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  1. The eBay MBP would be under resourced with just 4GB memory. My opinion is running High Sierra requires 8GB for everyday use, 16GB for as you would likely use it. Good that it has been upgraded with an SSD, but on small side. My wife uses the same MBP but with 16GB and a 500GB SSD and for her use is very happy with it. They have two common issues that can crop up. The hard drive cable can fail, less than a tenner from eBay, and with age the display hinge screws loosen causing the display to become a little floppy. To tighten the display it has to be removed, then the clutch cover, then tighten 6 torx T6 screws, easy. If you were to buy, don't upgrade the OS to Mojave, performance will drop.
  2. Many moons ago after my Polaroid Sprintscan 35 died, until I bought another scanner, I used to borrow a Coolscan 4000ED off a photographer I knew for long periods while she was working abroad. It produced very good scans. Eventually I bought a Minolta Dimage 5400 and was as happy with it as any scanner. Scanning day after day is soul destroying.
  3. Thanks for replies. On quiet days I'll start scanning the more interesting negs, then contact Alamy with a representative sample. Some of the negs were long ago printed on a Besseler 23c, a wonderful multi format enlarger, long gone. First must fire up the scanner to ensure all is well. Long ago I was in Slough in the shed/office of, if I remember right, a co-operative of photographers that covered protests and human rights issues, their shelves contained empty CS gas canisters and rubber bullets saved as souvenirs, mainly from European events they covered. Even back then they suggested I should scan and make available. Now too catch a train.
  4. I'm curious of other contributors success with sales of archival images, how have they done? Obviously it would depend on the subjects. I have a huge number of mainly B&W 35mm negatives from the 1970's, 80's and 90's. For sometime I've been considering scanning a selection, but so far never had the free time. Extensive scanning is a should destroying job. I still have my Minolta Dimage 5400 optical scanner, it produces good images. What renewed my interest again was the fairly recent and untimely death of Magenta de Vine as she was known, as being in the news. She used to be local to me, and I remember photographing her with friends involved in the music industry outside a local music venue around 1970. Other pictures would be of National Front disturbances during election campaigns, one of a prominent NF organiser held over the bonnet of a ford escort by three police. That had press coverage and use in one magazine at the time. Another shows Peter Hain with child in baby buggy speaking to Michael Meacher at the memorial march in Southall a week after Blair Peach was clubbed down by the SPG. They looked so young then. Wether Alamy might be interested or not, I think I'll start looking through the negative files and segregating the interesting ones to form an opinion on what might be viable.
  5. I read way back on this thread that live news staff go home at 9:30pm. If correct, I'm curious how contributors with withdrawn live news rights that are non UK photographers (time difference issue) or uk photographers phone Alamy for a form to submit breaking news and have their submission checked after 9:30pm? Or in reality is there 24 hour coverage? Breaking news doesn't stop happening after Alamy's staff go home after a hard days work. Anyone had this problem or can comment on the actual hours that the live news staff can be contacted for a quick response? Emails to news@alamy.com likely won't be read for some time, then live news will be old news.
  6. They are news, but Alamy has retained sufficient contributors and agencies to cover these, and they do obviously react to true breaking news too. For a previous contributor to get a look in with breaking news they would literally have to be the first on the scene and file quickly, but they most likely won't have the contacts that others who do this regularly have or get a text from Alamy. The chances of a previous contributor submitting breaking news would be close to nil. I have looked at alternatives, and I suspect many of us already have. I was in London yesterday and there were Alamy contributors covering the non breaking news events, including the London march against extinction and trophy hunting I shot for stock. I avoided the Yellow Vest's UK, they have been done to death. Future more topical events I shoot may be more suited as news.
