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  1. Images sold in January

    Sunday Telegraph (Print) 20/01/19 Simon Maycock / Alamy Stock Photo (Live News) plus an image of a stack of "Steamer Trunks" which I cannot find.
  2. You're welcome Martyn.
  3. Daily Telegraph (Business, Print) 16//01/19 Martyn Evans / Alamy Stock Photo
  4. Competition Rules

    Brilliant MDM, thank you. I too was going to raise the point that once a photographers had relinquished control of their image it was impossible to know how it would be used, it may indeed be placed with an agency. So the photographer can no longer be sure that they have exclusive control of placement. An interesting thread, and having now completed judging, I shall be sending my recommendations to the society's committee. Thanks all.
  5. Competition Rules

    Firstly my thanks to all those who have responded to my question. I'm sorry that it seems to have created some bad feeling in the forum. Turning to the issue: The society is NOT a camera club. It is in fact a local environmental group. If it were a camera club it would be much easier since they should be familiar with the concepts of copyright and attribution. Reimar you're absolutely right. Well spotted, thanks. I agree with this Spacecadet, the challenge is to create something clear and comprehensive in "everyday language" I was hoping a member of the forum had conducted a similar exercise and had some boiler plate text. This is the reason for my interest. I think terms like this put off a number of potential competitors. I too would never enter a competition under these Ts&Cs. I don't think the society is being Machiavellian in setting these terms, it's that they simply haven't thought it through. Which is why I want to present the organisers with some replacement text which meets their needs (publicity for the society( mostly website) and a copy of the winning entry in the local newspaper) but also respects the photographers rights. In the context of the current debate on Alamy exclusivity, no entrant in this competition could currently mark the image Alamy exclusive should they wish to upload it to their portfolio.
  6. Competition Rules

    I have been asked to judge a photographic competition organised by a local society. I've agree, but want to use the opportunity to suggest to the organisers that they change what I think are very unfair Ts&Cs. The offending term is " Please note that all photographs may be used by the society for any purpose it chooses." I would prefer to see something like {the photographer} "grants the society an perpetual licence to use the photographs in whole or in part in any publication, newsletter, lecture, advertising or promotion by the society without charge, provided that the photographer's copyright is asserted in each use. The society will not give or licence the photograph to any other party with the written permission of the photographer" What do you think, what makes for fair entry terms for a competition? N.b. The prize is simply to hold a trophy for a year.
  7. Er, not quite. Alamy have as the OP says $49.81 (i.e. 19 cents short of the threshold) this amount has been cleared and could have been cleared for a long time.
  8. Daily Telegraph (print) 8/1/19 Difficult to tell, a cropped image & a number of similars, but I think the pattern of the fallen yellow blossom gives it away Mim Friday / Alamy Stock Photo
  9. Daily Telegraph (print) 27/12/18 British Retail Photography / Alamy Stock Photo
  10. Merry Christmas

    Indeed a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2019 to all the members of the forum, and to all the staff at Alamy - we love you really!
  11. I wasn't referring to you Lynn(?) I was referring to the OP (original poster) in response to John Walker's comment the there had been no response from them. If you click on their portfolio it seems that their 157 images are no longer available.
  12. Looks like toys have been thrown from the pram. Click on the OPs portfolio & there is nothing shown.
  13. $5, is something of an exaggeration. On that well know alliterative agency more like $0.25.
  14. The dashboard only updates overnight. Your sale will be there this morning.
  15. I just did a little experiment. I'm gradually adding all of my Alamy images into Alamy/LR bridge (I started uploading to Alamy before I found the Bridge). Anyway if you change one or more images in LR to Alamy exclusive and then export using the "Alamy Set defaults" option in the Bridge, the exclusive flag is set in Alamy IM. So it will be the work of a moment to select all the images that are only on Alamy (I have flags in LR to identify those with other agencies) and update them all in one go. The Alamy/LR bridge is a great piece of software.