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  1. Thank you Paulette, the stock of plastic bags is on the increase. Zodiacs probably not in the plans at this stage DD
  2. So sorry we can't squeeze Liverpool into our long-planned itinerary, it would be very cool to meet up again. Of course, who knows what the rest of next year will bring 🀞 Dd
  3. 😎 Edo, I'm travelling with my three girls to the other side of the world, having to sell a kidney on our return to pay for it . . . so trust me, not going out and seeing all there is to see is simply not an option 🌝 The girls say hello by the way. DD
  4. Brilliant Bill, thank you. Those Canada Goose parkas look fantastic, but I'd be seeking out freezer rooms to be able to use it once back home 😎 The battery tips from you and others taken on board, purchasing another spare before we leave. I note you use just a padded camera bag (the padding I assume offering a degree of insulation) as against the recommendation from others to use an airtight (or close to it) plastic bag. I might adopt a bit of a belt-and-braces approach until I can test this in the flesh. thanks again, and to all who've assisted with advice etx. much appreciated. DD
  5. I've read of the plastic bag procedure and did wonder if folk used to such conditions used it. Seems so ☺️ DD
  6. come on, widen your meanderings sir . . . I have an acquaintance who was stationed for a while on the Falklands. Very southern hemisphere, very (by my standards) cold at the moment. And let's not even think about heading too far south of Tasmania . . . 😎 DD
  7. Right . . . ummm . . . remind me, which hemisphere is it that doesn't have really cold weather? . . . 😎 DD
  8. thank you all, you've probably got it covered for me, truly appreciated believe me ❄️❄️❄️ I hope we don't hit anything like -10C as that parka Bill referenced is a little out of our budget, but all the other tips are brilliant. Thank you DD
  9. Hi all . . . especially those of you who inhabit the colder climes. Being born on the edge of a desert, and mostly avoiding really cold places, my experience is about to be well and truly tested by spending Christmas in Estonia, New Year's in Istanbul. From a personal point of view, the cold will be manageable, but when it comes to using cameras . . . two things spring to mind: wearing gloves vs manipulating camera controls, and dealing with possible condensation in lenses going from toasty to frosty (more vice versa I'm guessing). I manage condensation in south-east Asia no worries (basically by keeping camera gear in least-air-conditioned spot in lodgings) but was wondering how cold-climaters manage both this and reconciling gloves with camera controls. cheers, DD
  10. You collect these? Bleeding heck!!! How big's your shed??? DD
  11. Absolutely agree. And I don't go willy-nilly opening up every shadow I can see either . . . not all shadows need "opening" up, something "auto" simply cannot address. DD
  12. Like I said, 3 clicks. No modification. But hey, if it's something you've not bothered with, why bother? (rhetorical question, don't want to turn this into another near-perpetual thread . . . ) I find it hugely convenient not having to use a phone, but as always YEMV. DD
  13. 3 clicks and you're able to upload from a PC (I assume from Mac is just as simple). Multiple photos in one post? Meh, can't imagine doing away with the convenience of uploading from PC or Mac just because I can't (and never have seen the need to) upload multiple images in one post. DD
  14. Don't bother investigating using a phone, you can do it embarrassingly easy from any PC (unless of course you only want to use a phone πŸ˜‰ ). DD
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