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  1. Because their prices are getting better for me, and multiple sales every day. Alamy seems to be tiny sales these days.
  2. I just made a relatively rare sale today for $1. You can’t blame microstock for these low prices as I am earning much better, and more frequent commissions on the main microstock site these days. I could live with $1 sales on Alamy if they were frequent but they aren't unfortunately.
  3. I don't log into adobe to use lightroom as its a standalone version from disc. It always worked when offline from the internet.
  4. I have Lightroom 6 on my windows 10 pc (originally running on my older win 7 pc) It has been working fine on this pc for 2 years but yesterday, when I tried to open it it just hangs with the blue swirling icon. I couldn't even shut the pc down. I hadn't changed anything, no updates, windows etc BUT at the same time I was opening Speedfan (checks your core temp) and that also hung at the same time. After re-booting the pc, Speedfan works fine but Lightroom no longer opens, it just hangs endlessly until I "end task" in task manager. There is no logic to why this should suddenly stop
  5. 4 sales for $173 gross. Can't complain at that.
  6. I could do but that wont stop my photos being sold for peanuts here, if in fact they do sell at all.
  7. Well good for you but how does this boasting help me ?
  8. You would do the same if your sales were so poor so please do not judge. if you think $1.75 (before tax) is acceptable for an image sale here that's your prerogative.
  9. Unfortunately I cannot "be happy" about a single sale for the whole month being $1.75 gross because it is unsustainable. I get more in single downloads every day on microstock.
  10. It would be nice if that was the case.
  11. I can't believe I would get red marks for that comment. People here are so petty it's unbelievable. Ok, correction.... Alamy earns me amazing money. I have great sales! Better ?
  12. Well I just had a sale of a huge $1.75. This is unsustainable. My microstock earnings per download are bigger than this.
  13. I will go against the grain and say with my fine Art hat on, I like this image. As for sales.........absolutely diabolical. Not a single sale for June. The camera stays on the shelf, unless for personal work.
  14. I never for one moment have thought it was. Just voicing my frustration at the way we are continuously being cut back, which was my point to be fair.
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