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  1. Annoying aspect of refund

    I guess that as the sale was refunded and then sold again for more Alamy are happy to accept that. I have to trust that the image was not used in a book 10 months ago and is only going to be used now. I just don’t think the refund should be given unless the buyer pays upfront for the new usage.
  2. Annoying aspect of refund

    Just had a sale from March 2018 refunded - after 10 months! Whilst I am happy that the image resold, presumably to the same buyer, for a higher fee the debit is ‘cleared’ funds and the new sale will take the usual few months to clear. This takes my cleared funds into the red! It would be fairer if both refund and sale were ‘uncleared’ until the new sale clears?
  3. Images sold in January

    Little did I know when I collected these dolls (many years ago) that 'troll' would come to be such a well used term!
  4. Images sold in January

    Icicles on a fountain. Didn't have to travel far for this one, it's taken in our garden! Personal use sale.
  5. License- what?

    Email replies to queries seem to have dried up. No reply to my email on Monday but no auto reply either.......
  6. How to set exclusive image for Alamy

    Just received an email with details of the contract changes. I’m assuming that as Alamy is the only library we have uploaded our images to they are all deemed to be exclusive to Alamy, even for distributor sales.
  7. You’ve lost me again Jeff! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  8. License- what?

    That's a weird one! Oddest one we had recently was: Usage: Personal use, Stampe, cartoline e regali personali o materiale di ispirazione per artisti. Solo per uso non commerciale, vietata la rivendita.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home useStart: 02 October 2018End: 02 October 2023Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home useStart: 02 October 2018End: 02 October 2023 (this was a UK sale, not a distributor sale, so why the Italian??)
  9. Question over what constitutes presentation/newsletter

    Same scenario as we had recently. First thing to do is ask Alamy if they have a record of a download of that image for presentation use by the UN. If so send them a screenshot of the current usage and hopefully they will invoice the buyer correctly.
  10. Block chain is maybe the way forward!
  11. Alamy is on Milton Park which is nearer to Didcot than Abingdon. Has an Abingdon Post code though. Drove past there last week!
  12. I recently found an image of ours, bought for presentation use, on several chinese news sites. Alamy said they could not pursue it in China. Through helpful posts on this forum I found that the buyer was actually a professor in a well known business school in Oxford (where I live!) After making contact with her I gave her details to Alamy. End result - image was relicensed correctly for a further $50.
  13. Commission change - James West comments

    This was talked about on the ‘other’ thread about the cut. I asked Alamy that very question, also if this change will apply to agencies: "The distribution commission will be remaining the same. The new contract will apply to all contributors and agencies on that contract."
  14. Commission change - James West comments

    Didn't the grown ups tell you "*Please add any comments about the new commission structure to this thread only. Any other threads on this topic will be merged with this thread." 😉