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    Photographer of various styles - I want to make the art of photography an inspiration for others.


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  1. come to Brazil and you will see what the end of the world is !!!
  2. Thanks for the answer, in the case of the commas example: Here is an example: Plate with olives, salami, meat and glass of wine Above the example of how we write in Brazil, with commas between the words In the case of other countries, I do not know how the separation is made. Thanks
  3. Doubt about placing accents and commas Good Morning, I live in Brazil and I'm putting a lot of photos on Alamy, my doubt is about the use of accents and commas in the names and descriptions of the photos, in Brazil many words use accent (^, ~,) and commas (,). Can I write everything without an accent and commas?
  4. Good Morning I'm new to Alamy and I have doubts ... About how much I can edit a photo, for example, if I have a very dark photo, how can I improve it? I work on the Fast Stone program, can I adjust the lighting? If there is something in the picture that I didn't notice when I took the picture, can I make the cut? Can I resize or trim the photo? Sorry my Brazilian English
  5. Brazil has many things and products that do not exist in other countries and sometimes this creates a certain difficulty in choosing legends and tags
  6. Brazil has many things and products that do not exist in other countries and sometimes this creates a certain difficulty in choosing legends and tags, tank You
  7. Thank you helped me a lot - sorry for my english!
  8. Good afternoon I'm new to Alamy and would like to know the following: I live in Brazil (no one is perfect !!) and in the photos I send do I have to put something related to the country (Brazil) or the continent, in South America? Thank you
  9. Photos and Editing I'm new to Alamy, I sent some photos for evaluation and I don't see them on my panel, on the left side I sent 89 photos ... Do I have to wait to be evaluated to appear on my panel? When I send the photos do I have to send them with all the information (name, caption, tags)? or only after being evaluated? Thank you
  10. Should subtitles be sent as a phrase or as Tags separated by commas? Thank you
  11. My photos were accepted in Alamy, but what if I need to change the photo's name, description and tags? How to edit everything?
  12. Friends, I'm new here - what's a super tag?
  13. good morning i don't know how to work with photoshop or litghtroom, i can make a description in EXIF of the photo in another program. I use FastStone Stone Viewer or Gimp. Thank you
  14. thanks for the answer, another question is about sending raw photo file, to prove ownership of the photo. Tanks
  15. I am new here at Alamy, although I have been photographing for many years, I am 60 years old, I am an amateur photographer in Brazil. I love to photograph since I was 10 years old I have a doubt. What type of file to send to Alamy? SRGB, RGB or RAW? Thanks
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