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  1. Congratulations indeed, but please note that the correct spelling is "sepulchre" the Alamy search engine doesn't check for misspellings and you will miss searches.
  2. It's an interesting question without an easy answer. If you search Alamy for say "elephant" you can be reasonably sure that the first page will comprise (mostly) higher ranked images, though you have no way of knowing how often any one of them sold, or even if they ever sold. If you search AoA for the same keyword you can find how often the keyword was used in the period, how many images contained the keyword, and how many images sold, but again there is no way to identify an individual image as a best seller. I guess if you could identify a unique keyword and search AoA for that, the results returned and hence the sales would be for that unique keyword. But other than a contributor inserted cipher I can't see that there are many such unique keywords.
  3. Sunday Telegraph (Travel, Print) 17/03/19 Ian G Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo travellinglight / Alamy Stock Photo
  4. What is the exact message Liam - does it have a message code? I assume this is appearing on the monitor - if not where?
  5. It has been corrected. Well done Alamy
  6. Four pages of near invisible images to get to sign in today! Is this nonsense actually helping anyone???
  7. Five images and 24 clicks to get in today. That is completely unacceptable!!! It seems to me that there is some sort of "tuning" ability, i.e. how hard it is to complete a successful login. At the moment the dial is turned up way too high - make it virtually impossible for anyone to sign in unless they have eyes like a hawk and endless patience. This really won't do Alamy!
  8. It all quietened down for a while but recaptcha is back with a vengeance!!! 5 images and 24 clicks to get in. Come on Alamy, please stop this nonsense!!
  9. Thanks again everyone, and especially Helen, that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. It will be hot in Zambia, for fair-skinned northerners like me, so the Cotton Carrier is off the list. I shall have a pole/monopod & will beware of snakes Shergar, I guess I need to get some sprinting practice in too! As Martin suggested, I do sometimes carry the camera on a tripod or monopod over my shoulder (with a secondary tether to the camera in case of accidents) but for this trip I'd prefer hands free.
  10. Please can we correct the spelling on the description of the Announcements thread. It looks really amateurish for a professional agency.
  11. Interesting, there are clearly many ways to skin this particular cat. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. The setup that I plan to take weighs 2.6Kg (5.75 lbs). My neck could not take carrying that weight around all day in the bush. I quite like the idea of the Black Rapid/Rucksack combination, but as the video shows, you still need to keep one hand on the camera to steady it. I also like the idea of the Cotton Carrier G3, but I think I'd feel such a prat I'd never use it. So I'm looking at the Toploader, which offers a variety of carrying positions and has the additional advantage of keeping the dust off when travelling in the open jeep on dirt/sand road. Unless of course someone comes up with an even better idea! I'll let you know what I decide.
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