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  1. I hardly bother looking at my sales these days until the very last day of the month as I know nothing will have sold. Sad
  2. Utterly utterly dead. Looks like its going to be 2 months of nothing. Why do I bother making images exclusive here ?
  3. Well I got zero sales in December (usually a good month) and zero sales so far for Jan. It's absolutely dreadful.
  4. After 2 decent months December was zero. Absolutely nothing. Dead.
  5. Surprisingly good $379 gross for 3 images, two of the sales were of the same image so hopefully not a future refund.
  6. That's very kind of you. Thank you. We all deserve to get paid a decent amount for our efforts.
  7. Well, after another small sale today, I will certainly be concentrating my uploads here rather than microstock if this kind of thing happens more often.
  8. Thanks, even if one of them turned out to be a refund I would still be happy with at least one or the other.
  9. Before I pop a champagne cork at 2 sales ( $164 and $206) of the same image at royalty free, does this seem like an error or mistake ?
  10. Nope, had a few blank months myself. You are following in my jet stream.
  11. 2 x sales for the paltry amount of $13 each gross. Pathetic.
  12. I can’t even be bothered with humour here anymore. So much for the so called end of month rush for sales.
  13. I have to wade through captchas for the privilege of seeing no sales. Depressing to say the least. My camera stays on the shelf.
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