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  1. Betty, I think it was around the time of the Exclusivity thing, the first round. Pretty sure those are his images. I do remember him now and again. Didn't understand much of what he wrote, a bit over my head, would re-read it maybe four times but still didn't get it. Liked his Avatars though. Brian, if he did pop by to tell us how he's feeling (I speak for myself only), pretty sure I'd have to pull out a calculator to try and figure it all out.
  2. That's funny, but not funny; seriously what if that's the case, there are so many online pharmacies, they might think they stumbled upon one. Possibly 98% of my meds/pharmaceuticals sales had been PU lately and just about everyone of them refunded. Strange though, quite a few of mine had been zoomed, so who are these select solo buyers with accounts on Alamy buying meds for personal use, I wonder.
  3. Betty, so sorry about Katie. I understand how you feel and 16 years wouldn't make it better, will still hurt, probably forever.
  4. First time posting in this thread. Finally, licensed for Presentation or Newsletters today's date Dec 30th. Mixed feelings. Glad it licensed, at the same time very, very sad, hurts to the point of tears. We lost him a year and a half ago. No one has taken his place, never will. Helen
  5. My new year resolution - to bring back the passion into what I do. Photography for the love of photography. I feel I had lost that in the last few years and instead this was starting to be replaced by certain frustrations, bitterness, obsessions about sales or no sales, and also to keep these negative vibes away from the forums. Want to stop walking around and only looking at things and think is it sale able or not sale able, look through the view finder and see dollar signs; or not. My resolution is to turn the clock back to what I remember when and how I started, how fun and exciting it used to be, so much to learn, to experiment, and sales or no sales was not top priority so never got in the way of the enjoyment. I have today put a deposit on a lens for my A7III I have wanted something like it for almost a year now, this is just something to motivate me to move in that direction. I hope to bring some creativity and spontaneity back, change a little bit my shooting style, and who knows could even bring in more sales in the coming year. Wishing all you forum members more sales/licenses and all the best in the New Year! Helen
  6. And cross the fingers hoping it isn't refunded? Yap. Don't know how 'travel' photographers do it, I mean the expense! Highest revenue totals when commissions were 70% obviously. Highest # of licenses per month were in the Huff Post and Daily Mail days. Not so good since. Anyone else affected similarly (referring to Huff Post, Daily Mail)? Helen
  7. A good idea Alamy. Agree with LawrensonPhoto about restrictions on size for the PU licences. Size restriction makes sense and has been mentioned by others on the forum. Have restricted PU on all my images for this reason and not knowing where the high resolution images end up after they have been refunded of course, and in my case the number of refunds were just a few too many. Helen
  8. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20191031-the-truth-behind-why-zebras-have-stripes Image ID: G99E4K, Interpix/Alamy Stock Photo, Credit:Alamy only https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20191031-the-truth-behind-why-zebras-have-stripes Image ID: C5FC6K, Martin Harvey/Alamy Stock Photo, Credit: Alamy only https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20191031-the-truth-behind-why-zebras-have-stripes Image ID: FWG9WC, Credit: Science Photo Library/Alamy Stock Photo
  9. That is a nice shot, I missed that one. Congrats on the sale!
  10. Hi Alex, Just my two cents; content is relevant and as is so often said here anything/everything sells. Just thought I'd post as I had a quick look at your port again and found I really liked, or at least per my taste, 2AAGE3W, 2AAGE53 and WK3KC1. I don't really know exactly why, but they caught my eye and I like them. When I upload I always put my bet on a specific image just by gut feeling that it will be a seller and quite often I end up being right. Surely you must have some 'gut feeling' about which images you think you like best and why you think they should sell. Do you ever say to yourself this is going to sell because this is in the news a lot these days, or this is a fad right now, you can look at it like that and upload more of that, and not only putting up images that will not stale date. Just as an example, I once found out from a colleague that Kale was 'in', I bought a bunch of Kale and shot some Kale, I can't tell you how many times it sold, I lost track. Get a feel for buyer needs. Trust your own instincts too, is all I'm saying. There is nothing wrong with the content, you just need more images in your port, I'm not sure that upload frequency is what matters so much, I think its the overall size and variety of the port is more important. It is becoming a lot harder I find, to not get lost in all the images Alamy now has, compared to the 6 or something million when I joined. Helen
  11. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/health-care/new-ceo-takes-helm-lurie-childrens Mine https://www.chicagobusiness.com/education/universities-are-smarting-over-new-tax dbimages, Alamy credit only. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/retail/how-long-binnys-faces-formidable-foe Joe Hendrickson, Alamy credit only. https://www.chicagobusiness.com/health-care/md-no-prescription-job-security-hospital-chains Sorry couldn't find this one on Alamy. Article content is locked. Credit is to Alamy only. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/dec/03/nhs-rationing-of-procedures-could-be-in-patients-best-interests Mine, I'll park it here for tracking. Helen
  12. Betty, Photoshop is amazing and deserves most of the credit. You would not be ravenous if you knew all I had put it through. Setting up the English Breakfast took a while and by the time I was ready to shoot, it looked a bit tired and flat, I had to liven it up a bit so brushed/basted it with cooking oil, won't say anymore in case you get put off completely. Glad you like it. Helen
