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  1. We must be near neighbours Gillian, perhaps we should start the NE Hampshire branch of the Alamy Contributors Club.
  2. Interesting that you say that John. We feed the birds (& squirrels) too but that doesn't stop the Greys attacking our trees. This year they ate the base of the leaves, leaving the rest to die/fall off.
  3. The Dashboard is only updated overnight, it should be showing over $50 this morning.
  4. I feel that these children, one wearing a relative's medals have a story to tell ...
  5. Enjoyed a trip to Yorkshire at the beginning of the month. I know there are thousands of bird pics on Alamy, but I thought I'd add a few more!
  6. Sunday Telegraph (print) 23/06/19 Rob Arnold / Alamy Stock Photo Tony Watson / Alamy Stock Photo Daily Telegraph (Print, Property feature usingmany images) 22/6/19 Washington Imaging / Alamy Stock Photo Chris Warham / Alamy Stock Photo
  7. No sales I can cope with, it happens from time to time. But I'm experiencing a dearth of zooms > lower CTR > fewer views > fewer zooms > lower CTR, in what seems to be the ultimate death spiral. Were I in the Antarctic it might be time to be thinking of taking a walk outside!!
  8. Sunday Telegraph (print) 16/06/19 Roger Cracknell 01/classic / Alamy Stock Photo Alex Appleby / Alamy Stock Photo
  9. Daily Telegraph (print) 15/06/19 travelib falklands / Alamy Stock Photo eye35.pix / Alamy Stock Photo
  10. It seems that FTP is currently not working. I've been trying since yesterday p.m. and still getting nowhere this a.m. I like to use the Bridge software (which uses FTP) so I don't want to use the web upload if I can avoid it.
  11. Sunday Telegraph (Print, Travel section) 19/05/19 NiceProspects-Prime / Alamy Stock Photo (Nice full page spread) Nitish Waila / Alamy Stock Photo Edward Westmacott / Alamy Stock Photo Rawdon Wyatt / Alamy Stock Photo
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