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  1. It's rained at last, won't have to water the garden! The big storms seem to have missed us though.
  2. It's generally 10% +2 miles over the limit that triggers the ticket. Limit Fixed penalty when course not appropriate: Speed awareness course from: Speed awareness course to: Summons in all other cases above: 20mph 24mph 24mph 31mph 35mph 30mph 35mph 35mph 42mph 50mph 40mph 46mph 46mph 53mph 66mph 50mph 57mph 57mph 64mph 76mph 60mph 68mph 68mph 75mph 86mph 70mph 79mph 79mph 86mph 96mph
  3. I've read that the speed awareness course is being done on Zoom because they are unable to deliver face-to-face courses!
  4. One of our first sales was still our highest ever, $1100 for this high speed infrared image of palm trees in Marrakech.
  5. Just checking, can they be Stockimo images - as they are for sale on Alamy?
  6. Alamy was founded in 1999 but the first images were uploaded second half of 2000. So sometime around now is the 20th anniversary of that event. Our first upload of 20 images( posted in on CD!) was on 30th October 2000, there must be someone here earlier than that?
  7. We are in distribution, except for a few countries, and out of novel use and the newspaper scheme.
  8. You should check your account and the ‘additional revenue options’ You are probably signed up to distribution, novel use, UK newspaper scheme......
  9. 9th August The Observer newspaper Cork, Ireland. 9th July, 2020. A number of cafés and restaurants in Cork city have implemented 'al fresco' eating on reopening..... Credit: AG News/Alamy Live News Image ID: 2C6ET8A
  10. I have a great soup recipe which uses onions, tomatoes, courgettes and red peppers, all of which we grow. I just chop and freeze the veg now and make soup in the autumn.
  11. Lots of euphorbias in our garden here in the UK. Great value as they are always green and they shoot up big flower heads every year. Almost indestructible!
  12. So many ripe tomatoes at the moment. Used a kilo of them to make a batch of chocolate habanero chilli jam. Think it might be rather hot!!
  13. We barbecued garlic prawns (like these ones from Aldi!) Close your eyes and you could have been on the Costa Brava!
  14. Couldn’t miss it! Double page spread in the centre of the paper! 🙂
  15. If you can access iplayer it is a must watch programme. Very interesting but also very sobering.
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