hi awesome name buddy! I saw your other post, but had not tried the search filter so I had nothing to comment. I left you a like. 😃 Waiting to see what others answer as I am curious too.
  5. That's too bad. It's also a shame there is nothing that appears as you type a town name to know what format they want it in. Is it city/province/country, or city/country, spaces, or dashes, or commas. Who knows.
  6. I've got no expertise in food photography, but I can appreciate when I see some impressive work. I have to agree with others that if you isolate the subject and replace the background, it has to be done impeccably or otherwise it catches the eyes in a bad way. Perhaps cropping on the right side only and eliminating the distracting details in the upper right would leave a nice photo of a full round plate with a significant quarter of the nearby one on the left. That's not too bad in my opinion.
  7. No sales Oct and Nov here. 😕 I'm on FAA as well, but with free account with less than 20 images. Waiting to see if something will sell and for how much before paying for am unlimited account. Nothing so far in 2-3 months.
  8. I don't know about this QC rating system. I've generally passed QC consistently over the last several months. The few rejections came early in the year when I first started on here. My rating is 3*. I find that submissions on Sunday usually get through quickly and are ready on Monday. For me, any other nights, I should expect a wait of a couple of days. Doesn't bother me.
  9. Hiya Helen, and thanks for your honest response. I do really like these too, especially my son with all the Christmas lights. So far 1 sale when I was at around 160 photos, this one of muddy feet T97HXT .
  10. Yes, sometimes I have to tilt up to get the desired view in place and not chop off the tops of buildings, or perhaps I am shooting low to capture some interesting nearby ground objects and have to tilt up to include the buildings. Agreed. Now I have found the corrections in Capture One which meanderingeumu suggested. Thanks again!
  11. Ah thanks, also just saw a help video on youtube. Yup, Keystone. Not a single click, but the vertical points adjustment is easy enough. Already corrected the few obvious ones on the Town Green buildings that were pointed out above. I just uploaded the corrected ones for QC. The distorted ones will stay until they accept the new ones. Happy Holidays 😃
  12. Hi Steve, I use Capture One. I have lens corrections ticked on, but haven't looked into what it entails. Could just be for barrel, pincushion and purple fringing. I have to learn how to fix this wide angle distortion. Is it very off-putting to potential buyers you think? Thanks for the tips.
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