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  1. Sunday Telegraph (Print, Travel section) 19/05/19 NiceProspects-Prime / Alamy Stock Photo (Nice full page spread) Nitish Waila / Alamy Stock Photo Edward Westmacott / Alamy Stock Photo Rawdon Wyatt / Alamy Stock Photo
  2. On receipt of a Postal Ballot form you immediately pin it to the wall, photograph it and submit it to Alamy via the reportage route. Only to discover a snag - despite last week's email saying you've been given access to the reportage route, you haven't! You still have to apply! So my hopes of hitting the weekend papers are dashed.
  3. If you use Lightroom & the Bridge software, you can create a "Smart Collection" that does just that.
  4. Judging by the posture, I'd guess it was a member of the Thrush family, but can't help on the precise species.
  5. Seems a good opportunity for some secondary marketing. Immediately the image is available on the Alamy servers hit Twitter/Instagram/etc. with a link & let Alamy handle the contractual side for any buyers.
  6. Daily Telegraph 04/05/19 (Print, Travel) travellinglight / Alamy Stock Photo (Print Gardening) Thomas Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
  7. Today 30/04/18 there are some 600 stories in the News Feed. I didn't count them all, but I'd guess that fewer than 150 of these are UK related. Alamy is of course a "goto" UK agency. They will never publish it, but I'd love to know how sales from the news stream have fared since the change.
  8. Daily Telegraph (Travel, Print) 27/04/18 John Henshall / Alamy Stock Photo
  9. Sunday Telegraph (travel, print) 28/04/18 Brian Gibbs / Alamy Stock Photo
  10. Really? Surely GDPR would only apply if a private individual bought a licence.
  11. No buyer will ever buy your first two images - they promise a bridge that isn't there! You can't be lazy about captions and keywords - all three of your images have the same captions/keywords but relate to different subjects. The key to being seen by buyers is your captions and keywords. You're competing with millions you have to find a way to have your images seen.
  12. Daily Telegraph (print) 24/04/19 Digital-Fotofusion Gallery / Alamy Stock Photo
  13. DHFKFE A reliable seller this one, and I get to keep my handlebar moustache out of my tea! $$
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