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  1. Can't comment on Apples (I'm using windows) but I have a second screen (very easy to do and inexpensive) and run AIM on one, and Lightroom on the other. I can then zoom the LR image as I want (count people, read text etc.) and the make the necessary AIM entries.
  2. Daily Telegraph (Print) 1/4 page Philip Jones / Alamy Stock Photo
  3. Filezilla uploads

    Alamy's FTP server does not support TLS. They may upgrade it one day, but don't hold your breath. If you select the option "Use explicit Ftp over TLS if Available" it will work just fine.
  4. Ah, but that presupposes that I've had some sales since 18/7!!!!!
  5. Can anyone advise on the Release requirement for old/antique objects in order to sell them as RF? For example does a photograph of an antique clock require solely a property release from the clock's current owner, or does the original designer/manufacturer still retain any design rights in the object? If the object carries a visible makers name does this alter the requirement? Thoughts much appreciated. Thanks, Russell
  6. Email Alamy

    Ah sorry about that. It looked fine before I hit the Submit Reply button. I used drag & drop to add the image to the post (since a number of users have objected to posts containing a Dropbox or similar URL) but that obviously doesn't work. Any know how to add non-Alamy images to a post under the new regime without using an external URL?
  7. What settings do you have in the Metadata section of the Export panel?
  8. Email Alamy

    This is what my Filezilla Site Manager page looks like - works fine:
  9. I have found a number of issues with the Bridge such as not picking up tag counts and not finding images that were submitted through the bridge that have passed QC, and I've worked with the Bridge Support team to track them down and test the fixes. They're a very helpful team by the way. Anyway the upshot is there is a new version of the fix Version 1.0.7295 which is NOT the version on the standard download page. It can be found in the Beta download page here: I strongly recommend that you install this version if you are experiencing problems. Russell
  10. Grapes 186,000 hits Grapes on Vine 20,000 hits grapes growing on vine 4,625 man tending grapes .... only 17 but not the image in the Telegraph vineyard 232,762 green grapes 64,099 bunch of grapes 40,577 The image wasn't in the first few pages of any of these. I'm wondering if the Telegraph already had the image in their archive.
  11. Sunday Telegraph (Print) 05/08/18 Interestingly the Telegraph found it. I eventually found this on Page 18, having reduced what I though were all the obvious searches to simply "English Vineyard". How would you search for this image? Luke MacGregor / Alamy Stock Photo
  12. Daily Telegraph (travel, print) 4/8/18 David Davies / Alamy Stock Photo Ian Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo (Property section)
  13. Joe, It may well be that you have a key sticking down which can cause a continuing beep on startup. Try cleaning between the keys. Russell
  14. Have you found any Alamy images in July 2018?

    Sunday Telegraph (Print, Travel) 22/07/18 Dennis Hardley / Alamy Stock Photo Milan Gonda / Alamy Stock Photo age fotostock / Alamy Stock Photo