  13. Want to share a couple of shots, they were planned not restaurant shots that so many seem to do very well on here. I tried but I dance around the table and look ridiculous, and still end up disappointed with what I end up with either due to lighting or whatever. This is not really a bowl full of porridge, it is only about a fifth full, most of what's in it is a scrunched up plastic bag, there are only a few table spoons of porridge. Shot outside one afternoon on a wooden kitchen chair. Have done well with this one, and better with a cutout version of the same, which I shot indoors, but I like this one better. Have done very well with this one, also a planned shot. Did NOT eat it. Don't know which part of it (maybe the eggs) did not end up on the floor at some point. Seems so simple, looks like should have been so easy to do but my d.i.y. modifiers (flimsy bits of cardboard) would fall onto the plate and knock things over and I dropped some of it while carrying the plate (a different plate) from the kitchen upstairs to the basement where I then arranged it all on the plate the final shot was taken. Helen
  14. Well they say, the higher you climb the harder you fall. My fall was just as hard and more painful; stayed sat there with my mouth open trying to figure out what happened and what went wrong, trying to remember the last such sad month and I couldn't, must have been a very long time ago. 14 sales for $203.93. with PU refunds adding insult to injury. Have got up now dusted myself off, tied up my shoelaces and returned to key wording what I had uploaded already. After months and months of deliberation, finally restricted PUs, I was not getting anything from them other than refunds month after month. Will see how that goes. Well 14 is still better than 0 and I could have a killer month soon, some people live in hope, you know? Helen
  15. So I guess its not cool to only show up and post when one's had a great month, I'll just give a short summary on how the previous months have been since I last posted. Number of sales were in the mid to upper 20s there was a month were I had fewer than 20. $-wise, were just under 1K and even lower for at least two months. This month 29, for $1,108 and I am happy with that and suddenly quite motivated as well. Need to work on growing the port and uploading every month, have started to already. Helen
  16. Hello Pekka, Images are fine, but you could be losing out on views and zooms because of those captions. You have some nice red buses in Tallin, you know the ones I am talking about, you just captioned them as retro buses. I would have checked the make/model/year if you can find some of that info, and they are red, and might have added public transport, and of course you have people either waiting to get on or already riding, so would caption accordingly. You can still keep the captions short, but you definitely need to expand the keywords, there aren't enough. Just my two cents, but I seriously think you could be missing out on zooms for these reasons. Helen
  17. Was also looking at the food shots, Food and Cooking tab nice images, for what it's worth from a non-pro. I've done some and know how much time it takes to set those up, lighting angles and all that, wouldn't want to do those all the time not easy. Helen
  18. I do think Alamy photographers are all ages, but if talking about regular contributors then I think Alamy has more of an older crowd. The 'long in the tooth' would be the generation that has more patience, understands that one has to wait and things don't happen all at once, they can look further into the future and just patiently wait. The younger crowd may have uploaded a few times and then gone off to micro sites for instant gratification, and I don't think that there aren't many of them on the forum because they are shy, possibly they just don't have all that many or regular sales, just what I am thinking. I am a loner, I have never joined to go out shooting with a group, I think it is a very solo activity best done without distractions, it is a very personal thing for me. I am obstinate and have lots of patience, a bit anti social (not a good thing) but I don't like people invading my space. Post processing images is something I can spend loads of time on without feeling I am wasting my time or getting bored. Why I mention all this, because I imagine the young to be exactly the opposite. They are mostly social, I think; patience is not their strong point and as far as photography with the young crowd isn't it all about shooting with a mobile phone, quickly applying filters rather than spending hours in Lightroom or Photoshop. I don't know I could be wrong and I certainly don't want to offed any serious young photographers with talent, there are always exceptions I know, but I am talking about a majority. For these reasons I don't see the young taking stock photography seriously as a business. Maybe I am completely out of touch, in my head I feel quite old, older than my real age, I am 53 closer to 54 now. Alamy should value, listen and hang on to their 'long in the tooth' contributors they are the ones that 'make' Alamy, and keep it so successful as an agency. Helen
  19. https://interactive.carbonbrief.org/how-climate-change-could-threaten-worlds-traditional-dishes/ Steve Allen Travel Photography / Alamy Stock Photo Skye Hohmann Food Photography / Alamy Stock Photo yu liang wong / Alamy Stock Photo Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo Anna Pustynnikova / Alamy Stock Photo foodfolio / Alamy Stock Photo Artem Mykhailichenko / Alamy Stock Photo Elena Maltenieks / Alamy Stock Photo Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo (mine actually, but whatever, got the right credit under the image) Geoff A Howard / Alamy Stock Photo Brent Hofacker / Alamy Stock Photo Sorry about not searching Alamy IDs, but really have to run...
  20. Thanks so much again Alan! Many Thanks Steve! First one I can add to my DACS list for the next cycle. Helen
  21. Thanks so much for finding this Alan! Appreciate it. My trip all the way to Alderville (far from home) wasn't a waste of time. Now will have to license a few more of those to get back what I paid for it all. Helen
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