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  1. Ian, I've covered several General Election counts in the past and in one due to several recounts I was there till 6.00 on the Friday morning. Most of the elections this year are local i.e. district, county, mayoral and therefore unlike a general election were the new P.M. would be installed on the Friday or Saturday, the counts for these election may only start on the friday afternoon and may go on over the weekend again due to the covid restrictions. I will not be covering the local count this year, on holiday in the Lakes. So good luck with the 600mm and lets hope we can get better coverage
  2. West Cork, like all of Ireland a great place to visit. No matter the weather be prepared and keep producing brill. images. Alan
  3. Great news. Just been out to do a local live news political event after being lockdown for months and months and months and after weeks and weeks and weeks of dry sunny weather it rains and rains and rains today. So Karlis be prepared.
  4. Thanks Sally, yes the sharpness of the Leica lens and the Q produce excellent clarity and dynamic range when converting to B&W in lightroom but so does the D5 or D850. Its about selecting the right image that would look better in B&W rather than in colour. I cannot say that I think differently when using the Q other than with the fixed 28mm lens you move more to get the image rather than change the focal length with a zoom. One thing about the Q is that you are less conspicuous especially for example the train station platform image. Alan
  5. With the Q. Azuma in Flower. On the Edge. Obeying the Rules.
  6. Do Not feed The Wildlife. They can't digest plastic. Damson blossom blooming feeds the Honey Bee.
  7. Not a Starry, Starry Night but a Snowy, Snowy Afternoon.
  8. Ed, you will have your work cut out here with this months challenge. My Avatar. Spiegel, spiegel Which way is Up?
  9. Well done Ed. Those were the days kodachrome 25 and 64 Hummmmm!
  10. Two P.U. in the sales basket this morning. May be the local farmer wants a poster in their barn.
  11. A piggy back ride for toads. Biodegradable packaging made from maize and desolves in water.
  12. Several in the sales basket this morning for a total in the mid. $$$, even a couple pano's for a museum and an indoor display.
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