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  1. Hi Yalcins, You have some really beautiful photos of Venice but way, way too many similars. Your first page of 100 really needs to be edited down to about 10 in total. "Canals" in keywords but not "canal" As good as they are, they are never going to be seen. When in Venice you need to photograph the shop owners working, doing something as this is what sells on Alamy. Again on page 2, too many hot air balloon photos and no "hot" "air" or "balloon" in keywords from what I can see. Hope this helps Regards Paul
  2. No, I've just tried and cannot add all at once, you have to click every one individually https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/paulthompson I presume the idea is to showcase your best work of each subject
  3. I never have to Captcha in, I have about 20 of my most popular tabs saved for each time I open them in Firefox. I just open up Firefox and all my tabs are there and no logging in each time
  4. I've had similar drop in today for 2 cents less than yours Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 21 July 2017 End: 21 July 2022
  5. General search It does not take into account similar images from different pseudos And if you only have 1 image with the used keywords then it does show similar from other users Paul
  6. Yes, we don't need any details of possible licence, just which images have been taken as with the zooms. Also downloads must relate to our ctr as they are more likely to become a sale than a zoom
  7. Hi Guys, Sorry if this has been asked for in previous threads but after recently finding numerous newspaper usages from well over 3 months ago that had not been reported I feel there is a need for a report on images that have been downloaded, whether they have been used or not. AM shows the views and zooms that we have why can it not also report the images that have been downloaded. This would make it 20 times easier for us to trace online, rather than randomly checking images to see if they appear online, surely the downloaded images would be most likely visible online? This would not be hard to implement and would save the contributor hours of wasted time giving them more time to contribute. Rant over, what do you guys think Cheers Paul
  8. Thank you very much Bryan - EGTRH3 Paul Thompson Newark on Trent town centre Georgian shopping street shops parish church of St. Mary Magdelene Nottinghamshire UK England
  9. 13/05/2017, UK, Guardian, p46, Everest double glazing stand at trade show, G8M0CB, Tommy (Louth) [Alamy credit only] Many thanks Shep, you do an amazing job
  10. I had a phone call from Alamy to see if I could go and photograph Nigel Farage for live news when he was canvasing in the next town to where I live. It was too late notice for me but understood the images would go on live news with no guarantees of a sale Regards Paul
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