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  1. Message from The Photography Show & The Video Show Team; 'We are incredibly disappointed that we've had to take this action so close to the event opening. However, it became clear that the recent acceleration in Covid19 cases in the UK has led to heightened concerns for all participants and the show would be negatively impacted from all perspectives should we have proceeded. We understand how important the show is both from an industry and community point of view so we are pleased that we are able to postpone to September when we are hopeful that the threat of Covid19 will have significantly rescinded. Please bear with us while we make all the necessary arrangements to facilitate this move and contact all participants'. FAQs Q - The show has been postponed, will I need to register again for the new dates? A - Good news, your badge will be valid for the September show so you don't need to do anything. Q - I have bought Extras (Masterclass tickets, Super Stage tickets, Workshop tickets), will I be issued a refund? A - All Super Stage and Workshop tickets will be automatically refunded. Masterclass tickets will remain on your order unless you request for them to be refunded. Q - Will the programme and exhibitors be the same for the postponed show? A - We will aim to keep the programme the same where possible, subject to speakers being available for the new dates. We also hope that the exhibitor list will remain much the same. Thank you for your understanding. Kind regards, The Photography Show & The Video Show Team
  2. No - I sent them an email which said "Alamy Live News Feed - These were posted throughout the day and are available to licence for any editorial and other commercial uses"
  3. How do people promote their images after photographing an event? I Photographed the "World Pasty Championships" last weekend Selected images were submitted and available as Live News over the weekend On the Monday I also sent some links out to the winning companies with an Alamy Lightbox, https://www.alamy.com/search/lightbox/4081625.html and direct links the certificate presentations images. I see one of them now have a post on Facebook - but have just used the Alamy Watermarked images! (cheapskates!) https://www.facebook.com/RowesCornishBakers/posts/3122955884401825 So far - no sales form the event :-( For some of these things, I see much more press about the event a few weeks before, promoting it, using last years photos - maybe they will sell next year! Jools
  4. Hopefully they use the same exchange rate when they invoice the customer in £sterling to convert it to $US as shown in our sales reports. If the same rate is used at both ends - then it doesn't really matter what the rate is! (for UK sales) Jools
  5. I bought a RX100 Mk 7 at Christmas - and bought this for some extra power 4x third party Batteries 1x Charger (That can charge 3 batteries simultaneously) All for £20.99! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07RX4SMMY I have numbered the batteries, and rotate through the original Sony, and the 4x third party. All seem to hold their charge when not being used (All start with the full battery indicated) All seem to have similar battery life - a mix of shooting and wifi access to transfer files to my smartphone. You can charge 3 batteries simultaneously on the charger from the original Sony USB power adaptor - I guess it takes a bit longer if you are charging more than one - but the charger displays the state of charge as it charges So far - very happy with my purchase Jools
  6. Thanks John - nice to know where they end up (half page as well!) That was from short weekend away in the campervan - we normally walk down from the campsite!
  7. Looe, Cornwall Usage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years $$
  8. Yes - that's what I do...... It just seems a bit clunky, and a few unnecessary steps!
  9. Is there an easy way to create a url of a lightbox? If I click on the Actions Box, and click share, I can send an email to myself - which contains the link...... It would be good if you could just copy the link directly, without having to send yourself an email! Share to Twitter could also be useful! Jools
  10. Well - Its been a bit damp here, thanks to Storm Dennis We sold our Land Rover Defender last year - its times like this when we wish we still had it! https://www.alamy.com/search/lightbox/4078752.html
  11. Alamy describe RM and RF as follows All my images are listed as RF All my sales show "Royalty Free" as the licence...... But the details vary - and to me they look like they are sold as Rights Managed? This looks like a Royalty free sale But this looks like its sold as if it was Rights Managed (and the fee reflects the use!) (Newspaper use in the Guardian) So - I don't think listing them as RF stops them being sold as RM..... Jools
  12. I believe Reportage images do go on sale immediately.....(Once properly titled and tagged) - but dont get indexed until the next day So - you can provide a link direct to the image, or create a lightbox - if you want to share them with potential purchasers immediately
  13. My understanding that "Alamy Limited" still exists as a separate company https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03807789 The shares in this company (which were privately held) have now been sold to PA Media - so that Alamy is now a wholly owned subsidiary of PA Media Group https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/00004197 PA Media Group contains 21 subsidiary - either wholly or partially owned by the group PA Photos Limited is one of those subsidiarys https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03891060 So - At the moment Alamy Ltd and PA Photos will remain separate companies The Group may decide to continue to run them as separate companies - they are shown as separate brands on the group website - https://pamediagroup.com/our-brands/ Or they may decide, at some point, to change the structure - or work out how the two individual companies can help each other, maximising the strengths of both. Jools
  14. PA Media have bought Alamy...... ....but what is ALamy? its a collection of images that contributors make available for licence through the platform. They are not Alamy’s images - they are ours..... So, assuming PA Media still want the collection - why would they do anything to upset their contributors - they want to licence them and make revenue. they don’t want us to delete them, or offer them on alternative platforms. in the short term I don5 expect anything to change “Alamy” will still exist. In the longer term if the sale to PA Media means better opportunities to sell more images (at similar rates) then this should be a good thing. jools
  15. They were boarding up the pub as we had a coffee yesterday in Plymouth....... but today staying firmly at home!
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