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  1. Haha, ditto! We lost several broad bean plants to earlier frosts but the rest are doing okay now, as are the onions and garlic. Spuds are in but not showing yet.
  2. I get those aura migraines every so often. Usually brought on by bright light or looking at a computer screen. Two ibuprofen as soon as it starts and lots of water gets rid of it fairly quickly.
  3. You can do the same with english muffins Ed. Split them and toast in your pan. And I warm up crumpets in a dry frying pan before spreading on butter and honey.
  4. We must have a dozen tea mugs in the cupboard but I always use the same one for my breakfast tea with milk and another one for my afternoon herbal tea!
  5. That’s the one we had, no side effects at all. Hoping for the second one very soon.
  6. It was much too cold to be out early this morning, you were best off staying in bed!! A flurry of snow here this morning but it didn’t settle.
  7. Home made hot cross buns, two without dried fruit because son-in-law doesn’t like it!
  8. Going to reach a nice warm 19° tomorrow and Wednesday....that’s good for the UK in March!
  9. Must admit a cruise would be the last holiday I would go for. We always plan our own trips and itinerary, can’t imagine being shepherded around with loads of other people!
  10. Both the good things and bad things threads are trending haircut, or lack of, posts!! 🤣
  11. Jeez, I remember those things, they were lethal!!
  12. The ‘man bun’ look is very fashionable at the moment! 🤣
  13. I always cut my own hair and Ian’s. Back in the day I used to perm Ian’s hair à la Marc Bolan. Now he has a number 2 with the clippers! When my son went to uni he went to the barbers for the first time because I had always cut the kids hair too. (confession to make here.....I trained and worked as a hairdresser in the ‘70’s) And I still have the sewing machine Ian bought me in the 80’s. I think I’ve used it more in this last year of lockdowns than ever before!
  14. Did you just upload 1 image? For your first submission: We need three images to check Each one of these images must pass
  15. Great place for you to visit with the New Forest close by. Some of the most expensive properties in the UK are at Sandbanks just along the coast to the east of Bournemouth
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