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  1. Looks to me like a Yellow Wagtail ( Motacilla flava )
  2. First of the month, PU so just into double figures gross. But 2019 revenue now exactly equals 2018 with over three months to go.
  3. There is a rumour posted on another stock site that access to Alamy has been blocked in Russia on the grounds of "information protection". Does anyone know if it's true? Does it matter?
  4. Daily Telegraph (print) 03/09/19 Almondvale Photography / Alamy Stock Photo
  5. Alamy pays at the end of the month in which the cleared balance equals or exceeds USD 50. If your cleared balance is less it will be carried over.
  6. Red submitted to Alamy, Yellow submitted elsewhere, Purple submitted to both. Pick flag sold (Alamy) Stars zoomed Alamy (max. of 5 zooms) Also remember quick collections - Alamy Exclusive, Non exclusive, by pseudo, etc. Russell
  7. Strictly speaking you don't have to sign a release - simply indicate to Alamy that a release is available. Should a Buyer then want to see the release Alamy will contact you, and you should be ready to sign one (with the correct details) and forward it to alamy.
  8. Under UK law cats are property, so you can't steal them. On the other hand they have a "right to roam" and the owner cannot be prosecuted for allowing their cat to trespass on, or foul, another persons property.
  9. And try to avoid euphemisms - birds and animals "mate" they don't "make love"
  10. I think Canon are now supplying all the kit, even down to the printer. But that's a great idea, I'll see what I can do.
  11. I'd love to have seen it! I imagine that this is what's happening in Masters of Photography.
  12. Thanks for your comments Ed and Ian. That's rather what I thought - obviously each contender is being followed by a camera crew, but I'm curious how much additional staging & support is involved. As a non-italian speaking Englishman, I'd find it difficult to approach an Italian woman in a run-down area of Rome and ask to photograph and film them.
  13. I wonder if any of you have watched this series. I'm following it on "catch up" OK it is extremely formulaic, and the judges attempts to be provocative and inject drama into the programme are somewhat tedious, but I do like watching the way that the contenders interpret and address the challenges that are set. I'm curious how they handle the issue of releases for the street work, and wonder if any other forum members have any experience in this area. All we are shown is the lone photographer snapping away. But is there a back-up team following them around and getting the subjects to sign a release? Or is the whole thing "editorial" and no releases required? Or is that also part of the contenders task that we are never shown? Any thoughts? Russell
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