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  1. Interesting to hear mention of the Epson 4990. I still have mine, but it's suffered from outgassing from the plastic, leaving a hazy smear on the underside of the glass. Eventually I'll strip it down and clean it. I used to use it to scan 5x4 B&W negs and E6 from my Toyo 45a. For exhibition prints I would pay for Imacon /Hasselblad scans, far noticeably better.
  2. EyeEm automatically allocate keywords, not their contributors. Not good for accuracy and sales.
  3. Same here, I currently have 2483 images, and as far as I'm aware they are all exclusive. Alamy totalled them as 2126. I noticed one of last months sales was only a 40%, looked into to it and all from that shoot weren't marked exclusive. That was then correct. I then spent some time checking, all was well. I did find some early images with no super tags, still have to go back over those.
  4. For UK weather I've always used Berghaus Spectrum Gloves. I've had 2 pairs, eventually I always lose them. I now have no outdoor stores near me selling them, so have just bought some Aldi Ski Gloves, no weather cold enough yet to wear them. I've seen them mail order if I need them. With the Berghaus gloves I could operate a D750 other than eject the battery or replace an SD card. Replacing an SD card is very rare while shooting, even when mirrored, as I use 2 64GB.
  5. The fact that you couldn't download Catalina indicates the upload issue is unlikely to be an Alamy problem. Have you run a broadband speed test? Sounds as if your internet is just good enough for email use, like many in pubs and cafe's. Catalina is a big download, and I've seen downloads fail that leaves the macOS in an non bootable state, so beware. If it helps you I could post you a USB Catalina 10.15.1 installer that would update your Mac's, but would advise only updating one first. Also check all the applications you use are 64 bit compliant and are compatible. If required I could leave an email address of mine in this thread, it is one that I only use for purchases and attracts loads of spam already, so no problem. Don't post any of your personal details in this open forum.
  6. Our freezer was filled to the brim to guard against Brexit no deal potential shortages, and still is. My wife does just about find room to wrap individual slices of her GF bread and freeze.
  7. I shop frequently in my local Aldi, excellent food at very keen prices. I found one exception, their bread. It's always a little dry, gets gets dryer quickly. Seeded bread from another supermarket can be used well after its recommended 'best by' date, not the Aldi sliced bread I've sampled. I don't think I've just been unlucky, my sister who lives up in Yorkshire said the same to me.
  8. Three $$ sales so far this month, better than last month that was abysmal. All RM Alamy exclusive. Two were of protests (1 a lapsed live news from 2017, the other a recent reportage image), and image below from Little Venice, London, which was the only one zoomed.
  9. You may sell now that War of the Worlds is being shown, but it all depends upon the buyers requirements. Also, when PR photos are likely being distributed or can be requested, the hard reality is the media is likely to use a free photo rather than yours, even if yours is better. Knowing this, if I was in a position to shoot as you did, I would still have shot all of potential interest, and if possible, shot the key actors with a long lens, but without the expectation that they would definitely sell. Any sales would be a bonus.
  10. Tog ratings are also used for sleeping bags. Another common use, nothing to do with insulation, is an abbreviation for photographer.
  11. I agree with you, but I have had sales via reportage, latest image WGY90R zoomed and used a few days after it was shot, sale came through a few days ago.
  12. Yes, that will improve your position, but what the vast majority of stock photographers don't shoot will be less popular, but you may have a better chance of sales when you are not competing against 7352 similar images, and that doesn't take into account images at other agencies. If shooting popular subjects, and if at all possible, try for eye catching different compositions, in different lighting etc. Also follow the advice in posts above. If shooting less common subjects, try to anticipate future demand, not easy.
  13. I was present at Harpsden Court during the filming of a Bond Film. A nearby field had umpteen vehicles parked in it, the house grounds had a large portable loo and cafe, yet in the final cut the scene filmed wasn't used. I often wonder how much of a films budget is wasted but I assume that's standard practise in the film industry.
  14. I can remember photographing a Steenbeck editing table, sure it was a 35mm, in the cinema museum at Bletchley Park. This was before the new CEO got rid of them, along with the post office, diplomatic wireless service hut and MK amateur radio society in the run up to developing the site more as a theme park. Shot on a tripod mounted Sony DSC-R1.
  15. Some photography commercial work, housing new builds, renovations, head shots, a few weddings as second shooter. I rarely shoot for pleasure these days other than some band photography. All fitted in while contracting in Apple computer servicing to keep the pennies rolling in. Since my early teens my two interests have been photography and electronics/amateur radio, I hold a full amateur radio licence. Interested in restoring 1950's -1980's radio related kit, including MOD cast offs. Nothing to do with photography other than documenting the restoration.
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