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  1. I sold the photo twice on the same day Once for web use Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Start: 01 December 2019 End: 01 December 2024 Japan, Editorial website And again for the same as you, exactly the same, but for a lot less Country: Japan Usage: Direct mail and brochures Media: Travel brochures Print run: up to 20,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: Full area Start: 01 December 2019 End: 01 December 2020 Japan, Travel brochures Just a bit curious as to why mine was so much cheeper Regards Paul
  2. Hi Abiyoyo, Was the $635 for the Japan sale you've mentioned or a different one. I too had an identical sale, in every way, to your Japan one but only got $77 plus $25 for same photo but web use. It was a photo of Havana Regards Paul
  3. Nice one for Jan $$$ Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Museum display (single use) Print run: Single use only Image Size: Any size Start: 22 January 2020 End: 22 January 2023 The image will appear in a travelling museum exhibit from January 28, 2020 through May 20, 2021 to locations in Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia and Ohio.
  4. Hi Allan, Where in Lincolnshire are you looking, there are some lovely places up here. As you can probably see I'm in Louth, well a village very close. Give me a shout if you need any advice. Regards Paul
  5. It's more likely that The National Trust has bought the copyright on all 'Russia historical portraits' and will be asking Alamy to remove them all very soon
  6. I agree, great photos. Just the tagging needs some work. At least you've found out now rather than when you have 1000 + images W128FC has "little red riding hood" as a tag, not sure why. It has a glass of red wine and a cake of some sort. Elaborate on what is in the photo. What type of cake? What colour wine? For your Poppies look up the latin name TYM6YG lovely photo, what type of apples, what type of bread? Once you've added a lot more like this and mastered the tagging there will be sales to follow Regards Paul https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/paulthompson
  7. Hi Yalcins, You have some really beautiful photos of Venice but way, way too many similars. Your first page of 100 really needs to be edited down to about 10 in total. "Canals" in keywords but not "canal" As good as they are, they are never going to be seen. When in Venice you need to photograph the shop owners working, doing something as this is what sells on Alamy. Again on page 2, too many hot air balloon photos and no "hot" "air" or "balloon" in keywords from what I can see. Hope this helps Regards Paul
  8. No, I've just tried and cannot add all at once, you have to click every one individually https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/paulthompson I presume the idea is to showcase your best work of each subject
  9. I never have to Captcha in, I have about 20 of my most popular tabs saved for each time I open them in Firefox. I just open up Firefox and all my tabs are there and no logging in each time
  10. I've had similar drop in today for 2 cents less than yours Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 21 July 2017 End: 21 July 2022
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