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  1. I think the Neowise photo showed in one search so far. But yea, I've seen an uptick in zooms last month and this. Good news, I hope it continues. Goodnight.
  2. Thank you, Kristin! Yeah. we are still close, I have slightly over 500. I have bursts of uploading, like a dozen a weekend now and then. How many sales are you at? I am 3 total, 2 this year though. 😃
  3. Oh jeez, with all of the pandemic and California fires, I've been way MIA on this forum. Just my 2nd sale of the year came in today, and I am quite happy about that. It is of one of the fires which was burning in the hills near my town a few weeks ago. Thankfully the fire has died down. Low-mid $$, editorial use.
  4. Hi, I believe one of the replies says not to bother checking it all. Either Alamy will notify the buyer or the buyer will see there are no releases and will purchase an editorial only license. I would not check the button either for distant or close people - just indicate you have no releases. What I've come to believe, and that is only my opinion, is that the Editorial only button is there if you really insist for an image to be used for editorial purposes and not for merchandise, advertising, products, etc. A few photos where my sons are in them I've specifically checked the Editorial button. I hope that helps.
  5. Thanks a lot for providing the detailed info. I have almost everything as RM, with the info on releases provided (I rarely have releases). It's a whole different story whether RF license instead would boost sales. I've seen threads on this before.
  6. Thank you both! Seems like I am generally okay then, as I hardly have checked the box either. There a few shots with my kids in them that I have specifically checked as editorial.
  7. Thank you both! Seems like I am generally okay then, as I hardly have checked the box either. There a few shots with my kids in them that I have specifically checked as editorial.
  8. I also tried FAA, for about a year with a free account with the 25 free images. Then I decided to upgrade and had close to 100 images. Soon after I upgraded I noticed an uptick in views and activity, however after three quarters of a year there were no sales. I gave up and closed the account last month.
  9. Hi fellow Alamy sellers. I am still unclear whether I should check the Editorial Only box on certain photos. 1. If a photo clearly has a person, property or art without the proper release, does Alamy automatically apply an editorial use license? Or do I need to check the box? 2. How does checking the Editorial box affect license types RM and RF? Does it matter at all what license is chosen if you plan on checking the editorial use only? 3. Does specifying Editorial Only help with sales for those particular types of images? 4. Finally, based on above, if I must choose whether to check the box or not, what if I am not sure whether something should be editorial? Should I just leave it blank and other settings like not having releases will be taken into consideration by the buyers themselves? Thanks everyone for any tips. Alex g.
  10. Are these your own or are they a collection of items from all Alamy sellers? Thanks for the info.
  11. What exactly are Lightboxes? And how do they help with sales?
  12. Hi Sally, Are you happy with them? What's the average earnings per sold print? Also, do you mind sharing a link to your site there?
  13. If you don't mind me asking, what settings do you typically limit when you do RM? Does RM make sense if none of the options on the second page are checked?
  14. Thanks, Kristin! I will have to go back and re-evaluate a lot of my images. I've seen some appear high up, but not many.
  15. Great sales, particularly the indigenous women march, the movie rolls, and the airplane view is neat too. How do you know about where in a search your photo appears? I check the keyword(s) used to find my photo, however, that can be only one of the words of someone's search, which may have included multiple words, adding many more photos to the search results.
  16. I don't know what Alamy looked like back in 2008, I've only been a member since last year. So a lot could've changed for their discoverability criteria. What I see is that the Optional tab of information also affects that rating. Make sure to go into it and add/update as necessary for the older images.
  17. Up to 6 now, wow! How do you do it? I know I've seen some of your sales on the monthly forums, do you mind sharing the image codes so I can see them all?
  18. Most of my images are exclusive to Alamy, even though my portfolio is small and only a couple of sales. But those two sales are more than couple of dozen of downloads and loathed other giant stock site, where I had 2 download sales yesterday for amount you can't even buy chewing gum for.
  19. It's great to see regular hobbyists selling some photos. On the other site I am on, the famous ss, I've had over 40 downloads, and barely $14. Here two sales in a bit over a year, and paid out $50 this month after clearing. Still, hoping for that 3rd sale soon though.
  20. Awesome photo, and congratulations on the great sale!
  21. Hi Ed, I think the variety of subjects and contents is great, and the quality of of the image is quite good. Like others said, perhaps reduce the number of repetitive ones, particularly if they are uploaded sequentially. Scrolling through one gets a bit overwhelmed by the number of similar ones. But maybe keep the higher number of images for stuff like the rallies. I am sure that editorial content sells well. Cheers
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