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  1. Meanwhile, I don't think fits. Apparently the pleated inkcap behaves like all the other ink caps and turns black & mushy within 24 hrs. These have been around for several days. So I brought a couple into the "studio" to see if I could get a better shot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sub8ypk0b9sihrs/20201028-556A9208.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2qjbtxyg5pn4t5w/20201028-556A9211.jpg?dl=0 As you can see it's more of a funnel shape (in the early stages) with decurrent gills, and the top (picture 2, older specimen) is slightly grooved. I don't know if these images help with the ID. But thanks for looking. Hmm. I'm wondering now if those that I picked are the same species as the ones I shot earlier. They're growing together, but that doesn't mean they're the same!
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I think it's clear this is a club fungus (I confess I'd never heard of them before) but I'm not sure about: is seems that Clavulinopsis helvola is common in wet, mossy, acidic lawns (like ours) or any one of a number of species. So I'll play safe and stick to a generic Clavulinopsis sp.
  3. Not yet submitted I have these small growths appearing in our wet & mossy lawn in Hampshire, UK. I'm guessing the second is a fungus, but the first? Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks, Russell https://www.dropbox.com/s/f174wzd5u7xrmaa/20201028-556A9195.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzfijexzvy5pxxf/20201028-556A9202.jpg?dl=0
  4. I always leave mine set to GMT, wherever I am.
  5. Just had two sales drop in, one mid $$ and one $ - which was an image of my old school. Best years of your life? Russell
  6. I had one too. $1.69 net. Of a UK charity shop. I'll pop it in the collecting box if they open again!
  7. As a long standing contributor with just two QC fails (some 10 years ago) I'm still on 3 stars. I asked Alamy the same question. The response in essence was - you've not uploaded enough images, and you're not adding them at a fast enough rate. I'm afraid you have a while to wait Dave.
  8. I wonder if whoever posted the Red was objecting to the subject content rather than Sally's sale.
  9. Thanks Gillian, a rare appearance on these pages for me. It was only reported sold on the 8th September, I assume soon after publication date. Low $$.
  10. Are you sure? I though Canon lenses carried an International Warranty. Not sure about camera bodies.
  11. It's always good to get a sale early in the month. A regular seller this - to an Indian newspaper this time for low $$, but they all add up:
  12. I've been thinking about this too. If I'd won the premium bonds this month I might have bought an R5 - well I can dream! In the UK you pay £ 4,199. In the US $ 3,899 which equates to £ 2,897. Yes £1,300 difference or a 45% uplift on the price. Now I know that US prices are quoted excluding sales tax, but even then this differential can't really be justified. To make it worse, Canon have applied a "Shipping Restriction" which means that you can't buy from a US retailer and have it shipped to the UK. Cartel or what?
  13. Another fan of TPE, but also. A compass, a weather app (e.g. Accuweather, Netweather radar), tide times (if you live near the coast), a raw viewer/converter e.g. RawDroid Pro, and whatever apps exist for triggering your camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) remotely.
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