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  1. Additional to Bill's good advice above, I would add if any of your images were to have small indistinct birds in the sky, it is better to clone them out. The bird in your first image is fine.
  2. It appears you are concerned about digital noise. Wether using C1, PS or DPP, the image saved at the jpg maximum resolution and with the same horizontal and vertical dimension should be the same same size. There will likely be different levels of noise depending upon how effective the applications different RAW converters are. Continue experimenting. To minimise noise, try keeping the iso as low as possible, expose accurately, and where possible minimise opening shadows. If the subject allows, shoot tripod mounted at the lowest iso when hand holding the camera isn't ideal. If with the applications RAW converters default sharpening the image is still too noisy for QC, then consider reducing the image size. Personally, I'm currently happy with Adobe's offering, making as many necessary adjustments first in ACR, but can't comment on others.
  3. Long ago back in my 20's I used drink half of bottled guinness with a whisky in it and still play good darts.
  4. The majority of what I shoot is reportage news based, and there is a considerable amount of lapsed live news images in my port. It's therefore easy to categorise these as News and Reportage, and I currently do so. I still have to do this to my older submissions. When I diversify and shoot traditional stock, including signage and company HQ buildings, store fronts of companies who are or maybe of media interest, so far I haven't entered any category. Should these be Architecture and Interiors? I can understand contributors concern when images don't appear to match any of the current categories, and although I maybe jumping the gun here, there is concern AI category allocations may in fact make it harder for clients to find our images. Is it likely that the new categories will carry more weight in client searches than current captions and tags?
  5. I have an older iPad Air 2, 9.75" display, wifi (no cellular) and 128GB storage. It gets very little use. It contains my portfolio, and via an adapter can connect to a TV for a larger display. If I'm traveling light I tend to carry my MacBook Air 11" i7 1.7 GHz 8GB memory, 500 GB SSD. It's size and weight is acceptable and it's far more versatile than the iPad. I keep on toying with the idea of giving the iPad to my grandson so it gets more use as he only has a basic android tablet.
  6. If I'm shooting a speaker at a rally or politician, depending upon how newsworthy the subject is, or I believe they may become, I will try to shoot in both landscape and portrait, head shots, fully body, half body, then capturing different expressions and positions of arms. This creates the possibility of multiple 'similars', but gives the potential publisher various options depending upon their page layout, politics or the story.
  7. I was about to post something similar to Tony, but he has literally stated my thoughts. The only addition would be to include reportage with live news. Alamy still licences my older lapsed news, along with newer reportage. All are news related, recording a moment in time, and although often credited as Alamy Stock, are dissimilar to traditional stock that could be copied. It's time consuming continually searching for on-line usage, and difficult tracing usage in print, so when my images are found I certainly appreciate it.
  8. As I understand, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, you can have Alamy exclusive images as long as they are not placed with another Agency. Selling from your own website is permitted as it is not another Agency.
  9. Thursday was in print in the Guardian, now also found yesterday in the Guardian on-line in a different article.
  10. Oxford appears have a high number of homeless now, even with the support of charities. There are simply not enough beds, and often opposition to planning permission for homeless hostels. I will often chat to homeless people, and if as is common they are sitting outside a supermarket, ask if there's any food that would help. I see betting shops, on line betting and payday loan services as parasites we would do far better without. Their growth shows there is something seriously wrong with society in my country.
  11. Thanks for spotting the use of my 2AHGP85 Colne Valley/Denham protest in the Guardian.
  12. My first sale was this image, shot on Monday 4th September 2017, sold later December 8th for $38.42 gross. McDonald’s strike solidarity rally, Old Palace Yard, Westminster. Cut down to use as a banner on the TUC website. I remember it well, it was the first time I carried an 11" MacBook Air instead of the heavier MacBook Pro retina. I'd forgotten to bring a USB card reader, the MBP had one built in. Cursing, I passed on then covering the arms fair demo at the excel, heading back home to upload rather late as live news. Since then I keep a card reader in each of my camera bags.
  13. It can be surprising what can sell. Well before I signed up with Alamy I had an image of a long closed book shop's paper bag used by the guardian on-line, lifted from Flickr. I was persistent but eventually was paid. Much more than I would have received if submitted and sold now under the UKNS.
  14. If I would need to travel for 4 hours I would only if I also had another purpose. For instance I normally visit my sister in Yorkshire twice a year, usually staying 4 - 7 days. I fit those visits in around events I plan to photograph, such as fracking or opposition to grouse shooting protests. Both of these have sold multiple images, but even with economical motorway driving would never have been anywhere likely economical on their own.
  15. Ed, Pen is an experienced photojournalist who I very much doubt isn’t looking for a calm life. She was simply asking for advice for additional protection, which is logical if covering some French protests.
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