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  1. Not good. The only consolation is that the Fire Brigade charge your landlord for attending false alarms. You would think they would have sorted the problem to avoid the bills.
  2. Early May I'll be staying overnight on the Aldeburgh side of Leiston, and Aldeburgh is likely to be first stop around late morning on Saturday. An area I've not visited before, hopefully it won't be hell.
  3. Good to hear buses from your village are pretty empty. Yesterday Oxford was bearable by weaving about, and sometimes waiting for narrower areas to clear, a bit like moving around in a supermarket. I left Oxford via the Cowley Road, and was surprised how busy it was, during 2020 walking it was acceptable, glad I didn't park off off it and walk down it. Yesterday it was as if the Covid Pandemic had never happened. The busiest I'd ever seen Oxford's Cowley Road was during the 2019 carnival, picture at https://www.cowleyroadworks.org/carnival-gallery-2019/ then scroll down 25 rows and click on the
  4. My first trip this year into nearby Oxford to shoot their Kill the Bill protest. Went to park in an area I've used before without resident parking that was an acceptable walk from the City centre only to find it was now residents only parking. In the past before Covid I always used the park and ride, but I didn't fancy it currently. Luckily found a spot with parking after 1pm. My other choice would have been metered parking, but that's only limited to 3 hours. Then I had to contend with harsh contrasty lighting and breathing double masked, but all ended well.
  5. The two PU sales I've had were of speakers at rallies. I've only found one of these also used in a magazine, Country Living, and they purchased the appropriate license. I've no reason to doubt the few PU sales I've made weren't genuine. "Its likely correct use would have cost x2 or x3 times more", no, not in the UK. The both PU sales were at the maximum UK and USA rates. Compared to web use in the Guardian, a UK national newspaper, their last license fees were only $8.70 gross, hence my PU sales were preferable. I am only speaking from my experience, I realise other contributor experiences wi
  6. Likely bucking the trend, the few PU sales I've had were likely genuine, and as you mentioned Bryan, they pay far better than typical newspaper web use. Currently I see no economic reason to quit PU sales.
  7. No outside meals for me. On my travels yesterday had 2 snow, sleet and hail episodes, and lighter snow this morning between 5:30 - 6:30. All barely settled and soon melted. Might try a beer later in my local, sitting outside in the courtyard if I can remember where it is (it’s been so long). Have a few full day trips planned, and a few short breaks in Suffolk (overnight stay), Somerset (4 nights) and Cornwall, down on the Lizard (5 nights), with perhaps more later if we don’t go into lockdown again. Nothing suitable or economical enough for a few days in London to avoid commuting. Only trips t
  8. Homer Sykes is a great photographer, the exhibition sounds interesting. I only have one of his books.
  9. These days I almost totally only use limited filters only for personal photography, not for Alamy uploads. Then it would be hard and soft grads, a polariser and sometimes a 10 stop ND. The increased dynamic range of newer digital cameras makes handling an extended range of light easier, unlike when long ago shooting with E6 film. My heyday for using filters was when I used to regularly shoot with my Toyo 45A tripod mounted. I still have 4 tripods, all were suited to different purposes. Last time I dusted one off was to assist shooting some local HS2 workings with a long lens last year. My filt
  10. A great sunrise. I must admit to preferring sunsets. Not because I don't like rising early, but as quite often when the sun drops down over the horizon it lights up the low cloud above and can be spectacular. I was once shooting a sunset on a beach close to St Just when about 20 club photographers arrived to shoot the sunset, then disappeared just before the sky lit up. I still use ND grads, soft and hard, does anyone else?
  11. Just tried to purchase a few USB-C / USB3 memory sticks to use for macOS installers and the PayPal page went no further. Same on phone and MBP, so checked service status - Checkout Service Disruption! Drat! Edit: a few hours later all was well and payment went through.
  12. This will likely be the worst bad thing that’s happened to me that I will ever post. I usually work out of a shoulder bag holding 2 D750 bodies fitted with 24-70 and 70-350 lenses. Today I took a back pack as i also needed a crop D7200 body for a longer reach and a 17-35 lens to go wider. When finished I put the back pack into the cars front foot well. Before I drove off I smelt something awful. It wasn’t on the soles of my trainers, but on my back pack, yes, dog poo! It was awful. Did a temporary cleanup with tissues and sanitiser gel until I get home. There’s a slight smell and I’m about 90
  13. I used to use flash/strobes regularly in my film shooting days, mainly a Metz 402 and later a 45CT1, more compact. With my current Nikons now I use flash pretty infrequently. I still own 3 old SB-24’s (used with stands and light modifiers and wireless triggering), a Nikon SB-600 and 2 Godox flash guns, the small pocketable TT350-N and a V860ii-N and spare battery. The Godox V860ii-N usually gets the most use, and the Li-ion battery is a huge improvement over AA cells. The first V860ii was DOA out of the box, its replacement has had no issues.
  14. Have a job to do today for an old client, maybe it’s a general improvement, can only hope. Arrived early so will wander around Moreton-in-Marsh for the next 15 minutes killing time.
  15. Could have been worse. No $$$ sales this month. 4 sales for $55, 2 for newsletters/presentations, 1 newspaper and 1 magazine use.
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