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  1. Success with some Alamy options can be browser dependent. I think I had the same or a similar issue when setting mine up when using Safari, my default browser. Try with Chrome, and if not successful, with Firefox.
  2. Bridget, like you, I only started contributing to Alamy fairly recently, joining in February 2017. Looking at your portfolio, it would have more impact if you had a header image. In choosing an image, try to visualise what would look best in the wide narrow strip. When a visitor lands on your portfolio, it displays page 1 of All Images. This should display your strongest images, as they generate the visitors first impression. Update regularly as you shoot and upload any new strong images. Don't display similar images. I would look through each of your images before they grow in number, checking for any abnormalities. For instance, 'Swans on the River Avon, Evesham W376AB', there is only one swan, it's a weak image and under additional information has text related to a Brexit Party activity that was intended for a Live News submission. One thing to beware of is if you add additional information or make changes via AIM, make sure you don't have non relevant images selected. That is the most likely cause of the Live News Brexit Party text being applied to the swan. Re your comments on lack of news in the Oxfordshire area, I find Oxford interesting, although any news related events from Oxford doesn't normally compare to London. Shame Trump doesn't visit Blenheim Palace regularly. Also when the Oxford Union invites controversial speakers it generates lively protests. Some of the STFC RAL open days, not that far from Alamy HQ at Didcot, can generate interesting images. I'm still sorting through mine. Hope this helps.
  3. I could have setup a camera on a mini tripod and used the self timer, but didn't want to risk the kit being trod on, it was busy. On the train almost home. Was an interesting meet.
  4. I am still coming. First I have some photography to undertake in two areas of London, then will jump on a tube to Embankment and quickly cross the Thames, should just about make it for 12:00.
  5. Long ago I used to run CPM, then DOS, dabbled with Xenix 286/386, then Windows, remembering Windows 1.1 bundled on a Tandon 286. Used my first Mac in 1987, had my own a few years later. In more recent years have run Windows 7 and now 10 under Boot Camp, but only for a few electronics/technical applications not available for the Mac. During the limited time I've run Windows 10 it has been stable, but personally I don't like it, Windows 7 had a better feel. Either Boot Camp or Parallels gives the Mac user the possibility of running Windows for applications they would miss if they switched.
  6. Apple batteries are the best, but the quality of third party batteries is very variable. There are many 'genuine Apple batteries' available on eBay that are fakes. They fail Apple's battery tests and their serial numbers don't scan as Apple serials. On the Mac's referenced, they are only held in by 2 or 3 tri wing screws, many batteries ship with a suitable screwdriver. Additional to Mark's comments, the 13" is also available as a 2.9GHz dual core i7, and the 15" are all quad core i7 processor based and have dedicated GPU's with their own VRAM unlike the 13". If required they will both run Catalina when available later in the year.
  7. If budget permits, the 15" model with the hi-res AR display is very nice. The display calibrates very well, unlike many cheap Windows laptops. I use one with memory upgraded to 16GB and a 1TB SSD fitted. Too heavy to carry around all the time though.
  8. And a heads up to Transmit too, it just works. I remember my first Alamy upload, it was for Live News and I used Filezilla. I will never forget the nightmare, transmission error after error. It might have been nothing to do with Filezilla, but I couldn't take another chance, used the web upload until switching to Transmit a few months ago.
  9. Great, hopefully the weather will be like today's.
  10. Was a Live News submission from 2017, Anneliese Dodds MP (Oxford E), used in the Sun on-line in June, mid $. Likely last of 3 sales this month. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteImage Size: Any sizeStart: 06 June 2019End: 06 June 2024
  11. I know that iMac well, it's easy to work on. The original 320 or 250GB hard drives were very unreliable. When you replace the hard drive the black plastic clip and black foam that attaches the temperature sensor will require fresh double sided tape attaching. I have seen some failed 320GB drives that stopped you booting from an external drive until it was either disconnected or replaced. The keyboard should be OK. If the original drive was simply not seen the iMac should eventually have booted from the next available boot device, ie your installer. The other possibility is a problem with the USB installer. I see you are in Oxfordshire. I was at RAL near Harwell/Didcot recently for the STFC open day, if you were close I could have dropped by and checked the iMac/installer.
  12. When viewing at 200% on a MBPr 13" the image starts to pixelate.
  13. Harry, It's relatively easy replacing a hard drive or upgrading to an SSD internally in all iMacs, but I've replaced hundreds, working on Mac's since 1987. What iMac do you have?
  14. The main advantage is to the manufacturer not the stills photographer, unless you also shoot 4K video. Like all industries, display manufacturers continuously push new technology to the masses to keep up sales revenue. Personally I undertake photo editing at home on a Mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro (i7 quad core) 1TB SSD 16GB memory and the amazing AG hi-res display (1650 x 1050), but carry smaller and lighter options in my shoulder bag or back pack.
  15. As 4K and 5K displays are becoming far more common in use, and will eventually dominate the market, I often wonder what what displays are currently used by picture desks and Alamy for QC?
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