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  1. Hi Frederik; You asked, so here goes; the obvious mistakes (though you might not think they are) so just my opinion: Nothing wrong with the content. I think you are rushing to build your portfolio too quickly, and in attempting to do so you are ending up with many images which are too similar, almost identical at times. Resist that temptation to see your number of images grow by doing it this way it will not help get you the sales any faster or more, it just doesn't work that way. There are contributors here on Alamy who have even smaller portfolios than mine, who are outselling me every month, I mean they have really good number of sales, and I have been here almost twelve years but have what I would consider a small port. Also I had my first sale/s (there were 3 or 4 at once I can't remember) after nine months, so six months waiting for you is normal. Second point; if you are not selling and continue to not sell it may be that you have put the same images with other agencies where they go for less and buyers know that and know how to find them so they will not buy them here for more. Hope this helps, best of luck Helen
  2. Hello Ed, I'll take a risk and add my two cents; and as I only have something positive to say I hope you won't mind. I looked through most of your port, I like it because: It is 'clean', 'tidy', not cluttered with similars, every image added to it has been I'm sure carefully chosen and it shows. Looks like you have been quite busy in Spain, nice images. There is, in my opinion, no room for improvement on your port. Helen
  3. I hesitate to critique photographer portfolios in particular those who shoot the kind of stuff I don't. Don't think I am qualified to do so, but... David, your images are really quite good, okay, really, really good. Your port is alive, images tell a story, they are full of emotion, they convey the message etc. You do photojournalism very well, you're good at it, and you probably already know that. I am always envious of all the photographers on here, who go out and to this kind of thing shoot events, live news and that kind of thing. In looking at theirs and your ports I can very objectively (I think) criticize my own. My port is very static, and lacks, action, emotion, there's no adrenaline anywhere. I'll just say that if I were to do photojournalism I should like it to be on the kind of level yours is. Well done. Only, as MizBrown mentioned above remove some of the similars. Helen
  4. Stephen, what I meant about very long wordy captions was that they might not translate well to another language, something might get lost in the translation. When I search Google and find my images with Italian, Spanish, Japanese descriptions (distributor Sites) I think, I sometimes wonder how accurate ithey are, I have also found that some words were not translated from English at all, so the translating tool could not find an equivalent. Well, don't mind me, I may have just been thinking out loud when I made that suggestion, but I will be reviewing my captions anyway. I do have quite a bit licensed through distributors and the older images seem to be doing quite well. Shorter captions could be the reason, and they aren't 'optimised' and most have poor discoverability. Could be that a good per image CTR has something to do with it though; still will test the captions thing. And see how that goes. Helen
  5. Hello Stephen, I like how you compose your shots. Looking at your port each shot I see I think, this is exactly how I would have shot or composed it. Makes your subject/s stand out. Can't even think how you could improve on the images, only thing which if I may suggest is to review the captions. Don't know if you are in the distributor scheme, but simplifying or shortening the captions so they are easier to translate to different languages might help (not referring to News images), although I am guilty of having longish wordy captions myself which does not help with sale-ability. I shall be reviewing and fixing soon so that instead of an entire sentence there are just basic descriptive words. Very good composition and variety, is my opinion as a 'non-pro' FWIW; you did say all criticism was welcome. Helen
  6. Hi Russell, Can only add experiences with the original Cotton Carrier looks almost exactly, like the G3 you mention. Have used it maybe 5 times max. It worked well on a cooler day with more clothes on, fleecy, jacket (extra padding) made for a comfortable snug fit. Also had a backpack on, Found it uncomfortable especially the straps on the shoulders wearing it on a thin shirt or any thin fabric. On a hot day, very,very uncomfortable, ready to faint after a couple of hours walking, almost did in California. If backpack does not have enough heavy stuff in it the weight at the front starts to pull you forward (with one camera) you might be okay though and, if you have strong shoulders and back. The camera on the hip seems to get in the way at times especially if you kneel or squat to shoot something and it did for me at least hit the ground or swing and knock against the hood of the 70-200 attached to the carrier at the chest while walking. I'm sure a lot has to do with body size, your weight, height etc. could make a huge difference of how comfortable it might feel on you. I am 5'5", 113lbs, at the same time I wouldn't say that I am a total wimp I have walked around with two cameras around the neck from morning til evening with a few stops and lunch break and I did it exactly this: and the second smaller camera hangs also from the neck but sort of to the right side of the hip. But the cotton carrier I don't use at all anymore and don't like remembering what it was like on a hot day. If that helps at all. Helen
