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  1. Put it into context of 'Cost of living', what we find as being a low fee, could well be a reasonable price for someone using an image in the Czech Republic or Slovenia. Globalization works both ways. It gives us access to a global market, but we have to value our work against each location it's being offered.
  2. I'm setting up a quiz for work colleagues. I'm thinking of doing a picture round where I show several images and ask for the common theme, or something like that. Looking at the pictures in this thread, I can see some of those images used for such a quiz. Admittedly, most people would probably just steal from where ever they find the appropriate image. Being a contributor, I understand the work needed to create those images, so I would be looking to licence those required images. But I'm not that well paid, so the £10 fee is very expensive for what I'm going to use it for, especially since I will need a dozen or so. Conclusion. I'm going to first see if I can get the images via other (legal) sources.
  3. Been trying to get through to the US Copyrights office - visual arts division on +00 1 (202) 707-8202 all day, but only getting through to an answerphone. Trying to get permission to register copyright on published images, electronically instead of having to post it. Anyone know if they have allocated times that they answer the phones, or if there is a different channel available? Thanks, Simon
  4. 1 - Upload from mobile device 2 - Raw conversion 3 - Add info for newsfeed after the upload Why the above? Imagine your out on holiday, an hour away from the hotel, visiting the presidential palace. Suddenly, a fuel tanker charges pass the security gate! Your instinct takes over and you start to capture images of the tanker crashing into the front of the palace and subsequently exploding! Currently, you would rush back to the hotel, transfer the images to your laptop, convert to jpg, add metadata, upload to Alamy. [Oh no! The hotel does not have wifi! You spend 15 mins trying to tether to your phone, which fails because tethering is restricted on your data plan, so you transfer the images onto the mobile to upload from the mobile direct, but then realise the upload uses Flash. So, you rush around finding an internet connection, wasting several hours.] With the above changes [ plus a new camera with wifi ]. After taking the images you transfer the ones to be published onto your phone, then upload straight onto Alamy, who converts it to jpg, ready for you to immediately add the required metadata. You stay to take more pictures, getting images of ... Ok, so I have news FTP now, which removes some of the problems for me but how many contributors have FTP? My proposal also removes the need for a laptop/PC. We carry our mobiles and cameras with us, but rarely have the laptop in the camera bag. The laptop is also an additional point for failure (mine would not charge up - flight damaged the charger! ). Note - no presidential palace or fuel tanker got hurt in the above semi-factual incident. Note 2 - I did not have an iPhone, but did have an Android phone capable of 13MP pictures. Hint hint!
  5. How much does it affect sales on Live News, whether your in the UK newspaper scheme or not? Putting it another way, when UK newspapers use Live News images, is it part of their UK newspaper scheme package? Pondering, Simon
  6. No way! If I knew this, I could have taken more images at the Hong Kong protests! :-(
  7. I think you need a proven track record of sales - at least 10 sales. Is that just a guess or do you have some information? I had been on Alamy for a while before the News section was started. They sent me a letter giving me permission to upload news but I have no idea how many sales I had at that point. I do know I had a good record with no fails for a long time. An email to Member Services could give you the proper information. Paulette From my actual experience, you do not need 10 sales. I was able to use the news web upload for the Hong Kong protests. Simon
  8. Been fortuitous last weekend being at the right place at the right time in Hong Kong, on holiday. I have another unplanned day this Sat night/ Sunday. Have to decide if I should spend it in the protest areas or not. Questions I need answer to. - How long does news sales appear on account? - How much can I expect? - Anyone found any of my images being used? Thanks, Simon.
  9. From the other discussions, it would seem the version of Lightroom matters, so here is my understanding of where to put what when preparing images for the news feed using Lightroom 3.6 Any corrections appreciated. Opening the metadata for an image, -you get sections labeled "Basic Info", IPTC Content", "IPTC Copyright" etc. The caption for the shoot is entered under the "Basic Info" section, in the box labeled "Caption". The headline for the shoot is entered under the "IPTC Content" section, in the box labeled "Headline". The date of the shoot should pull correctly from your camera into, "IPTC Image", into the box labeled "Date Created" but may need changing if set incorrectly in the camera. And that should be it! Simon
  10. This tread reminded me of a FTSE company called Independant Energy Holdings Plc that went bust after billing issues. Luckily for Alamy, they are selling an intangible product which they only pay out once they themselves get paid.
  11. I would urge them to consult with a professional before they get themselves into more bother.
  12. This is a method for transmitting secret messages back to base. A set of images are loaded up onto Alamy, and when the agent needs to report back a message, they would keyword a particular image with the above keyword, with different images having a different message. In the above, base was checking their post so to say, and as there were no results, that means the secret agent was probably been captured!
  13. What is the criteria for happines? Rights Managed = Yes Charity activities = Yes Opportunity = Yes Actual sales = No Policy on image credits = No Sales not converted into my local currency upon sale = No (Means I need to do additional calculations at tax year end) 3 and 3 to sit on the fence.
  14. I get $91.24 but that is based on X = 1! Ok... what do you base that figure on? This was a complete guess, based on thin air. Thinking on the lines of top football players, the top players will give the headline figures whilst most other players will get much more mainstream figures! Simon
  15. Over a year, the average of the 12 monthly highest, I would guess at $10,000
  16. Just thinking about how all the big sales do not get reported on the forum because that person would then be breaking their cover and have people copying their style, topic, or whatever reason people think the sale arose. Perhaps Alamy could divulge the top ten monetary sales each month? Just the monetary amount. Would that be an encouragement? Give balance to the low pricing topics? Make people despair, as they are not earning the same? Simon
  17. Depends on what the renewal contract would have been. Maybe Alamy decided it was not beneficial?
  18. Took me 2 years, 8 months, 6 days. Just before my self imposed 3 year deadline for me to leave Alamy.
  19. I use whichever is at hand - Alamy or Getty. Was not too sure about the Getty one, ie copyright, but they have opened it up to all photographers (in my opinion). "At Getty Images we have developed a range of model and property releases for our photographers and filmmakers to use when supplying their images to us. These are now available for all photographers and filmmakers to download and use." Which can be found here, http://contributors.gettyimages.com/article_public.aspx?article_id=1834 The Alamy one is more straight forward as it does not need a witness, but this could possibly limit your market now or in the future. So I prefer the Getty one. At least its more generic and you have options of many more languages too. Simon
  20. Thanks Niels. Expected it to have been under 'resources', rather than 'manage images'. Simon
  21. I was about to post into the Alamy suggestions area for some updated model releases, seeing how Alamy wants to expand in the creative markets. But I can't even find the old model release that Alamy used to have. Only the one from 3rd party, vm release under resources, thrid party software. Has Alamy got rid of the paper release? Simon
  22. Little baby steps to educate the masses about intangible assets, and eventually copyright. Simon
  23. Why not just upload the image to Alamy, and let Alamy do the leg work? For the sums your talking about, is it worth the extra effort needed to negotiate directly? Simon
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