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  1. I could do but that wont stop my photos being sold for peanuts here, if in fact they do sell at all.
  2. Well good for you but how does this boasting help me ?
  3. You would do the same if your sales were so poor so please do not judge. if you think $1.75 (before tax) is acceptable for an image sale here that's your prerogative.
  4. Unfortunately I cannot "be happy" about a single sale for the whole month being $1.75 gross because it is unsustainable. I get more in single downloads every day on microstock.
  5. It would be nice if that was the case.
  6. I can't believe I would get red marks for that comment. People here are so petty it's unbelievable. Ok, correction.... Alamy earns me amazing money. I have great sales! Better ?
  7. Well I just had a sale of a huge $1.75. This is unsustainable. My microstock earnings per download are bigger than this.
  8. I will go against the grain and say with my fine Art hat on, I like this image. As for sales.........absolutely diabolical. Not a single sale for June. The camera stays on the shelf, unless for personal work.
  9. I never for one moment have thought it was. Just voicing my frustration at the way we are continuously being cut back, which was my point to be fair.
  10. Exactly. I appreciate Colnblimp's suggestion but like you say, not all of us are news hound photographers. I shot a news worthy story 3 years ago with the production of BBC's War Of The Worlds. I got some good, exclusive shots but did they sell ? no. Having said that, the actual aired show was the usual BBC wokey pap.
  11. Upload more pics for potentially more teeny weeny sales ?
  12. I just got my new low of 0:10 for in image. Absolutely diabolical. So can someone tell me why Alamy is better than microstock ? It just gets worse and worse.
  13. I hardly bother looking at my sales these days until the very last day of the month as I know nothing will have sold. Sad
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