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  1. I've only had around 8 images published in the Sun, thankfully they were only credited to Alamy. Looking at all newspapers, they are all having a tough time.
  2. I agree with both points. I’m only exclusive until just before the new contract is introduced. All we have to be careful of is that we don’t place our images elsewhere where they might license for lower fees, then we would be competing with our Alamy port.
  3. As mentioned in another post, I suspect most submissions will be from other agencies, not individual Alamy contributors. I often wonder how much some photographers earn based upon supplying an agency, then the images go through one or two more agencies before being marketed by Alamy. I've noticed a growth in names of photographers supplying live news by this route. It can't be worth the time and effort for the photographers. I considered it some time back, it wasn't worth it, and even more so now. Personally, I'm now more selective what I shoot, often fitting in with either my own interests or
  4. Same here, when I started with Alamy in 2017 all I shot was live news, and it was news not stock passed off as news. Obviously no releases, so all uploaded images were marked as editorial. I could never envisage an Alamy client wanting to use an image of mine for marketing/commercial so no loss. Over the years I have shot some very interesting graffiti, but never uploaded to Alamy, even more so when it was signed. I have one such image framed in my office. Was shot in London after a contributor Meetup. Hoping all goes well for you when you leave Alamy. You live in a very interestin
  5. Canal and River Trust. It is claimed that the CRT are to evict 550 families from their moorings in Greater London to make way for rowing clubs. Those being evicted see it as gentrification and as expected they are devastated.
  6. Not really, just a means to an end. Am sitting in the sun by alongside the River Lea by Walthamstow Marshes amongst at lots of boats and music. Earlier walked to the Olympic Park along the river photographing a protest against the CRT. Thought I might have seen a friends daughter here as last time I saw her she had a mooring on th Lea. The only bad thing is the sun is wiping out the screen on my phone, can hardly see to type, and I’ll have editing to do once I’m home
  7. Just checked over camera's and backpack contents before trip into London. This time I'll be driving in, hopefully I sussed a small car park or better on street parking so I won't be restricted to 6 hours at the car park. Looking forward to the day. Yesterday was a nice trip into the Cotswolds, but that was work.
  8. Your post matches my understanding of the subject. I'm coming up to 70, have had both jabs (AZ) with no issues.
  9. Allan's is the skinny iMac with no optical drive. The older models were 2009 - 2011, heavier and even with their 3 fans the top would run very hot. The only reason the mechanism failed in those was shipping with the base on the bottom of its box and heavy handed couriers. That would damage the mechanism and bend the stand in line with the large round hole.
  10. An interesting read. I did have my VPN connected to Australia, but could still read the pdf when I reconnected to the UK.
  11. As it's World Gin Day I shall finish off a bottle of Hendricks Gin that was left over from Xmas.
  12. Unlike the older 27" iMac's, the newer thin models use plastic in the stand mechanism. Black plastic supports the end of each of the 2 tensioned springs, the plastic breaks. Ideally the mechanism requires replacement. Once the mechanism is removed (display, hard drive, power supply, stand, chin and logic board have to be removed first) you'll be able to see if one or both the plastic pieces are broken. You might be able to fit a wide M6 washer to replace the plastic using the existing screws, but retentioning the spring is likely to be difficult. Unless you are sure you can undertake the repai
  13. Steve, you obviously know it's World Gin Day. What is World Gin Day? Simple, it’s a day for everyone and anyone (over the legal drinking age of course…!) to celebrate and enjoy gin! Whether you’re already a fan of the juniper spirit, or looking for an intro, World Gin Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved. When? World Gin Day is always the second Saturday in June. This means the date moves around a little year on year (see date list below), but to make the most of the day we like to give you the Sunday to recover….
  14. My wife and I were invited to visit around 10 years back, soon after my brother-in-law had moved to a plot a little in land. While living in Airlie Beach they had built a home, with some professional assistance, then sold their Arlie Beach house. I was very busy at the time and couldn't spare a month away from work, so my wife and daughter visited. Now I wish I had gone. They love their life there, Chris's wife was Australian, and he gained Australian nationality. I haven't seen their daughter since she was in a push chair.
  15. Additional to your experience, my most common reply when asking if shooting stock was permissible on private property is what would their cut from sales be, and some would want to know where the images would be used before allowing permission. No way would they sign a property release. The best I can sometimes do is show my gardens portfolio, none on Alamy, leave my card, and discuss returning and shooting commercially for them, supplying images, prints or both. Not big money, but cost effective if minimal travel is involved.
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