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  1. Recent sales are not showing my actual sales for June so far. Up until now I have been left thinking I haven't had a single sale when in fact I have had 2.
  2. That Alamy will keep giving away our work as we get poorer and poorer. Depressing.
  3. I'm absolutely sick and tired of this shafting of us by Alamy. Even the microstock sites don't give images for free. Just had 2 sales now myself for $0
  4. About $23 gross for 5 images. Utterly utterly depressing.
  5. Glad to think fellow contributors find it funny. How odd.
  6. Well, another sale (or non sale for me) for nothing. Even microstock pay more than this, so you cant blame them. Surely we can do something about this ?
  7. 4 sales for a Pitiful $7.21 before tax. And why can't we stay signed into this forum? .
  8. I no longer use my SLR with good lenses for stock. The phone comes out more these days. If they sell or give away my images, they are not worthy of me lugging heavy gear about. And when are we going to get a keep signed-in facility on these forums ? So frustrating.
  9. Just had 2 more sales for $0 This is an absolute insult to our hard work. There should be a law passed to stop this blatant slave labour. So depressing!
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