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    Photographer of various styles - I want to make the art of photography an inspiration for others.


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  1. It's great to have this Forum for comments, always learning, but I learned some basic rules: - photography is light, so always pay attention to the light - composition, always look for the best composition, don't rush - You must think like a buyer. - that the buyer has a problem and your photo will be the solution - In my case I'm in Brazil, if I want a photo of Europe, I look for the country and then I can even do a more detailed search, state, city. I'm just starting in this market but I like to photograph, I love this market, very popular.
  2. good morning, Photos with people I can send without permission. Better to send as an editorial? some people in the case cannot be identified thanks. take care
  3. Good morning, Thanks my friends, the important thing is to sell, but we always like to know where the photos are being used. Thanks
  4. Can you know where the photo was sold? And how will it be used? Thanks
  5. Very good your photos, but I think Steve is right, when we shoot, we try to make more artistic photos, but we have to think like customers, - who would buy this photo of mine and where would he use it? We are always shooting! health keep yourself safe
  6. Puya alpestris, an exotic plant native to the Andean slopes of South America. What a rare treatment! We still see the flower producing only once every six years, and it is an exciting event that takes place over several weeks. The family of bromeliads.
  7. In Brazil it is known as Puya alpestris "Sapphire Tower" It is native to dry hills, rocks in central and southern Chile at altitudes from 0 to 2200 meters. It is one of the most southerly species within the family. Puya alpestris is one of the few species of Puya that are grown in some parks and gardens as an ornamental plant. Scientific name: Puya alpestris Family: Bromeliaceae Genre: Puya Order: Bromeliales Class: Liliopsida
  8. a bad thing! Hummmm ... well..I'm in Brazil, want something worse !!! ?? without vaccine, politicians fighting ...
  9. Margaret Folland do Brasil's photos are fantastic
  10. I think that with all laws like the LGPD the customer is afraid to get a free photo, some may even do it but it is like an illegal photo and in the case of advertisers, books or even newspapers will they want to bet on an illegal photo?
  11. look what I found... With a $ 20 Tumblr template and three hours later, Unsplash was born with 10 images and a link to the Crew website. Mikael shared the newly created directory on the HackerNews forum - Unsplash quickly registered 50,000 visitors. Three years later, the platform records 3 downloads per second - there is a map where you can follow all the activity, including new photos and tastes, in real time. From 2015 to 2016 alone, the number of downloads increased by 200% and the time spent looking for the right image grew by 140%.
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