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  1. Strangely most of my sales have never been zoomed, so contributes to a lower CTR. For all zooms I keep the image address in a text file so I can easily undertake regular reverse image searches. Will have to start keeping statistics.
  2. I'll be doing similar later today, have up to 5 events to shoot, well, at least 3 I can do justice to. If I shoot anything unique and more newsworthy I have other options planned. I see you credited your images to Alamy Live News, can you legitimately do that? I've previously credited my reportage uploads Credit: Stephen Bell/Alamy Stock Photo, but future uploads will be Credit: Stephen Bell/Alamy. Previously published images tracked down have been credited Stephen Bell/Alamy Live News, Stephen Bell/Alamy Stock Photo, Stephen Bell/Alamy, Alamy Live News and Alamy.
  3. Shot as Live News, sold later as stock. One of 2 used in the Sun online. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Start: 14 April 2019 End: 14 April 2024 One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.
  4. Missed this post earlier. "Although photojournalism and news is what I do, I would certainly be unable to financially sustain myself if I relied only on the income from photojournalism", so true.
  5. I add preprepared captions and keywords to photo mechanics stationary pad and apply prior to upload. Then I have very little to do in AIM later. Surely headlines were only for live news, I haven't added any to my reportage uploads.
  6. I would expect sales would be as stock, reportage just arrives in stock by another route.
  7. Recently I photographed a Tibetan demonstration in London that marched to the Chinese embassy. Initially two security personnel were unhappy as I photographed demonstrators in front of the embassy entrance, but they couldn't interfere as I was on the public pavement. Sunday's are a quiet time to shoot embassies for stock, and often many are in the same area, but the lighting may not always be ideal for all.
  8. I've never used any Topaz software, but only last week I was asked for advice by someone using Topaz Gigapixel AI to resize iPhone photo's, as he knew I used Mac's, and said it ran dreadfully slow on his 27" iMac. He contacted Topaz, and told me they gave him a spec for a suitable iMac that seemed way over the top. Only the iMac Pro, with the GPU upgraded to 16GB, met that spec, and would have cost him over £5.5K. I advised him to buy a decent DSLR rather than that iMac just to run Gigapixel AI.
  9. Captions and keywords, as stock, but with a very useful caption of up to 600 characters. Stock captions of 150 characters max can be a little short for what is news submitted as stock. I also add most relevant keywords, prepared in advance of shooting before uploading, then finely tune for individual images when available in AIM. Works for me.
  10. I've mixed views re news Reportage and Stock uploads, have submitted both since losing Live News uploads. I used to shoot and submit all Live News, that was news (not breaking news), and was at stock QC quality. As with Reportage, Live News displayed "This image could have imperfections as it's either historical or reportage", but images still sold later as stock. It didn't put buyers off. Possibly as what I shoot wasn't usually shot by Stock photographers. I have now submitted both as Stock and Reportage, depending upon subject.
  11. Yes, it's quicker as Reportage bypasses QC, but after my FTP upload the submission wasn't visible in AIM, only appearing after the 24hr Alamy search engine update. Just out of interest, does the Alamy search engine update every 24hrs over the weekend and holiday periods too?
  12. Statistical sampling, as used by Alamy QC, is common in many industries. All valid points raised in this thread. All I would add is if you are checking an image at 100% and you think it is borderline, however much you are attached to it, detach yourself from it, reject and don't upload. That's because the small difference between pass/fail can be very subjective.
  13. When your wife suggests going to a local jazz concert, and you reply, not so sure, last visit I remember the lighting being very challenging.
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