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  1. It was grim, wet, cold, and muddy and that was me ☹️.
  2. Storm Dennis is not going to stop these rugby players.
  3. Cheers John and Iain ! Times online 15th Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK. 8th Feb, 2020. Emily Thornberry candidate for the Labour Party leadership election address Alan Beastall/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2AWBY36 Thanks Bryan
  4. Well here we go with my 3. Glass to glass. Bin collector. Digger on the runway.
  5. I have covered several live news events, even last weekend where you would find ourself working side by side and competing with a P.A. photographer. Could this change in the future in which P.A. would arrange for an Alamy shooter to cover the live news events. The P.A. photographer I was talking to at the weekend, uploads his images live via a transmitter/dongle to the news desk, the images would assume be edited, captioned and headlines and binged out to potential customers. Now this would be good if Alamy adopts this system.
  6. Covered a Live news even't in Nottingham yesterday, labour Party leadership/Deputy leadership hustings. Uploaded several images with Captions/Headlines during the first part and just before I went off shooting again I recieved a call from Alamy Live News desk saying that by placing a full stop after the 8th., (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, UK. 8th. February, 2020.) it was causing an error in how the image/metadata would be sent out to potential customers. There was no problem because their had removed the . with the images I had uploaded and just to inform me to remove the . for future uploads. What a great service and help Alamy Live News staff do offer. 😊
  7. The labour party leadership and depty leadership in hotting up. Used several times, this one for $$.
  8. John, I have the same problem at times, but do not worry all is well in Alamy world.
  9. Like Magnus Magnusson said at the end of Master Mind "I've started so I'll finish". Last one for January. See you next month. Alan
  10. Many thanks John, you are bang on with this flower. Alan
  11. Just come back from Gran Canaria. Photographed this plant, stands about 300mm high. Any idea of its name. Many thanks. Alan
  12. Here are my only two images for this very difficult challenge Lets Dance. Two sides to the economy.
  13. Ahhhhhhh, wrong post, should be in the monthly comp.
  14. Here are my only two images to meet this very difficult challenge. Two sides of the economy. Lets Dance.
  15. Getting to the end of the month and a few more dropping into my sold basket.
  16. Red Beetle, the first driverless car to go on sale.
  17. Family on a small motor cruiser cruising along the Caledonian Canal in Scotland for $$.
  18. I would agree with that Michael, what with the weather and short days its great to set my small light box to get some cutout images.
  19. Well, here are my figures for 2019. Sale up by 5%😊 but revenue down by 25%😢.
  20. From fog and mist too a dramatic sunset, dam British weather😊.
  21. Many thanks Michael for picking one of my images from all the other great shots.
  22. The fog drops over the British countryside on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year to all Alamy image shooters.
  23. My grounded images from Friday have just passed Q.C. Must have been a Random check on ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. I'am now Supersonic once more.
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