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  1. When I pop my clogs...

    There was a thread a long time ago about doing something like this. I can’t make the link work but if you do a forum search for ‘ alamy income heirs’ it’s the only thread that is found. Quote: Alamy did mention that it would be useful if the will had a specific clause clarifying who the images on the Alamy account are being bequeathed to. The beneficiary can then contact Alamy (preferably with a copy of the will confirming that they are the new rightful owner, and then Alamy will give the new beneficiary access to the account.
  2. Who Are We?

    My other half has been a pro photographer all his working life. We only have a small stock portfolio of images mainly taken on, and paying for, our travels or shot closer to home around Oxford. We have huge archives of images so it made sense to library some of them. Last 15 years or so our main business has been selling limited edition prints via our website. Slowing down now into our semi retirement!
  3. When I pop my clogs...

    I keep a spreadsheet of all financial info to be passed to our children in the event of....... It includes details of how to log in to Alamy and change our bank details to theirs. That’s all that is needed. I’ve grown up with the term ‘pop one’s clogs’ so it’s probably northern England. Pop is another word for pawn so when someone died their work clogs were pawned for a little cash.
  4. Not on sale

    There is a very comprehensive help manual available in AIM, at the top of the page, click on help, then instructions.

  6. signing away rights

    What a ridiculous accusation!!
  7. signing away rights

    A few years ago we were asked by OUP to produce the image for the cover of the Oxford Almanack. This is a very prestigious publication, produced annually since 1676, and we were honoured to be asked. The print would have gone into the Ashmolean Museum along with works by JMW Turner and John Piper. However when we were told that we had to sign over the copyright we said that unfortunately we would not do that and we turned down the commission. Sometimes you have to stand by your convictions!
  8. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Finally after 4 months the sale has been reported. Magazine and online use.........$8.59 so we get $4.30. I could weep!
  9. How many times has an image sold?

    Why would Alamy do the work for you?!? Once you’ve downloaded the excel file it’s easy to keep it updated every month. I also use it to calculate our Dacs claim.
  10. How many times has an image sold?

    On your dashboard, go to ‘download sales report. For date range choose roughly the date you started on Alamy and also choose date of invoice. You can then download the csv file and arrange the columns to suit the info you are looking for.
  11. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    “And that sweet City with her dreaming spires” Thyrsis by Matthew Arnold.
  12. Strange AOA sales

    Three of the images look identical but their captions are: BH6EG4 ALAMYTESTIMAGE*NOTFORSALE* BH6EG4 ALAMYTESTIMAGE*NOTFORSALE* ReadOnly switiching issue testing Stock Photo - BH6EG4 ALAMYTESTIMAGE*NOTFORSALE* Read only test. Don't delete - used for monitoring
  13. Strange AOA sales

    Looking at All of Alamy sales in ‘measures’ there are 11 sales for the search ‘alamytestimage’. Puzzled as to why anyone would search/buy using that search term?
  14. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Or, as I have been told, the account handlers are back from their holidays!!
  15. How long for payments to clear?

    Yes, sadly!