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  1. Betty, did you have trouble with this style of focusing only on specific cameras, lenses or situations. I shall be getting more into using DMF once I attach the 135mm f1.8. For me, one thing at a time, I am so into manual focus right now. Suddenly I like manual focus, and manual everything, like a new toy to play with, not that I haven't used it before, had to with the 85mm f1.4 Rokinon but did not hang on to that lens long. I have relied on the camera AF almost exclusively for several years. At the moment I am enjoying the Laowa 15mm f4 wide angle macro which is a manual focus
  2. Glad you found it helpful. Yes, there is a lot of information there; I am biting off small pieces now. Tried watching several vids in one sitting and it was information overload. Helen
  3. Hello Steve, I have been stuck in YouTube a lot myself lately and subscribed to one photographer's channel. Have a look you might find this interesting and it is exactly on topic, talks specifically about the Sony A7III and A7RIII Back Button Focus for Sony Alpha Cameras. If you have seen it already, disregard. But, if you haven't you might find his other videos useful as well, they have certainly been a great help to me and learning more about the Sony A7III. I'll just add that, I did try the BBAF and gave up on it that was a while back and it was with the Nikons, why I stopped
  4. Thanks! The 'mysterious' technique perfectly explained.
  5. So it all boils down to front vs rear curtain sync then? Thanks all for the responses, it is coming together for me now. I was confused about the 'refocusing' especially as focus stacking was also being mentioned. Helen
  6. I was thinking this as well and again makes sense. Now I am just a bit confused about the 66s exposure (exposition) if I understood him correctly.
  7. Kay, the simplicity of that explanation actually makes sense to me. MDM, I would contact the photographer but I am afraid to bother him. Will watch some more of his videos though most are in italian and see if I can stumble upon this technique and how exactly he does it. Spacecadet, that is way over my head, you know what I mean? For you as a pro who does this maybe all the time easy to understand but for me, not understanding the technique you use/used. Could he have avoided flaring if he was holding the lens right up close to the subject, and would it be possib
  8. Seasons greetings everyone! I have a question. First, I am interested in getting my hands on the Laowa 15mm f4.0 macro but the lens is not what I am asking about. I have watched a few videos in the Laowa Meeting the Macro Masters series and one in particular I have watched three times (in its entirety). Will be watching it for the fourth time today. In this video there is one thing I am not quite getting. Would somemone be able to explain, in very simple terms/for dummies what the photographer means. He is talking about an image he created which is not a focus stack, not a m
  9. Positives from this vid, looking forward to: - New search page, with additional filters, more intuitive. (Didn't quite get how that would affect ranking, but anyways) - A dedicated Infringements Team - A review of license terms, and Resolution of Images Supplied. This one has been a major concern on the forums for a long time. So what's wrong with the video? All positives so far. Better than a previous, end of year vid that left everyone in a, well you know what state. Not all concerns addressed, Qs answered, they might be in the future though. Thanks
  10. So I'll start by saying that I am happy. 15 licenses for $774.00 makes me very happy and to be honest couldn't have expected more considering the times, size of port etc. DACS payback TV only portion via Alamy was $82; the other I claimed myself;and that was quite a decent amount as well, overall making this a terrific month for me. I always have to remind myself that I restricted PUs and that could be having a negative impact on the number of sales, how much of an impact I don't know but can only find out once I remove those restrictions. I am now considering removing them to see what ch
  11. On the Cover of, Science, Vol 370, Issue 6516, 30 October 2020 Chinook or King Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Rogue River Oregon - Mark Conlin / Alamy Stock Photo - ATE1BP There is this tread on Verticals, so this would be one of those horizontals cropped to vertical, just thought I'd add that for interest.
  12. The Bang Bang Club? Have read a bit about each of the photographers, very interesting bios, really cool and brave photojournalists. Could have been a best but according to expert reviews wasn't. Sorry Michael, haven't watched it myself so can't recommend. If anyone has watched it how would you rate it? Helen
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