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  1. Yesterday I dropped into a Sainsbury's on the way home from where I've been contracting. Yes, loo rolls, tissues, anti bacterial hand wash, bread, and at last cat litter. My wife saw similar today in Morrisons when she shopped for eggs, the only item I could't get yesterday. If it continues no need now to travel between supermarkets searching for unobtanium, still far from normal life though.
  2. Some years back my wife bought me the Cheech and Chong DVD set. Will have to look them out and digitise them and add them to the hard drive that lives behind the TV. Something to amuse me again if I eventually end up spending time at home.
  3. Your comment reminds me something that has stuck in my memory for a long time, I think it originated from the hilarious Cheech and Chong. A hippie greats another hippie and asks if he has any food to spare. In reply he is told, yes, and he rolls off a long list of food. The first hippie says great man and is told to hold out a plate. The other hippie then wrings out his large beard over the plate. Disgusting, I know. I've had a beard since around 1969 and its clean! Now out for another walk while the sun is shining.
  4. Seems a long while ago now, but last Saturday took our last drive I suspect for some time into the Cotswolds. Visited Whichford and Hook Norton for a walk around, was pretty deserted. Crossed the road to avoid others on the same path. Regretted never before visiting the Hook Norton Brewery, tours ended the week before. Whichford pottery was open, just one car in the car park, and those visitors were leaving. Never seen it deserted before. Visited Aylesbury Aldi on the way home around 5:30pm, not crowded, managed to buy the elusive cat litter, cheese and yogurts. Of course all eggs, milk and squashes long gone by then. Will visit tomorrow early after an early morning walk. Now off to stomp some local footpaths that will later be cut by HS2 if that madness continues.
  5. This is likely to as below, and will likely extend further than April 5th, as even with rationing shops run out of essential items soon after opening and more switch to on-line ordering. I ordered 2 x 28mm 52mm threaded extensions from one Chinese Ebay source, their last 2, and another from a similar source. The first order took around 3 - 4 weeks. The last order is now way over due. “We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers.” Amazon now is accepting products in the following categories only: baby products, health, and household appliances, personal care, grocery, industrial and scientific, and pet supplies. Amazon made this change after the spread of coronavirus caused a spike in online orders. Shoppers flocked to the online giant after the supply of essentials such as toilet paper and paper towels were depleted in brick and mortar stores. Amazon struggled to handle the demand, and customers were met with shipping delays. From now until April 5, sellers who use Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” program will not be able to send their goods to Amazon for distribution. Amazon also will stop purchasing non-essential items from vendors. For shoppers, this means toilet paper, pasta and other epidemic essentials will be easier to purchase online. At the same time, the supply of other products, like electronics including those from Apple, may be more challenging to obtain.
  6. We usually eat around one butternut squash a month. My wife normally buys our vegetables from a farm shop close to where she worked at a garden centre and gardens, now shut. She checked the farm shop status yesterday, it too is now shut, only undertaking deliveries to those previously signed up. Luckily she bought two recently, haven't seen them anywhere I've shopped, even at opening times.
  7. Paulette, have you seen your sea otter picture at the top of the Twitter feed on the main forum page? Image ID: E97YWX // Paulette Sinclair
  8. We have new neighbours, not surprising we haven't introduced ourselves, nor have they.
  9. Unfortunately unlikely, Trump would not have chosen 'smarter, more responsible people' to be in his team, only people with his kind of ideology.
  10. Are you certain that your laptop isn't viable to repair. There is always a possibility someone here or on a technical forum my be able to give advice. Otherwise, sorry I can't advise on PC laptops, my expertise is with Mac's. Hopefully others will reply, but I suspect it would help them if they knew what screen size you were seeking and maximum budget.
  11. Next there will be a run on bidet bottles as loo rolls get bought up literally as they go onto supermarket shelves.
  12. All UK Tesco stores now open between 6am and 10pm, rather than the previous 24 hours. I arrived at my nearest Tesco just after 6. Even with rationing the toilet rolls and tissues row was already empty, other items such as bread, eggs, anything that had 'anti bacterial' on it and washing products were getting very low. I needed eggs, bread, milk and everything for a couple of salads, so no issues other than we are desperately low on cat litter and there was none. In some queues trolleys were stacked up side by side with shoppers just feet apart. I joined one of the few queues where the store layout suited lining up trolleys end to end, and shoppers left adequate space between themselves. Hopefully UK stores will see sense and adopt rules similar to Woolworths in Australia. Not enough tills were manned, only around a third, and most tills had around 10 -12 full trolleys queuing. As Tesco didn't have enough staff to open all tills to lessen queues, the only logical approach might have been to restrict numbers within the store, and only allow in new shoppers in numbers matching those leaving. Not ideal, but we are living in challenging times.
  13. A squash keeps well, hence the interest in it. The active ingredient in the sanitiser gel is IPA, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Contacts in the printing industry tell me the 25 Litre drums they use have doubled in price, and may rise further, all due to its demand for manufacturing hand sanitiser gel.
  14. I work self employed, my time split between photography and contracting repairing Apple computers. Regarding photography, the time when I would regularly travel into London, and sometimes further afield would appear to be over for some time. It isn't worth the risk, as I'm coming up to 69, am type 2 diabetic and have no spleen, so I have to be very careful. Covering HS2 more is likely as it gets closer to home, it will likely pass within 0.5 mile from me. With the Mac work, I am workshop based with one other person, and have very little contact with others. I will likely give up that work when the risk increases or if travel restrictions materialise making it impossible to continue. When I'm finally self isolating at home I have so much to do. My amateur radio hobby has taken a back seat for the last 5 years, will become active again. Also also have a variety of vintage radio kit to refurbish, repair and use, such as from KW Electronics, that I remember from the 1960's. I also have a few years worth of digital images, mainly shot with a D7100, that might be suitable for Alamy. I also have a huge amount of mainly B&W negatives to scan, mainly shot on an Olympus OM1, OM1n and OM2. Some scans will likely be suitable for Alamy. I also Have my fathers negatives, mainly 6x6, 35mm and Kodachromes, to scan and distribute to relations. I have umpteen books I received as gifts or bought, never previously had time to read. I could go on and on......
  15. My view too. I have 3 nights away booked on the outskirts of a small English town for sightseeing/photography, and May Day related photography. I am dithering over cancelling or not. It's likely the May Day events will be cancelled, time will tell. To eat in the towns cafe's would worry me. I'm more likely to cancel, and perhaps travel down just for the day if the festivities aren't cancelled. Otherwise I'll take various day trips out by car, taking my own food and drink.
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