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  1. Used in a calendar for $$. Could be used in this months comp. 'Empty'
  2. Karl, some good images but far too many similar ones. For example there are about 80 images of the sea crashing over the sea wall on a stormy day. I always work on the principle of only selecting about 10% or less so these 80 can be easily reduced to 8 of the best. It is a learning curve for all of us even for me 40+ years trying and still learning. Look at other photographers work and be inspired. Alan
  3. Photojournalism is about telling a story through images and giving out a strong message.
  4. All great images, very difficult, I've placed my vote.
  5. Ian, like you I shall be covering the General Election mainly on a local and regional level, i.e. East Midlands over the next few weeks. You are right it can be difficult in knowing when and where an event is taking place and obtaining media accreditation. For me Ian its trade off and trust. Let me explain. Firstly I got to know your my local candidate that was campaigning in the area, door knocking, leafleting, etc explaining who you are and where the images are going to be used, offering few free © images as a trade off. Most candidates are fine with this even better, if there is a high political figure with them also promising to supply the regional office with similar images for use in their campaign material. This approach lead to my first major political event, the launch of the labour Party 2017 election campaign in Leicester with Jeremy Corbyn obtained a media pass from the regional office with on problem. From this approach I’am now invited to cover not only to local events but major launches, speeches, annual conference etc. but also private functions with the main leader or senior shadow cabinet figures and in doing so gaining their trust. Yes there are time you are asked to cover a launch in which the P.A., Reuters, etc are invited. My method in these cases is by all means is take images from the launch but then follow the politician to smaller meetings afterwards, in which the press are not interested in covering. At these meetings because the person is more relaxed and comfortable and are familiar with you, you are more likely to get more intimate shoots than otherwise be possible at the major event and in sometimes help you with the shoot. See images below taken when the main press have go home and where a lot of my sales are generated from. Ian, I hope this is some help and do not forget the local count. P.S. it also lead to my first music gig last summer.
  6. Below is an image I have uploaded twice to Alamy, first as a Live News and second after deleting from live news having noticing the purple banding. I checked my image file on my computer with no banding showing. The Image as now passed Q.C., I cannot see how and is now waiting for some keywords. I have emailed Alamy (see below) regarding this problem. Any ideas what could be causing this purple banding? Image 2A6C79G which is waiting in Q.C. at the moment appears to have a purple banding making up about two thirds of the image. I first notice this in a batch of 7 images I uploaded on the 23rd Oct. ( uk weather Alamy Live News) Alamy I.D. OL9210605, which I deleted in AIM. This banding only appears on this image and thinking it may have been an upload error I again uploaded just this image on the 25th.Oct. Alamy I.D. OL9223629 for the banding to reappear. I have no issues with this banding on my computer files. By all means delete this image but can you through any light on what is causing this problem.Many thanks Alan
  7. Great news. Arrived this morning. A tad less than last year, but it all helps to keep the wolves at bay.
  8. Several sales dropped into my basket this morning. This one of Sir Mo Farah winning the Great North Run for the sixth time used twice. Alan.
  9. Apple have just released macOS Catalina, a 64bit operating system which replaces the macOS High Sierra 32bit operating system. Before you install this new OS please read the articule below as many of the 32 bit apps. will not be supported which may include Photoshop and Ligthroom. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/12/20908567/apple-macos-catalina-breaking-apps-32-bit-support-how-to-prepare-avoid-update
  10. Two more dropped into my sales basket. Large brass container used to place incense for a high $$ 😁 and Owen Jones, columnist for The Guardian a UK newspaper for a low $ ☹️.
  11. Thomas Zoltan Newton Dunn is an English political journalist for the Sun newspaper and not a M.P. Alan
  12. Sorry for this intrusion, but this is one of my July uploads and not September so I apologise, but i think it is appropiate with the world wide protests today on climate change. Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned. Alan
  13. These two dropped in this morning, both for a low $$ Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Utilizzo in presentazione/conferenza (ad es. Powerpoint e Keynote) o in una newsletter editoriale.Start: 19 September 2019End: 19 September 2024
  14. Sir Mo Farah wins the Great North Run today, a 13.1 mile half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields in England in a time of 59 minutes, 6 seconds for the 6th time in a row. Alamy Live News
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