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  1. How can business use also be personal use etc? That is ridiculous. Ask Alamy for an explanation?
  2. Quickest sale ever. Uploaded to Alamy last week, on sale from Monday and sold today!
  3. Really don’t think you should be doing that without asking the OP first!
  4. Have failed miserably to upload to Alamy today so have tried ftp for the first time using Filezilla. Works perfectly!
  5. Having just spent 5 days in Seville I agree it’s a wonderful city. So many beautiful awe inspiring buildings but also a real local atmosphere. A great place to live.
  6. 10.0.19 Sunday Observer Review CXK9N5 Marc Hill Woman in car park C96231 Ian Hooton Woman and baby
  7. Old vines in the Priorat region. This is the recent infringement I found via a Google search. Now reported as a sale.
  8. Two weeks on and the duplicate file name problems on our metadata file have not been fixed...
  9. Last June we made a sale and the image usage was luckily reported in the 'Found' thread here. It was used on well known wine magazine's website. In January I found the same image on a Fine Wine website (presumably lifted from the other website) so I reported it to Alamy. As of yesterday Alamy had not heard back from the infringer so I emailed them myself asking them to reply to Alamy or give me a contact to invoice. A sale of this image to the infringer is on our account this morning......
  10. Take care when using AIM that you don’t have multiple images selected unless you want them all to have the same keywords. This caught me out a few times!
  11. Well, in my humble opinion, you have way to many similars, this will probably be affecting your ranking. In fact some of your images look identical. For example you have 14 images captioned 'Malaysian Bird' and 27 close ups of a stork. Keep the best 3 or 4 of each and delete the rest. Also your captioning and keywording need a lot of work. Both need to be much more accurate. Look at your American flag image BPD8C5 - the keywords are obviously from a different image! You have some great images that should sell if you work on tightening your collection.
  12. Not sure that I believe Alamy’s ‘excuses’ and ‘honest errors’ any more. When this happened to us Alamy said ‘...although you are opted out of novel use, this image was included in error and has been purchased.’ This should NOT be able to happen. We got 100% of the sale in compensation. Less than $3.
  13. The average used to be 1 sale per 1000 images per month. It may be slightly less than that now.
  14. Not exactly. There are 2 images FOUND threads for March and 2 images SOLD threads!
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