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  1. Thanks, Steve F already replied about the email.
  2. Sony a1 Mirrorless 50.1Mpixels camera (body only) suggested price of US $ 6,500, which gives more or less R $ 34,800 at the current price.
  3. Rest assured, law of the law and demand, with the pandemic the purchasing power fell, few new cameras are sold which makes the used car market increase. But you are in paradise. In Brazil a Canon with 50 thousand clicks you buy for 500 dollars ... Nikon and Sony have already left Brazil!
  4. I received an email from Alamy saying that a distributor was interested in one of my photos, but I don't know how it works ... I had never received anything about it.
  5. Welcome, as sunny as Brazil, a sun for everyone.
  6. I have many photos that I photographed since the 80's, printed, many that I photographed at the time of digital I already lost. I print some because of that.
  7. you have a real collection of historical photos. This 474 PR (parana state) highway cuts through much of the state of Parana. It goes from the city of Novas Laraneiras to Dois Vizinhos. It passes through Iguaçu Falls and Cruzeiro do Iguaçu. Here in Brazil I didn't start photographing the city, there are a lot of good things to photograph, here I believe we will have another lockdown because of Covid 19, it's bad here
  8. Good morning thank you, I am also from the time of analog photography, but I have never been a photojournalist, I have always photographed as an amateur photographer and I am always learning photography, thanks for your knowledge. Stay safe
  9. Good morning Colblimp, in some parts of the world, like in Brazil, Image Bank and microstock are the same thing, here they appear to us when you search all as microstock, sometimes confuses, that is, it is not lack of respect, in my case and lack of knowledge of this market.
  10. Thanks Betty LaRue, due to Pandemic I have left little, and I will pay more attention to editorial photos, at this time and important, there are many things happening, but as they must have accompanied Ford closed its factories in Brazil, also Nikon, Sony, .. etc...
  11. Thanks MizBrown, I also saw that my photos were very sepia ... the error is even in the white balance, I will try to improve it, since I don't use photoshop, I use another simpler program. Thanks
  12. no problem ... one day i get there .. i still learn ...
  13. Photography for me is a hobby, to take the stress, if it comes with money, the better. Let's live life! Photograph, do what we like ... that's it! Filming is no longer my area.
  14. Generally the laws do not change much in the countries, here we now have in fashion the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) is old, but it came back because of Facebook and Instagram.Nestle factory photos have already been requested at Alamy
  15. We have shopping malls here, Burger King, Mcdonalds, Nestle factory ... to take good pictures, even with the Covent quarantine
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