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  1. When I first saw this bird in the distance, my initial thought was a juvenile green woodpecker - basted on posture, movement & flight. But when I got close enough to get a shot, I found a Thrush. But what thrush. I don't think it's a song thrush - it's too big, and slim. Could it be a mistle thrush? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Russell
  2. I agree, it seems like Alamy accounts receivable has shut up shop for the duration!
  3. Thanks for that Bob. I had to dig down into the Ts&Cs to find the exception that you highlighted, but it makes sense now. I agree with you, it would need a good number of licences at current prices to generate that sort of revenue.
  4. I've been looking at the pricing for the Zyrene software. Which version does everybody use? The extra $200 seems a little extravagant for a very occasional stock submission.
  5. Have you added your Alamy signin to the Plugin? In the LR plugin manager (File/Plugin Manager) in LR complete the email/password/and Plugin licence boxes. Then test retrieving data from Alamy: Select an image in LR that you know is in Alamy Click Export Click Fetch Alamy Metadata Click login In download settings choose "Selected" in Fetch data for .... Hit export That should retrieve the Alamy data for the one selected image. Note that the plugin matches on Filename - so if you hold Raw files on LR with the camera generated name and submit .jpgs to Alamy with a different name you won't get a match. If that's your problem post again. If retrieving one record works, you can change the Fetch data parameter to all and let it run. Russell
  6. I use on of these for small camera movements: https://neewer.com/products/tripods-10033981 About £25 from Amazon UK
  7. John, You are just amazing! Thank you.
  8. Allan, you should know by now that a weed is just a beautiful plant ..... in the wrong place.
  9. There are some lovely Devon violets in this hedgerow, but can any of you botanists identify any of the plants surrounding them please? 2B85TG9 Thanks, Russell
  10. My dashboard/Account Settings Click Edit (next to Your Payment Info on the RHS) enter your password/continue Your Payment details - click on change details.
  11. I have two guitars & two ukuleles - but I can only play one at a time 🙂
  12. Daily Telegraph (print) 11/03/20 Findlay / Alamy Stock Photo (choice of four, but I think it's this one)
  13. My turn for a dumb question. What is it that you upload to these agencies? Is it the Alamy thumbnail, or the Alamy large view, or a link to the image on your own website, or something else. Any enlightenment would be much appreciated. Thanks Russell
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