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  1. I think it was within 24hrs, but they might be busy. My account closes on Friday.
  2. Hi Martin, It's a US (I think) company supported out of India called PIXPA. Russell Correction: It's actually registered in Delhi, Idea Zinc Design Private Limited (now Llc)
  3. Thanks both. I did check the butterfly-conservation site and others and there were differing views on the tips of the antennae and the scent lines. But looking at a number of images I'll go with Essex.
  4. A quick question please. Can anyone identify this chap. I'm veering towards an Essex Skipper rather than a Small Skipper, but what do I know! https://www.imagesbyrussell.co.uk/mygalleries/gallery-6/18593578-608497-photo-2 Thanks for looking.
  5. A big thank you to everyone for your kind comments. It's good to know that I'm on the right track with the website. Wishing you all every success with your photography with Alamy and beyond. Russell
  6. Thanks for that Alan, any clue which gallery it was in? Update I think I have now managed to disable right click completely. Thanks for pointing it out Alan.
  7. That's a longer term intention. Initially I'll perhaps try POD - I'm looking at a company called DStudio for that https://dstudiouk.com Though Pixpa can be configured for downloads and a direct POD link if you wish. That's perhaps later down the line. Incidentally the Gallery images are limited to 2400 * 2400 max pixels and 75% (adjustable) quality with right click disabled when displayed in a Gallery, though they will also hold a full size image for POD or Client download.
  8. I shall be leaving Alamy on the 23rd of the month, and I assume that once my account is closed I shall no longer be able to post on the forum. So I would like to say thank you to all the contributors for their support over the years. I hope my occasional contributions have been of some use to some of you. I've long put off building my own website, but over the last couple of weeks, I've been dabbling with setting up a subset of my portfolio on Pizpa. I invested £17 for a website (2 years) and £65 ($90 with a 25% discount on list) for a year's hosting. I've then spent probably 4 day
  9. The Wimberley is a monopod head, not a tripod. The link wasn't working so I've corrected it. By adjusting the drag you can set it to exactly balance the camera/lens, but can still tilt up/down without adjusting anything. Rotational movement is accomplished by simply rotating the monopod. Thus it's easy to move up/down left right with one hand on the camera and shutter the other on the monopod. Russell
  10. You might like to look at the Wimberley: https://www.tripodhead.com/products/monopodhead-main.cfm I've used one with my 100-400 for a couple of year. It works really well for birds in flight and other wildlife. Russell
  11. Regrettably I shall almost certainly be following Bill out of the door. Like many I'm not dependent on Stock for the money - though it does help fund/justify some of my more extravagant photographic purposes and the new regime seems too onerous for a return of a few hundred dollars a year. Most of all I shall miss researching my subjects. Whether searching the history of a building, or identifying plants or wildlife, contributing to stock has provided an added dimension to my photography. I can still do the research of course, but without publishing it it loses some of its purpose.
  12. Weird, why would you carry a paddling pool filled with water to the beach?
  13. That's not strictly true is it Alamy? After all, the NT own vast stretches of the English coastline and there cannot be a restriction on photographing it. The criterion has to be National Trust property where an entry fee has been paid or membership is required to access the site.
  14. Daily Telegraph (print) 08/05/21) Contributor: Alistair Baird / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: BWBA8C
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