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  1. Thanks Spacecadet. It was not all doom and gloom. Some one did venture out. Alan
  2. When the mist came down and the night falls, who would venture out on this moon lite night? Alan
  3. Not a bad month so far but this one, just dropped, sorry winged in, may be the last. Alan.
  4. Bronze memorial statue of a coal miner holding up a Davy safety lamp in honor to all the coal mines in Nottinghamshire closed in the 80's by the Tory Government. Alan.
  5. This 17th century folk poem is still true today. The law locks up the man or womanWho steals the goose off the commonBut leaves the greater villain looseWho steals the common from the goose. Alan
  6. This years theme for the Yorkshire Dales village of Redmire annual scarecrow competition being Covid 19 and the Lockdown. Came across this annual comp. whilst on holiday in Redmire this September. Uploaded this image plus several other scarecrows from the event to Alamy Live News. $$$, should pay for the holiday. Alan
  7. Well done Wim, and here are my three. Alan Through the letterbox Waiting Spiral Lighting
  8. Thanks Betty, Black Headed gull and Moorhen are the birds. Leica Q for the panoramic and Nikon 600mm for the birds. Alan
  9. Thanks Mizbrown, I think you are correct. Alan
  10. Thanks Alan and the man from geophotos. I shall go with Amethst Deceiver. Alan
  11. Any name for this blue/purple fungi found in a Beech tree woodland. Could it be a Wood Blewit? Thanks, Alan
  12. That's an utterly awesome picture! 😮 Thanks Colblimp, Shot with a 12mm-24mm lens to get the depth of field at 1/4000 sec. to freeze the speed of the train traveling at about 130 m.p.h.. I was quite safe behind the metal fence. Alan
  13. Two images this month so far. The Azuma high speed train operating on the East Coast Mainline. Sold several times. Grey Heron with plastic pollution.
  14. My three orange images are :- Zingy, the EDF flame mascot. Empty glass Hi-Vis sledging.
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