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  1. A bit better than normal 19 zooms and 17 sales. Most of these have been associated with the british general election form live news events, average $$ to $$$. Hoping the second half will be better.
  2. Thanks Steve and Roy for your advice. Alan
  3. Thanks Betty for the reply, you have been a great help. Alan Wow thanks John, a true plant expert. I am truly greatfull for our help. Alan
  4. I would be pleased if any of the Alamy flower experts could help me identfy these plants. Thanks. Alan
  5. Three in the sales bin this morning. There must be a General election here in the UK, all from the same event. 🤔
  6. First for the sales bin this month for a whopping $1. How things have changed after 14 years of the Tories. 😬
  7. The last few in the sales bin for May. Flowers and politics. 🤔
  8. Images in the sales bin over the last few days. 😋
  9. Five images in the post this morning. Not a bad start for May. 🤗
  10. Images licensed over the last few days whilst I've been doing the NC500 in 10 days.
  11. Taking images in the rain and mud. If you want the shoots like these you will get muddy and wet. A great afternoon shoot for all involved. Thanks Alan
  12. Women's English Rugby Union, a clean and gently sport. 🤭
  13. Another one today. What is surprising it must have been one the first images uploaded to Alamy back in 2008 and still has only 12 tags and 6 super tags. Don't delete your oldies, they still have a use. 😊
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