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  1. We have the BBC in the area making a film using a street as the set. I have been taking pictures (as well as loads of the public on their phones) but as soon as I get my slr out, especially with a large lense I get snotty questions from producers and the like. The extras and folk lower down on the hierarchy were very nice and obliging. I have mainly taken shots of all the props in the street they have dressed and some of the crewe working. I am always polite but when some of the residents did mention that the BBC do seem to think they own the village and are acting very high handed so it wasn't just me. Basicly where do I stand on this submitting to Alamy as I didn't want to get bogged down with model releases. Would it be editorial ? I appreciate any advice as I have never shot a film production before but thought it would be rude not to considering it's on my doorstep. There are no shots that would be considered "spoilers" either. Thanking in advance.
  2. Very disappointing

    I think it’s fair to add that I have already had 2 sales so far this month, and decent amounts this time which gives me hope and encoutagement uploading more work. Ironically all sales I have made here over the years are all available on microstock. Having said that I am always uploading exclusive, editorial images here.
  3. When I access Alamy using Safari with an ipad, all search criteria ( ie, date taken, image type etc) is unresponsive when selected, making the searching of images very limited. Even pressing the magnifying icon does not work.
  4. Negative Scanner

    I use a Nikon D750 with the excellent Tokina 100mm macro lens with negative/slide on a lightbox.
  5. Images sold in April (Max. 1 per day)

    Sold for $50 taken in Buxton museum just before they renovated it.
  6. Ok, thanks again. Would a prosthetic body in the street be also property that hasn't a release ?
  7. Ok, thanks for that.
  8. I have close up shots of the soldiers Royal Artillery war damaged uniform out of context from the general shots of the production. The detail does not identify War Of The Worlds or the BBC. It could be a fancy dress or other situation. The question is, can I use it as a general stock image and not editorial or is it still in the grey area of copyright ? The reason I ask is because I might submit it with no relation to the program at all. Also, some of the extras I photographed swapped email addresses as they would like copies of images with themselves in. As they were so nice and obliging I did say I would do that.
  9. Very disappointing

    Absolutely dead for me. Nothng.
  10. I did attempt to submit it within 24 hours but it still wouldn't go.
  11. I did attempt to submit it within 24 hours but it still wouldn't go.
  12. My point exactly which is why I was trying to pursue it. I have a decent action shot from a screen grab.
  13. So how come most of my alamy uploads in my port here average around 10MB ?
  14. I would upload a screenshot of the file size shown on the upload page if this forum allowed it as proof if you don't believe me.
  15. Again, why does Alamy state " This image is too small. it needs to be at least a 5MB file when uncompressed" ? This image is too small. It needs to be at least a 5MB file when uncompressed.
  16. It's not a misunderstanding. When I tried to upload the Jpeg image it said " This image is too small. it needs to be at least a 5MB file when uncompressed" In other words - File size.
  17. But Alamy won't take a file under a certain Mb size so it is important. Again, the program will be aired in a few months, which will have publicity etc. Then if it's successful (and something as big as War Of The Worlds more than likely will be) there will be interest from fans etc so there will always be demand for behind the scenes images, even if they are not breaking news which is why I am persisting uploading more despite attempts to dissuade me.
  18. Absolutley not. Still more images to sell. And again, why don’t Alamy accept Tiff files ? No way I can get an image bigger from a small Jpeg.
  19. I have some action I can take from video stills but the files size for a JPEG is too low for Alamy. I have made it a TIFF but Alamy won't proceed uploading with a TIFF.
  20. I am polite but sometimes there is no need for folk to be curt with comments. Although not action shots not every context will require action.
  21. I refuse to take the bait.
  22. I disagree. Perhaps pixel images are good for tabloids but there is room for all types. I think I got Rafe in context of the scene. If the extras shots were not newsworthy, why would Alamy tweet any ?
  23. Yes, shots with the main actors are up. Can't you see them ? I have some decent HD video footage of some action. Would alamy take a screen shot as an image ?
  24. I have found the Mail online have printed some from the same location yesterday taken by someone else, poor phone quality.