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  1. Strange usage/caption

    I too have never seen anything like it. My thoughts are someone added it into a draft/mockup, and it was missed before going live. Whatever, it looks sloppy. This would give me concern too "This is an Alamy Live News image and may not be part of your current Alamy deal . If you are unsure, please contact our sales team to check."
  2. There are ways to shoot with a tripod that would minimise a safety hazard. Stand still and spread your legs slightly. Open the legs of the tripod so they do not extend further than the distance between your feet. The tripod won't be as rigid as if you had fully spread the legs, but will be sufficient. Then to trip over the tripod someone would have to walk into you, not very likely. Also, public liability insurance isn't expensive. Then shoot at a lower iso and typically F8. Shoot again using manual focus incase autofocus wasn't accurate in poor light. Be quick, then move on. This works for me, and recently at Waddesdon Manor at night, until security asked how much longer I would be, I was pushing it. Exposures were from 1 up to 20 seconds.
  3. Shortened URL's

    I've been busy until last night, first chance to thank everyone who looked into my query. As above, making a Lightbox is the way to go as It also has the advantage that it is still relevant when the images later move to stock.
  4. If you leave laptops sleeping, I would always recommend a restart before taking a laptop out on a live news shoot. That way it helps avoid any possibility of complications when speed is of the essence. Otherwise I leave my Mac's sleeping.
  5. How was your January?

    I thought it was looking like zero sales for January, then 2 sales on the 29th (both appeared in Guardian in December), then another 2 on the 30th. Couldn't track last 2 down, both related to Brexit, currently a topical subject. Total $79. Steve
  6. Shortened URL's

    Thanks for replying Paul. If you click on the very long link you will see what I'm trying to achieve, to show all 41 photo's as you would see by clicking on the the event upload on Alamy Live News. Steve
  7. Shortened URL's

    I'm trying to use a shortened URL to point to my current Live News upload. I've used and The shortened link simply takes me to the general Alamy Live News. The URL I copied pasted into another browser window does what I want, but is far far too long for Twitter etc as can be seen here.{700FC3F0-1C13-4A3D-AE47-0B3794227494}%26destxml%3D%26imglst%3D%26orderby%3DDT%26newsseq%3D%26userid%3D%26rand%3D1548587367341 Has anyone got any suggestions how to get around this, I must be missing something simple. Steve
  8. artwork, context, and exclusivity

    This I agree with, that the image I created is not with another agency. There is always a slim possibility another photographer standing next to me in a photographers scrum could have shot the same image and submitted to another agency.
  9. Migration assistant copies everything other than the OS from the source to the new destination Mac, unless at the start you tell it to make exclusions. "looking for another source." will normally appear after the source Mac is seen, assuming there may be multiple volumes to migrate from. As long as the volume you want to migrate from shows, select it and continue. Are you migrating from an older to a new Mac, or from a time machine backup or clone to a newer Mac? If migrating from one Mac to another how are you connecting the two Mac's? If migrating from an older Mac that has issues with its hard drive that can cause problems. Other issues that can become apparent after migrating is due to licensing. MS Office will request activation, and if migrating from a Mac with a much older OS to a Mac with Mojave installed some applications might not be compatible unless later updated. Hoping all goes well.
  10. Has there been a change to Live News Images?

    Must admit I've never noticed any change, as I usually prepare in advance all the metadata in Photo Mechanic IPTC stationary pad in advance of shooting. Sometimes I have to make minor changes or additions, but the IPTC metadata is always suitable for Live News or later Stock.
  11. Just got in and seen this thread. Yes, Malwarebytes is reputable, and very effective. I always recommend downloading and installing prior to having malware issues. If you search the web for Malwarebytes you'll see many sites offering downloads, play safe and ignore these, only download from Malwarebytes can run in interactive mode for 2 weeks, then you have the option to license and continue in interactive mode, or simply run it regularly or whenever issues arise.
  12. I've only shot in shopping centres and shops a few times, only challenged twice. When Woolworths were in receivership shot the local store in a shopping centre. Checked there were no security in view, shot the outside of store, then through the open store entrance. Then inside, down isles almost empty of goods, then queues at the tills. Inside was shooting from waist via live view with vary angle screen. Just as I finished the manager challenged me. Chatted with him for a few minutes, he thought I was videoing. Even though he was being made redundant he was loyal to his employers up to the last moment. Wished him well finding other employment and left. Another time needed some shots from within a long established London umbrella shop. Worked out in advance what shots I wanted, walked through the door, first shot OK, just composing the second and was told photography wasn't allowed. 'Click' as he spoke, apologised re not knowing photography wasn't allowed as leaving and said I didn't see the signs as I came through the door. If it wasn't for the no photography signs I may have asked first, but if permission had been refused I would have been up s**t creek. No time to chimp and check composition or exposure, has to be right first shot. Most recent was shooting in Oxford's Westgate Centre last Saturday. Always moving, a quick burst, then on to the next. No issues.
  13. Safari on my Mac's will enter my user name and login, sometimes without issues. Other times I have to identify multiple traffic lights, buses, stairs etc. Often the definition of the images is very poor, so you can't tell if the blurred distance contains what you should be identifying. Perhaps that's why you have to jump repeatedly through so many hoops.
  14. Geared tripod head?

    This thread reminds me I've been considering a 410 for some time, have heard good things about it. My ball head isn't ideal for some of the internal architectural photography I do for a property developer. It should easily handle my Nikon D750 and Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4, they make a lightweight pair, so no creeping.
  15. A new personal low

    Snap, same here. Same licence and $1.02, first ever that low. R5PA45, last shot as walking back to the car leaving Yarl's Wood IRC protest, so no real effort put into into it, but would have expected a student could have found more than $1.02.