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  1. Nice clean, easy to navigate website and as Paulette said, not too fancy that one can't find stuff on it. I like it. Sorry you are leaving, good luck and all the best. Helen
  2. Thanks Russell I will check that link. Looks like I have a bit of research to do now. I will look at all suggestions and options. The Wimberley is a monopod head, not a tripod. The link wasn't working so I've corrected it. By adjusting the drag you can set it to exactly balance the camera/lens, but can still tilt up/down without adjusting anything. Rotational movement is accomplished by simply rotating the monopod. Thus it's easy to move up/down left right with one hand on the camera and shutter the other on the monopod. Russell Thanks for the clar
  3. Yes it would be on the lens. Exactly, it is a bazooka, what makes it more difficult to decide on the best support for it, while at the same time keeping that monopod light and simple/easy to use. Michael it would seem from most of the comments including yours are that this head is better suited to a tripod and so were the reviews I watched on YouTube. The lens does have its own tripod collar. I am not ready to get one just yet, but might in future, maybe. Sensible advice ' My advice would be: buy the cheapest used monopod in the neighborhood (Craigslist / Ebay
  4. LOL Betty. Same here only I was busy fiddling with the camera settings. Several missed shots. Helen
  5. Betty what you say about fiddling with all those knobs is exactly what I would like to avoid, I was afraid that this might be the case with this Manfrotto head as well or any other high end head. I think the flop thing might not be that much of a problem here as it has built in counterbalance but still; forget to tighten a knob here or there, and the setup could flop either to the front or back - damaged lens or camera. Thank you Michael, for confirming what I suspected, the weight of the head could be a problem, I was thinking of using it without the handle but again, the more
  6. While my camera is in for repairs I have been trying to make a decision on a monopod and head. I do not own a 'proper' usable tripod I shoot hand held all the time. After just a little over three months of running around with the 200-600 I have decided it is time to get some support for my arm and shoulder, which after 3hrs or so can no longer point and keep the camera steady to even get the bird in the frame; and for the shots at low shutter speeds. I was considering the Sirui P-326 with Manfrotto 502AH Pro Video Head. I know , I know it is for Video not stills so much, but thi
  7. Horse&Hound Magazine, 8 July 2021 (ISBN?) A close up shot of the mane of a grey horse shot from behind showing the curve of the neck., 2F7B7H3 - Nigel Baker / Alamy Stock Photo Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire. 30th June, 2021. Charlotte Dujardin riding Gio in the Dressage...., 2G5XEXN - Peter Nixon / Alamy Stock Photo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, Headset with Microphone for Answering Phone Calls, EFP1JY - Helen Sessions / Alamy Stock Photo Chantilly, France, horse looks tired from his box, P8C2FA - Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo
  8. I'll have a go. Empis nigricans? One on the top right. Looks a lot like your bug, a female: https://www.commanster.eu/Commanster/Insects/Flies/SpFlies/Empis.nigricans.html No bug, plant, bird or anything nature expert here, so, you know... Helen
  9. So here is my take on a saturated sujbect/topic '- Fitness. As per the blog: 'never underestimate your ability to provide a completely new take on a saturated topic'. Colours in this image not quite as saturated or over saturated as the example in the blog but I think they meant to put a twist on the original, so I played with it. I see it licensed this morning and there were at least two other options where I did not get 'creative', those were not chosen. While reviewing images pirior to the new contract I had considered pulling this one out of the port now I'll be keeping it. Gotta get
  10. Wanted to ask just that. Took the words out of my mouth. I saw this image in your port, I like it (as is).
  11. Agree, running into the same issues with Cornell. A bit tougher for me too as this wole birding thing is new to me. With Cornell, I give up sometimes and just use search by image the whole internet; better results sometimes. I have sat two hours re-captioning, re-keywording most of the bird images. Was shocked at some of the keywords I had in there. Have omitted male and female on some of them for now until sure to be on the safe side. Helen
  12. Thank you Greetz. I did not know about this App, hadn't heard of it. Had been relying on Cornell Labs, searching the the internet and the help of some forum members here. Thanks again, I think it will be very handy. Helen
  13. No probs. Funny you said that abaout changing your approach; and after following your link I thought exactly the same. Got to keep with the program, as they say. If oversaturated is in, then its in. I will try it on a few that aren't nature shots and see how well they license or sell. Helen
  14. The image looks better with a sky obviously, of course. Not giving opinions about the content. The comments were addressing the post-processing/editing or how well the tool handled it, I think. Helen
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