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  1. Yes it is, but having worked in the past trying to persuade people to complete the form, and listening to the same repetitive arguments why they're not going to, I can tell you - the penalty is never enforced.
  2. As an Irish citizen Ed you have the right to vote in UK election (General, EU (for the moment) and Local). There is a requirement for compulsory registration (but in reality it is never enforced) but thre is no requirement to vote. However you might find it useful to register as the credit reference agencies, energy suppliers and many others use the register to check that you are who you say you are, and live at your given address.
  3. Rates have gone downhill a bit lately. Alamy coverted the November payout at 1.3297 meaning that for each $100 UK contributors received £75.20. The bulk currency rate on the day was 1.277 which would have meant £78.30 per $100. At my level of income it doesn't make much difference - but if I was earning $1,000+/month it would begin to matter.
  4. We're recently back from a trip to S.A and Zambia, so I have 3,000 images to work through. So far I've submitted these: Affectionate Lions - one for the Valentines Card Trade? Statuesque Leopard: Hungry Leopard: I don't for a moment think they'll cover the cost of the trip though!
  5. Hey I've got one too. Two zooms on a single word giving 8 results, rwo of which have no relationship to the search word. The rest are mine. Here's hoping for a sale!
  6. Eight attempts and more than thirty almost invisible screens. someone in Alamy has turned up the sensitivity of Captcha again. Please don't be so ridiculous real users - both contributors and buyers are trying to access your systems. Stop making it impossible for them! Remember we are not always accessing on desktops with 30+ inch screens!!!!
  7. Thanks for your feedback on this Vincent. In my case (I'm not using firefox full screen) I have to make it fullscreen, then reduce it and yes the "Show All" appears. Obviously a quirk in the way the pages are rendered.
  8. This is bizarre. When I click on the first of the images presented I see only: "acton town aldi local asda autumn leaves becontree heath leisure centre british airways bus stop london" As tags, with no "show all" option. This occurs on both a Windows PC, and an Android Tablet both using Firefox. However on attempting to copy and paste the seven tags that I see on screen into this message I find I get: acton town aldi local asda autumn leaves becontree heath leisure centre british airways bus stop london cable car emirates calm lane church cu london dagenham dhl show all emirates greenwich peninsula finavia finnair give way sign greenwich halifax havana close helsinki helsinki lentoasema icon outlet jubliee place canary wharf lady gaga liberty shopping mall london metro helsinki morrisons mulberry north greenwich northfields o2 areena parent and toddler parking photobooth pound land pride zebra crossing romford rowland golf centre s market santander street sign london traffic jam london underground vuosaari metro station west ham united wheel chair wilko It seems to me that as well as sorting out this contributor, Alamy have some work to do correcting their search webpages. Russell
  9. Sorry if I'm being thick, but I don't see "photobooth" anywhere in the caption or tags for these images - why does the search find them? There are 59K Helsinki images, 2k Photobooth, but the combined search gives these 245 images none of which have a photobooth tag.
  10. I always leave my cameras set on GMT wherever I am in the world so that I have a constant chronological timestamp. Anyone else do the same?
  11. Truly shocking news. My sincerest condolences to Keith's family & friends. I hope that Alamy will be able to convey to Keith's family the depth of feeling and expressions of sympathy and support expressed by the forum.
  12. Were you behind me last week when I renewed my International Driving Permit?😀
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