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  1. So why on a number of occasions when I have accidently submitted the same file twice (usually due to the painfully slow and uncertain upload engine) have they both passed QC ? Obviously its automated.
  2. Absolutely dead. Nothing. Rubbish returns for the effort. Looks like May is even more depressing than April.
  3. I had a response from support: The sales from January are mainly distribution sales and these do take longer to clear because of the number of people involved in the process. If you haven’t seen the payment clear we haven’t given up or forgotten about it, our Credit control team are constantly chasing invoices and we’ll update your account once we’ve collected payment.
  4. The Ricoh GR has no anti-aliasing filter and the prime lens is tack sharp so images are excellent quality. Its a keeper, if only for personal arty documentary work. To be fair most images I have submitted from it have passed here. It enables you to get more people shots for editorial. Something my port lacks.
  5. No, I genuinely can't see any technical fault and I don't get complacent. I edit every image with the same amount of care. I think I have enough experience over the years to not send out crappy images by now.
  6. This has started to happen since I purchased a Ricoh GR II for not having to rely on a DSLR all the time when not practical. It seems noise is the issue but I still think it's a cracking camera, especially for street work.
  7. Why does Alamy QC (who incidentally never rejected any of my previous images, even accidental duplicates) suddenly decide to reject a whole batch upload because one image failed the test ? It seems ridiculous that all the other images should be forfeited just because of one. I don't have that much motivation these days to upload anything because of the lack of sales, less earnings, so this seems to be another reason to not bother as apathy sets in which is a shame. Other stock sites just fail on an image by image basis.
  8. I don't get why sales have to come at the end of the month when other site sales can come in at any day.
  9. For me I see prices and sales falling and as well as more and more uncleared tiny sales, mainly from China.
  10. They are all personal use which I suspect if not paid could be people buying images to have with no watermark and use to sell on. I have since unchecked personal use in my account some weeks ago. Not all the same buyers either.
  11. Ok, thanks Sally. Just wanted to run it past everyone as I am unsure if this is normal.
  12. 14 sales from january and the rest are later months.
  13. Is having 23 uncleared sales at Alamy normal since January ? I was shocked to see this having just looked now. Its bad enough that sale amounts have drastically reduced but to have so many sales uncleared is disappointing. And on another note, what happened to the forum link at the bottom of the page ? I have to Google Alamy forums to get the page up now.
  14. Diabolical. Looks like May is going to be worse than an already bad April. Nothing. Zilch. Non points.
  15. 2 sales for a pathetic $28. So much for the last min end of month rush. Time to start looking at making my exclusive images here available at other stock sites.
  16. Ok, so I have had 2 sales this month but only $19 and $8. That is not worth having exclusive images for. Yesterday I earned $99 on a single image at a well known stock image/music/video site. That is what I thought Alamy was supposed to be earning us. Decent money. I have said it before and I will say it again: Microstock sites have many times netted bigger individual single sales than Alamy. It's not the fault of microstock sites that Alamy's prices are so low.
  17. I always do put the specific names of flora and fauna . Thanks for the kind comment though.
  18. This month is pathetic. I can hardly be bothered with the tedious 10 keyword selection when my images are passed by QC as I know they will go into a big black hole.
  19. I think looking at all prices considered that Ikea give better value with frame size and mounts included. Not glass but the buyer can buy their own frame if needed. They do a black ph neutral window mounted frame 50 x 70cm for £14. I will Just make sure I get it printed on quality paper to justify the price. Do you sign the print on the back or the window mount ?
  20. Interesting. I wasn't going to do that on account of not being a well known but might try a cheeky signature now
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