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  1. They are as low! But if you wait until it happens to you it will be too late. As we have found out images that were downloaded up to a year ago, before we opted out, can still be licensed for ridiculously low fees.
  2. Do Alamy have any say in distributor pricing? Looking back at our sales for ‘editorial website’ use the price varies wildly from one country to another.
  3. After another sale for a derisory amount in February I opted out of distribution to Slovenia so I was surprised to get another similar sale today. After querying this with Alamy I was told the distributor had downloaded the image sometime last year!! They couldn't tell me if other images had also been downloaded and might therefore show up as sales.
  4. Monet's water garden at Giverny, Direct mail and brochures. Came out okay considering it was a rainy day!
  5. Yes I remember. We’ve been in Oxford just over 40 years but I’m still a northern girl at heart!
  6. Move to Lancashire or Yorkshire, friendliest people on the planet!!
  7. But you are just uploading your images as stock. And they are taking the normal amount of time to go live. It looks to me as though you should have applied for live news access.
  8. Haha, we’re actually stuck on $47 at the moment. We have a sale from January which should have tipped us over the line but we’ve just heard the client has gone into administration!
  9. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/11523-link-to-the-forum/
  10. or...... You know you’re a photographer’s wife when you can’t go for lunch yet because ‘the light still isn’t quite right’ to shoot that building!
  11. Interesting to read how others access the forum. I use Safari for all other browsing on my ipad but I also keep Chrome open with one page for the forum and one for my dashboard.
  12. Just noticed that the link to the forum on the Alamy home page is no longer there. You have to be on the contributor page to find it now.
  13. Popular license this month........ Usage: Personal use, One of each of the following uses: Personal use, presentation, internal communication, student project, reference for artist, personal website, personal social media, personal print or card. Worldwide license. Not for commercial use.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use
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