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  1. Just home from an actual evening out with friends. Ate outside on the terrace of a local gastropub, food was great, couple of bottles of wine. Felt like old times…..
  2. I think that’s the norm in Spain. The coffee is just for the hit of caffeine and the water is the thirst quencher served along side!
  3. Beat me to it! Also called Erythrostemon gilliesii . I was just googling ‘yellow flower red stamen’ and it came up!
  4. Quickest way would be to ask Alamy to do it for you?
  5. The next day, so you should hear from them soon…..
  6. Anyone who wants to check up on me can find me on Instagram, search for how_the_light_gets_in Or for foodie ideas go to https://foodgenie.wordpress.com
  7. Looking back through my emails I queried a sale to Slovenia several months after we had opted out. In Sept 2019 Alamy said ‘We’ve passed this over to our distribution team to look into and we’ll let you know when we have further information.’ I don’t think I have had a reply yet…..
  8. For some reason my ipad won’t keep me logged in so I have to log in every time I want to post, its frustrating!
  9. When did you opt out? If it was downloaded a few months ago it could already have been used before you opted out. Once it has been reported to Alamy they have no choice but to invoice it.
  10. No cream, just espresso with frothed milk, but less than in a latte. My favourite is a cortado which you could only get in Spain until a few years ago. It’s a small cup of expresso 1:1 with hot milk. More of a pick me up than a drink!
  11. I think if you’re a contributor but you’re not signed in you count as a guest?
  12. Thank you Ed! Yes, on the stroke of midnight on Friday I shall turn back into a pumpkin!! Actually I will probably check up on you all but I won’t be able to comment….how frustrating! I won’t miss the sniping and bitching that happens on some threads but I will miss the friendly chatter of the folk here. ❤️
  13. Had quite a good crop of broad beans but the stems have gone on the bonfire as they were covered with blackfly. Now into courgette season…
  14. I agree with you there Ed. I mostly reduce gall bladder attacks with a careful diet but when I do get an attack, oh boy! Not as bad as childbirth but getting close!! Should have had mine out a couple of years ago but bottled out…
  15. Where the Crawdads Sing is a beautiful book, one of the best I have read in a long time!
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