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  1. Nothing. Pretty much lost interest uploading anymore.
  2. Hi Mark, I managed to get a copy from Sainsburys so thanks again for tipping me off as I never buy mags and would have missed it. If you ever see it again I would appreciate you letting me know as they have a Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years licence.
  3. Thanks. It must be quite an obscure mag to find as just been to 3 different shops that stock mags and non have it. Will try town tomorrow so might take you up if I don't succeed.
  4. Hi Mark, Thanks for letting me know. Thats made her day. I will buy her the magazine so no need to tear it out, but thanks for the offer.
  5. Thanks, I had no idea about this tool. It has only come up on Alamy so mustn't have been published yet. One of them came up on AP images which I am not a member. I wonder if it has been stolen.
  6. Yes it is her but not the exact image sold. thanks. How did you find it ?
  7. I just sold an image of my wife, much to her surprise, for Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 years (for only $24) Is there any way I can find when and where this image is sued as they never tell you who the client is ? Thanks.
  8. Well I have just had an email from Alamy informing me that one of my previous sales has been refunded to the client due to a mistake. So they are active enough taking money back from us, but not the other way round. You couldn't write it!
  9. I did say that I earn ofher icome streams for audio and photography which have all been affected.
  10. I certainly do count my blessings but to be fair, this thread is about sales, not the awful virus (which other threads are about) I am also used to riding the storm as the last few months have been terrible regarding my mother being seriously ill and put on end of life care, which she pulled through but still very ill and dependent on us. So I'm kind of used to crises at the moment. My income streams are also sound media which has also been affected.
  11. Well looks like its pretty much over for my sales now. It was bad enough before the pandemic. Fortunately my microstock sales are still flowing. I do wonder if being self employed and not getting out to take more shots gives us any chance of government compensation for loss of potential earnings.
  12. And while you are at it, how about a button keeping you signed into the forums without having to do it every time you visit.
  13. Back on topic, absolutely dead. Looks like March is going the same diabolical way as Feb. Pathetic.
  14. I just went into town, a few miles from Liverpool and plenty of food etc on the shelves. No panic buying at all. Failing everything, tea tree oil is a naturally antibacterial.
  15. Well nothing came through for me for Feb and March is looking to be much the same. A huge slump compared to previous months. And why on earth can I not find the Alamy forum link on the site ? Every time I have to Google it to sign in.
  16. Zero sales for £0.00 Pathetic month. So much for the end of month “surge” . Loyalty to Alamy with exclusive images really paying off here.
  17. Surge ? wouldn’t know about that myself. Looks like a whole blank month. This surge theory is most overrated, especially when all other sites have sales throughout the month.
  18. Not a single Feb sale. Absolute waste of time making exclusive images available here when they sit gathering dust when they can be earning on other sites.
  19. Absolutely diabolical month. Not a sausage. It just gets worse here, sales lower than micro stock. Sadly now going through a lot of exclusive images here to sell elsewhere as no point in putting all the eggs in one basket if the basket is broken.
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