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  1. Earlier in the week while dark I followed a black car with no lights on between 2 junctions on the M25. I flashed the car and so did other drivers. The car in front of the idiot car put his emergency flashers on a few times. The lightless car driver was oblivious to all this, and additionally would change lanes at speed to unsuccessfully get ahead faster. And don't get me talking about car drivers that ignore emergency ambulances behind them with blue lights flashing and sirens screaming. I prefer when viable to travel by car, keeping away from the covidiots on trains and buses. Wh
  2. Here in the UK you must have headlights on in the rain, snow, fog or whenever you can’t see more than 100M / 328 feet. Most drivers have their headlamps on dipped before it gets that bad.
  3. I click on my Dashboard bookmark as usual, all is normal.
  4. No valve grinding tool, but do have a grinding tool for water taps. If a tap starts to leak in a hard water area the tap washer seating wears. Haven’t used it for a long time.
  5. I only have 4 soldering irons, they all have their uses. The 100 watt Weller iron gets very little use now. It used to be used to unsolder heavy duty connections to high current stud mounting rectifiers in high current SM PSU’s. my oldest iron is a Weller TCP24 iron. It’s bits are numbered to its temperature. Cost a lot in its day and is still in good working order. For SMD work I have an excellent temperature controlled iron with a very good selection of bits. Last a recent acquisition, a mains powered temperature controlled iron. Temperature control is via
  6. Had a great day in London today. Intended to shoot 3 protests, but came across another 3. Also chatted to 2 photographers I hadn’t seen for a while. One of the protests was outside Downing Street and was just finishing so ignored it. Still clocked 5. Last was in the dark, and it was getting pretty cold. Was great to make it back to Marylebone for the train. Clocked up 15.2km by avoiding the tube. Lots of images to cull later.
  7. I continued to wear masks too, 3 layer when nipping into a shop and better 5 layer FFP2 when catching a mainline train. Am wearing one right now. Good job I ordered quite a few last week. The price had dropped as hardly anyone had been wearing them, now the price is likely to rise again.
  8. Too true. I was, and might still do, travel into London to photograph 3 today, and I often come across more. I'm dithering wether too, as the weather is likely to be foul. Time to decide soon or I'll miss the boat. If not I've a few hundred images edited but needing captioning and tagging to keep me indoors and busy. Edit: I did decide to head into London.
  9. I’m 70 and can still stride along fast. I did more walking during the first lockdown, usually between 16 and 20km per walk. When last in London a few weeks back with a backpack containing 3 Nikon bodies with lenses attached I clocked up nearly 14km. That was too and from Marylebone photographing various protests and some stock. I’m taking the same kit with me tomorrow and reckon to to do around 16km including walking to and from my local station. My knees did give some problems in the past, but have been good for the last 3 - 4 years.
  10. Too true. I have already separated what could be saleable negs from my collection, but never in a lifetime could they be be used for a global ad campaign.
  11. Would be the beginning of January. "We anticipate this reduction in the recording of data to be in place for no longer than 3 months, after which it will return to normal levels" But will this include database refreshing every 24 hours as in the past? Currently it is very eratic sometimes taking 3 days. Time will tell, as we have had no updates from Alamy..
  12. Recently I set myself a year to continue submissions. Then I revue wether it's worthwhile continuing. If our commission drops again or the majority of sales are for $.18 or ms prices then I'll bring forward the decision.
  13. Was driving home last night, and very close to home a small fox ran into the road, and almost lead the way to my house. I often see foxes at night near to home. A few years back a fox family would sunbathe at the bottom of the garden. It’s most likely food we put out at night that our fussy cat leaves ends up as fox food. It’s wonderful seeing them surviving in an urban environment. I have thought about putting my trail cam near the food bowl, but am not sure how long the battery would last, and I gather it’s going to be even colder.
  14. I pdf’d that when it was posted. Oddly this month so far is my best ever for views and zooms. Could always do with more and higher priced sales though, although I know there’s more to be reported.
  15. My dashboard now indicates 'Last Updated on : 23 Nov 2021 12:31 GMT' and images uploaded over last weekend now show.
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