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  1. If your worried - I would use an off camera flash - as long as the "flash" isn't in the field of view of the night vision sensor, it will be fine. In fact - I wouldn't expect any damage to a modern sensor. They should cope with headlights in a black scene for example.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/nov/28/more-than-16000-cans-and-bottles-found-in-four-days-on-uk-beaches and a similar article in 2x Vietnamese sites! https://kinhtemoitruong.vn/hon-16000-lon-va-chai-duoc-tim-thay-chi-trong-4-ngay-tai-cac-bai-bien-o-anh-11553.html https://baotainguyenmoitruong.vn/hon-16-000-lon-va-chai-duoc-tim-thay-chi-trong-4-ngay-tai-cac-bai-bien-o-anh-296351.html All using the same image - Photographer.... me!
  3. Ahhh... that brings back memories - I studied in Middlesbrough (Teeside Uni) and the Transporter bridge was a favourite for an excuse away from the books. Back then it had a Yellow gondola. I see there is now a "visitor experience" where you can walk along the original walkways across the top. Back in my day this was a popular night time activity for students, after a few pints!
  4. Hand pull ferries are also available in Devon - here is the Exeter Ferry
  5. Ed - Have you tried uploading via FTP? Its how I upload from my Mac - nice and seamless! I use the "Filezilla App" free version - which you can download directly from their website - dont download from the App store, where they try and force the "Pro", paid version on to you! https://filezilla-project.org/ The Alamy instructions are here https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/how-do-i-send-you-my-stock-images/?section=4 Good luck Jools
  6. I think we still get the 50% commission on Affiliate sales...... Its just that the 50% is calculated after the Affiliate has received their slice..... So in the case of a £100 sale through Quidco Sale Value - £100 Quidco - 10% - £10 Alamy - £90 The £90 that Alamy received is then split 50/50 with the contributor - So, £45 would be paid out to the photographer.
  7. I think its impossible for Alamy to Opt-in/Opt-Out individual images from affiliate schemes. I use Quidco to get cashback on Online purchases They have Alamy as one of their partners - so if I purchased any image from Alamy, I would receive 10% of the purchase price as cashback from Quidco. I use it mainly to get cashback on travel - hotels, flights etc. Of course - also useful for cashback on photography purchases - WEX and Canon are both offering Cashback through the site 🙂 (Check the terms as the rates vary from time to time) https://www.quidco.com/raf/550972/ Jools
  8. Always ask if the venue has a projector! A lot of churches these days have some pretty advanced AV equipment - often projecting the hymn lyrics onto a screen, rather than handing out books! If you can - try and test out the projector in advance, and make sure its suitable for your needs. I've also borrowed projectors from work, if I need one for an evening presentation! Jools
  9. If you want to submit images taken on a phone - then only an iPhone is acceptable for Stockimo. Personally, I prefer to submit photos from my "proper" camera - as I get the higher commission rates on Alamy, and only 20% on S So - If your then asking about using a phone to upload "proper" images to Alamy...... its probably more about the Apps than the phone itself I use "Cannon Camera Connect" to get the images from my Camera onto the phone via BLE/WiFi I then use "ShutterSnitch" to add titles and keywords for Live News (or Reportage in my case) submissions I use an iPhone - and this all works fairly smoothly - once you are used to the quirks of ShutterSnitch! Trying to use the Alamy Image Manage on the iPhone is impossible - The formatting of the frames doesn't work at all! - Its OK on an iPad
  10. As well as still photography, I get heavily involved in making short films Here's one of our recent ones - shot on a Digital Bolex. My “Behind the Scenes” photos - https://kempdigital.co.uk/zed I did produce and film a documentary about a TB hospital - where I now live...... I managed to get some lottery funding to help make the film, and then created an iBook, which contains some of the footage and archive photographs https://books.apple.com/gb/book/the-sanatorium/id649226473?mt=11&app=itunes Send me a message on my Facebook page if you would like a link and password to see the film - https://www.facebook.com/didworthysanatorium/ Jools
  11. Good News - I'm back up and running again! The Apple Store visit was useful - Their initial attempt to run their own diagnostic tools sat at the Genius bar from a network boot failed, and so my machine was taken into the "repair room" for a bit of a seeing to! In the end it didn't need and hardware replacing - What I gather was the problem was the state of the Fusion drive - The solution was to split the SSD and Hard drive, reformat them both separately and then re-fuse them. I believe this was all done at the command line level in terminal - I guess they don't like you seeing that bit - all the stuff that they do at the Genius bar uses their diagnostic tools. So - When I got home.... - Clean install of Catalina - Re-Install of Apps from the App store (Only the ones that I currently use) - Restore Data from my TimeMachine Its now running much better than it was before - and I don't have any of those pesky legacy apps running in the background - That you thought you had uninstalled, but keep on popping up with warnings! Jools
  12. Yep - I've followed all the advice! From recovery - the disk utility "first Aid" reports that everything is OK But, when you boot normally and run disk utility it reports an error - that it says can only be fixed in recovery mode..... So - I took the rather drastic action of erasing and reformatting the disk - and still get exactly the same issue! My thoughts are its something to do with how the Fusion drive is created - So the physical disc checks out fine when it is unmounted in Recovery - But once the OS mounts it and creates the Fusion drive, things aren't quite right. So - I'm going to see the Genius's tomorrow morning!
  13. My MacBook Air upgraded to Catalina with no issues...... My iMac is being more problematic! It failed during the upgrade with "Storage system verify or repair failed" It obviously does some disk check before it starts the upgrade process...... So - use "First Aid" on the disk - It says its found a checksum issue, and that I need to run First Aid from recovery mode. First Aid, ran in recovery mode doesn't find any issues - disk is fine...... I have a full backup, so following various bits of advice, I decided to take the drastic move of erasing and reformatting the drive....... All went well....... until I tried to do the clean install........ I still get the "verify or repair failed" So - Its a trip to the Genius bar in our local Apple store tomorrow to see how they fix it! (Its a fairly new iMac - April this year...... 3TB Fusion drive - I think it might be the fusion bit that's causing the problem, as the disk seem to check out OK - Mojave was running fine 😞 ) Jools
  14. When you upload via FTP the images initially go into your FTP folder The Alamy process then, at some point, picks them out of the FTP upload folder, and processes them, putting them into AIM - At that time they disappear from the FTP folder As your FTP upload can take some time to complete, the Alamy process may have already processed some of the first ones you uploaded. I use Filezilla - I check Filezilla to see the queue and "Successfully transferred" - and "Failed" would be the ones that you might have to resend, As others have said - just give Alamy a little time to process them - I dont have any problems using FTP - either from my MAC or from my phone using ShutterSnitch Jools
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