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  1. It seems to me using North America is a must, then Central America can be an added bonus.
  2. Hi Betty. Yes, it would appear so! I've added it to my tags and captions. Thanks very much. 😃
  3. We as a society need to re-purpose a whole lot more! There is still so much stuff that's usable that ends up thrown away in landfills or left to rot/corrode/degrade without being used to its fullest.
  4. Hi John, Excellent topic choice, perhaps what could be the theme for the whole decade! Admittedly, I don't have much in my gallery that fits the topic at this time. But luckily this one of my young son using a balance bike can slide in as sustainable mode of transportation. 🙂
  5. Of plants? Some of them I am not able to easily identify. I'd love to do that. I will try to go through the photos again.
  6. Umm, so many thoughts running through my head. I joined Alamy over a year ago because of the appeal that I read about sales of reasonable price (albeit at lower volume). I don't do product photography or commercial subjects, and seeing how people need to have basically tens of thousands of images selling for cents on some of the other major stock sites was very off-putting for me. My portfolio is small, and admittedly I am not a professional, so many of the images are generic and basic. Also, I am based in the US and Alamy sales seem to be generally much lower on this side of the Atlantic. I've had a single sale so far for $, quite a disappointing return. I had been hoping things would pick up. Now, I really don't know what to make of the acquisition news. I am still trying to avoid contributing elsewhere enormous amount of photos for mere cents.
  7. Congratulations @John Mitchell ! Your photo was selected as the winner for the January photo challenge for IRONY.
  8. John, congratulations! Your photo is the winner of the January challenge, collecting more than 1/3rds of the votes. The next challenge is yours!
  9. Last day (or less) to cast votes for this challenge. Can the runaway leader be overtaken at the last moment?
  10. Remember, I like that too... it is why it has been nominated. 😉
  11. Thank you Michael. I got some help from Paulette and grateful for it.
  12. You are both welcome, they are wonderful submissions. Good luck!
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