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  1. Vote for the December Challenge

    And the winner for the December Challenge goes to Wiskerke and his image of Chicage O'Hare. Many thanks to all those who entered the challenge and voted. I've very much enjoyed the whole process. So over to you Wiskerke for the first of the 2019 challengers. Alan
  2. Vote for the December Challenge

    Sally, its never over until the last vote is cast. There may be a last minute rush. You may be right but lets wait and see. Alan
  3. Vote for the December Challenge

    Last call for the December Challenge. Just 24hrs. to go to cast your vote. Alan
  4. Vote for the December Challenge

    MDM, thank's for the correction. Just changed it. Alan
  5. It is traitional to open your Christmas presents on Boxing Day and for me today all the boxes opened 'December Challenge' have been a great suprise for the excellent quality of all the images. It as been very difficult to pick the 10 finalist shown below from the 77 images entered. You have until Midday on the 30th December to cast your vote as I'am away on New Years Eve Alan. 1) Michael Ventura KCTADE Lonely Wheelchair 2) Abiyoyo DJJY11 CDG Paris 3) Wiskerke FP46J3 Chicage O'Hare 4) Inchiquin F68EYT Footbridge, Feltham 5) Matt Ashmore MA9A7A Paddington Railway Station, London 6) Lynne ACYC5B Olympic Agora Athens 2004, Games Greece 7) Arvy777 PP3FAJ Caterpillar Tale, Snowdonia National Park 8) Doc A5DNTJ Pigeons and Cable Car 9) TeeCee AG8CE1 10) MDM MONKNF Avon Gorge in Bristol
  6. December Challenge

    Last call. Just over 24hrs. to go before the curtains close on the December challenge. Have a Good Christmas. Alan with one L. The Angel took the other as in:- The first noel, the angel did say,Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay;In fields where they lay keeping their sheep,On a cold winter's night that was so deep.Noel, noel, noel, noel,
  7. December Challenge

    STOP ALL SHOPPING . Only 7 days left for the December challenge, so keep sending more excellent imges of converging lines. Alan
  8. Favourite photos uploaded December 18

    So there may be bad weather on the way and heavy snow every day you may have the Brexit blues and have holes in your shoes but do not forget to have a tipple and smile a little just what my friends below would say. Alan
  9. Laptop

    This is my setup when away. MacBook Pro 13inch. 2Ghz Intel Core i5, 8GM ram and 251 GB flash storage. Small, light weight and well built. Run a 27in mac in the office but have no problem post processing images on the 13in screen. Runs LR 6.13 as smooth as silk even when processing large files from the D850. When out doing Live News with no wifi I seamless connect the mac to the iphone to upload images to Alamy. A bit expensive but very reliable. Push the boat out Southpole you only live once and Christmas is around the corner. Alan.
  10. Images sold in December

    Owen Jones at a political rally to unseat Ben Bradley. Alan
  11. December Challenge

    I know alot of you have things on your mind at the moment regarding 50% to 40% reduction in the fees that you will receive and also here in Britain the continues debate on Brexit but life must go on. Only 14 days left for the December challenge, so keep sending more excellent imges of converging lines. Alan
  12. December Challenge

    Thanks Colin. I shall try it later on. Alan
  13. December Challenge

    Some great images being posted, keep them coming. At the end of December I shall have to decide the images that you will vote for. Where do you obtain the voting table? Alan
  14. December Challenge

    I had in my mind to have a Christmas theme for this months challenge and how best to show this festive season in your selected images. Bah Humbug some may say but not this year. My theme for December is Converging Lines. There are plenty of fine examples of Converging Lines on the internet, some are man made others are in the natural environment. They do not have to be straight lines, you can have curves, spirals etc or even the shape of the landscape. Normal rules - each contender can provide up to 3 images, all to be from Alamy; BUT; as I am away at the end of December, the closing date for entries will be Midnight on Tuesday 25th and all votes in by the 30th. Example of my take on this theme are shown below. Lets see some excellent images, but remember to have a great Christmas. Alan.
  15. Favourite photos in November 18

    Magnus Magnusson would quite often say on the BBC Master Mind TV program 'I've started so I will finish'. So now that November is finished for another year then I'am legging out of here. Alan.