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  1. Was last updated yesterday evening. Had the cleaners unplugged something crucial to plug in their vacuum cleaner and yet again forgot to plug the kit in again. That’s been going on for years, must be standard routine now, part of Alamy procedures.
  2. Country: Worldwide, Usage: Magazine, Editorial website use, Any Placement. One time use only, Industry sector: Media, design & publishing, Start: 22 September 2021 End: 22 October 2021. RM. Shot January 2020 as reportage. Has sold before, and recently found as an unreported use in a composite image. High $$, not far off $$$. Very welcome. Never had a usage specified just for one month before, could this not be a normal sale?
  3. Good to hear and see you all had a great time. I’ve only been to Liverpool once, but never into the City Centre. Around 15 years ago, drove there and back in a day to collect a used electronic item I didn’t trust with a courier.
  4. A lot worse than second place. What’s happening may be covered by the contract, but is most certainly unethical. Does Alamy still want to encourage contributors or are they only interested in the numbers from the big agencies. I think we all know the answer.
  5. Previously I would shoot almost all reportage, but now mainly stock, plus I have a big backlog to deal with. Uploaded 12 stock images around 5 - 6pm yesterday, Sunday. Pass email came through 11.31 this morning. That’s good enough for me.
  6. Sorry to hear of your problems uploading. It's always best to have multiple upload options available in case of problems. I have 3 browsers in my dock, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, and also the free FileZilla FTP installed. In the past I've had sporadic issues with the web uploader, but since I used FTP none. I've used FileZilla FTP on all macOS from High Sierra to Big Sur. If your internet connection is playing up this will cause upload issues, it may be worth running a broadband speed test to see if you get constant good speeds.
  7. I have my pass but will not be attending this this year. I hear of many events described as 'covid secure' that are far from it. Not worth taking the risks. I even avoided a now rare trip into London yesterday, spending most of the day in Bristol instead. For me driving is far safer, but at times traffic on the A34, M4 and M32 was awful going down.
  8. I travel less too, but often deviate up to 10 miles to shoot when driving. I've been going through hard drives, it's surprising what I have found. Tonight I uploaded a single image shot last weekend, deviated 2 miles from a trip visiting a few villages that interested me. Need to keep it up now. Likely into London this Saturday, first for a long time, train to Marylebone then walking.
  9. Soon after I bought my RX100 VII I added the Sony Grip and a 52mm filter holder and clip in lens hood. They make the camera a little bulkier, but useful at times.
  10. Joseph, re your last comment, I only wish that would happen. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect it’s going to be like Covid, we will have to live with it.
  11. Earlier this morning I had the boy with his binoculars error. Tried 3 times later, no change, but not this afternoon. Was the boy searching for the sticky plaster?
  12. Have been stuck in near stationary traffic on A41 a few miles from M25 J20 due to XR protest. Now starting to move. Have camera ready and windows open in case there’s still a picture possibility. Could still become a good thing. Edit- only exit from the J20 roundabout was clockwise onto the M25, past a row of police. Would have been unwise to have waved the RX100 out of the window.
  13. I agree with the above. Earlier this year I bought a reasonable trail camera purely to see what wildlife visited our garden at night. After having foxes sunbathing in our back garden during days, all I recorded at night was cats and one hedgehog. On another occasion I setup an older D7100 with flash/diffuser in our cats weather proof shelter, plate of cat food in its entrance. It was tethered via Smart Shooter to a MBP in the kitchen, no sensor to detect movement, all manual. I stayed up until 2.30am, no visitors. On other occasions when uneaten food was left there the plate was l
  14. I will be passing on the Photography Show Meetup this year, and until normality truly returns, if ever. If I see an unmasked person in a supermarket I treat them as if they had the worst possible plague. I will likely be photographing a largish protest in London, and in a way that I am in control. No risky trains or tube, will drive in. Hopefully the street parking will unaltered from 2015 when Google street map there was videoed showing parking restriction signs on lamp posts. If problems I’ll have to do some extra walking. Will be only the 4th trip into London since Covid became a serious ri
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