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  1. Interesting article John, I read that this morning. A Beatles related story: My dad worked as an accountant at a well known tailoring company in Regent Street at the time the Beatles played their famous gig on the Apple roof. Dad’s boss told him to go and tell them to shut up!! So Dad actually went up to the roof to speak to them. Paul politely apologised for the noise and John told him to * off.
  2. Some of our best selling images are of a troll doll that I have had since the 1960’s. (I’m not one to throw things away!)
  3. My son in law is tattooed across his back, chest and both arms. I must admit I don’t like them! And we have never photographed them but perhaps we should.
  4. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but a ‘view’ doesn’t mean that someone has actually viewed your image. It means that your image was on a page that someone has viewed. Only zooms mean that someone has actually chosen your image to look at.
  5. Nope! “A T-shirt is named after the T shape of its body and sleeves.”
  6. Alan: Orange T shirt, not shirt! Betty: It’s a lovely town called Nafplio in Greece
  7. Last two sales are both coincidentally of Oxford Colleges. Both low $$
  8. See, it works! Btw, that’s me in the orange tshirt!!
  9. Have another try Betty! I’ve been failing at this for ages but just now it worked.
  10. Yes, that works! I’ve copied images like that before but tried to paste them in and failed. Doing ‘insert from url’ worked. Thanks. Betty, I copied the enlarged image from my images sold page so any image should work.
  11. Sold this to a US newspaper 3 months ago for a decent fee. Unfortunately it still hasn’t cleared......
  12. On my mac I can insert images into posts by dragging and dropping but can’t find a way to insert images when I'm using an ipad. Is there a way?
  13. Too right! 46 years of cooking almost daily for family or friends means I’ve built up quite a repertoire!
  14. Halloumi is an unusual cheese in that it is almost always eaten cooked. It’s very salty as it is brined but as it has a really high melting point you can marinade and then bbq it to make it more tasty. The grandkids call it ‘squeaky cheese’. Not sure about the stew but with chick peas and aubergine (?) it will be middle eastern?
  15. Sicilian speciality, gelato in a brioche, and yes I did eat all of it! Worthwhile taking a picture as it sold for $153
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