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  1. Do you know someone has used this on their Facebook page, complete with watermark!! https://m.facebook.com/urbanbeesbychris/
  2. My pleasure! I was a hairdresser back in the 70’s BC. (before children) Once they grew up I became photographer’s right hand man.
  3. That’s my son in law’s opinion as a Police Officer. He says the streets of London are quiet now but given time the whole thing will kick off.
  4. Cat’s have such character. Our Rita, as a tiny kitten, came to live with us in Oxford in 1987 and lived to 18 years of age. We named her after a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. She had five kittens , two of which we kept but sadly she outlived both of them. She was lovable but also very feisty. Come bedtime she would plant herself firmly on our bed and we would have to scoop her up in a towel to remove her from the room. When we took her to the vet he would put elbow length gauntlets on to give her a shot! She always knew if we were going on holiday and would go awol the morning we were supposed to take her to the cattery! We took to locking her in the night before. Still miss her!
  5. Running out of toilet paper.....
  6. For 30+ years a group of my girlfriends has been meeting for lunch the last Friday of each month. So yesterday 6 of us had lunch and a Zoom chat from our own isolated homes. Can’t keep friends apart!
  7. Other half and I are always stumped by quiz questions on chemical elements so we have decided to learn the periodic table....might come in handy!
  8. Ian has been drowning his sorrows too much maybe. I suggest we all leave him to sleep it off !🤬🤬
  9. Blinkered, selfish, ****** This is the biggest ‘thing’ that has happened in our life time. I want my son in law to be safe patrolling the streets of London. I want a future for my children and my grandchildren. This is not about me so I am doing what is right for them. What you are doing is all about you.
  10. One could argue that travelling, ie driving, to photograph churches is not necessary to Ian’s work. He could be taking photos at home or on his daily (permitted) walk?
  11. I agree it’s real. We are using gloves and actibacterial wipes so we don’t touch surfaces that other people have touched.
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