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  1. Yours or a neighbours cat paying a visit? My cat is very vocal first thing in the day. Our discussion is usually regarding what of the many cat food tins or sachets he fancies for breakfast. Our communication is very hit and miss, and he has no set favourite. If the choice is wrong it barely gets a sniff before he restarts our conversation. Today's choice was beef in jelly which he devoured. The neighbours cats usually gets the unwanted breakfast, they missed out today.
  2. I am too far behind captioning and tagging. After editing a shoot in Photoshop I save only the chosen images as raw, sidecar file and jpg in a dated descriptive folder. Years back I used to save every image I shot, just incase I ever needed them, I never did. Some images require research, other just need more time. With images on a similar theme I use Photo Mechanic to apply captions and tags, then when uploaded and available customise the captions and tags. My WIP folder is getting bigger.
  3. I remember those times. A friends father was a machine minder and on the Wapping picket line, dangerous times.
  4. In addition to my last post I did later buy the Nikon fit Tamron 17-35mm F2.8 - 4 OSD lens from them. They emailed when they had stock. A great lens and importantly light to carry. Was using it today. Also in April I bought my Sony RX100M7 from them, well pleased with the price and camera. Nicolae, post above, when did you have problems with Infinity? Before ordering from them I determined they had a service agreement with a Nikon authorised repairer in Scotland, and know someone who used them for an Infinity provided camera body warranty repair without any problems. Steve
  5. Hmm, seems to be a lot more 'bad thing' posts recently than 'good thing', must be a sign of the times. I'm just about to leave for a great weekend trip to Norfolk. Weather looks good, justing loading the car for the 3 hour trip. Looking forward to it although I've planned a busy schedule. Think I've packed everything although something always gets forgotten. Probably the last longish drive in the Mondeo before its replaced soon.
  6. Yes, almost all that I shoot is submitted as editorial. It's pointless not identifying them as editorial as they would likely never be used for marketing or advertising. They do sell, some many times. We all need more sales, so I intend diversifying.
  7. Every lens/focal length has its use. I will often use focal lengths between 17 - 20mm when photographing arrests up close in the street.
  8. Prior to my RX100 the only other Sony camera I used was a DSC-R1. Great camera in its day, and although the sensor was only slightly smaller than APS-C it wasn't on Alamy's approved list. The RX100 is a great camera too, as long as it's limitations are realised.
  9. MDM is correct. There are only issues the other way around, like trying to read an APFS initialised disk with an older system.
  10. All that's left to try is cracking the drives case and testing on a SATA interfaced adapter, caddy or computer interface. Only a slight chance of this working as for some time the WD Passport drives have had a USB3 interface rather than SATA, missing out the SATA to USB3 board.
  11. Listened to 2 buskers recently that impressed me. A woman playing blues/Jazz on a saxophone in Glastonbury town centre, and a older man outside St Albans museum last Saturday. Which reminds me must upload their pictures, the backlog is growing.
  12. Quite a good day today for many reasons. Found a newer car for my wife locally, now need to view and take a test drive. I'll then take on my wifes older car, it's 8 years newer than my old Mondeo. The Mondeo isn't economically viable to put through an MOT in November, it will be scrapped. Visited a local pub the Grand Junction Arms. Sampled a nice pint, so different from when I last photographed it (Alamy image 2C326X5) back in mid June. Then the beer garden was overgrown and the pub was boarded up with metal sheets, having closed at the start of lockdown. Shame the girl bringing my beer had the sun behind her, the image showed really bad flare. I tried to remove it without success. Anyway, the beer was great and the Covid-19 precautions were good.
  13. Recent Extinction Rebellion Parliament Square protest images. Edit: The image above was the only one shot with my RX100M7. I was leaving and had packed my Nikon's into my backpack, just keeping the RX100 in my hand incase I came across anything interesting. Animal justice Project protest at Berryfields Farm. A recent 5 month undercover operation had exposed extensive cattle abuse at the AFU. Below a protester is emotionally affected when viewing cattle scheduled for slaughter. Berryfields protest on the A45 adjacent to their private access road.
  14. You have a relatively small port only slightly larger than mine. Demands for images fluctuate with many variables, with some months very good, some poor. It's the long term average I look at. With smaller ports missing a few sales can mean a barren month, with much larger ports that would normally lead to greater sales, missing a few sales is less noticeable. Overall this year my sales and revenue should exceed last years if trends continue. Am getting more zooms, but only a small percentage lead to sales. My first sale earlier this month was for a reasonable amount and had been zoomed a month back. Hopefully there will be more, most of mine being notified around the end of the month. I have a backlog of varied images to caption and tag that weren't time conscious, will be working on these. The larger the port the better the odds for sales. What we can't predict if the rising coronavirus R number will lead to conditions that will have a negative impact.
  15. Account customer can pay in 4-6 weeks, many take longer. Some go bust so you and Alamy never get paid. It's a fact of life
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