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  1. Or the two sets of "Animals in the Zoo" which have appeared today!
  2. I think this was one of my favourites from shooting a Blues and Jazz festival in Plymouth at the weekend Full set here - https://www.alamy.com/search/lightbox/3767141.html Julian
  3. I think the Alamy measures only shows results on searches - not total views So - If you send out an Alamy link, or lightbox link, on twitter, and 100 people click on it and view it..... I don't think that shows up in measures, because it wasn't a "search" (Just what I believe through a bit of trial and error!) Julian
  4. Yes - I've received my first ever payment this month. It hit my account on the 6th Aug :-)
  5. Hi Brian I'm just up the road in Didworthy, near South Brent. Nice set of photos - I have to admit... I haven't really tried much wildlife/macro photography yet! I have recently had my first sale - a set of photos of a fairly local hotel..... its surprising what sells! Cheers Jools
  6. Hi Gang This was brought up in another thread - but I thought it might warrant its own discussion..... When should the "Sell for Editorial Only" Flag be used? I am correctly labelling whether the image has a model or property release. I understand that without a release images are fine for use Editorially. I understand that for "Commercial Use" described as the following:- "Commercial use of an image covers images that are being used to sell, promote or endorse a product or service, or raise money for a cause. This includes advertising, marketing materials, promotions, publication covers and consumer or merchandising products." the image would require a release. So that leaves a grey area of Personal Use, and maybe use by a company for internal presentations - where do these sit? Reading some of the blogs doesn't help a great deal! This one says "Don’t worry, if you don’t have a release, we can still sell your images for editorial uses. If you’re sure the image can only be used editorially, you can select the ‘sell for editorial only’ button in the optional tab while annotating your images in Alamy Image Manager. " https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/model-property-releases-stock-images/?section=7 So - if your not sure, can you leave it unchecked? This Blog for Buyers, explains when releases are required - seems to be clear that its up to the buyer/publisher to check that the correct releases are available https://www.alamy.com/help/what-is-model-release-property-release.aspx I'm reading it that you would only check "sell for editorial only" if you had a specific reason why that image was only suitable for editorial, and not any other use. How do you use this flag? Cheers Jools
  7. Thanks - Yes, seeing those sales brightened my day - makes all the effort start to make sense! Even better, now that i can reclassify them as 4x $$ - a nice way to start!
  8. Logged in tonight to find my first sale!! In fact - better than that..... I found my first 4 sales! All of a local restaurant/hotel venue - so it does pay to take a few snaps when you are out and about on a Sunday walk! When people say $, $$ and $$$ - what ranges are they referring to? and I assume its the Sale amount - before Alamy take their commission I suspect mine class as $ - but definitely better than micro stock! All were:- Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years.Media: Website, app and social media
  9. I was just following the guidelines on Captions and Headlines that they have issued, which I have previously used https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-news-images/captions-headlines-dates-live-news-images/?section=3 I will change it to just "Alamy" for next time.....
  10. Oops - yes, I meant create a “Lightbox” - I’ve edited it above! yes, it’s a palaver, and you still have the problem of getting the Lightbox seen - people can’t just browse through like they can with the live news feed.... ....but it’s catch 22, you can’t join Live News until you have a news sale!
  11. I don’t have access to Live News any more, but using the Reportage route, you can get images available for sale quickly, not very streamlined, but it does allow you to post links. Today, I was at the Torbay Airshow, and took a few shots of the Red Arrows that I thought I would try uploading. I used ShutterSnitch to caption and upload via FTP to reportage from the field - make sure you use 5 keywords, and they go on sale immediately. They are not indexed, so a customer can’t find them by searching Using Image manager, you can find the ID of each photo, and then use this to create the url for each image page. Add each image page to Lightbox, and hey presto you have a page for “MyLiveNews” which you can tweet to your favourite news sites! https://www.alamy.com/search/lightbox/3200166.html
  12. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Cornwall is now spelt correctly, but I'm not sure if I will get away with tagging my wife as "rather mature woman"! 😉 Alamo must have been an iPhone autocorrect induced error as I was trying out ShutterSnitch for the first time last weekend! - The good news was that I did manage to upload some reportage shots directly from the field shortly after they were taken! Now that I've proved that works, in case I ever need it..... I will normally spend some time to edit and upload normally from home! I do shoot in RAW and mainly use lightroom - I'll start looking at using a bit of saturation to brighten the images up. Its the Devon County Show this weekend - should make a good day out tomorrow! Jools
  13. Hi All I started submitting around the start of the year, and have now reached 500 images that are "On Sale" I've been reading the forums, and added a few comments.... Trying to change my style to include some of the tips - like featuring more of "people doing things" I would welcome your feedback on my portfolio so far, and my keywording - which is seeing views, and a few zooms. I have sold one image that I uploaded via S*****imo - but I'm still waiting for my first Alamy sale! https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/kempdigital Cheers Jools
  14. Hi Alamy Should this be available now - I don't seem to have access to Reportage, or received an email - yet I do have Live News sold as stock - N00Y31 (There is a local event I plan to attend this weekend that I would be able to submit via Alamy if Reportage is available and more suitable than Live News) Regards
  15. Looks like I have a few people to follow from this thread! Most of my Instagram posts are available on Alamy https://www.instagram.com/jools_devon/ Jools
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