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  1. So I guess its not cool to only show up and post when one's had a great month, I'll just give a short summary on how the previous months have been since I last posted. Number of sales were in the mid to upper 20s there was a month were I had fewer than 20. $-wise, were just under 1K and even lower for at least two months. This month 29, for $1,108 and I am happy with that and suddenly quite motivated as well. Need to work on growing the port and uploading every month, have started to already. Helen
  2. Hello Pekka, Images are fine, but you could be losing out on views and zooms because of those captions. You have some nice red buses in Tallin, you know the ones I am talking about, you just captioned them as retro buses. I would have checked the make/model/year if you can find some of that info, and they are red, and might have added public transport, and of course you have people either waiting to get on or already riding, so would caption accordingly. You can still keep the captions short, but you definitely need to expand the keywords, there aren't enough. Just my two cents, but I seriously think you could be missing out on zooms for these reasons. Helen
  3. Was also looking at the food shots, Food and Cooking tab nice images, for what it's worth from a non-pro. I've done some and know how much time it takes to set those up, lighting angles and all that, wouldn't want to do those all the time not easy. Helen
  4. I do think Alamy photographers are all ages, but if talking about regular contributors then I think Alamy has more of an older crowd. The 'long in the tooth' would be the generation that has more patience, understands that one has to wait and things don't happen all at once, they can look further into the future and just patiently wait. The younger crowd may have uploaded a few times and then gone off to micro sites for instant gratification, and I don't think that there aren't many of them on the forum because they are shy, possibly they just don't have all that many or regular sales, just what I am thinking. I am a loner, I have never joined to go out shooting with a group, I think it is a very solo activity best done without distractions, it is a very personal thing for me. I am obstinate and have lots of patience, a bit anti social (not a good thing) but I don't like people invading my space. Post processing images is something I can spend loads of time on without feeling I am wasting my time or getting bored. Why I mention all this, because I imagine the young to be exactly the opposite. They are mostly social, I think; patience is not their strong point and as far as photography with the young crowd isn't it all about shooting with a mobile phone, quickly applying filters rather than spending hours in Lightroom or Photoshop. I don't know I could be wrong and I certainly don't want to offed any serious young photographers with talent, there are always exceptions I know, but I am talking about a majority. For these reasons I don't see the young taking stock photography seriously as a business. Maybe I am completely out of touch, in my head I feel quite old, older than my real age, I am 53 closer to 54 now. Alamy should value, listen and hang on to their 'long in the tooth' contributors they are the ones that 'make' Alamy, and keep it so successful as an agency. Helen
  5. https://interactive.carbonbrief.org/how-climate-change-could-threaten-worlds-traditional-dishes/ Steve Allen Travel Photography / Alamy Stock Photo Skye Hohmann Food Photography / Alamy Stock Photo yu liang wong / Alamy Stock Photo Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo Anna Pustynnikova / Alamy Stock Photo foodfolio / Alamy Stock Photo Artem Mykhailichenko / Alamy Stock Photo Elena Maltenieks / Alamy Stock Photo Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo (mine actually, but whatever, got the right credit under the image) Geoff A Howard / Alamy Stock Photo Brent Hofacker / Alamy Stock Photo Sorry about not searching Alamy IDs, but really have to run...
  6. Thanks so much again Alan! Many Thanks Steve! First one I can add to my DACS list for the next cycle. Helen
  7. Thanks so much for finding this Alan! Appreciate it. My trip all the way to Alderville (far from home) wasn't a waste of time. Now will have to license a few more of those to get back what I paid for it all. Helen
  8. Rico what browser are you using? Still no luck using Firefox. I used an image I have on flickr that is on alamy, no results found. OK, never mind so, I am a bit slow. Figured it out. Not like searching in Google. Must click on the camera icon to open up a window to drop image into. I feel dumb now. And, the URL link must have an PNG or JPG extension, okay got it.
  9. Probably a good thing, as Michael says; if ones images are found on the web, an easy way for buyers to find and purchase/re purchase. Not working for me in Firefox though, might be doing something wrong. Tried to drag a few images from google, images. Helen
  10. Really? Plodding along? Compared to you I'm standing still! Will go out now and shoot something, anything, and upload this weekend. Enough motivation you're giving here. Congratulations! Helen
  11. Thank you for a very detailed write up. Should I decide to do a trip there will definitely refer back to this post. Very helpful/useful. Helen
  12. Shooting family and kids and having releases, all the better. But for editorial purposes, you don't need releases, that was exactly what I meant, yes. And again, good luck.
  13. Hello Alex, Took a quick look. I'll be honest I also have checked to see what you have elsewhere and I see you lean towards the creative, very nice images. For Alamy as far as content, it is mentioned so often in the threads, shoot more images of daily life, including people doing everyday things; those sell well, you know a bit more editorial. You'll need to upload quite a few more images and preferably not all the same ones you have on other sites (the micros), you'll just be competing against yourself. You also have good captioning on your images. Everything else will depend on your determination, persistence, perseverance. If you are willing to stick around, and not just passing through (I only mention this because of your 'I shoot for hobby...' intro), then you'll very quickly get a feel for what type of content is sought after and what you need to do by browsing the forum and reading threads like 'images sold' to give you an even better idea. Best of luck! Helen
  14. Thanks I wanted at least one confirmation of that. To me it is similar to Flickr, and I do have the vain side too so I keep that account alive, but really this whole I've liked or faved your photo now fave mine, or I am following you so follow me, well you know... I am sure some who fave my image/s might not even like them, and I might find it very difficult to like anything in some ports too but now one is somehow obliged to fave or follow back. The only thing I have 'gained' from having images on there is that a few have been lifted and used here and there. A couple of tour operators have used the safari images on their sites, and that's okay, I knew what I was doing when I posted them. Didn't think they were very saleable and in fact I haven't sold any on Alamy so far; there are many, very many safari images that are just better out there. To now open an instagram account would just be (for me a waste of time). I agree there can be a fun side to it, like when you've got some images that you're especially excited about and really want to show and share. Why I haven't closed the Flickr account. Not completely inflexible and easily swayed by opinion so I might reconsider in the future if I think there is a benefit, for just an ordinary stock photographer. Helen
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