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  1. very quiet

    Only kidding. It is hard thought to look to any positive future so I am with you 100% unless a miracle is around the corner. I just wish I could see the world through Pollyanna eyes. Depression is an inability to construct a future - Rollo May
  2. very quiet

    Things must be bad Colblimp as you used to tell me off ( politley) for being negative in the forums.
  3. very quiet

    Utterly diabolical.Worst month of the year with not a single sale. With the % drop it looks to be a depressing 2019. As it stands, The future is bleak.
  4. Looks like there are absolutely no image libraries that are safe, professional, pay well, and ethical anymore. Here is a classic example. DT sold a warehouse interior image to a company that produced this movie poster. I got about $3 for it's use and not only was it used as a movie poster but people are selling it as prints. DT wriggled out of any responsibility. I might even take this up in another thread as it needs looking into again but probably not much chance of ewt coming of it as it sold as RF at the time.
  5. Is there a reason you opted out of PU ? I see a lot of photographers, even famous press images have personal use as an option. I was thinking more for Arty type images is best to not have personal use as anyone could buy your images and make money out of a run of prints etc.
  6. This is quite alarming. Is there a way I can I select to turn off PU for my whole port in one click as I seem to be defaulted on royalty free ? Sales are terrible enough as it is so taking out PU would probably make things worse.
  7. A new personal low

    And lets not forget that micro makes a few sales per day so they do add up.
  8. A new personal low

    Yep, Alamy payments are getting so low that they will be doing a disservice to microstock. My incentive to upload here is getting less and less.
  9. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    This facility (given my sparse sales and lower %) for me is pointless. Nothing displays a preview when shared.
  10. Define Alamy

    Sales rare. Prices too low.
  11. I am starting to stop caring now that sales are sparse, (this month being dire so far) and the % is cut. I have also stopped going through my keywords here as it's time wasted.
  12. Yep, and who can forget M Thatcher.
  13. Fair enough if blatant sexism is the case but I do think we tend to get bogged down over analyzing and quantifying everything on the basis of gender, race etc. If I worked for a company which employed a lot more women I wouldn't care a jot. On the contrary, I get on a lot more with women than men in the workplace.
  14. Out of interest, what would you think if it were 11 woman and 1 man ?