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  1. If you are a Canon shooter, and member of CPS and a user/or intending user of Adobe Creative Cloud you can get two months free usage of Adobe CC. Details on the Canon CPS website. I just tried it and it deferred my next payment due date from April to June. Every little helps. Russell
  2. Do you consciously skew the perspective on almost all of your architectural images?
  3. No apology needed Allan, I understand and appreciate your concern. Thanks to everyone for the links & suggestions, I sure they will be useful in future quests. I can confirm that although in a Conservation area, it is not listed. I have been working my way through the local authority Planning Portal. Eventually I found this as part of a 2013 application: "... Early 20th century buildings reflect retrospective tastes in design including the Arts and Crafts movement as represented by Eastcote House built in the 1930s. The building uses the canal to add to
  4. Fair point Allan, but the aging of the beams & the chimneys make me think it's genuinely old - but the brickwork of the conservatory looks a very good match...
  5. I found this lovely house on a walk recently. But I can find absolutely nothing out about it. It looks old & distinctive enough to be Grade II listed. It may be that the house name has changed, hence no records. But would anyone care to offer an approximate date & keywords. Thanks in advance.
  6. Daily Telegraph (Print) 3/4/21 Greg Balfour Evans / Alamy Stock Photo Also 4 horses racing on a beach, but unable to find it.
  7. I've not been on public transport for over a year, but the reports I get from Londoners that I know are that both the train and the tube are virtually empty.
  8. Finally broke the duck for this month. Low ($) Distributor sale though for a Turkish newspaper. My lockdown volunteering job, refurbishing used computers for schoolchildren who have no computer of their own to use for home teaching and online lessons.
  9. Although a January sale cleared yesterday, it was not quite enough to take me over the $50 payout threshold for the month. But it had a $19.99 PU at the beginning of the month, and surely that should have cleared. But no, it seems that, in addition to card & Paypal options, Alamy offer to bill even Guest PU buyers. How does that work? Years ago businesses would trust known customers to pay on invoice (in fact there are stories of shopkeepers turning up on the death of a former customer to collect a lifetime of unpaid bills) but surely a personal use sales should only be paid fo
  10. Interesting that, it seems that the council has a habit of using Alamy images - with full watermarks and ID. There's one from Avpics on their site (EH75A6) and M0MD5X (related to a seizure of illegal tobacco in Southend. The picture was taken in Malaysia)
  11. A nice mid-$$ sale to end the month, and I didn't have to travel far to get the shot! Educational editorial.
  12. Not long until April, I suspect many other togs will join you then.
  13. I think you're correct John. It seems likely that these are professional buyers using the PU loophole. The only time I've traced a "zoomer" was when a nephew of mine searched for images (of him on a charity ride). He's an image buyer for a TV magazine so his zooms appeared in my Measures. No sale resulted of course they were for a charitable use - and I'm a generous uncle!
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