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BBC report Keith Morris missing

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very, very sad news

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I miss him already and I only knew him here. It was always a blessing when he stepped in with an answer to our questions. He knew what he was doing and was generous with his knowledge. Sympathy to his loved ones.



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Like most here, I only knew Keith from his posts in this forum, but I learned a lot from them. Principally the importance of taking pictures in a place, rather than of a place: a seemingly minor distinction which nevertheless makes all the difference. He proved that you don’t have to travel far from home in order to take saleable pix. From reading our newspapers over the years, a lot of people would have assumed that Britain looked like Aberystwyth!


He used his local knowledge to take pix that other photographers would not know how to take (with access to schools, colleges, etc). And he worked harder than most of us. On mornings when I’d happily turn over and have another hour’s kip, Keith would be up and about and chasing pictures…

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Truly shocking news. My sincerest condolences to Keith's family & friends. I hope that Alamy will be able to convey to Keith's family the depth of feeling and expressions of sympathy and support expressed by the forum.

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