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  1. Following on from the ‘unproductive favourites’ thread..I collected these little guys when I was a teenager (half a century ago) We shot a few images of them some years ago and they are our most consistent sellers. The modern meaning of the word ‘troll’ has had something to do with that!
  2. Just made the mistake of answering a call from an 01701 number. Bizarrely the guy said ‘thank you for calling Amazon, how can I help you” When I said “err, you called me” he put the phone down. Looking online 01701 is a well used Amazon scam dialling code.
  3. We’re regularly getting the Amazon scam and “your internet is being disconnected” Now we leave the answering machine on permanently and just pick up if it’s a genuine call!
  4. An Alamywhack has to be just two words. I can’t remember who first started this game but it’s based on a Googlewhack which is described by Wikipedia as: ”A Googlewhack is a contest for finding a Google search query consisting of exactly two words without quotation marks that returns exactly one hit. A Googlewhack must consist of two words found in a dictionary.” EDIT Looking back I think it was spacecadet! https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/6449-alamywhacks-whos-unique/?tab=comments#comment-107896 EDIT 2. I was wrong, there’s an older thread.....
  5. It’s when a two word search term only results in one image being found. If it's your image you have an Alamywhack!
  6. Sorry Ed, your thread has left home and gone off on its own....again!
  7. Not the streets but the major roads where I live are absolutely rife with litter. It looks awful. It’s not so obvious in the summer but come autumn (fall) and the grass is cut and the vegetation dies back you can see how much litter there is. On a road trip in the US a few years ago I was impressed by how clean the road sides are. I wish it was the same here.
  8. Thinking about all of this takes me back to when Maggie Thatcher introduced the short lived poll tax. This was based on a tax per person rather than per property. There were riots including the one in 1990 in Trafalgar Square when many people were injured. A friend of ours was a news video photographer who was badly injured when he was hit on the head by a scaffold pole. The tax was scrapped and the existing council tax came into being.
  9. As spacecadet says, if there are several tenants the landlord will pay the council tax and get this back from the tenants in their rent. The tax is per property so there would be no easy way of splitting the amount due between several people. If you own or rent a property you are liable to pay the tax yourself. And if you are a landlord but your property is vacant for any reason you are liable to pay the tax, even though no-one is using the services the tax pays for!!
  10. Hi Paulette, Assuming Ed has his own front door, bathroom, cooking facilities etc I think the property will count as an individual dwelling and be taxable. A bedsit in a shared property wouldn’t be.
  11. Hi Betty, Council tax is payable, to your local council who set the rate, if you rent or own your property. There are 8 bands and you pay according to the value of the property. The tax covers ‘Local services such as planning, transport, highways, police, fire, libraries, leisure and recreation, rubbish collection and disposal, environmental health and trading standards.’ In a rental, If the whole property is rented out on a single contract the tenant pays. If the property is split into several units with separate tenancy agreements the landlord pays.
  12. We pay £307 a month!! Council tax is calculated on the old rateable value of the property so although we get no more amenities for our money than anyone else we pay much more.
  13. Thyrsis

    Hello all

    Hi Rob, This is an event for you then: https://www.kophillclimb.org.uk/kop-hill-2020/ Great day out with the most amazing vehicles. We take our TR6, not to do the climb but to get a good parking space!
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