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  1. An hour!!!! I'll stick to using paper, that only takes a few seconds . . . 😉 DD
  2. Having just read James Allsworth's response to your post, perhaps you could be a tad more descriptive and objective in future complaints. . . DD
  3. Allan, if you search for "pink budgies" you'll find several forum entries of budgie breeders. The consensus on those forums is that budgies cannot produce red or any variations thereof, it simply is impossible genetically. So your scepticism is warranted and correct it seems. DD
  4. Some lovely images around showing animals slowly (in some cases rapidly) adapting to the lack of people on the streets--the wild goats in the little unpronounceable Welsh village are a delight. Never one to ignore a trend, here's my take on this phenomenom, taken in downtown New York . . . She'd actually come into town to see the movie you can see advertised on the building in the background . . . DD
  5. Camera Electronic, probably the premiere pro photography/camera shop here (and with whom I have absolutely no affiliation/association other than handing over money to them on a quite regular basis), are advertising a sale . . . with the promise that they "can make any arrangement to suit your needs even if it means throwing it at your car as you drive by" . . . DD
  6. Our equivalent to Betty's delicate bluejay is our delicate long-billed corella . . . hmmm . . . on second thoughts . . . DD
  7. Bewdiful. He seems to be stuck working out the best approach? DD
  8. Well, it's not just Australia that has cranky birds . . . here's "proof" that a giant cockatoo, that just happens to live in a zoo in Bali, harassed a couple of women from Australia who were walking through a well-known Florida USA holiday resort . . . oh, and I have a lovely arched bridge over in Sydney I can sell you for a song . . . DD
  9. I ran 11.13876051664889 ‬% of a full marathon last night, after dark, along a very deserted bike/running path. Aiming for 12% in a day or two . . . DD
  10. As much as I dislike it, I too miss it at the moment . . . all is forgiven D-L, come back . . . DD
  11. I think you're right Fascinatingly, I also note several almost text-book examples of the Dunning–Kruger effect in action. DD
  12. Australia's newspaper choice would be reduced by more than 50% . . . DD
  13. Ah, I love the vagaries of an international forum . . . (where different words and phrases have vastly different meanings amongst the forum's membership) . . . DD
  14. Classic! at least he had the good humour to share the story with the world DD
  15. I think it could give ME a good dustup!! DD
  16. Astounding article. I think this underlines Chuck's point that photographing Covid-19 should be left to experienced, qualified photojournalists. I am continually gob-smacked at the heroic (in the true sense of the word) work being done by front-line staff all around the world . . . I hope one brighter, safer day they all get the recognition and respect they so thoroughly deserve. DD
  17. Inspired by the beautiful photos of cute robins and the like, I was prompted to respond with an example of the cute little birds we have around here . . . DD
  18. Washing toilet paper is a breeze . , , it's hanging the sheets out to dry that's the fun bit . . DD
  19. Cheech and Chong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw "Up in Smoke" nearly 42 years ago and I think deep down I'm still chuckling . . . DD
  20. Got me!! My Bad . . . silly me, I forgot some people find "humour" based on demeaning others by way of gross generalisations really funny. DD
  21. Thanks mate, and the same to you and everyone else reading this. Be kind, take care, stay well. Like I said somewhere earlier tonight, when all this is over, Edo, we'll meet again. 🙂 DD
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