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  1. No sales, no zooms, no views

    Feb is utter utter utter garbage. Nothing.
  2. very quiet

    My point is that my CTR is dropping like a stone month after month.
  3. very quiet

    CTR stats Oct 1.52 Nov 1.01 Dec 0.66 Jan 0.32 Feb so far ZERO A sad tale of woe. The graph looks like Eddie the eagle territory.
  4. How was your January?

    Sales in numbers were 6 which for me is good. First one was $92 but the rest (4 came in last night) were tiddlers. Not worth talking about. It seems that Alamy (coupled with the % cut) are slicing our fees too.
  5. Images sold in January

    2 tiddlers came in late last night for the cost of a bottle of wine.
  6. Dry January

    Yay absolutely dead. Nothing.
  7. Dry January

    Will watch this space in that case but not holding my breath.
  8. Dry January

    My graph slopes down like Everest. Apart from the one early sale at the begining on Jan....Nothing! So much for the end of Jan deluge.
  9. Are Your Zooms Falling?

    Mine are so low you have to be a professional limbo dancer the get under them. And to see these poor stats, you have to wade through captchas every time. Why oh why do we get these everytime we enter our account and then once again for the forum ? totally unnecessary WE WANT A KEEP SIGNED IN FACILITY!
  10. Dry January

    If its any consilation I had a £92 sale of an image right of the begining of Jan and I am the king of complainers. So anything is possible and yes, I might become more possitive. The 3 ghosts did it all in one night!
  11. Images sold in January

    Pleased to have sold this I shot on medium format tranny as a student in 1989 exactly 30 years ago, has been used for an educational magazine. I only recently scanned all my old work too.
  12. Thankyou and sorry for being so negative of late. Gives me hope for the next year!
  13. I actually had a sale today that has saved me from a blank month so it does happen. I stand corrected (in a corner)
  14. very quiet

    Not at all. It was in context to the replies I had regarding my lack of sales this month. It seemed a bit conceited and smug reading between the lines.
  15. very quiet

    I wasn't having a pop at Phil, merley the general climate of this forum.