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  1. Yes Alan, I have been tidying up and reorganising, both photography and electronics related. Once started it always looks a bigger mess before becoming tidy and organised. Some space is reclaimed, and more 'Really Useful' boxes are always needed, then there's the wait until they are delivered. One bad thing I notice with this thread is that there are usually many more 'bad things' posted the 'good things', not good.
  2. Today it was good to see an image zoomed the day after it was available for sale. That hasn't happened for some time.
  3. In the early 70's after touring Scotland, then ferry to NI and a quick trip to Belfast, I drove down to Dublin for a few days. I too thought Guinness tasted the same as in the UK, and also wrongly thought it would be cheaper. They were interesting times, and annoyingly I've never found the few rolls of B&W film I processed when back home. I've searched again recently without success for frames from a Sinn Féin rally outside the GPO building, thinking of archival uploading, but not found. Only shot on an Olympus Trip, but was adequate at the time.
  4. Guardian online Friday 15th January 2021. One of mine from April 2019. Peter Egan speaking at the London march against trophy hunting and extinction rally at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street, London, UK. Image ID: T5FR4N
  5. Yesterday evening we drank a very nice Bacchus dry Brightwell Vineyard white wine from nearby Oxfordshire, was delicious, and had a wonderful bouquet.
  6. You are right Harry. Based upon what we currently know (and what we don't know) the Covid-19 virus may well be a threat for many years, and may reduce but never go away. Also there have been worrying surveys that indicate large numbers of the population will refuse the vaccination offer. There has been much misleading information on social media. I visited my local vaccination hub Saturday for photography, and noted worrying congestion at the front of the queue, appearing to be mainly around the volunteer marshalls. Not good as they were vaccinating the over 80's. Reminded me of some supermark
  7. Re your now old S9500, I long ago considered the S6500 and S9500 as a Christmas present for my wife, ended up buying the S9500. Now she uses her iPhone. Both older Fujifilm cameras were recently consigned to the bin amongst other items during a major clear out. Other old kit I've retained, for instance my Linhof 6x7 view camera (used cut film in metal single sided dark slides), lenses and velvet lined box, is tucked away in the loft.
  8. I only sometimes glance at picture needs, but put no effort into it for obvious reasons. Much the same as you mentioned re the new construction in Manhattan, I previously saw the picture needs for a fairly local school I could easily have shot. There were already sufficient images, though not a lot, giving good coverage on Alamy. So likely if their was a potential client what were they looking for, it wasn't stated. Poor client requirements do not help.
  9. That is my understanding, and often a small fee allows photography, but usually it only permits personal use. As you point out it doesn't stop photographers uploading to Alamy. I wonder how many people photographing in many of London's Parks realise a chargeable permit is required unless for personal use. I doubt many photographers do, or they ignore it. I've never come across a photographer shooting news in Hyde Park being picked up. I normally apply common sense.
  10. I remember a friend buying his first digital camera new, a Canon D30 3MP camera, and using the lenses from his EOS-1 film camera. I didn't rate it. My introduction to digital cameras was a Fujifilm S602 Pro Zoom 3.1MP that had an option to interpolate to 6MP internally. Cost over £600 at the time. Most of my photography then was scanned film.
  11. I've uploaded many 3000 x 2000 17.2mb images that have sold, previously live news, then lapsed live news, and now reportage. Used to be for faster uploads using my phone as a hot spot. Last were so noise was acceptable as they were shot at iso 5000 under night street lighting.
  12. It's worth doing a forum search for RX100, lots of posts that may be of interest. I bought an RX100 MK7/VII in April 2020, and have been very pleased with it. Due to its smaller sensor I generally resize images to 4000 pixels on the longest side to avoid noise being present, and use in weather conditions when I can ideally shoot at iso 100. Others may not be so cautious. I carry mine when out and about when I'm on walks, but still use my D750's for planned shoots as they are far more versatile. With current short days and often poor light it gets less use now in winter. I've sold i
  13. Before the Covid Pandemic I was expecting this to be a very good year, but it held up until December. Then no sales, but zooms held up. 2020 number of sales 9% down and revenue up by 21% on 2019. Not good but could have been worse. Will be more proactive this year.
  14. Only 436 uploads in 2020, verses 733 in 2019. A lot of what I used to photograph is in London. My last trip into London was in March, then a single trip in early September, so lower uploads not surprising.
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