  7. Thanks Paul for sharing your experience. Perhaps I had too high hopes when I first signed up. It was from reading some of the success stories in the threads and one contributor praised and rated them quite highly. Should have known better, infringements are not easy to chase and recover be it for alamy or ImageRights, how could they recover something from an infringer in China for example, just impossible. So I have only bothered Alamy a few times in all the 11 years . Now I won't at all, ask them to chase anything; a waste of their time and mine. Helen
  8. Thanks Ollie. I have four cases filed so far based on their sightings, will see what will come of that, I've only uploaded 45 images so far. You are right about having to be careful not to file a case where there was a legit sale. So I am not in hurry, doing lots of research on the found images. One was easy the infringer put their own copyright on the image. I'll give it some time, continue my subscription and then I will post an update if recoveries are good might even recommend them. If not will be looking at Pixsy and others. Helen
  9. That's disappointing, had high hopes. I'm starting to feel I might be lucky to break even after a year, orworse could end up in a negative balance. Was busy last night uploading more images. Sightings are almost immediate but there are just pages and pages to go through and most are unpursuable. I'll try it for a while see how it goes. Thanks both for your input. Helen
  10. Never heard of Copytrack before; just checked them out. Thanks for that, thanks very much for that! I don't have a Facebook account so might not be able to see what's posted in that group. Not on any social media/network sites, just anti-social I suppose I know I don't have the greatest social skills either, just pretend I do
  11. Thanks losdemas, I suspected as much. I saw your post and the thread you'd started. So they probably have more luck with US/North America infringers, I can forget about Asia, Africa, South America. Not 'worldwide' reach then, would have been too good to be true. Helen
  12. Would any experienced or keen infringements chasers be able to answer this one. Just how much reach do ImageRights have chasing infringements? I mean, do they have more success chasing US, UK, North America, Europe for example and give up on everyone else, or what. I ask because I have subscribed for a monthly fee, so very new to all this; have only uploaded a few images so far, will upload more. Several 'sightings' for certain images in particular, but there are just loads fr sites that they have labeled as either Unable to Pursue or Outside of Recovery Area, which is fine I understand about the social media sites, bloggers and so on. It just seems a bit difficult to accept though that sites like Alibaba can get away with selling products using Alamy watermarked images and just get away with it; they are similar to eBay I believe and have various trading companies selling via their site, so one would have to chase the trader. Actually, anyone ever find their image on Alibaba what if anything did you do about it? There is also this eBayer I'd like to file a case against. This is one Alamy abandoned for not being able to contact or get a response from the seller, alamy said I could chase it myself; selling signs and banners, every image he/she /they are selling has been ripped off someone, I am almost sure. I think I recognized some Alamy images on there so you might want to have a look here in case one of yours is on there: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/thesignstore?rt=nc Thanks in advance for any responses or helpful tips. Helen
  13. Okay, so not just late to the party, but the party might be over. Played with the header/banner until the page refused to update it and just left it blank, so I think I'll leave what I have there ffor now. Wish it were possible to move categories tabs around to change places or change their order. Not quite happy with what I've done with mine but would have to delete an entire category and start over just to have the tab where I want it to be. This so far https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/helensessions Helen
  14. Better than last month for number of sales only though. 29 for $479. While some were talking about a sales surge last month, I had a pretty decent refunds surge to start things off. On the plus side zooms slightly up as is CTR and I sold my first Alamy Print ever, Framed to the US. Pleased about that, hope there may be more in the future. Helen
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