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  1. For me, the more images I build - the less sales, and when they do come the prices are now tiny compared to what they used to be. I hope Alamy isn't dying but from my experience sales are getting less and less for less and less. No incentive to keep exclusive images here much longer.
  2. I find the payment stats very confusing. You need a degree in economics and mathematics to begin to understand them. Nothing is straightforward anymore.
  3. I'm very sorry to hear that Betty. And yes you are right, i the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter.
  4. No. I am comparing to my earlier trends when I had more sales and views with a lot less images.
  5. Diabolical. Not a single sale and almost halfway through the month. Seems adding more and more images has the opposite effect.
  6. 4 sales that amount to a paltry £21. Depressing!
  7. I have had 4 sales this month which is good in numbers for the size of my port but pretty pathetic prices, the highest being just under $8. Now can someone remind me again why Alamy is better than selling on microstock, and why I should keep exclusive images here and not make them available at other sites ? It's a race to the bottom.
  8. I would have thought that the whole batch would be looked at otherwise what is the point of QC ?
  9. So why on a number of occasions when I have accidently submitted the same file twice (usually due to the painfully slow and uncertain upload engine) have they both passed QC ? Obviously its automated.
  10. Absolutely dead. Nothing. Rubbish returns for the effort. Looks like May is even more depressing than April.
  11. I had a response from support: The sales from January are mainly distribution sales and these do take longer to clear because of the number of people involved in the process. If you haven’t seen the payment clear we haven’t given up or forgotten about it, our Credit control team are constantly chasing invoices and we’ll update your account once we’ve collected payment.
  12. The Ricoh GR has no anti-aliasing filter and the prime lens is tack sharp so images are excellent quality. Its a keeper, if only for personal arty documentary work. To be fair most images I have submitted from it have passed here. It enables you to get more people shots for editorial. Something my port lacks.
  13. No, I genuinely can't see any technical fault and I don't get complacent. I edit every image with the same amount of care. I think I have enough experience over the years to not send out crappy images by now.
  14. This has started to happen since I purchased a Ricoh GR II for not having to rely on a DSLR all the time when not practical. It seems noise is the issue but I still think it's a cracking camera, especially for street work.
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