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  1. Ive had 2 sales for $2.95 and assumed they were errors?
  2. Is there a way to see my most searched/viewed images? Im wanting to set up the portfolio page with the most popular images i have on here but is there a way to find the data? i can guess based on sales the top 10 or so but it kinda gets Hazy after that. Thanks Yall
  3. Thanks for the reply My QC is 2 out of 3,truth be told until Friday I'd only uploaded 14 images in 2016 but I had an email saying I was owed almost $200 bucks,I'd totally forgot and not logged in for 5 years, I've got 118 approved and for sale now but I'm waiting on 400 more before I edit the back catalogue. How can I build up my QC? Thanks for the information about the weekends and holidays it makes sense now.
  4. I'm a 2 star as I've not been uploading for years until recently but I uploaded images on Saturday and they've still not been reviewed yet, I'm just wondering what the average time is as I've got 400 or so uploaded from between Saturday and yesterday. Thanks
  5. Once I passed QC I then added all my details and the images said on sale but my dashboard doesn't reflect this, how long after going green, does it actually take to go on sale? Thanks
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