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  1. No. I have exclusive shots of behind the scenes of the upcoming bbc War Of The Worlds tv series due to be aired very soon worldwide, some good ones nobody else has and yet non have sold here except 1 small personal sale (which I have since stopped and made all editorial) So considering its a major story, first time ever on tv being aired worldwide, its a very very poor return here.
  2. Thanks Alan, will check that but I do tend to add all keywords to my plants when uploading. I really don't think keywording is the issue causing the poor sales slump though, especially when I was getting better sales in previous months with less images..
  3. Doesn't happen at any time of the month for me anymore. Its pants.
  4. I think the thread was deleted for some unknown reason as I can't find it..
  5. I thought you said in another post that you had no sales last month.
  6. Nothing. Zero. More images = less and less sales. Not even the usual end of month sale. Abysmal.
  7. Nothing and I am owed money. Not only are Alamy selling my images too cheaply, they are also tardy in their payments.
  8. That's a great shot Colb. Well deserved and good for you to get a decent amount.
  9. A mere $1.21 for NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity. What an insult and a joke! Sorry but no idea how to post images here rather than screen capture and saving to Jpeg. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=FD875032-A65C-4975-BBCF-C99AC626CD26
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