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  1. I've always been meaning look at the Alamy listed file size for one of my images, then save my original at progressively lower resolutions until the file size matches to determine the compression they use for sales. I would now but and busy editing on a train.
  2. Am I correct that other agencies submitting are expected to have done their own QC so bypass the Alamy QC. If that's so it lightens the load.
  3. That is extraordinary. I wonder if Alamy use outworkers to handle the load, although I've never seen the position advertised.
  4. With the potential 60,000 Alamy contributors, and it's anyone's guess how many still contribute regularly if at all, the few that are given advice, if accepted, would literally have no impact on the success of forum regulars.
  5. Re 106,000 images added per day, I'm curious how many are captioned and tagged to sell. They obviously pass QC, but what percentage are images that are not likely to sell at Alamy, and what percentage of the daily uploads are from newcomers to Alamy who upload large numbers of images they have accumulated over the years, or newcomers to photography upload en mass, quantity rather than quality. Or are they top notch images from experienced stock photographers, that would be worrying for contributors. I believe there are so many unknown variables to consider the implications of 106,000 uploads accepted per day, other than the likely Alamy need for regular IT upgrades to ensure they can be stored and searched at acceptable speeds. Is the competition between agencies to hold the largest library of images a good thing, is it sustainable?
  6. Good to hear the shoulder is starting to feel better. I mostly carry a fairly heavy shoulder bag, and across my left shoulder when walking, then over my right when photographing. I live in hope that the weight distribution will spare me from a bad shoulder. So far my only shoulder problem was around 18 years ago, a frozen shoulder, very painful and restrictive. A cortisone injection into the shoulder was ineffective. I used a backpack then, and wasn't flexible enough to get it onto my back. Then the other shoulder went a year later. After lots of shoulder exercises they cleared up and thankfully never returned.
  7. Personally I would never use a fusion drive unless it had multiple backups, both time machine and carbon copy cloner. A fusion drive consists of a 3.5" 7200rpm standard hard drive, and a small custom SSD socketed on the rear of the logic board. If either drive completely fails there is no way to recover any data, hence the security of multiple backups. Although rare, I've seen time machine fail to restore in times of need. The Apple Store have more advanced diagnostics than disk utility. If they find no issues, they may break the fusion drive, then recreate it via terminal commands. This isn't your issue, but sometimes a macOS install can fail due to third party memory incompatibility. Hope all goes well and you are up and running again soon.
  8. Sounds interesting Mick. When previously shooting live news I tried similar with an iPhone without success, and carrying a small MacBook Air for editing and uploading via the phone was too slow.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Was just curious if it was only an issue with me, obviously not. I must have been lucky for the first 3 months since I switched to ftp uploading. With the few clients I ftp directly to I never had problems. It's no big issue.
  10. Has anyone else had this problem? I upload via FTP with Transmit on a Mac computer, but can't see this being an issue as all has been well for months, and Transmit shows all images uploaded satisfactorily. Uploading images, my FTP client uploads fast via fibre broadband. Just now Transmit uploaded 5 reportage images to Alamy's Archive_Stock directory, reporting upload of all 5 completed, and I could see all 5 images in Alamy's Archive_Stock directory. Minutes later only 4 showed in AIM, then as this had happened before, I waited 5 minutes for the missing image to show. This had recently happened before, with 2 not visible, and AIM showing 4 received. First time this happened I waited 10 minutes, then re uploaded the 2 missing. 1 appeared minutes later, the other over 5 minutes later, then the 2 not showing earlier appeared. I had to delete the last 2 uploaded. This isn't the end of the world but appears odd.
  11. When editing images on my laptop in adverse conditions outdoors, which isn't as often as it used to be, I keep what I call a 'gold standard' image. I then match edits to that prior to uploading. Of course, back home I follow my normal workflow.
  12. For the photographer, yes, if you simply supplied the publisher with the transparency or cut film, but I would always worry about it's return. It was then the publisher/printers responsibility to drum scan and ensure all was well.
  13. If making prints even more important than a calibrated display are accurately created printer profiles. Generic paper manufactures ones can be very hit and miss depending upon printer tolerances.
  14. Hmm, I wonder if images uploaded as sRGB aren't being being affected? I shall have a closer look later, must rush for a train.
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