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  1. Liverpool has changed so much over the years, especially after the regeneration from being Europpean Capital of Culture. I think it will be a great place to live Edo, and will cerainly be photogenic.
  2. I don’t know why, that’s just what Alamy told me when I queried the different fees for two PUs.
  3. ‘Full price’ for PUs in the US is $19.99 but ‘full price’ in the UK is only $9.99!!
  4. If you look her up on Linkedin her tenure at Alamy seems to stop in Feb 2019. Nothing after that is listed.
  5. Most of our images are available for personal use. Personal use tends not to be discounted so the fee is between $9.99 and $19.99. Editorial website use can be as low as $3....
  6. We have a very similar size portfolio to you. Since the beginning of this year we have had 15 sales. We expect 2 sales a month so at the moment our sales numbers are slightly above average. So, no, in my opinion Alamy is not dying! (All our images are exclusive to Alamy, we do not supply microstock.)
  7. Not necessarily. From the Alamy Image Manager instruction manual: ”Date taken 3. If this information has not been automatically included, you can enter or amend it using this field”
  8. It’s wise though to fill in the optional field with the date the image was taken. Otherwise a search by subject plus date won’t include any of your images.
  9. I’m sure it’s a genuine site. And I’ve been having fun looking at how our Alamy images would look on a whole wall!!
  10. I have never checked ‘sell for editorial only’ If I state what releases I have/don’t have it is up to the buyer to decide if our image fits their usage.
  11. Posted my sale in May’s thread by mistake! But it was identical details to Colblimp and Sooth’s sales....
  12. 😂 I’ve collected these dolls for more years than I care to remember! The one with the pink hair has his (her) own portfolio of images that sell nicely. Little did I know when I started buying them that ‘troll’ would mean what it does today!
  13. Sold to US newspaper for quite a nice fee. Makes up for the last buyer going bust and not paying up!
  14. And the best vegetarian restaurant in the known universe! One of the best meals I’ve ever had......very photogenic too!
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