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  1. Are you calling Ed and I Doddery. I've been called many things in the past, but this is taking a bit too far 😡. Just joking John
  2. All being well I shall be in Liverpool in September covering the Labour Party Annual Conference. I shall have to reshoot The Terrific Three sorry, The Fab Four.
  3. Two more in the sales basket. This one from Ed Rooney's patch.
  4. Several this morning. Mainly British political figures ranging from $ to $$, but a nice one of a Tree Creeper.
  5. Thanks Colin. We all need a bit of light in these dark days.
  6. Self isolation in the garden yesterday. At least the bees are bussssssssssy.
  7. What a great range of foggy images already posted. Well here are my three. Complete white out Foggy field Coot on morning mist.
  8. Robby meets Nutty Bluey meets Robby.
  9. May be the last few images in my sales basket for February before we bloom into Spring and the warm dry weather too come. 😎
  10. 3 more British political images in the sales basket this morning, 2 for Boris's battle bus.
  11. Matt, its called work in process as long as they return. I'm Intrigued why there is a 6mm twin & earth cable coming down the wall above the toilet🧐
  12. Incognito is the way to do it from the top of a tour bus. As long as the bus keeps running they can't catch you.
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