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  1. 🤣 It does! I wonder if that site will pay better.
  2. Finally something, for use in presentation or newsletters, teen $$.
  3. Steve provides excellent detailed feedback, as he has done for me. If I get a chance, i will take a look at your gallery as well when I am free of work sometime.
  4. There are very few hits for Alamy related videos on youtube, I'd be surprised if one would even stumble upon it by searching.
  5. I do see it now, shows particularly clearly in the reflection.
  6. Especially now under the new contract. I better get cracking really hard if I wanna climb out of the $250 pit they've trapped me in, =/
  7. I am looking at your photos now. Indeed you focus on very good lighting for the most part. I guess my shooting for stock is more opportunistic, and not always carefully measured. I suppose I can return to certain locations at a different time of day for better lighting. Lack of time, or maybe a bit of laziness. haha
  8. By the way, I never answered this question about my CTR. It shows total CTR is 0.62, and average CTR is 0.55.
  9. No point in begging them for answers nor explanations. Do we, do you really expect them to come back and address all your concerns? The most they might do, if even that, is to put some very vague and generic letter out acknowledging the fact that the new contract will take time for people to understand and that they will do what they can to help us along with the new changes (lies, blah blah). So stop begging them. They do not deserve it.
  10. Steve, Thank you for the detailed feedback! I am extremely grateful and thoroughly impressed by the amount of time you spent to view my photos and provide exactly the feedback and tips that I sometimes inadvertently overlook. Well now what to do with the news of the new contract that puts me at Silver tier? Haha Very bummed out.
  11. Silver tier - it is damn absurd, honestly. With earnings at just 20%, someone with already low volume is only bound to stay there a long time. The effort to increase the portfolio size significantly would be a thankless task, as the contributor might feel disillusioned and be long gone from the site by the time sales start catching up to potentially move them up to the Gold tier. I had a total of 7 sales last calendar year, and yes my portfolio is rather small. No sales this year in 5 months, already posted about this on the forum. Atrocious. Utterly disappointed and frus
  12. That's wonderful for both of you for the sales. Now with the new contract out, I am sure to be stuck in the Silver tier. Crawling out of it with a handful of sales per year at 20% earnings would be an impossible climb. Sigh..
  13. That's a great tip. I underutilize the description and tag tool in my editing software. I very much see the appeal of shooting what I like (for me it's nature and some urban abstracts). Any sales that come with that are an added bonus. Like suggested above, I just need to add more to my Alamy portfolio.
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