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  1. The one piece of the reminder email that I received that stuck out for me was; I'm really not surprised by this piece of advice. I mean, look at those who filed heaps and heaps of images from a certain well-attended protest a few weekends ago?
  2. Did you upload the image through stock or live news?
  3. No sales in January. First month with no sales for 2 years.
  4. Laptop for me. I mostly contribute to live news so it's pretty much vital that I have a portable computer. I would like to move to an iPad but after using one a couple of times to send out images to live news it proved really inefficient, mainly because there isn't a good enough app (that I know of) that allows multiple IPTC headline/caption editing. Lightroom mobile app is great for editing really quickly, but captions have to be added one at a time, and when I've got multiple images to headline and caption, it takes the biscuit.
  5. Many thanks for reporting this! I've just had a look on Newsbank and there was an image credited to Alamy in the Times on 29th on page 5, just wondering if anyone knows whose image it was? Newsbank only shows text, unfortunately.
  6. I've been using MPB for a number of years now both to buy and sell equipment. On the whole they are very good. Nearly all of my equipment that I own now is secondhand.
  7. 5 sales totalling $474. One was from live news that was originally licensed in July.
  8. Whilst we're on the subject of payments, just a quick question. I sold an image through live news feed back in June 2013 to The Sunday Telegraph - I'm yet to see a payment appear in my Alamy account. As this was my first sale to a newspaper through live news, does anyone have any idea how long payments usually take to appear on Alamy accounts?
  9. I made my first sale in January. It was a good feeling, but I've always wondered where the image was used. I've used different search terms in Google (assuming it was used online) but no luck. I know Alamy has user confidentiality in place but it would be nice to know.
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