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  1. I think looking at all prices considered that Ikea give better value with frame size and mounts included. Not glass but the buyer can buy their own frame if needed. They do a black ph neutral window mounted frame 50 x 70cm for £14. I will Just make sure I get it printed on quality paper to justify the price. Do you sign the print on the back or the window mount ?
  2. Interesting. I wasn't going to do that on account of not being a well known but might try a cheeky signature now
  3. Alex, have you got a link for them as I Google real picture company and several come up with non called "Real Picture Company"
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions. Still not exactly sure what way to take it as its a cafe after all that has a gallery so most folk will be average shoppers off the street. Its a popular venue though but the new owner has inherited the gallery that the last people set up so she tells me that it is also new to her too but is open to anything I want to put up (6 images). I have a couple of my own large prints framed at home in Ikea "Riba" frames which have a natural wood. The only thing that lets it down a bit is the overlay is plastic, not glass. Also, I have still got to decide which images to show.
  5. Thanks Colblimp. I was thinking £50-60 so would be great to get £100.
  6. Very professional and well organised site you have there. Images are very eye catching with great colour. I sell mine though Saatchi Art but haven't had any success there yet despite a lot of likes for images.
  7. Thanks Alex, I will have a look at them now.
  8. Thanks for that valuable information Colin, that is most helpful. I will do just that and get dent frames.
  9. Frames from Ikea for A3 size prints are about £7. 12x16 prints at the company I mentioned are £14.86 . factor in the 30% commision and it will be hardly worth doing for £40. I was thinking at least £60 to make it worth my while. I do have some decent eye catchers (colour/light) to offer though that are not for sale here.
  10. I have been invited to sell my more fine art images in a local cafe that has an upstairs gallery. The owner has left the printing, pricing and framing up to me with a 30% commission charge on each print if sold. I am told the frames are not that important as the buyer usually changes them to their preference. Perhaps just plain clip frames would be enough to display the image. The prints will be displayed no larger than A3. Has anyone here had any experience sourcing a printing service that does quality for a good price and generally what price to ask for a hand printed photograph ? These are local-ish to me https://www.kleinimaging.com/ but I am wondering if there is not much difference with say Photobox . My main question is what to charge for a print, factoring in the cost of printing/frames and 30% margin for the cafe owner. It would be a great way of getting work viewed but I have never done this kind of thing before except in my local library almost 30 years ago which was just an exhibition.
  11. Well the spike is still there so it is. No spike in sales sadly.
  12. Apparently forums on other sites are reporting this. Perhaps it's Google.
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