  7. My take on the live news changes. Over the last 2 years I've shot only live news, but only sold later as stock. They were used by magazines, national press and for banners on web sites + 1 PU, and some sales I could never track down. Since losing Alamy live news access I've sat back and looked at why they likely didn't sell as live news. Although my submissions were news, most were of minority interest, and uploads weren't prompt. Typically I would shoot a protest march/event, but felt I would miss more interesting shots If I stopped for a quick edit and upload, then head straight to another event, and sometimes three in total. Then sit in the Marylebone Station bar editing and uploading, far too late, before catching the train home. It's whoever submits their photo's first that has the best chance of a sale, but even then it has to be something topical. Losing live news access has actually been a benefit in forcing me to re evaluate how I work. I have done a soft run to see if I could have images ready within an hour, it was surprisingly easy. I always have the IPTC info pre prepared in Photo Mechanic, plus additional variations incase things change, carry my 13" MacBook Pro, and mostly use my phone as a hot spot. Also have looked through the national press in print and online over last week to see what they are using, and live news feeds elsewhere. Something I should have done long ago. I will still shoot news, but be much selective over what I cover. Based upon what I've sold as stock, some I've what I will shoot, still technically news, I will tailor specifically for stock. As for straight stock, I've been shooting specific themes that may be topical for a few months now, just a few need re shooting in better light. Must now finally submit my first 3 images to Alamy. So overall I'm not bitter re losing Alamy live news access, but the the way it was conveyed to contributors could have been much better.
  8. Re my news now stock images, they have been selling as they are. I doubt I'll ever have have time to consider changing any captions or tags. If I do I will only revisit specific images, all wouldn't be practicable.
  9. I have had only one image licensed for $1.27, if it was to be a regular occurrence I would have to rethink my strategy.
  10. I've never seen the credit duplicated before. Also checked my last submissions, three on March 30th, never realised they would be my last with Alamy.
  11. Pen, we've all seen borderline or non news images in the live news feed, and nothing is usually done to remove them. In recent days I saw around 5 'news' images that were either grossly underexposed, with 2 that looked as if they had been shot with the lens cap on. This was after Alamy's emails were sent out removing access to live news uploads. I've had my live news access removed. In the short time I've been with Alamy I've uploaded over 2000 live news images. I believe all would have passed QC for stock, I check at 200% on a retina screen. I will be applying for live news access, but note that very few users of this forum that have applied have reported that they had a reply from Alamy. This doesn't take account of those not active on this forum though. I'm in the process of sorting out my portfolio and tear sheets. With reference to "Do you have breaking news images which have been taken in the past hour", has anyone said yes and had a quick response back? My dilemma would be how long to wait before sending elsewhere, was thinking 15 minutes max. Now back to my decorating, I hate it, and a coffee.
  12. All valid points here. I had an exhibition 7 years ago in the smaller of two galleries in a local arts centre. I printed myself, using an Epson R2400 A3+ printer using Epson's pigment inks on to archival papers. I cut my own mounts using a Longridge Duo mount cutter and 40 x 50cm ph neutral mount boards. The prints were hung from the mount with archival tape. I was advised by other photographers not to do my own framing, but other than the frames, at that time I already had everything else. I wanted to keep the cost down, as I knew what framed prints locally sold for. I had two problems. I left the framing until the last moment, hoping my homes fitted kitchen and other work would be finished first. It wasn't, and I had a devil of a job removing specks of dust from the inside of the frames glass. A sticky roller and cans of air eventually did it. The other issue was not buying a spare frame. Only when hanging in the gallery did a notice an obvious bubble in the glass. Plexiglass may have been better, but weight wasn't an issue with the frame size. After a trip to Bicester to the supplier who supplied the frames, I had to swap out the glass just before the private view opened. It was a lot of work, and quite a relief when all was done. Was it worth it, perhaps not, but it seemed like it was one of those things you have to try. As many years have now passed I may have another, but there will be no last minute rush, and will likely seek an area where framed prints would command higher prices. Seven years ago the framed prints sold for £80. At that time I was advised that was the maximum likely selling price based upon the people passing through and other exhibitions. Commission was low, think it was 20%. I still have some that didn't sell hanging at home.
  13. Used in The Times online 27th February. Spotted it end of last month, sale came through yesterday.
  14. I'm in the UK, using Safari in macOS 10.13.6. Appended with :large image seen and can be downloaded at 1440 x 970, not a sharp image. Have deleted. Without :large, not seen.
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