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  1. Daily Telegraph 27/1/20 Hastings fishing boat Pioneer among the nets on Hastings Stade Fishermen's Beach, at Rock-a-Nore, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, UK - Image ID: K8W2YY - Carolyn Clarke / Alamy Stock Photo
  2. There's some excellent images in that lightbox.
  3. Daily Telegraph (print) 23/01/20 Alan Fraser / Alamy Stock Photo WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo
  4. Daily Telegraph (Print/Business) 22/01/20 Jessica Binsch/dpa/Alamy Live News- Image ID: DGTE69
  5. Sunday Telegraph (print) 19/1/20 Robert Estall photo agency / Alamy Stock Photo
  6. Thanks for the compliment Ed, though I'm not sure I deserve it. I think this is the next step. I'll report back if there is any meaningful answer. Thanks all for reading and commenting.
  7. Has anyone yet managed to work out Alamy's criteria for the award of 5 QC stars? I've not had a QC failure in 5 years, and submitted over 300 (albeit small) batches. But I'm resolutely stuck on 3 stars, and I'd quite like the faster turnround that ***** brings. Any suggestions?
  8. Daily Telegraph (print) 02/02/20 MediaWorldImages / Alamy Stock Photo Nick Upton / Alamy Stock Photo
  9. Daily Telegraph (print) 01/01/20 - first spot of the year - Happy New Year all. Robert Macdonald / Alamy Stock Photo
  10. Come Gnaans, the year is not over yet - there's another 10 days of limitless sales to come. To coin a phrase "it ain't over until the Rubenesque person who self-identifies as being of the female gender exercises her plica vocalis". 😀 Best wishes & many sales in 2020.
  11. I did a double take when I saw this. I posted a couple of images of the same cottage in November. It's looking really derelict now. I don't know if it's earmarked for something ... demolition perhaps.
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