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  1. New iMac & Time Machine

    From my experience the issues with your 2012 Mac Mini was most likely the hard drive failing. if you had decided to repair it, replacing with an SSD would have made all the difference to performance. Re backups, multiple are the secure way to go, never trust just one. Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner and either cloud or off site too Steve
  2. Thanks for the link gvallee, was the 9th when I noticed the sale and searched without success.
  3. Sold on Dec 8th. Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Website, app and social media. Can't currently track its use, no doubt will later after its used. Steve
  4. Upload error

    Interesting, as Monday afternoon I was in Westminster photographing a protest outside Parliament, then nipped into a nearby bar to edit and upload. Although my phone hotspot was 4G, the first image upload stuck. Second attempt was successful, but so slow, thought it was the location at the time. It took me slowly sipping 2 pints of lager to get 16 images uploaded. Often I sit in the Marylebone Station bar uploading before catching the train home, never had speed problems there. Now I know the reason. I used FTP with Filezilla the very first time I uploaded to Alamy, but got consistent errors. Will have to retry FTP with something less time critical, hopefully will be an improvement. Steve
  5. High Sierra?

    My Mac, an older Late 2011 i7 15" MBP with 16GB, 525GB SSD and hi-res AG screen (old but quite adequate) is still running Sierra faultlessly. I'm trialling High Sierra 10.13.2 on an old Early 2011 13" MBP using my usual software, current versions of Photo Mechanic, Photoshop CC 2018 and Lightroom Classic CC 2018, no issues. Haven't added any of my plugins yet though. I see references to NIK software here. I see lots of work arounds to work under newer OS's, some seem to be successful, others not. Google sold the NIK software to DxO, updated version due sometime next year. Wonder how they will improve and price it. Steve
  6. I am currently quite happy with 24mp. Any upgrade would be for lower noise performance rather than larger file sizes. Steve
  7. New iMac & Time Machine

    As fotoDogue states above, simply use the new Mac's migration assistant which appears during the setup process. It will leave the new High Sierra in place and migrate over your applications, data and settings. If you have any incompatible software it won't install it, it will be dropped into a incompatible software software folder. Issues to beware of, if you are using a FireWire drive for your TM backup, you will need an adapter. Apple dropped FW support some time ago. Also if the OS on the old Mac Pro has problems, you mentioned slow down and beach balling, there is always a possibility the migration might not go to plan. On the Mac Pro I would run Disk Utility from the recovery partition prior to migration. Better still if you had previously invested in Disk Warrior, rebuild the directory first. Personally, as I've worked with Mac's for some time, I prefer to manually setup at each major update, and with new Mac's, leaving any crap behind. Steve
  8. I'm new here. When I FTP files it's usually via Photo Mechanic. My backup FTP client is FileZilla, never had any problems with it. As a fellow Mac user it's always worth being prepared for the worst and having Malwarebytes for Mac downloaded and in your dock. It's a free download. As already mentioned above, always download from the producers website and you will be fine. Never from other sites, as some pack their downloads with adware and other junk, it's how they generate revenue to cover their operating costs.