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  1. It's likely the only way to cease selling via Alamy will be to delete images. Even then they remain on sale for 6 months.
  2. I keep all boxes from photographic or electronic equipment. They live in the loft while I still have their contents,
  3. Same with Cotswold Lavender, no commercial photography or drones. The hedge around the lavender fields is much higher than when I last visited. You can shoot commercially for £40, or £60 if you are shooting portraits, engagement or wedding shoots. All I shot was personal family photos among the lavender. You used to be able to photograph inside the amazing Snowshill Manor House on a day when they were closed for cleaning for a small fee, but not for commercial use. I never took up the option.
  4. The way live news used to work was that you should ideally upload within an hour of shooting, earlier the better. Anything after that isn't really live. It was possible to upload news for 24 hours, but later would likely not be pushed out by the news team. The images would remain in the live news feed for 48 hours, then revert to stock. Based upon your experience I can only think the conditions differ for temporary access or that something went wrong.
  5. Yes, all is flowering and the bulk of the lavender is looking very nice. It was very windy when I visited, but I got the family shots I wanted. We arrived just after 11am and the carpark was filling up fast, but it never completely filled up.
  6. Today myself and my wife visited Cotswold Lavender to meet up with my daughters family. We used to regularly visit them in Bristol, arranging weekend trips to coincide with events I wanted to photograph. Last time we saw them was at my wife's 60th birthday party in early January this year, a big event in the local Limelight Theatre. I hadn't visited the lavender farm at Snowshill for a few years, was surprised to see how busy it was. It had been well laid out to ensure good safety, and the weather was far better than predicted. Looked around a nearby Chipping Campden afterwards. In normal circumstances I would have been photographing Oxford's vibrant Cowley Road Carnival, that only existed as a virtual carnival event this year. Last year Bristol's St Pauls carnival was on the day before, sadly not this year.
  7. My birthday today, so I had a lay in until 6:30am. Breakfast was yogurt and mushrooms on toast, then mid morning treat of a thin slice of low sugar home made cake. Two zooms on Wednesday, another two on Thursday but no sales yet, too early in the month. Last months zooms equalled my previous highest, may they continue. About to leave for a wander around Oxford, travelling light with just the RX100 and a brolly.
  8. I too have had enough of ACR 12.3 and have just installed 12.2.1 so I can return to the workflow that works quickest for me. Later when I have time I'll persevere with the new version on another Mac.
  9. I do basically the same in macOS Mojave and use Chrome. I create a new window and go to alamy.com, then search for the image reference, click on it, then enlarge, and drag the image into the forum post. For me it doesn't work in Safari, but does in Chrome.
  10. Bad news followed by good news. Our washing machine broke down. The good news, it was economically repairable, and it was temporally fixed for 40 deg C washes until the faulty part is replaced next week.
  11. Due to the nature of the images in my port currently they automatically default to editorial. Out of around 2700 images in my port only around 40 are optimised, these have many conceptual related tags. I have consistent sales, but like everyone wish there were more. Zooms and sales are increasing year by year, even in these troubled times. I just need more images that are relevant to buyers requirements.
  12. I'm no expert, but I would have thought a cough or sneeze, or someone shouting loud would eject more particles and horizontally until they drop. From the nose particles would likely drop more downwards and with less force unless caught by a breeze. Either way, masks worn by the public appear to be flimsy and poor fitting and not fit for purpose. I suppose even these masks are better than nothing. I last wore a mask at a BLM protest march I covered. It was a poor fit and continually steamed up my glasses. Now have a small Calotherm spray, though I should have used washing up liquid before leaving home. Later most marchers removed their masks so they could chant and shout increasing risks to all.
  13. Personally I think that's a wise move. In the past I sometimes regretted impulsive purchases.
  14. I can't recollect my VII coming with a neck strap, things have changed. I rely on the wrist strap (more of a thin loose loop), the grip and taking good care of the camera. So far I've never dropped a camera, and only one lens into a Welsh stream long ago.
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