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  1. Ian spent at least two days sorting out his cable drawers.Some got chucked for recycling, all the rest are now neatly stored in labelled boxes. So no excuse for not being able to find the right one......
  2. It’s an amazing building Wim, that’s where the shop is. My son lives not far from there so we’ve been a few times. Always something I ‘need’ to buy! Last time it was knives, the time before it was an incredible Australian garlic press! https://dreamfarm.com/garject/
  3. David Mellor is a well known brand of upmarket cutlery in the UK. We bought two knives from their outlet shop for ‘quite a lot of money’. They look great but they need sharpening after every couple of days of use.
  4. I have the same problem getting the skin off our butternut squash! Worth it though, makes great soup. You’ll be needing the swede mash for Burns Night next week!
  5. Funny 😁 ....but potatoes, and other root veg, should be started in cold water! Stops them going mushy. Green veg go into boiling water. (just being pedantic!!)
  6. We went to Dublin a few years ago to see Art Garfunkel in concert. Spent the evening before in a bar listening to a fabulous Irish band, and drinking rather a lot. The next day we got the Dart train to the coast and cured our hangover with fish and chips and sea air before the concert. It was good to hear Art live as Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘ Bridge over troubled water ’ album was a reminder of our courting days but with hindsight the night at the pub was more fun!!
  7. We had a tour and wine tasting at Brightwell Vineyard a year or so back, present from our daughter. They produce some very nice whites.
  8. I hadn’t looked for this on Alamy before so thank you John! This image shows the Reina Del Mar before her maiden voyage from Liverpool in 1956. My other half, Ian came back from Peru on the Reina Del Mar with his parents and sister on a voyage back to Liverpool in 1959. His father was an engineer working for Wimpey on building a harbour and they lived in Peru for 3 years before coming back to the UK.
  9. First time in many years that we haven’t had a xmas tree but I did put up a few lights and decorations. It was a bit sad to take them back down knowing no-one had seen them! Seed potato shopping next thing on our list.
  10. 3 sales in the last few days including this picture taken in our garden 11 years ago!
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