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  1. Only posting with the idea that it may give some encouragement, motivation, hope whatever to those that might feel like it is all downhill. Don't get discouraged. This month has cheered me up, 'kind of' , 13 sales for $647 that is actually quite good. Got lucky with a couple of TV licenses and a couple of other good sales helped make the month. But 13 sales is lowish for me. Previous couple of months were not great. Have added very few images lately, only shot so there would be some activity on my port. Will likely pull them after I get around to shooting stuff I think should be in my port. It has been difficult with this covid to shoot freely where ever and whatever. Helen
  2. I have the Nik 2, but have had a chance to compare the Nik 3. I would not pay for the upgrade just for the filters (colorefex, analog, etc) they are mostly all the same. What they added was the Perspective and that can be an invaluable tool for anyone who does a lot of architecture, interiors. Does a good job straigtening out all those lines and making the buildings look normal instead of like 'leaning tower of Pisa wanna-bes'. A lot of the same corrections can be achieved in photoshop though requires some skill and for me does not always come out looking 100% right. DXO do have a separate plug-in which is supposed to be an improvement on the Perspective I think; Viewpoint. Works as a stand alone as well. This one might be worth paying the $49.99 for, but again if you are heavily into a lot of architecture, buildings etc. I personally wouldn't upgrade for what I do I mostly use the filters. Aslo, I don't use Lightroom, so Lightroom users may have their own input on the benefits of the new features. Don't know if this helps at all. Helen
  3. Don't usually post in this thread but this is an interesting one $$$. I mean the usage. A Museum? for this image? Country: France Usage: Editorial Media: Museum display (single use) Print run: Single use only Image Size: Any size Start: 29 June 2020 End: 29 June 2025 Pleased it might be the last sale for the month. Helen
  4. Joined Stockimo back then, and submitted a handful of images. The whole Stockimo thing is a great idea gives one a chance to get creative with filters and such. Would have continued contributing but I had an iPhone 5S at the time and got rid of it after three months when I realized it was trying to control me and tell me what to do. I prefer to control my devices and not the other way around; switched to android and even managed to install Lineage OS and some apps from Fdroid on the Xperia Z2 after hours spent on Github and other places, works fine and I have much more control. I'll repeat what has already been said, too bad Alamy did not make an app available for android users, that is automatically excluding a large number of contributors and there are several android phones that output higher quality images than iPhones and are just better for photography. We'll never know, I suppose; but maybe Alamy had a deal with either Apple or the developer of the app who only programs for IOS. Will wait and hope that an app will be available at some point for the rest of us and in the meantime will practice taking pictures with the phone more. I do actually have very little practice shooting with mobiles, very clumsy and fingers always end up covering the lens; will have to learn and keep up or will get left behind. Helen
  5. These may be older publications, but worth checking, might not have them on your DACS list. Worth having a look, for next year's payback. There are quite a few credits, actually a lot, with ISBNs listed: https://englishfile4e.oxfordonlinepractice.com/assets/data/Acknowledgements.pdf Helen
  6. Could Jeff G, possibly be Jeffrey Isaac G? If it is then over 100K images on here. Still around, just not on the forums.
  7. Maybe this is kind of what I was trying to say in a round about way. So wasn't there a thread not long ago about the quality of an image on Alamy's home page, how did it get past QC and all that it was the Com'n Alamy...thread of Jan 22nd; Alamy posted their response to that(kinda supports what Chuck is saying). We do still strive to produce and deliver the best images, out of sheer professionalism and self respect and buying the best gear for it, but just as an example then, how do you feel about an 80MB image licensing for a PU at full size, not necessarily an art print? As Michael has said most images are being used online now, I can understand photographers who do commercial work for clients that do large prints, but your regular stock submitter? Not suggesting for a minute that we should all submit mobile phone photos taken on any old mobile phone and see if they can 'slip through QC' but just saying, this could be the future, very soon, might as well embrace it. Also Passing QC and Slipping through QC are two different things. If a mobile phone image is reviewed and passes QC do we really have a reason to complain? Never mind whether it is fair or not fair because you or I have better quality images. There will always be those who can produce better images with more expensive equipment that others might not be able to afford. And I will be keeping my eye on that phone I posted about, next thing to add to the collection. Okay took a risk posting this... Helen
  8. Happy with 14 for $348 in this COVID month. Expected worse, much worse especially as the month started off with a few lines in red. So, happy, and hoping for better in May. Helen
  9. For me the hare. Very nice capture. The blackbird has some pretty heavy PP though, minus the post processing I think most of us could have managed to capture one like it. Thanks for sharing Colin. Helen
  10. Have to agree with Chuck on this one. Go ahead, red arrow. Came across this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WdTwiQZtTs. So although these 'new' phones cannot compete with 'some of the new' DSLRs or any of the pro gear, but maybe and if the image quality is better than some of the old DSLRs, my once upon a time Nikon D80 or other older camera models on Alamy's accepted camera list, well then? It is kind of sad that technology is moving ahead at such a pace, I worry now, the A7III which I was so excited about and everything else that is sitting in the camera bag. Two, three years from now will there be any point, and all agencies might be accepting images from mobile phones anyway. Haven't added anything useful to this thread, I know, just thinking out loud. Helen
  11. Don't know if this would help at all, and depending on which browser you're using, e.g. in Firefox there is a plug-in/add-on for that. Disables that particular pop-up/banner. Or ignore the pop-up like Paulette says. Have read up a bit more on this so have edited my comments. In Alamy's T&Cs link on banner they say: You can manage the cookies we store from you on our website through your internet browser settings at any time. Not giving an option to adjust cookie settings on the site itself, as Steve is suggesting. So, probably best to use a plug-in or extension in your browser to disable the pop-up. Don't know if Alamy would make the requested/recommended changes just because so many users are using VPNs (accessing the site from a location, country where they are not) and other privacy security features, auto-deleting cookies etc. and returning as a different user. So they will display that banner every time. Helen
  12. 26 sales for 960.00. 4 TV licenses including one to the BBC. 3 of those in the $$$. Some almost immediate sales on a few of latest uploads. Happy, motivated. Helen
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