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  1. We wait to change our clocks back until after we have got up, at our usual time. Worked in our favour today as we had a 2 hour drive to meet up with our son and his family so we had an ‘extra’ hour to get out of the house!
  2. We had one image that sold over and over again. Then Alamy were forced by the Olympic Council to remove it so that was the end of that!
  3. Guardian online https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/oct/21/postal-workers-to-collect-from-the-doorstep-as-royal-mail-shakes-up-service Postman on his delivery round in Howden, East Yorkshire, England UK - Image ID: TB59W9 John Morrison
  4. We did an amazing road trip from Phoenix to San Francisco via the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite.
  5. Pretty bad in Rochdale in 1963 I think it was. Had to be carried to school by my dad because the snow was too deep for me to walk through! And our bedroom windows used to ice up on the inside...no central heating then!
  6. I was born in Yorkshire but brought up in Rochdale! Lived there from when I was 5 until 16. Then lived in London for 11 years before settling in Oxford.
  7. My brother, who used to live in Hebden Bridge, still owns the site of an old garage there - ripe for redevelopment if anyone wants to move there!!
  8. Had to look up stotty cake but I will definitely be giving that a go! Now that we’re into home made veggie soups season they would go well together.
  9. I think osteospermum too, definitely not an aster!
  10. Looks like Liverpool is in the highest category of lockdown again...
  11. Just sold this image but possibly not just because it’s old machinery!
  12. No advice, but do you know Research Machines was co-founded in Oxford by Mike Fischer who was also co-founder of Alamy along with James West!
  13. Only sale this month. Something to do with Guy Fawkes night probably!
  14. Will your house insurance cover it? PS. If so make sure there is no mention of subsidence as the cause.
  15. When my daughter first started school she caught chicken pox and passed it on to me and my son, I was about 34. They both recovered in a few days but I was really poorly for a week or more. Blisters everywhere!!
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