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  1. News from Brazil, they only matter when they say the Amazon jungle issue ... if someone wants this crap from the bush, it can take ... lol
  2. I think they value the content of the news, although my photo is of racism or something in a large supermarket chain, it does not generate a big interest like the one you posted ... I think
  3. I always had doubts about microstock, here in Brazil, microstock are the image banks, like Alamy. I don't know any other type.
  4. His photos show how his country is fantastic ... show ... in Brazil the reference to his intent: Australian people are extremely receptive, considered one of the most welcoming countries in the world.
  5. Welcome! I'm in Brazil and I found your fantastic photos, Congratulations!
  6. Yes, the mistake was on my part, bad photo, racism, etc ... always learning! Tanks
  7. One of the photos was of a newspaper page, about a racism news that happened in Brazil, in a big supermarket chain. Thanks
  8. Good Morning I sent some photos and one of them appeared the message: QC failure, inappropriate material and in the others I sent the message appeared: One or more images have failed quality control, this means that the remaining images have been discarded without being evaluated. Why did this happen? If anyone can help, thanks
  9. good afternoon does anyone know a program for changing the background image, except for adobe ... they are very heavy, with Gimp, I couldn't do it ... there is another one Thanks
  10. Thanks Ed I am changing the pattern of the photos, the composition and also the contrast, over time I will be able to better understand the behavior in the image bank, understanding buyers and the type of photos, I am new ... I learn. thank you
  11. John, I liked the advice, because as I am in Brazil the language barrier is often difficult, but I have tried to improve my understanding of the language. I also agree about the white balance, I've been trying to improve Thank you very much for the advice
  12. I agree Brian, I have 10 to 20 megapixel cameras, I see no problem, as for English I have done very well, I have paid more attention to the key words and what they really mean. Thanks for your help.
  13. I also believe that living in a country where English is not spoken ... pictures taken of products ... nothing in English ... influences the sale of these pictures. I believe. I can be wrong
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